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It’s always darkest just before the dawn

And right now, it’s pretty danged dark out there.

Let me tell you why I believe the polls… Because in 2016, the polls were accurate. No, not the state polls. The state polls were way off. The average of the national polls, however, was almost exactly correct.

President Trump lost the national popular vote in 2016 by 2.1 points — and just barely beat Hillary Clinton.

The average of the national polls in 2016 had Trump behind Hillary by 3.2 points.

So, as you can see, the average of the 2016 national polls was only off by 1.1 points. That’s what you call some damn fine polling, and right now, those very same damn fine polls have Trump losing to Joe Biden by 9.2 points.

And these polls were all taken before the president stupidly tweeted out video of an idiot yelling “White Power!”

Donald Trump is not only losing this election, if the election were held today, his loss would possibly be catastrophic, would be remembered as one of the most humiliating in history. He’s not only facing a landslide rejection of epic proportions, he’s losing to a 77-year-old imbecile and racist who’s hiding out in his basement.

How is this possible?

How is it even remotely possible Joe Biden is kicking Trump’s butt?

Don’t know how much of what Nolte writes here I actually agree with; Nolte was originally a NeverTrumpTard who eventually came around, and for all I know he might be eagerly reverting to type. But the dismayingly-successful COVIDIOT gambit, followed by the sacking and burning of pretty much every city in America with no response from Trump besides unfulfilled Twitter threats, has undoubtedly shaken his support more than anything the Marxist-traitor Left has been able to come up with so far. And, well, here we all are.

Despite their roots in reality, there is no doubt that these crises — and the White House and Senate’s attempts to tackle them — would be reported differently if Hillary Clinton were president.

The Federalist’s exclusive Friday Oval Office interview revealed a president and West Wing that are happy and optimistic, while realistic about the political danger they face — a stark contrast, publisher Ben Domenech notes in Monday’s Transom newsletter, with his “interviews in the dark days of George W. Bush’s second term.”

“The president clearly believes he is down, and that he has been prevented from using ammunition curtailed by the continued challenge of the virus and without Joe Biden doing things like walking outside and talking for more than 30 minutes,” Domenech writes. “But the president clearly is not of the opinion that Biden’s lead is insurmountable.”

And it isn’t. But a corporate media that have struggled for years to achieve their openly stated goal of defeating the president finally have a working plan. The president and his Republican allies had better get ahead of it, or Democrats will win the Senate –and Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

And that there is the problem, really: despite his own natural inclinations, Trump appears now to have shifted—been maneuvered, more accurately, with an unwitting assist of every panic-ninny currently berating sensible people for refusing to don the Mask Of Submission—from the offensive to the defensive. That’s a defeat in and of itself, and I’m unsure how it might be reversed. But it must be, that’s all there is to it. Charles Hurt warns that complacency is the real enemy:

Mr. Trump’s fourth year in office has been an unusual one, to say the least. But even that gives his supporters unwarranted reason to be complacent. They see a president in a time of national threat trying to unify the country while his enemies in Washington and in Congress only work to weaponize every tragedy for their own personal political advantage. With dishonest, evil vermin like this against him, how could Mr. Trump NOT win?

To be clear, any such complacency among Trump supporters is badly misplaced. The only difference between 2016 and 2020 is that this time, Democrats, the political media and the so-called “Deep State” now know that Donald Trump can win. This time, there is nothing they will not do to destroy him.

Something decides every election. oftentimes, it’s the economy, Stupid. Other times it is security. It can even be personality that determines the outcome of an election.

The 2020 election is shaping up to be the “Make it stop!” election. Ardent Trump supporters love Mr. Trump and will walk through fire over broken glass to vote for him. Rabid anti-Trumpers despise the president and will loot and riot through tear gas to vote against him.

This election will be determined by an altogether different group of voters. These voters don’t particularly like Mr. Trump, but they also aren’t crazy haters. Many of them voted for Mr. Trump in 2016 and are open to doing so again.

Today, they see rioters in the streets, smashing store fronts, torching police cars and toppling statues. They are appalled, and they just want it to stop.

Mr. Trump claims to be the “law and order” guy, but the mayhem continues under his administration. Mr. Biden is desperate to curry favor with the peaceful protesters so he cowardly declines to forcefully condemn the lawlessness and rioters.

The average voter is watching it all and just wants it all to stop. If a vote for Mr. Biden would make it stop, that’s what he will do. Same with Mr. Trump.

It’s kinda tough for Trump to run on “law and order” when he’s the guy ultimately responsible for seeing to it that law and order is maintained…and anyone can see that he has failed to do so. To wit:

Trump’s campaign has suggested that riots and more disorder will happen if Biden is elected. The problem with this argument is that disorder is already happening now under President Trump.

Admittedly, Trump has had a difficult fight from the beginning. He has been hamstrung by investigations, a hostile deep state resistance from career civil servants, and a nakedly partisan propaganda campaign by the media. Nevertheless, he has a job to do. He’s not merely citizen Trump. He’s not just an observer. It’s his FBI. It’s his government to run. It’s his military to command. If he can’t run it, he needs to fire people until he can get the right people where they belong.

It’s not entirely clear whether Trump’s reluctance to use force is a cynical calculation that this chaos works to his advantage, or a vague instinct that anything he does will boomerang. It does not matter; there is a job to do regardless of electoral consequences.

As it stands, the country and the president are diminished in the face of extended disorder. A strong and swift response, while controversial, would restore the sense that the nation is not up for grabs. It would also do much to restore Trump’s prestige. Impotent tweeting and inaction encourages more assaults, demands, and brinksmanship.

Voters need to understand that ejecting Trump will not lead to a restoration of order. But Trump needs to understand that inaction will not bring it about, either.

Here’s hoping it does. But there IS at least a feeble ray of hope amidst all this gloomy darkness.

President Trump has told people in recent days that he regrets following some of son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner’s political advice — including supporting criminal justice reform — and will stick closer to his own instincts, three people with direct knowledge of the president’s thinking tell Axios.

Behind the scenes: One person who spoke with the president interpreted his thinking this way: “No more of Jared’s woke s***.” Another said Trump has indicated that following Kushner’s advice has harmed him politically.

…Several conservative allies of the president have reached out to him and advised him to reduce Kushner’s influence over his re-election campaign.

For God’s sake listen to ’em, Mr Preznit, sir. They have a much better idea of where your best interests lie than any damned liberal ever will, however highly your liberal daughter might think of him.

‘Trump has a Jared problem,’ is how one conservative activist who works with the White House on immigration puts it. ‘Jared is a total fuck-up. Everything he touches turns to lead.’ Others groan about ‘four more years of Jared’ should the President be re-elected in November.

And if Trump does, we all do. Dump him. An hour ago wouldn’t be too soon.

Various sources in, or connected to, the administration are stunned by the amount of power Kushner wields. He is a 39-year-old rich kid who had no experience in government before 2016, yet he is in charge of Middle East diplomacy, police reform, a major immigration reform package, criminal justice reform, PPE procurement during COVID-19 and construction of the border wall.

Kushner’s inexperience might be excusable if he were particularly brilliant. People who have sat in meetings with him, however, describe him as ‘slow’, ‘a moron’ and ‘not really that bright’. He struggles to master detail. One official suggests he doesn’t have the acuity to master one, let alone all, of the tasks the President gives him. For instance, he was in charge of producing the 600-plus-page immigration reform package, but conservatives were horrified at how little he knew about the issue he was leading on. He didn’t even seem to know what was in his own proposal; others had to step in when he was unable to answer the more technical questions.

One conservative source who attended a briefing on the plan led by Kushner told The Spectator he was shocked that Kushner seemed to have no sense of how to answer basic questions about chain migration and the diversity visa lottery. ‘He presents as someone very knowledgeable and in the know until he faces questions,’ the source said. ‘He goes off the record or on deep background so people don’t realize he’s a fucking idiot.’

Some assign sinister motives to Kushner’s missteps. His negative influence on the administration, it’s whispered, goes beyond incompetence and veers toward deliberate sabotage. Several individuals close to the administration claim Kushner’s history as a rather progressive Democrat makes him far more ideological than he lets on, and this causes him to subvert Trump’s populist agenda. ‘The depths and lengths Jared is going to to stab Trump in the back [are] quite profound,’ one source claimed. ‘Trump’s been burned by Jared so many times,’ said another.

Naturally. What we’re all pleased to misnomer “liberalism” isn’t a set of political opinions, nor a mere ideology. It is a religion, and its faithful acolytes will always and forever put advancing the agenda way before friendship, family ties, decency, and common sense six days a week, and twice on Sunday. If Trump doesn’t realize this by now, he’d better wake the fuck up, and fast. He has no more than three and half months to turn this out-of-control bus around, before we all wind up bleeding in a ditch on the Left side of the road, dazed and wondering how the hell we got there.

14 thoughts on “It’s always darkest just before the dawn

  1. “Let me tell you why I believe the polls…”
    Perhaps because you are foolish? Ignorant? Prone to panic? Stupid? All of the above?
    The polls are dishonest, rigged, corrupt to the core. There predictive power is nil.

    “President Trump lost the national popular vote in 2016 by 2.1 points…”

    No, he didn’t. We do not have a “national popular vote” so it is impossible to lose one.

    Every time someone panics because the crooked polls show Trump behind, the old Kushner canard is pulled out to explain it. How tiresome. It’s on par with “He’ll withdraw from the race”. Trump has been president for almost 4 years, and has done a damn good job in the face of overwhelming opposition. So, let me get this straight, y’all think he’s too stupid to know when to ignore Kushner’s advice? I doubt there is a single person in this country with Trumps unique qualities, the same qualities that have allowed him to fix a broken economy while fighting off the marxist party, the marxist parties support group (the R’s), and china all at the same time. And now throw in a phony pandemic that he could not just ignore (because no one could know for certain), and add an orchestrated BLM/Antifa war, and it’s amazing he’s still willing to serve as president. We don’t deserve him, that’s for certain.

    “Various sources in, or connected to, the administration…”
    “One conservative source…”
    “Some assign…”
    “it’s whispered”
    “Several individuals close to the administration claim”
    “one source claimed”
    “said another”

    Sounds like the damn New York Slimes wrote this shit. Name the names or it’s flat out bullshit written by a grade A bullshit artist.

    I don’t know if Trump can win an election that is corrupt to the core, but he will not quit and neither will I. And I will not let self serving conmen use the results of corrupt polls to frighten me.

    1. The demoralizers are really flooding the zone with their “All is lost! Despair!” messaging of late, aren’t they? Certainly President Trump faces a huge challenge to win a second term, after the COVIDiocy was used to crash the economy and the Democrats’ armed wing has gone on the offensive with full support of the blue hive governments.

      But citing polls as evidence? Really? Maybe Nolte took a blow to the head and has forgotten most of 2016. Maybe he just looked at the so-called “final” poll averages from just before election night, when the gaslighting media always shifts the numbers back closer to something resembling reality after months of running their “Give up now, deplorables, it’s over!” push-poll numbers to shape public opinion. Me, I’m so old that I recall months of being told Hillary! was leading by large margins, was going to win in a cakewalk, and that all the experts agreed Trump had no chance. That was why all the lefties were so devastated on election night — their media had told them it was in the bag, not even remotely close, go ahead and start the victory party already. The official narrative certainly was not that it was going to be a nail-biter, within the margin of error, or anything of the sort.

      I do worry about this November, mostly because the Democrats will not repeat their mistake of not running the fraud machine full blast just in case. They may have learned from the mistakes of the Hillary! campaign and put more money into the swing states rather than trying to run up the score in the deep blue hives.

      1. It’s almost like they want the president to lose.
        We’ll see, but I can tell you this, it isn’t Jared Kushner that is the problem in this country or in the Trump administration.

      2. Crooked was supposedly up by 15 just weeks before the Election.

        1. Crooked’s chance of winning was 99.99% or something…
          Maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, but not much.

          1. Yep. The pollsters always bring their final numbers back closer to reality at the last minute, as a CYA move so they can claim they were accurate. But the entire lead up to November 2016 had the official narrative of Hillary! winning easily. So I really do not know where Nolte got his “the polls were accurate” idea.

          2. Haz, it is obvious the NeverTrump are STILL Just On The Other Side.

  2. Well, I can tell you that THIS formerly enthusiastic Trump voter is getting pretty goddamned tired of President Tweet.  I don’t mind the tweets – I mind that the actions don’t even come close to matching them.  None of this had to happen.  The President could have ended the lockdowns.  He is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, and swore an oath to defend it against enemies foreign and domestic.  And yet, he stood by and watched as our rights were shredded and tens of millions were destroyed.  And then, on the heels of that, he again watched as our cities burned.  And now he again watches while his enemies push us into lockdown mode AGAIN.  He still employs that little cocksucker Fauci.  And fuck Kushner, too.  Will I vote for him again?  Probably – but it will be the Dole/Bush/McCain/Romney “lesser of two evils” vote instead of the real vote that I cast in 2016.  Take his dick out of your mouth, Barry.

    1. So you want Biden as President?
      Pretty vicious.
      If Trump says STOP and the Governors say No! then what?
      And why?
      If Abbott wasn’t such a pussy then TX would be showing the country how to proceed.

      1. “If Abbott wasn’t such a pussy then TX would be showing the country how to proceed.”

        No kidding. It’s the R’s that are the problem. They are always the damn problem. If Trump had even 50% behind him this would be a different story.

    2. “The President could have ended the lockdowns.”

      OK skeptic, tell us where the constitution provides for the president to end lockdowns perpetrated at the state level.

      And why on earth should he listen to you and Jared and save the prog enclaves from their selves? I don’t care if every damn democrat controlled city in the country is burnt to the fucking ground.

      “Take his dick out of your mouth, Barry.”

      Tastes better than that fascist dick in your mouth.

  3. “Democrats thought President Trump would send the riot police to shut them down. He did when the thugs took over the park across from the White House and torched a church. The press made it look awful. President Trump adapted to the situation. He took a step back. Democrats went crazy and tore up city after city after city. Their thugs acted like the criminals they are and eventually got arrested.

    The Washington Post today complained, “Trump’s Twitter feed reads like a local crime blotter as he stokes a culture war.”


    No, dearie, he is just shining the light on these hooligans because otherwise, democracy dies in the darkness of a mob of Democrats. . . . The last 24 hours have returned the election to normal. Democrats are doomed.”

    Read the whole thing:

  4. So now we know that Barry has never read the Constitution.  He said, “Show me where in the Constitution the President has the authority to end the lockdowns.”  Easy-Peasy.  It’s called the “Supremacy Clause, and it’s in Article VI:

    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

    “Why should the President save the prog enclaves?”

    Well, because even in the “prog enclaves,” there are American citizens and Republicans who voted for Trump.  And they voted for him probably as I did, to fight for them.  Instead he Tweeted.  That’s abdicating his duty as the President of the United States.

    “So, you must want Biden!”  Oh, JFC.  Binary thinking is the hallmark of a small mind.  No, I don’t want Joey Badfinger.  I want the President I voted for and I haven’t fucking gotten him.  The “wall” is a joke.  Immigrants, legal and illegal, flood the country.

    But if you insist on looking at this in a binary D/R fashion, has it escaped your notice that the lockdown damage fell disproportionately on Trump voters?  Small business owners, non-government and non-union employees, etc.  THOSE are the people who got hammered the worst. Government workers, nonprofits, education, big corporations, union workers – all just fine and dandy, thank you, and patting themselves on the back over being “essential.”  This of course is crushing President Tweet’s ability to raise money.

    And speaking of the election – do you really think we will have anything approaching a legitimate election this November?  Seriously?  The margin of fraud will be so huge that Trump’s legitimate support will be swamped in illegal votes.

    “What would have happened if the President said NO and the governors just did it anyway?”  Well, we’ll never fucking know, will we, because Tweet didn’t have the balls to say NO.  But – it seems to me that he could have gotten Barr off his fat useless ass to use the Justice Department to challenge the lockdown orders on Constitutional grounds – those orders have failed in every state Supreme Court challenge thus far; there just haven’t been many of them.

    Face it. President Tweet has failed us.

    1. One thing I always notice, the original neverTrumpers scream the loudest about how the supported President Trump 100% and then whenever something isn’t perfect start calling the president names, like President Tweet. Just like the progs.

      Invariably they think the constitution says the president can do anything he wants, citing the “Supremacy Clause”. Well, except when it’s a president they don’t like, or something they disagree with,

      Reading the constitution is not the same as understanding it. What constitutional edict are the states violating that would provide for the president to force a state to comply with the presidents orders?

      I’m sure you were on here praising Obama for his executive orders since they were supreme.

      Now, read article 4, section 4 and explain to us just how it is that you believe the president can violate this part of the constitution.

      Oh, and since you are a sanctimonious idiot, fuck you. I’ve read the constitution numerous times. Reading is easy. Understanding it is another thing entirely, and even among good people sometimes subject to disagreement.

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