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The knee, the noose, and NASCAR

Am I the only one out there seeing it? Because it seems as if I am.

In all his years in auto racing, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said Tuesday night, he has never seen anything like what he described as a “straight-up noose” that was being used as a door pull in the garage he was assigned last week at Talladega Speedway in Alabama.

“I’ve been racing all of my life,” Wallace told CNN’s Don Lemon. “We’ve raced out of hundreds of garages that never had garage pulls like that. So people that want to call it a garage pull and put out all the videos and photos of knots being as their evidence, go ahead, but from the evidence that we have – and I have – it’s a straight-up noose.”

No reason it couldn’t be both, of course: a little in-joke arranged by crews working in one of the most hazardous of sports-entertainment endeavors. Gallows humor, shall we say. But when a hopelessly infantalized ethnic minority has had its already-too-sensitive prejudice-radar dialed up way past eleven—stuck there for decades by a political party intent on manipulating them for its own malignant purposes—any and every noose, any and everywhere, can be perceived as but one thing: a direct, personal threat.

Sorry, “Bubba,” but I’m afraid you just don’t really matter that much. To anybody.

But it’s my belief that there’s even less to all this than meets the eye, and it’s even more cheap, tawdry, and ho-hum than it already was. The giveaways are in bold:

He said he hadn’t seen the noose himself but had seen photos of it.

Prior to the FBI’s findings, fellow NASCAR drivers participated Monday in a show of support for Wallace, a 26-year-old native of Alabama who is the only African-American full-time driver on the NASCAR circuit.

Wallace told Lemon he found out about the noose’s presence in his garage Sunday, when NASCAR President Steve Phelps told him about it.

“The look that he had on his face alerted me in a way that I’ll never forget,” he said.

So here’s what nobody else seems to be getting: the whole thing—entire, end to end, lock stock and barrel, to emphatically include the less-than-stellar career of a decidedly mediocre competitor cleverly christened “Bubba Wallace,” is nothing more than a calculated PR stunt intended to glom some badly needed attention for a grossly mismanaged sports establishment that’s been circling the drain for years.

Think about it: the Wallace name has been legend in NASCAR circles for many years. And really, now: “Bubba”? Too cute by way more than half, particularly for a “black” guy who isn’t actually black at all but mulatto, with a white father and wife both. Makes me wonder what this “Bubba” person’s actual name might be, before he was remanufactured as some kind of savior for a declining business that’s been seeking to distance itself from its traditional base of support for quite a while now.

NOOSCAR has struggled badly in recent years; their attempt to shift stock-car racing’s focus northward to appeal to a new, more upscale demographic fell flat on its face, as did the lavishly-expensive but almost entirely ignored NASCAR museum in downtown Charlotte. Then this half-assed “controversy” crops up and suddenly all anybody can talk about is NASCAR, for days on end. It stinks as bad as the coronavirus shamdemic, and for all the same reasons. They’re both fake, and have both been used for ends that aren’t immediately obvious.

In the case of NOOSCAR-gate, coming right on the heels of nationwide angst over black this, black that, blackity-black-black-black, it’s hard to see how the timing could’ve been more perfect. Yeah, “Bubba”—a second- or third-rate driver whose career trajectory closely resembles that of another mouthy also-ran, Colin Kopperdink—might suffer some from the fallout of this embarrassing episode, sure. Certainly his name will forever be mud with true NASCAR diehards, assuming any are left after being given the back of the racing establishment’s hand for so long.

But so what? For the bigwigs at NOOSCAR, it’s extremely difficult to see a downside: they get to piously denounce all those icky, beer-swilling rednecks and their disgusting Rebel flags, suck up to their anticipated new audience of Nee-grows and the white SJWs who take a knee for them, and establish their PC bona-fides without breaking a real sweat. For that, they’ll gladly throw a nonentity like “Bubba” onto the pyre, strike a match, and send his ass floating off downriver.

Nice try and all, but it’s not going to work. And that serves ’em right, far as I’m concerned.

Misdirection update! There IS a fairly serious scandal here, right enough. As is nearly always the case, though, it ain’t the one TPTB wish to direct your attention towards.

Fifteen FBI special agents? The government sent fifteen people to investigate a rope “fashioned like a noose” in a garage. What were they all doing? I imagine it takes one guy to look at the rope and observe that it is attached to the door. Perhaps one other guy to go check the security tapes. What task are the other thirteen performing? Did they need a separate person to Google “what is a noose”? Did they have someone dusting for finger prints or taking DNA samples? I simply can’t imagine how fifteen federal agents managed to occupy themselves with a garage door for two days.

This would be almost funny if not for the fact that there is something else of a rather more pressing nature they could be doing. As we speak, violent insurrections are wreaking havoc across the country. Buildings are being burned, police are attacked, statues toppled, innocent bystanders assaulted, whole city blocks occupied. And behind this chaos lies well funded organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Could those fifteen agents not have been sent to investigate this coordinated attempt to undermine law and order? Apparently not. As it stands right now, not much is being done about this anarchy. The anarchists are largely being allowed to commit crimes, even federal crimes, and those backing and funding and encouraging them are permitted to continue in those efforts unmolested. Instead, our government is committing significant resources to fighting the scourge of racist garage doors.

As a nation, we have descended into full on parody. Things seem like they can’t possibly get any dumber or more outrageous. But then again, tomorrow is a new day.

That’s the REALLY scary part.

33 thoughts on “The knee, the noose, and NASCAR

  1. There’s a very old saying in racing circles outside NASCAR: “Bubba Can’t Turn Right”.  So true.
    They did the same thing years ago when they recruited that shitty chick driver Danica (or whatever the fuck her name was). She went on to  be a accident-causing machine that only got on the podium by mere chance (not that I’d know. I have never watched that bore-fest they call racing).
    If I were you guys and want to see some *real* racing I’d migrate over to F1. It is truly the pinnacle of motor racing and we have an American team, Haas (first one in decades) that has been solidly in the mid-field, which is nothing to sniff at, since it’s inception 4-5 year ago. Gene Haas knows what he’s doing. Look him up to see his pedigree.
    All the races are televised on NBC Sports Channel. They, too, have a black driver that kicks ass, Lewis Hamilton, who is a Brit, and is the best pilot in F1, who drives for Mercedes.
    The only downside, if you want to watch the races live, is that the venues are across the planet. If you have a DVR, no prob. I’m sure most  of you know there is a race in Texas, and has been for about a decade.
    It is, on a world-wide basis, the most popular motor sport on the planet.
    Give it a shot. I think you would be pleasantly surprised. I’ve been a fan for around 20 years now. Beats the shit outta NASCAR. Always has.

    1. I like Drag Racing. They don’t turn at all!!
      Well, they’re not supposed to turn.
      F1 seems like the same two guys are always winning. Passing is non-existent too.
      Not my cuppa tea (SWIDT?)

      The Sports Cars seem to me to be more exciting than F1.

      1. Heh. If a dragster turns, soon after he’ll be flipping down the track and turning into a fireball because it means a front wheel fell off. 🙂

          1. Flag girls were a lot hotter in the old days.
            CF Jungle Pam or American Grafitti

    2. I loved F1 and F2/F3 20 years ago and back. IMO, it is now worse than NooseCAR. I still love the SCCA races where real people still race real cars mostly built and operated out of their own garage.

      1. I saw a Touring Car America race today. Fantastic race. 3 cars, two BMW’s and a Hyundai kept trying to pass each other the whole time. The Hyundai overtook for the final time for the lead, while a Nissan was catching the pack of three but couldn’t quite get there.

        Some races you see Cadillacs experimentals racing Porsches and Mercedes experimentals and it’s awesome.

        1. IMSA racing is still fun to watch. Especially something that runs on the rovals like Daytona because it’s a road course but you can see all the way around. And since we now have live in car camera views it’s exceptional. I even like to watch my video from in my car occasionally 🙂

          1. I find racing with similar cars boring.
            The engineering of better racers was the key to NASCAR and NHRA.

  2. Let’s be clear, NooseCAR and Petty Enterprises cooked this hoax up. They knew all along exactly what the piece of string with a hand loop on the end was – a garage door pull.

    How do we know this?

    1 – the Petty team had been in this garage stall all week using the door pull.
    2 – the Petty team has been in these garage stalls many times before using these same door pulls.
    3 – adjacent garage stalls have the same pulls as does every garage stall at Talladega
    4 – Talladega was built by and is owned by International Speedway Corporation. That is the France Family, NooseCAR.
    5 – NooseCAR officials have routinely walked through those garages since 1969. When the garage pulls were in place is uncertain but they have been there a while.

    Now, NooseCAR may be a bunch of good ole boys in part, but I happen to know most of those good ole boys are rather intelligent. There is no way that members of the Petty Enterprises didn’t know that the “noose” was actually the garage door pull.
    There is no way that NooseCAR officials didn’t recognize that the miniature string “noose” was actually one of the garage door pulls that they themselves installed on the Talladega track they own.
    There is no way that the entire Petty and NooseCAR group missed the fact that every garage had a pull cord that looked exactly like the “noose”.

    It’s a scam, a hoax, and the handful of people that tried to pull this off had a reason to do it – they were getting hammered by the NooseCAR fans for banning the Confederate Battle flag, so they cooked this up as justification.

    1. Petty is my hero and still will be.
      But yeah, these guys are basically erngineers. They know engines and autos inside and out.

      NooseCAR started coming unglued when they lost Earnhardt. Plus France was a smart cookie. I wonder if the “family” aren’t as every sons who take over something, like the Fox News children. The third indictment is they incorporated the racetracks into ISC.

      The next generation is obviously ashamed of their Rebel Yell and Southern roots. Too many probably summer in The Hamptons and winter in the Caymans.
      I want to find a model of the General lee to build just so I can have

      1. “Petty is my hero and still will be.”

        You and my Dad 🙂 Petty is just below Greensboro where I began my life.

        However, Petty no longer owns Richard Petty Motorsports.

        1. The Petty Museum was our first road trip in NC in 2017.

          He doesn’t own Petty Motorsports? What about the family?

          1. Sold last year to Andrew Murstein. You can look him up but the short story, SJW.

          2. I understand that he and Murstein are Co-owners.
            Murstein’s father made a mint on buying NYC taxi medallions. With Uber etc Murstein the son is looking to invest in other areas. Yes SJW to the core.

          3. Co-owners possibly. If Richard owns 10% he is a co-owner with no real say. My guess is that is how it was done in order for it to remain connected to the “King”.
            But I don’t know and don’t really care. NooseCAR is dead and has been long before the current NooseGate. Petty has been near zero for years and have now gone into affirmative action driver development. “Bubba” couldn’t beat me in equal cars with equal crews. That’s not suggesting I’m that good, it’s suggesting that’s how bad Bubba is. There are many drivers that are not that good, just available.

          4. I don’t know the terms, it may not be public.

            I got the info off Wikipedia which does not divulge much except they merged under who knows what terms.

          5. I don’t disagree.
            Murstein is Asshoe. So probably Petty has been enjoying his retirement.
            I sure wished he pulled his name off though.
            If they want to rebrand NASCAR because of douche new owners like this, then retire #43 and the Petty name.
            We know who Richard Petty was as a person. I hate this disaster being associated with him.

          6. Without the Petty name it has value of the equipment only. Petty simply couldn’t produce sponsorship anymore. It’s just a business decision.

            My dad never told me about racing Lee Petty on the street, and winning, but his brother did 🙂

  3. Let’s add – “Bubba” is a mediocre driver that will never be at the top. NooseCAR has created a sport with cars that are tame and all the same. Mediocre drivers can and do stay on the track. There are some true skilled drivers in the sport, you’ll see them at the front in the last 50 laps. Short tracks – the talent shows better. Talladega & Daytona? Foot to the floor the whole way around. We can teach your dog to do this. Except in the last 50, that requires skill to stay in the front.

    I don’t watch NooseCAR and haven’t for a long time.

    1. Agreed. It’s just not exciting.
      Even worse is they do the race in stages. So all the cars are deliberately rebunched up at the two restarts.

      They should go back to giving points to number of laps led and number of minutes led.
      That would push them all to try to get out inf front the whole race.

  4. NYC taxi medallions — talk about a perfect example of a government-created artificial shortage, with the control of them being a totally corrupt mechanism for funneling money to connected insiders. Anyone who made in fortune in that “business” is highly suspect.

    1. The Father bought one of the first medallions for $10 in 1939. Probably hustled his ass off and kept buying more medallions and hiring drivers to get out there. Many at the still $10 price. Hundreds of medallions over the years. Perhaps thousands.
      The kid is a SJW douche who took over as the medallions soared to $1.7 Million each.
      He probably fought against Uber and Lyft, and the medallions are now worth about $275,000 each. Still a lot, but why he probably took cash out and invested in elsewhere.
      The company itself IS publicly traded. Used to be NASDAQ TAXI. Now it is something like MFIN.

      1. I have no problem with the people actually doing the work of driving a taxi. But when you see people paying well over a million bucks for the ‘right’ to do a job, you know that government is heavily involved. And skimming a sizable chunk off the top, of course.

        1. One of their rackets was Lending the cabby the money to buy the medallion and then of course taking a cut of their fares for who knows how many years.

        2. I think it fair to say, if the government is involved it’s a corrupted racket.

  5. Let it burn, Mike. Dirt track and horses are the official racing sports of the South, anyway.

    “Fifteen FBI special agents?”

    Well, duh. The Feebies had to assure one and all that they were treating this appalling and horrific incident with all of the seriousness it deserved! Hence the fifteen Special Agents.

    That’s also how you know it was a Fake: if it had been an actual White Supremacist, the FBI would already have had fifteen undercover agents and CIs infiltrated per every one (1) WS.

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