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The long, dark tunnel

Is there a light at the end?

Now, with both media fanaticism and state power joined together, America’s emerging Totalitarian Left have the tools to “cleanse” America. It will wield the state power that Trump and cowardly conservatives refused to touch for four years.

Why then am I optimistic?

Yes, it will be tiresome having to master decentralized blockchains and various obscure technologies just to communicate. It will be stressful dealing with the constant threat of violence from the System or the System’s militant wing. But the whole process is forcing us to adapt to hostile conditions, something we should have been doing anyway. (It’s why has bought a castle).

And I think that it has to be this way. The logic of the Democrat/MSM hysteria is that there must be an ever-greater number of kulak-style enemies to be demonized and deplatformed. However, if you do that to enough people, deplatforming loses its sting.

It’s also mentally freeing us from having a stake in what goes on in Washington D.C. I don’t care about the various games our rulers are playing in the Middle East, the Pacific, and Eastern Europe. I love my country, but the Potomac Regime has very little to do with that country.

Where others see despair, I see a crucible, something that will pave the way for a true national rebirth. We are the heirs of those who endured Valley Forge. Greatness can emerge only from struggle.

With its absurd talk of “insurrection” and ludicrously obvious double standards, the Ruling Class has designated tens of millions of deplorables as something less than citizens, people outside respectable society.

It’s a mistake. Our rulers need us. We don’t need them.

Like I’ve always said, I’m a short-term pessimist. This week’s events may look like a tactical set-back. But it’s just speeding something up that was happening anyway.

In the end, no matter what we do, millions of Americans are about to feel the iron boot of repression—something we at have been dealing with for some time.

Nevertheless, my guess is a lot of us are going to look at each other, as American patriots did after George III responded to their Olive Branch Petition by declaring them traitors subject to the death penalty, and conclude that whatever our differences, “Now we will all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

In the end, I think that will be enough to win.

In the end, it’s gonna have to be.

17 thoughts on “The long, dark tunnel

  1. Over time I have emailed several CF frequent posters.

    I wonder if we should set up an “Emergency Broadcast System” via offline email sharing.  We could ask Mike to send our email details offline to other posters here so if anything happens via deplatforming etc we can still communicate if email is up. We can plan further from there.

    I think that might be especially useful for the number of Carolina commenters here. After all, we could meet up offline in a pinch.

      1. It would be up to Mike if he would be willing to share data we provided to him when we “logged in”.

        1. I think each of us needs to email Mike and tell him who he can share our email data with. The ones I want to have it already have it except for Haz. So, Mike, if you read this send Haz my email and he can respond or not as he see’s fit.

        2. Yeah. And whether you do it here or elsewhere, make sure you exchange phone numbers with a few close and trusted online friends or acquaintances so that there’s a way to make contact and check in/on you if you or they suddenly go internet/email dark for an extended period of time.

          1. Addendum: That’s not just for if the jackboots getcha and no one knows…

            This shit is bringing the Black Dog on in a major way for a LOT of people on our side of the divide – especially those of us who are already depressives. I wouldn’t be surprised to see suicides among those of us who just can’t deal with that “one more straw” thing. Or hitting a depressive spiral and not being able to pull out of it on their own… a friendly phone call and a “Hey, you okay?” can mean a lot.

            Me, I’m both too pissed off for that, plus, I’ve been expecting this since 1993, so by this point, I’ve hit a kind of equanimity with the whole thing. I’m not shocked or surprised, so I’m not getting bit by the Black Dog over it.

            But I am amazed at how many people there are out there going, “But but but- why didn’t anyone warn us of this?!?” who’ve been caught suddenly flat footed by the whole shit show.

            1. Speaking of which, I haven’t heard from JS Bridges in a while.

              JS, if you’re lurking give us a shout out. We love to hear from ya!

            2. “But but but- why didn’t anyone warn us of this?!?”

              There’s going to be a heavy dose of that among the mushy middle that go along to get along. A lot.

          2. I am expecting them to take down the internet, IB. Complete cut off of data for the masses, so that ONLY their media networks will be available. No info except what they allow, just like it used to be in the ‘good old days’ that they miss so much. The left has HATED losing their ability to gatekeep.

            1. That is a possibility I have contemplated. I would also assume that should Trump cross the river he will take over the internets in return.

              But I’m less and less a believer the river holds any promise and hope I’m completely wrong.

            2. Yeah. Not sure if I expect them to, but I sure won’t be surprised if they do.

              Was out running around getting some things done this afternoon, and had an itch at the back of my mind the whole while that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Wasn’t until I was leaving Choctaw Tobacco and on my way back that it finally clicked for me:

              I’d been realizing all day long that I was no longer in the world, and I was back out in-country again. Enemy territory.

              Was fucking terrifying just how damn comfortable it felt, too.

              No more pretending, y’know? We’re all out here in “Here there be Dragons” territory now.

              1. I’d been realizing all day long that I was no longer in the world, and I was back out in-country again. Enemy territory.

                Likewise. The feeling has been growing since early November, when it was obvious that the election had been stolen and no one was going to do anything about it.

                On January 6 I started having flashbacks. I’ve had a flashback from time to time for over thirty years but I think these were the strongest ever and they kept coming.

                It didn’t take long to figure it out: I’m once again in the middle of a multi-way power struggle, coup, insurrection, whatever you call it.

                And, shit, just typing the above paragraphs has the adrenaline flooding again. This sucks.

                I resent the hell out of the cowards, the thieves, the wreckers, and the tyrants who brought this to the homeland. Back when the majority of people in America were Americans, despite our differences we believed that the wars and the coups and the divisions were to be kept on other soil. That agreement ended around the time I was born but it didn’t become obvious until Bush43 and unmistakable until Trump.

                1. Yeah, I first went through that when I came back to the world after I left South America. I looked around and went, “The fuck, over? Where the hell am I? What happened to America?”

                  And I was only gone for a year and a half, between mid 1980 and late 1981/early ’82. Everything changed that fast here while I was away.

                  Took me forever to decompress and kinda sorta fit back in. (I never really managed that.)

                  Now here we are again.

                  And, it’s a coup de’tat, Steve, against the rightful legitimate President of the US. I’ve studied the ones down in SA and CA, and this has ALL of the earmarks.

                  And, fuck. I’m too damned old for this shit. 🙂

                  1. Chavez used Dominion to cement his Power in 2000 or so. The Dominion Machines were designed specifically for that.

                    The old coups are rarely seen anymore, with troops seizing TV and Media and storming the Presidential Palace.

                    It was one of the reasons Erdogan’s “Coup” in Turkey a few years back was easily seen as a False Flag.

                    His Purges afterward were easily foreseen then.

                    Oh wait, we just had a False Flag “Coup” on Jan 6…

                    1. The old coups are rarely seen anymore, with troops seizing TV and Media and storming the Presidential Palace.

                      *eye roll* We’re watching one happen right fucking now, Kenny.

                      The classic signs of a coup de’tat:

                      1) Seizing the means of communication, to include banning/blocking/removing individuals/groups on social media from being able to do internet communication
                      2) Isolation of the Legitimate Government
                      3) Repression of any and all individuals who question the Coup, utilizing demonization of the Opposition, eventually resulting in violence and/or mass arrests
                      4) Compromise/Insure the Military backs the Coup
                      5) Installing a Figurehead Leader
                      6) Isolating and Outlawing Opposition Groups
                      7) Arming and Providing for ‘alternative’ Militant Groups to aid in spreading fear in the population
                      8) Seizing and rationing food/water/means of Production
                      9) Eventual Show Trials of the deposed Government

                      I didn’t pull that statement and description out of my ass when I described this as a Democrat Coup.

                      1) The legitimate head of government banned from media, along with all of their significant opposition. They didn’t need to “seize the media” as social media and the MSM are already owned by Democrat operatives.

                      2) Isolation of the legitimate Government – Trump’s been pretty well isolated since the 6th, hasn’t he?

                      3) Repression of any and all individuals who question the Coup – events speak to that one without needing to be listed out.

                      Utilizing demonization of the Opposition: Been reading or listening to the media lately? Greetings fellow Right-Wing MAGA Domestic Terrorist!

                      Eventually resulting in violence and/or mass arrests: Violence, yes, no mass arrests yet. They’re coming.

                      4) Compromise/Insure the Military backs the Coup: We’re not sure about that one, yet, but it’s for certain that it appears that the JCOS and a lot of the higher brass have been suborned and are backing the usurpers.

                      5) Installing a Figurehead Leader: *cough cough* Biden *cough cough* Stolen election *cough cough*

                      6) Isolating and Outlawing Opposition Groups: In the process of happening as we watch. Trump supporters are being put on no fly lists and domestic terrorist lists.

                      7) Arming and Providing for ‘alternative’ Militant Groups: Anti-Fa, BLM, and MS-13.

                      8) Seizing and rationing food/water/means of Production: Not yet, but they’re working on it. Watch to see what happens after the 20th.

                      9) Eventual Show Trials of the deposed Government: Trump’s been impeached again for a second time, and just yesterday McConnell said that he’s scheduling a Senate trail for after the 20th. Arrest, exile, and/or execution of Trump and his family, Cruz, and the other nine Senators who objected to the elector certifications to come.

                      10) Profit: They’ll be ransacking the treasury and the GDP as hard as they can after the 20th. They’re already ransacking it – why should they stop?

                      Don’t be any stupider than you have to be, Ken. It doesn’t look good on you.

                    2. Ugh. When you put it that way, we know what the troops in DC are about. And what is coming quickly.
                      The hot part of the civil war may come sooner than I thought.

                    3. I’ll put it to you this way, Barry:

                      If I were in Columbia, Nicaragua, or Peru and seeing all of the things in the lead up to the November 3rd Presidential Elections, I’d have grabbed my wallet, Passport, and go bag and gotten the fuck out of that country by the 5th. Definitely by no later than the 7th of January, and the 7th might have been way too late based on some coups I’ve seen down there.

                      The 7th of Jan probably would be too late, because ALL of the other foreigners and wealthy citizens not on the side of the coup would also be trying to get out one jump ahead of the roundups and arrests. (At that point the secret police and military intel are watching all of the airports, ports, and major roads leading out looking for ah… *interesting* people doing just that.)


                      There’s no place to bail out to. That’s the only reason that I’m not posting comments from some country outside of the US with no extradition – there’s no place to go.

                      Keep your powder dry and yer head on a swivel.

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