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Correct, because in recent years they didn’t need to be. They must be shown that a re-examination of that assumption is necessary. And I DO mean MUST.

Mike, Skeptic here. Your article “All the Marbles” was on point. Too much to say to put in a comment thread.

Watching commentators marvel at the open, outright theft of the most important office in the land is hilarious. And everyone is just amazed and befuddled at why the Democrats would even attempt such a thing. I can tell you why they are doing it.

THEY AREN’T AFRAID OF US. Not one little bitty-bit. They do whatever the hell they want to us and sleep well, because they have no fear of us whatsoever.

And you know what? They’re right. “But we have guns!” Seriously, who gives a shit? Weapons only have two values: their ability to deter or their ability to destroy. Their deterrent value is only based on their ability to destroy – and the willingness of those who possess them to wield them to destroy. And if there’s anything that’s obvious by now, it’s that “our side” won’t wield those weapons.

Compare and contrast the two approaches. First, look at Antifa/BLM. Government officials are TERRIFIED of them and what they’ll do. Sure, they may be rabble and savages, but damned if they don’t know how to get their way. In many big cities, it’s practically illegal to arrest a black person for anything – and don’t even think about trying to stop a BLM riot. Even Trump has kowtowed to them with the “Letting black criminals out of prison” act, laughingly referred to as ‘reform,’ as well as numerous other giveaways and virtue-signaling to black America. Riot, burn down some cities, and mayors and governors are scared shitless. Even during the scamdemic, when other gatherings were prohibited, nary a single government official dared to even suggest that the riots weren’t the best possible thing that could ever happen in our world – no matter what political party they belonged to. And the idea that SCOTUS, or any other government body, will stop the steal of the election? Spare me. They know that the Lefty riots that would follow would make the Summer of George look like a coffee klatch. Hence, no matter what is right or wrong, the Dems will get their way. Period. Fucking Dot. Antifa/BLM is exercising deterrence WITHOUT weapons, because they are unafraid to destroy.

But what about our side? Well, we’ll hold toothless hearings. We’ll write strongly worded letters. We’ll peacefully protest. And then we’ll go home as the tyrants inside the government buildings laugh at us. EVEN IF PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE CARRY GUNS TO THE PROTESTS, the petty tyrants won’t lose a single wink of sleep, because they know that those guns are strictly for show, not for use. Hence, no deterrence. The Michigan Militia went into the Statehouse fully armed – and yet didn’t do so much as tear a piece of paper. No willingness to destroy.

“So, Skeptic, how would YOU handle it?” Well, I’ll be honest. I am, like you, not a young man. I never served in the military (a regret). I don’t even own a gun (another regret which I will soon be correcting). So I have not the youth, nor the tactical training, nor the weaponry to lead an armed insurrection (and I fear that if I did, I’d be the proverbial army of one). But I’m also not someone constantly saying, “Muh guns is gonna pertect us from tyranny an’ stuff.” Because they won’t. America’s gun owners are but a paper tiger, and they will quietly sit at home counting their ammo up until the moment that the tyrants come to get their weapons. Then they will surrender them meekly and get onto the cattle cars themselves. Or maybe the tyrants have already figured out that there’s no NEED to get the guns – because gun owners have voluntarily disarmed themselves. They can leave the guns in the hands of the owners, knowing that the barrels will never be pointed at them.

2020 has seen unprecedented tyranny in our country. Never before have businesses and livelihoods been wantonly destroyed just because. Never before have innocent, law-abiding people been placed under mass house arrest and seen their most fundamental Constitutional rights destroyed. And yet…..nothing has happened. No riots of the oppressed. Shit, not a single mayor or governor has suffered so much as a paper cut. So, you will excuse me for acknowledging that we, as a country, are going ever so gently into that good night. If the gun owners were going to do something, they would have by now. Peaceful protests have actually taken place in front of governors’ residences, with the governors and their families inside, and them worrying not a whit that they would be frogmarched out to face the fate that should face all tyrants.

So, sure, we can sit around talking about how we have 300 million guns and eleventy trillion rounds of ammunition. Nobody in power gives the slightest of shits. The election thieves should, at this very moment, be terrified to show their faces because they know that someone will blow it off. The mayor of Austin who admonished his subjects to stay at home – FROM HIS ROOM IN CABO – should be making plans to stay in Mexico because he knows he’s a marked man if he returns to Texas.  But they are not.

“But, Skeptic, we’re better people than that!” Are we? Really? Is it “better” or “weaker?”

Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. Trump will be removed from office, likely arrested on the front lawn of the White House, to be imprisoned for the rest of his life. Within a month, Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the 47th. Then will begin the most sweeping power takeover in the history of our country. There will never be a legitimate election again. And meanwhile, America’s Gun Owners won’t do a single fucking thing.

Wish I could be more optimistic.

As do I, but CF Lifers will no doubt be aware that my own optimism has more or less dried up and blown away at this point too.

BUT. All that acknowledged—and being nigh unable myself to persuasively argue with Skeptic’s closing prognostications, much as I might wish to—I’ll nonetheless offer an idea that’s at least somewhat hopeful…if anticipating bloodshed, chaos, and national disaster can or should be called hopeful.

Bad as things admittedly have become over this last year, seems to me there’s a reason nobody has started shooting yet. When they do, if they do, it isn’t going to be election chicanery that will inspire it. It will be THEVIRUSTHEVIRUSTHEVIRUS!!!™ that causes the balloon to finally go up.

Why might that be, sez you? Why simple, sez I: nobody is starving yet.

The one thing—the ONLY thing—invariably capable of turning usually mild-mannered, generally diffident people into slavering blood-fiends perfectly capable of blasting away full-auto at the agents of their suffering with nary a shred of hesitation or remorse, is hunger. Very, very few of us can meekly sit back and listen to his hungry child plead desperately for food without taking some kind of direct action in response. Damned near NO ONE is going to just lie back and starve to death themselves.

This is by no means a purely American rule of thumb, either. People, in the US and almost everywhere else, will put up with one hell of a lot before shooting and looting begins to look like a reasonable option to them. As I’ve often said, that is by no means a bad thing. Not if you enjoy little things like peace, stability, and civilization itself, it ain’t.

But when the kids’ bellies are distended, their eyes sunken and dim, and their ability to do much more than lie around mewling feebly as a newborn kitten for sustenance…well, once that sort of thing becomes widespread enough in most any nation or region, the odds favoring a sudden, violent change of government rocket past fair to middling and right on into just you try and stop us territory.

Losing one’s job due to phonus-balonus lockdowns; having one’s life’s work and savings blown away like tumbleweeds in an old Western; being disenfranchised via a brazenly stolen election—that’s one thing. Watching as the spark of life slowly gutters out in the eyes of one’s wife and little ones due to hunger, their spirits crushed and broken, is something entirely else.

In too many ways, modern Americans have been wheedled, cajoled, and just plain hoodoo’ed out of their dignity and self-respect—to such a degree that they’ve passively tolerated encroachments and abuses that would inarguably have had the Founders taking aim and pulling trigger long ago. Maybe I’m wrong, but I still think having real hunger foisted on them and their loved ones in the name of a phony virus, their plight then cemented for all time by a communist hijacking of their country itself, might turn out to be a bridge too far even for them. We’ll find out soon enough.

A time for choosing update! This may seem unrelated to the above. I disagree.

It is clear, after the weeks have passed since the election, that there is no means of arriving at the appropriate transfer of the consent of the governed through legal means. Judges, Secretaries of State, Governors and representatives of the people are incapable of dispensing the true and faithful duties of their offices for various reasons, all of which stem from some sort of corruption, be it bribery, violation of oath, treasonous intent or some other corrupting influence. 

Over these weeks, the people have seen their votes discarded, changed and invalidated. Their objections to illegalities in the processes of tabulating and verifying votes has been met with complicit silence, refusing a redress of grievances. 

Still, at the end of the day, that is fast approaching, the people of the United States seek a peaceful means of resolution. They look to the Supreme Court for favorable rulings. They assemble at state houses to demand that their votes be counted and verified. They wait for some official to declare their voices heard and the egregious fraud exposed and reversed. They wait for the possibility that the republic can continue, that rule of law has been restored and respected. 

In absence of that, WHAT? 

It’s time to stop looking to the corrupt for honesty. It’s time to stop looking at officials for guidance. It’s time to stop expecting anyone to do the job of the citizen. There is only one militia, it is the people. The militia has a right to keep and bear arms, not for hunting or self defense, but the defense of the nation, their lives and their liberty. If you want freedom, you are going to have to fight for it like almost every American generation in history. Some of those who have fought on foreign soil for some political objective that kept changing understand what is expected, but this time it is for their homeland, to secure it from globalists that do not recognize individual rights. It is a fight for the ground their children and grandchildren play on. It is for the right of self determination. You can’t imagine the nation we will live in if we do not fight to preserve this one and I suggest that we should go further than that. If they force us to arms, by their inability to restore our rights, we must not put them down until the corrupt who have conspired with the communist governments abroad have been ruthlessly ripped from their seats of power. There is no going back to some previous version of America, there are no roads to the past. We have to build a new road, first with arms and then with reason. But, this stolen election cannot be our last breath of freedom. It is a cause to fight. Let them go through the motions, but in the end only the eighty million people who were robbed of their consent have standing in the court of the republic. 

The passage from TL’s last paragraph that I boldfaced is the most crucial bit, I think, although the whole thing is damned important.

64 thoughts on ““THEY’RE NOT AFRAID OF US”

  1. I wonder if things get to the point where people are starving whether an effective revolution can be mounted. Starving people may turn on each other in a dog-eat-dog scramble instead of focusing their sights on those responsible for causing the misery.

    Somewhat related: America’s Founding Fathers had and operated under some very clearly defined Enlightenment ideas and principles. A starving populace will be fighting for something entirely different I would think.

  2. “America’s gun owners are but a paper tiger…”
    Says a man who has no gun, and I assume hasn’t trained with one. Not everyone, not even the majority of gun owners will stand up to tyranny. It is however, a mistake to think no one will when the line is crossed.

    Where is the line? You’ll know it when we get there. It’s not in the same place for everyone. We don’t have an organized opposition, we never will.

    For the moment everyone is waiting to allow the process, whatever twist and turn it takes, to play out. Should it fail there will be a very heightened sense of liberty lost and a very stark line will be just ahead, IMO. There will be a moment, whatever the cause, and the knives will be unsheathed.

    1. I hope there is actually a line, somewhere. But I wonder if it exists. The line about how the Founders (or really any pre-WW2 generation of Americans) would have been shooting by now has much truth to it. Multiple generations of leftist indoctrination in the place of education have changed this nation greatly, and not for the better. Add huge numbers of unassimilated immigrants who are not American in spirit, and I don’t know if there is enough desire for liberty still out there. A large fraction of the public, quite probably a majority, does not understand the very concept of America and what we stand for; hell, most of them have never even been exposed to the core ideas of the American experiment.

      Time to pull my copy of ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ off the shelf for a re-read, I think. Another book that most of the public has never read, or indeed even heard of, but I suspect many are going to get a personal taste of it all too soon. The left’s playbook is always the same, anywhere they gain power.

      1. “Where is the line? You’ll know it when we get there.” sounds a hell of a lot like “We have to pass the bill so you can know what’s in it.”

        There is no “line.” Not anymore. Let’s be honest – considering how many suicides have happened due to the scamdemic, America’s gun owners are only lethal to THEMSELVES when it comes to reacting to tyranny.

        1. “considering how many suicides have happened due to the scamdemic”

          And how many is that?

          You do know suicide rates have been increasing since around 2000, right? What is the change in rate of increase this year?

          I have no doubt it has increased, but it more than likely increased among the age 30 and under demographic more than anyone else and has damn near zero to do with gun owners.

          1. I know of two directly related to lockdowns and the disasters they engendered.

            Not close to me really, but close enough that me and my family knew them.

            1. In the 10 to 34 age group, suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death after accidental injury.

                1. You’re making the following claim – “Let’s be honest – considering how many suicides have happened due to the scamdemic, America’s gun owners are only lethal to THEMSELVES when it comes to reacting to tyranny.”

                  Provide the evidence.

              1. One wasn’t in that age group. The lockdowns destroyed their life’s work in one case.

  3. I see it all too moften in the mindless repetition of “we have to keep our decorum, violence is never the answer” from people that say we should do “peaceful protests” and look how that worked for Gandhi and MLK.

    The Left will shut down anything or anyone who makes the barest Peep about opposing them once they get the levers of Power.

    I wonder if watching Trump and his Family harassed and/or arrested will be that line? People keep clinging to this absurd idea that Trump will lead some kind of “Peaceful Resistance” and “Run for President in 2024”.

    I think they’re smoking crack or something equally powerful because I think that is just delusional on their part.

    1. Peaceful protest tactics can sometimes work when they are used against decent, civilized establishments that believe in the rule of law. The left is anti-civilization and laughs at the very idea of the rule of law; they will crush any dissent with an iron fist.

      1. Exactly how I replied.
        Gandhi and MLK faced the British and the Americans.

        The Commies would have just shot them summarily.

        1. 100% correct. Peaceful protests – and elections, for that matter – only work with decent, moral people. Democrats are not those things.

      2. It’s a good point Haz. The left has to be defeated violently as nothing else will likely* work.

        *There are somewhat peaceful means available. Stop paying tax, stop working, stop delivering food to the city. That requires coordinated response and we presently have no coordination.

        1. Which is exactly why Trump had to go, by whatever means they could conjure. His potential as the leader of a REAL resistance represented a bigger threat to them than they could tolerate.

          1. Which also means why he will never be allowed to lead a Third Party or Trump Party or whatever we may call it and he will never be allowed to run for President again.

            1. You’re missing the point. The 3rd party is just the organization. Trump starts it, and unless he is assassinated prior to this, he can, the rest of us carry on. Other leaders will emerge.

                1. Steal what Kenny?
                  What are you going to do if Biden is installed as president? A bunch of people running around will have no effect. An organization is required such that efforts get magnified.

                  This argument is getting stupid. Basically you’re saying it’s all or nothing in this election. If you lose then what? Nothing? Fuck that. I’m all in on preventing this election being stolen by any means necessary. But should we fail I intend there to be further action.

    1. Like I said Barry, if it looks like Trump will form a new Party they will arrest him. Can he lead from Jail? Not if he is Epsteined.

      And then, there we are.

        1. If they Steal The Election the Ballot Box will have Failed.

          That does not mean our options are spent.

          1. Kinda what I’ve been saying.

            Trump is not a cult leader, our options do not live or die with him. He is, the election is, our current focal point. I will not live under tyrannical rule without fighting back.

            1. Well, that article detailed how Trump would Lose and then start a new political party and win in 2024. Kind of pie in the sky there.

                1. Not happening. They will NEVER let Trump win.

                  How do you figure they cheat him once and he tries again but this time he’s outside the government. They’ll have every Deep State actor cheating against him.

                  Trump wins now or that’s it for him. He’ll be railroaded to jail otherwise. Guaranteed.

                  1. Trump won in 2016 and he won this election.
                    You’re selling short 80+million Americans. It’s not over if Trump loses, and I think there is no way he can “win”. It’s up to the SCOTUS and I see what they are worth today. Zero.

                    1. And yet with 80+ Million people on our side, we still Lose! I’m just not seeing how it gets better from here.

                      Because it needs to get better. The people who looked the other way need to be removed and better people inserted. Who is going to do that? Biden? Harris? Whomever they insert next?

                      If Kemp was bought by the Chinese and he has the Dominion votes sewn up he’ll still be Governor there for a long time. Who removes him and inserts someone better?

                      If the Ballot Box fails now, how will it get better for the Ballot Box going forward?

                    2. Probably my shorthand writing –

                      I’ve never said better times are ahead. In fact I think bad times are ahead, really bad.

                      As I said up thread, maybe Trump will cross the Rubicon, maybe that was always the plan. I hope so. But I have no faith in that or the SCOTUS, so I’m left with the aftermath that occurs when we have lost the last bit of freedom we had. I intend to fight it.

                      Comrade Cooper is doing his NC lockdown Friday evening. At 10pm I will go out and get in my truck and violate the unconstitutional orders of our corrupt election thief.

                      No matter what, it’s not getting better, not for years. Prepare accordingly.

    2. Oh boy, a new party! Voting! Jesus. What good is a vote if the fucking elections are rigged?

      1. Well, there’s always suicide Skeptic. You can use that new gun you’re going to get someday.

        1. I assure you that, if I ever reached that point, I might be the recipient of the last bullet – but I sure as hell wouldn’t be the recipient of the first.

          Now, moving right along – it is the literal definition of insanity to see an election stolen from us, and then think that if we only formed a new political party we could somehow win the NEXT election. That’s retarded. The 2020 Presidential election wasn’t the first election they’ve stolen, and they will steal all elections henceforth until they are stopped, and election integrity is restored. How’s that gonna happen? Voting? Don’t make me laugh.

          Another thought – this brings something else into sharp relief. For years, we on the Right have looked at the various torments that states like California and Michigan inflict on their citizens by saying, “Well, they voted for it – they can live with it.” Did they? Are we sure about that? Was Gretchen Whitmer, for instance, elected in a truly free and fair election, or was her “election” merely practice for the fraud exercised in Michigan in 2020?

          Democrat machine politics are nothing new – we know that. It goes all the way back to the 1800s; to assume that it hasn’t been a factor in the continued one-party rule in some states is folly itself.

          Clearly, something big needs to happen. As my essay to Mike states, the bastards aren’t afraid of us. They need to become afraid of us, and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box.

          1. I have always assumed elections in places like Michigan were 100% rigged.

            We are not left with only one avenue, a new political party, one that sends the republicans home, is only one part. A new party helps clarify everything.

            What happens if certain multi national corporations are suddenly boycotted by 100 million Americans? That requires a party that will lead.

          2. Oh, you better get that new gun warmed up, hope you can find some ammunition. Don’t forget to practice.

            It appears that SCOTUS will not do anything about a stolen election.

            That leaves something extraordinary by Trump and I’m not thinking he has a plan for it in spite of all that has been said.

            They had no plan in place to stop the fraud in all the swing states despite knowing the progs would cheat.

            1. What exactly did you expect to happen to stop the cheating beforehand? Especially if much of it was machine rigged and done by the State government itself.

              1. How about having federal marshalls on hand in the cities where you know they would cheat, someone to provide the legal muscle to enforce the law. Maybe have lawyers present to stop the counting without observers. How about having people available that wouldn’t go OK I’ll go home until the morning.

                They didn’t do anything best I can tell. They didn’t even try.

                1. Did you see the Video of the GA suitcases under the table deal? Were those “thugs” throwing people out and then going back and running the Fake Ballots through? No. They were middle aged women. Can you imagine the uproar if middle aged poll workers are suddenly accosted by Federal Marshals and stopped BEFORE they committed the fraud?

                  Don’t you see, then that would just start the Violence right then and there and Trump would be blamed for it.

                  They’d probably have the Secret Service arrest Trump right then and there.

                  If Trump makes a move like that he had to show the Fraud so that all of US see it right up front and now he’d have to Go Big or Go Home.

                  It couldn’t happen before.

                  Besides, why do you think the marshals would be any better. I would have thought the Republican GA Governor and his people were on our side too. I would have thought at least 5 SC Justices would at least hear our case.

                  THis is it Barry. THe SC hears the TX case or not. Now I hear about 10 other States support that case. I wish they would join it though. It would make it a lot harder for the SC to refuse to hear it.

                  1. That’s a lot of hogwash Kenny. Saying the Federal Marshall’s and lawyers representing your side are useless because you didn’t deploy them?

                    Facts are there was no effort made to stop what EVERYONE new was coming. This was either by design or incompetence. I don’t know which. I do know 4 years later and the entire corrupt cabal are still walking around. Perhaps Trump has the Rubicon ahead and has always planned to cross it. I hope so.

                    But if he doesn’t then we are left with the aftermath. Nothing wrong with discussing that and planning a response. I refuse to quit.

                    1. I’m not quitting. I’m just saying voting is never going to work.

                      Why did you ever expect Marshals that work for the Feds would be any less corrupt than the FBI or any DOJ people.; They report directly to the DOJ and specifically to the AG. Who’s our AG again?

                      Bob Barr. The Fed Marshals idea is a non-starter. It was never going to happen because Barr is Deep State.

                      Trump and others filed suits before the Election. They were told they didn’t have “standing” since the laws hadn’t hurt anyone yet. They were told to wait until after the electton. Then when they filed after the election the courts told them “it’s too late, you needed to file suits BEFORE the election”.

                      It’s a “Catch-22” or a “Heads I Win, Tails you Lose” set up.

                      So I am asking you. Since they just told 80 Million people to take a hike (absent a miracle from Trump), what will be better next Election?

                      This is it for the Ballot Box.

                      I know it’s disturbing to contemplate, but that’s the reality. So, if you’re not quitting, and I am not, then we know what that leaves.

                    2. No where have I ever indicated we could vote our way out of this. I agree with IB on that.

                      In order to fight back one must be somewhat organized. Lots of followers will need some leaders. I’m not at all confident we will prevail in court or that Trump will cross the Rubicon. I am more optimistic about the court this morning however. We need every red state in the country to join with Texas.

                      The Marshall service is not corrupted like the DOJ/FBI IMO, just as the SS has not been corrupted. I find no reason to think they have been corrupted. It’s beside the point, saying they are corrupt is just an excuse for why assets were not deployed in the elections where it mattered. They didn’t, no fight was put up. We expected little old ladies to insist upon staying and viewing the vote counting.

                      Barr has a boss. His name is President Donald Trump. He can give a direct order to Barr anytime and Barr must carry it out or be fired. Nothing was done.

                      And stop with this incessant claim I expect the next election to be “better”. I’ve never made such a claim. We’re on the same side.

                    3. So where are they now? Where is Barr now?

                      Barry the DOJ and the AG are Deep State.
                      Are. Deep.


                      How would you know if they tried to deploy them or not?

                      Easy. Barr hasn’t done a thing since Nov 3. Why would you think he would do something ON Dec 3?

                    4. You are saying that the 80+ million people that just voted and got robbed will not get robbed next time we Vote.

                      It is explicit in that statement that something between now and the next vote has to get better or they’ll just rob US again.
                      By better, I mean something has to change that will enable us to stop them from cheating.
                      That would mean that we replace Judges (Biden isn’t going to do that) or SC Justices (Biden isn’t going to do that) or the AG and DOJ personnel (Biden isn’t going to do that) or replace legislatures (they didn’t act now and how are you going to elect new ones when the fix is in?).

                      So what is the expectation of change going forward that you see making voting solve our problems?

  4. From my understanding this morning, which I am not sure is actually true, the Supreme Court merely denied the PA lawsuit “Injunctive Relief”. A fancy way of saying that the Suit may have merit but the consequences asked for by the petitioners is not granted. They wanted the SC to stop the certification of the Election and throw out the results. The SC said it would not do that.

    So the case can be resubmitted with different Injunctive Relief sought. What that might be I don’t know, but I trust that Trump’s team will find something amenable so that the SC will hear the Facts of the Matter.

    IANAL so I put what I heard out there and if anyone has more details please let me know.

    We also have the TX lawsuit against 4 States that is going forward. I read at CTH that the four States have been asked to respond to the SC by Thursday 3PM.
    Which is a good sign. So Trump and Company are not yet giving up the Fight and therefore I won’t either.

    Mike nails it with this though:

    Read it. Listen to what the Brit is saying. This isn’t an Election Issue that concerns Trump or Policy or who is President for four years. It is an Existential Crisis for not only the Constitution, but for Democracy itself.

    Judging from comments here I don’t think the import of what is happening here is really sinking in. It has been a cliché bandied about that it does not matter who votes in an Election, it only matters who counts the votes.

    The very idea of Elections and Democracy and One Man, One Vote is being crippled here. Which is why I cannot see a way going forward to stop them at the Ballot Box. There won’t be a Ballot Box; not in any meaningful sense of the words.

    1. Exactly, and this is what people like Barry can’t quite get through their heads. “Hey, a new political party with 80 million people! They can’t ignore us then!” THEY JUST FUCKING DID.

      The left has brazenly stolen an election in such a fashion that it couldn’t NOT be noticed. And now they are looking at us saying, “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

      Well, Barry’s gonna vote.

      1. Skeptic, your just stupid, eat up with it. I have never placed any hope in a vote.

        Go buy your gun and eat it. We’ll all be better off, you included. Put yourself out of misery and let people that can, handle things.

        1. First of all – it’s “you’re.” If you’re going to call someone stupid, you should at least display a rudimentary command of the English language.

          Second – how will you “handle things?” You keep evading the direct question – now what?

          And considering this post, shouldn’t you be telling Mike to kill himself too? He’s saying exactly what I’m saying.

          If not now, when?

          1. Barry is a paper tiger. He talks tough but he expects the 80-million strong Trump army to do all the wet work so he doesn’t have to get his hands bloody.

            1. And you were just on the other side in the first place and still are and unapologetic about it.

              Go lockdown somewhere, coward. You wouldn’t even fight for your rights through a flu virus.

            2. HenryKaren is a worthless sack of shit that promoted the chinaVirus hysteria. You have no idea what I or any of the 80million + supporters of freedom and liberty are willing to do, because you’ve never been free.

              Put on your mask and suck yourself.

                1. As I said, you’re a sack of shit. It takes me all of about 10 seconds to respond to your skin irritation. You are a small person.

          2. Thanks for the correction of a common typing error, brilliant. If you look real hard, I bet you can find lots of times when I type it correctly.

            You’re not Mike, not even close. Worthless would be your name. You might be related to HenryKaren.

    2. I have no hope in the SCOTUS. If it happens in favor of liberty, great. I have no hope in Trump crossing the Rubicon. If it happens, great.

      Now, if the SCOTUS or Trump’s crossing doesn’t happen, what do you plan to do?
      That is a pertinent question since it seems the most likely outcome.

      Oh, and fuck you Skeptic. Your too stupid to defend your own self, much less help with the rest of us.

        1. No, voting is not the answer. We either cave, have a bloody civil war, or find a peaceful means that hits the bastards hard.

          No trucks allowed in the 5 prog cities that stole the election. How hard would it be for a million Trump/Liberty supporters to clog the highways leading in? Just for starters. How may days before the panic sets in?

          1. That’s a good idea. Do you think Biden/Harris will just stand there and do nothing, like you were Antifa/BLM rioting? They’ll send someone armed to break that up as a “terrorist” attack.

            Then the violence starts. Be prepared.

            1. Sure, they’ll try. The key is the “million Trump/Liberty supporters”.

              There are others.

              Remember, while they may not be afraid of us, we are not afraid of them.

              Honest voting is a must, but so is the consent of the governed. If we withhold our consent then there are problems.

              What if 80,000,000 Trump/Liberty supporters withhold there mortgage payments next month with the threat of withholding the next month?

              What if some of the corporate supporters of the harris/biden regime are targeted?

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