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The progressivist cancer metastasizes

And eats the heart right out of good government, freedom, and prosperity:

President Obama has bet the economy on his program to grow the government and finance it with a more progressive tax system. It’s hard to miss the irony that he’s pitching this change in Washington even as the same governance model is imploding in three of the largest American states where it has been dominant for years — California, New Jersey and New York.

A decade ago all three states were among America’s most prosperous. California was the unrivaled technology center of the globe. New York was its financial capital. New Jersey is the third wealthiest state in the nation after Connecticut and Massachusetts. All three are now suffering from devastating budget deficits as the bills for years of tax-and-spend governance come due.

These states have been models of “progressive” policies that are supposed to create wealth: high tax rates on the rich, lots of government “investments,” heavy unionization and a large government role in health care.

Here’s a rundown on the results:

And they’re exactly what any sensible adult would expect them to be. In sum:

Workers in these paradises are indeed uniting — by leaving. New York ranks first, California second and New Jersey third in moving vans leaving the state.

The cure for the liberal disease? Why, more of the same, of course, by going national with the disaster. The upshot:

So goes the real-life experience of progressive governance, with heavy tax burdens financing huge welfare states, and state capitals dominated by public-employee unions. Formerly rich states, they are now known for job losses, booming deficits and debt, wage stagnation, out-migration and laughing-stock legislatures. At least Americans have the ability to flee these ill-governed states for places that still welcome wealth creators.

For now. Look for that to change eventually too. After all, they’re going to have to do something to keep the socialist circus train rolling, and enforcing their spread-the-misery program by restricting everyone’s ability to vote with their feet will be the only way to do it, since getting back to Constitutional government and free-market capitalism is simply out of the question.


6 thoughts on “The progressivist cancer metastasizes

  1. Our fears are much the same.

    In Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand invented a modern-day version of serfdom: the government forbade workers to leave their jobs. That wouldn’t necessarily fly in the Land of the Formerly Free…but a “compassionate” measure, which requires both employer and amployee to give, oh, say a full year’s notice of intent to sever the labor relationship, might be popular, and would do the trick just as well.

    I hope y’all are buying precious metals with your spare change. Believe me, if you’re not, you’ll wish you had.

  2. Precious metal? You mean lead, right?

    I’m putting my spare change into beer. At least I’ll get something out of it.

  3. I can tell you the exact date of the beginning of the end for California: August 10th 1996. That was the date of a huge power outage in SoCal. Using the fear and panic that ensued the state legislature “re-designed” the electrical distribution system and government designed de-regulation was born.

    I pity other folks when they get a taste of this hell. Have no fear comrades, Congress is sure to get it right this time with cap and trade. Did you know they promised Californians nearly free electricity? I shit thee not. I suppose it might be considered free when there is none available.

  4. Most of these people that are leaving the sinking ships of California, Michigan, New Jersey for the more prosperous states bring the same crummy thought process they had in the failed state to the new state. They start to demand what they had at home and eventually will turn their new home into the cesspool they left. I for one am against them being allowed to move. You Californians made the mess. You live with it. Stay where you are. You’ve learned nothing there and you have nothing to bring here.

  5. A phenomenon we here in the South know only too well, RDG. They foul their own nests, then come down here and tell us all about the proper way to keep our own. Annoying as hell, to say the absolute least. Not true of all transplants by any means, but true of too many of ’em.

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