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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

34 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. So I see the Seattle police have started clearing their failed utopia, after the mob threatened the mayor’s very expensive house and family. Ooops! There goes the narrative! Much like with the idiots who tried to “protest” in Beverly Hills, the police get ordered to act real quick when those with actual power get threatened.

    The idiot mayor looks like a massive hypocrite for finally doing her job only after being threatened personally, and also proves that the whole thing could have been stopped at any time if there had been will to do so. An impressive double fail!

    Not emphasized in any of the media reports I have seen is the role of the city council member who used her keys to open city hall to the mob, and who also led the mob to threaten the mayor’s home. Am I the only one thinking this idiot was angling for a promotion to the mayor’s office? Well, the existing resident apparently finally recognized a challenge to her personal power and BOOM! The mob gets slapped down and the mayor is publicly calling for the idiot to be expelled from the city council. HAHAHAHA! I need more popcorn.

    1. Popcorn is as scarce as 00 buckshot…

      Hypocrisy is of little concern to the progs, obviously. “Summer of Love”

      1. From Summer of Live to Altamont in a couple of weeks.


    2. Since Leftists don’t believe their own rhetoric, Haz, and women only see feelz and not the consequences of their actions, hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug for them.

      1. “Consequences are the husband’s job!”

        I’ve heard women say that, in several variations, many times. Including my own wife. Makes me wonder how long they’ll be married after the kids are grown…

  2. Groceries. Ugh. Expensive.

    Masks. Ugh. Festooning the sheep.*

    I was the only person in the grocery store without at least a kerchief around the neck. On the plus side, not a single Karen attempted to scold me, and I wasn’t even scowling or otherwise driving people away. (I bathed this morning! Honest!)

    * If you are at increased risk, I’ll never criticize you for isolating, wearing a mask, and sterilizing everything before it comes into the house. Even if you’re not at particular risk but want to be extra cautious, that’s fine. The people — the sheep — who rouse my ire are those who don’t think the masks are needed and who aren’t required to wear them on the job or be fired, but wear them because “the government” and “the experts” said to. Baaa-a-a-a-a!

    1. I went over the weekend. My wife checked on line and my preferred grocer noted they would not be the ones to enforce Corrupt Governor Coopers unconstitutional mask edict. So, I went and did not wear a mask. Not a word nor a dirty look. I did not see another person maskless until I had checked out. As I went to the exit a lady was shopping the produce maskless and another gentleman was entering sans mask.

      I went to the auto parts store today and did not wear a mask, nothing said. The store personnel all had masks, all in different stages of wear – Over the mouth and nose, over the mouth but not the nose, and the pull down on the chin method. It’s actually quite a hoot to watch the mask wearers…

  3. I missed the fact that today was the end of NAFTA. Another stake driven straight through the heart of the communist chinese.

    It all adds up, little by little President Trump and the best economic team ever assembled are dismantling the organized theft of the USA.

  4. Governor Abbott has caved in to the woke scolds and issued a state-wide mask order. Big mistake. Caving will not gain him anything from the mob; rather with the scent of blood now in the water they wil redouble their attacks. This will be taken as an admission that re-opening was a mistake, and the left will be cutting attack ads about how many people died due to Abbott before the order even officially goes into effect tomorrow.

      1. More accurately:

        Filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill always cave!!!

  5. Here in AZ our GUV mandated masks again after a loooooong period of none at all just because of a itty bitty spike of cases (which is probably bullshit anyway…counting positive testing cases that are asymptotic or some such) so when I go to a store I make sure my nose is prominently uncovered.

    Not one Karen has said boo to me but I do get some dirty looks.  I’m thinking of writing BFUTY with a black sharpie on it, hoping someone will ask me what it means so I can pull off my mask and explain.



    1. You Want More Trump?
      This Required Masking Is How You Get More Trump.

    2. Hey Fuel Filter, I was given the nickname “Sparkplug” in college…

    1. It’s so obvious, I don’t even need proof they were jiggering the numbers.

      That’s how they make “Climate Change” “Real” and how they run their “Polls”.

      It’s how they make their “Budgets” and account for where the 5 Trillion that slushes through DC goes.
      It’s all made up. It’s all Fake.
      The Economic Numbers would have been jiggered downwards too if it wasn’t apparent that everyone everywhere was doing well until the Clampdown.

      It’s a Rigged Game. We know it’s Rigged. They know it’s Rigged and a Big Bunch of wastrels don’t care as long as their EBT cards are filled. Then there’s the big group of Useful Idiots with brains of Mush who bleat like sheep as they watch CNN and MSNBC and claim to be Righteous in their LOVE for all Mankind but especially those Black Lives That Matter.

      1. “…wastrels don’t care as long as their EBT cards are filled.”

        They’ll care when the economy is dead, and we no longer pay taxes. But they still won’t get it. They’re on par with the Venezuelans and Cubans.

          1. Yes, that’s what makes them “Venezuelans and Cubans”.
            When they figure it out it’s too late.

  6. The stupid burns. Republican neverTrumpers declare the senate must be turned over to democrats…

    “Walsh, who launched a short and futile primary challenge against Trump, said he believed Republicans should lose control of the U.S. Senate, largely for voting to acquit the president of impeachment earlier this year without holding a formal trial.

    “Trump has to lose and every Republican senator up for re-election has to lose because they’ve enabled” him, Walsh said. “Do I want the Democrats to take control of the Senate? No. But I have no choice. To me, these Republicans like Martha McSally and Thom Tillis and Susan Collins have breached their office.”

    Walsh added, “It means the Democrats will be in control of D.C. and they will try to push policies I disagree with. That will leave someone like me fighting against their policies. I don’t look forward to that, but that will be the necessary result.””

    1. Wow. There is stupid, there is damn stupid, and then there is Never Trump stupid.

    2. That will leave someone like me fighting against their policies.

      How exactly will he “fight” when they can pass anything they want then.

      These people are the stupidest people on Earth or else they believe we are the Stupidest People On Earth who will listen to them.

      Jeb says “I’m going to Lose to Win!”

      1. ‘Losing to win’ is a perfect summary of the NeverTrumpers’ oh-so-cunning plan. Or in classic Underpants Gnomes style:

        1) Lose completely, giving the left everything it wants
        2) ???
        3) Another win for ‘True Conservatism!’

        1. What we’re left with, they are actually progs, using “conservatism” to raise $$$ when that works for them.

  7. Let’s update the North Carolina chinaVirus situation as it stands today. NC is our 9th most populous state at 10.5 million residents.

    So, once again let’s exclude the old fuckers like me that are the ones most likely to die of damn near anything IF we have medical issues.

    As of today 1,395 North Carolinians have reportedly died from the chinaVirus with 293 of them being under the age of 65. 293 / 10m = 0.0000293 or 0.00293%.

    That is a hair less than 3 1000’s of a percent of dying in NC of the damn virus if you are under 65.
    Total for the entire population is 1395 / 10m = 0.0001395 or 0.01395%.

    817 of the deaths are congregate living: 670 nursing home, 118 residential care facility, and 29 in prisons. 817 / 1395 = 0.59 or 59%

    59% of all deaths in NC are congregate living deaths. There is no information available for how many of the under 65 deaths were in nursing homes. 15% of the deaths were age 50 – 64 so one can imagine quite a few of those were also nursing home deaths.

    IOW’s if you are under age 65, or over 65 without serious medical conditions, and not living in a nursing home, you have no chance of dying by the damn chinaVirus because you will be struck by lightning and killed first.

    Edit to add: Fuck you Governor Cooper. I hope you choke on a mask.

    1. Yep. If you are not in one (or more) of the known risk categories, your chances of dying from COVID are less than your odds of dying in a car wreck. But we don’t shut down all of society and cower under our beds from fear of auto accidents; we take prudent precautions (like building safer cars) and go about our lives.

      1. 40k car deaths / year divided by 325million = 0.012% chance of dying, every year

        If under age 65 you are 4 times more likely to die in a car accident, and that is every year.

      2. We also have reasonable speed limits. Many roads here in NC are 70mph with many drivers cruising at 80. Reasonable.

        The analogy to WuFlu is some states dropped the speed limit to Carter era 55mph. Like TX.
        Others, like NC dropped it to 45. Some States like MI and NY dropped it to 25. Then they put old people in Nursing Homes into Buses and drove them off cliffs.

        Dropping the speed limit to 55 was always questionable for most places and anything further was just lunacy.

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