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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

47 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

    1. I’ll believe it when the Judge actually relents and dismisses the case.

      It should have been over when the prosecution dropped their charges.

      There’s just so much Madness out there.

        1. It has been over for 2 months yet the Judge refuses to dismiss.
          It can only be that they want to shut him up.

          1. I’m sure they want him lips closed. But I don’t think it is the main thing. This is a Mueller job. Along with the others they are all falling apart and that doesn’t look good.

            Then there is the fact that obama hates Flynn. Flynn is Mr. America and obama hates that. That’s #1 IMO.

          2. Mandatory acquittal applies only to true American heroes like professional athletes.

          3. Obviously if the jury is never allowed to return the trial goes on forever.

    2. They are desperate to keep the Gag Orders on Flynn. As soon as the case is dismissed Flynn can probably talk and can also probably join the Trump Admin again.

  1. I visited my local HEB for some groceries today, my first stop there in over two months. It was a sad sight with all the little arrows and spacing marks on the floor, the “magic” plexiglass barriers with slots in them to hand payment cards and receipts through (so utterly useless), the employees all masked, the recorded messages playing over and over thanking people for wearing masks, and so forth. Tons of useless virus theater that does absolutely nothing to prevent spread of the virus, while making shopping and checking out slower and more tedious than ever.

    What a pathetic, childish, superstitious clown show our society has become. I fear that an actual threat would leave much of the country collapsed in a sobbing heap on the floor, utterly unable to function.

    1. It’s supposed to keep people scared witless. So they can cajole mail in voting in Nov.
      Your ballot mailed to you will also be printed in duplicate and filled out the “right” way and then held in reserve.
      If they need more votes they’ll not just vote for the dead, they’ll toss your Trump vote and substitute a Biden vote. Or they’ll just toss a bunch of Trump votes anyway.
      Because it actually avoids any paper trail at all.

      If Trump or any others lose in NC, I’m going to request the ballots be locked down. I will vote in person with my son. But we need to follow up on suspected lost or changed ballots.

      1. The real problem is the republicans that will not force elections to be conducted honestly. And since they don’t want Trump, they are fine with the dems cheating.

    2. Pretty sad. I’ve gotten used to seeing it. My wife, who is going out a bit more now, is still coming home shaking her head…

      1. Maybe if you have been seeing it all along it has become the dreaded “new normal.” I had not been to this grocery store since back in April, before most of this covidiocy really took hold. So it was rather jarring.

        It is all so pointless and stupid. Just like the TSA circus in airports, it is just theater to look like they are “doing something.” The only actual effect is to screw up what used to work fairly well. None of it actually protects a single person from the virus.

        Check your goat entrails, make a sign against the evil eye, put up a plexiglass barrier with holes in it — it is all just superstition.

        1. Seen all the time.
          As soon as someone in a store gets a phone call or sees a friend it is down with the mask and talking HEY HOW YA DOING!!
          Useless and pointless.

        2. Oh yea. All theatre. Remember how all those grocery store workers were dying at high rates during the height of the chinaVirus?

          Oh, wait, those were the people in nursing homes. Grocery stores had no problems.

          1. My personal favorite is the one way aisles. Perhaps it works well for people that normally shop by going up and down each aisle, but I never shop that way. I’m constantly looking up to find I’m going the wrong direction…

  2. That bastard Gov Cooper just vetoes legislation passed to open up bars and restaurants.

    I mean, that is his right. With an Election coming up we need to get him the hell out of Office.

    1. That thought has crossed my mind a few times…
      If you recall our recent conversation regarding AR-15 or AR-10, those things are scarce as are any kits. They pop up in stock and are gone quickly.

      And 12 gauge ammo in buck sizes? If you find it it appears to be nearly double in price from what I was paying.

      1. Heh. Yeah.

        I was looking at Bud’s Gun Shop for #4 Buck after I went there from Ammoseek to look at some 225gr .44. No dice. Out of Stock.

        Then I looked at the entire buckshot category, just to check: Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        You can’t find even 00 Buck out here for love or money, and it’s usually the most common 12ga round outside of bird season. (I haven’t seen #4 buck for sale locally in over five years.)

        1. Yea, #4 was always a bit harder to find. I have some Sellier and Beloit #4 which seemed to be the only quality reasonable priced 4 around. I have plenty of 00, for any short term party, but for party’s pushing out past several months I’d like more. Even if I find it now I know I’m paying a hefty premium.

          For those that are shooting 12 gauge and have no stock, just stock up some bird shot as large as you can get. In a short range a load of birdshot from a 12 gauge will do the job and it has the benefit of being useable to hunt food with. I have #4 to #7.

          1. Which reminded me to run by Wal Mart and try again. They have 00 in stock because I can see it behind it’s locked glass doors. But the gentlemen that used to work there and were able to sell guns (background check) are older and not coming to work because of the chinaVirus. But ammo only requires a purchaser to be of age, a point I made with the manager a couple weeks ago but figured it would go nowhere. Today a WM gal got the key, opened the door and I wiped out there remaining stock. $$$ was less than anything I see online, substantially less. Even picked up 30 rounds of 3″ 15 pellet 00buck.

            So, a good day.

  3. Anyone know what happened to the Diplomad? His site is non-existent for me for a while now.

      1. Thanks Henry for subverting everything he was warning us about.
        Are your knees raw yet? Say hello to Chad.

  4. We have a lot of support in rural America that believe they are immune because they have lots of guns and ammo.

    They better start stepping up because once the military is taken over and cities to suburbs are conquered they will just carpet bomb the rural areas.

    OOOOOOH then the cities will not get food!!

    Communists love that. Food is like dark humor. Not everyone gets it.

    These people really don’t care how many bodies they stack up to Get AND Keep Power.

    1. When you consider that Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong exterminated 150 million of their own people in various “revolutions”, it should make a person wonder.

      There is no wonder today….I am amazed on a daily basis. I cannot believe what the bulk of the people in this country have become….passive, milk toast fucks.

      They fail to remember that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.

      Things can change and what was a life of comfort for many can turn into a most bloody nightmare

    1. My son told me that Tik-Tok was Apple products to spy on people. Apple had denied that was true, but it apparently is true.

      Also, did you know that Tik-Tok was taken over by a Chinese firm around 2018?

      That’s the group that claimed to punk Trump in Tulsa, and that AOC seemed to know about.

      It’s a Trap?

      1. To be honest I had no idea what “Tik-Tok” was. And have no use for it now. And doubly I’d not use it since a chinese firm means it’s chinese government.

        1. The point being that Apple may have allowed them to spy on you through their devices through a spyware backdoor Apple created in their software to allow Tik-Tok enabling.

          We have no idea what your phones are running now.

          1. Understood. These days I assume my phone is tracking me. I often hope a government official is listening…

    1. Are you saying that calling people “RAAAAAAAACIST!!!” doesn’t work very well as a marketing campaign for over-priced shoes? UN-possible!

      1. Full disclosure:

        I have NEVER owned a nike anything. I have been gifted something once or twice which goes to the nike filing cabinet. It looks very similar to a trash can.

          1. I originally wore them because they were the best IMO. I had one pair that just started falling apart and they replaced them. I don’t wear them much anymore so can’t say too much but I assume the quality is as good as always. After tiring of wearing my pretty heavy hiking boots on 10 day trips through pretty rugged terrain* I decided to try a pair of my New Balance running shoes. 9 days on the trail with a lot of broken rock in the path and they did the job. I never wore the normal boots again except in winter.

            *yes, NC mountains are rated as high as you can get in many places

    1. I hope you are right and Flynn can start talking now.
      I STILL haven’t read the news that the Judge in the case officially dismissed it. perhaps I’m wrong?

      1. No, you’re not wrong. I think it’s over but I’m not going to be surprised if it goes to the full court and then SCOTUS.

        1. My question then.
          If he makes a statement contrary to his gag order under the original case, is he still in jeopardy to a new “process crime”?
          AINAL but I know how lawfare is played.
          We had the same thing in Thailand and Indonesia and Philippines when clear bankruptcy laws were overruled by judges that allowed crazy shit to proceed.

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