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Hope and despair

A little tough love.

Listen. You were always going to suffer and die. Everyone in your family was always going to suffer and die. Everyone you know was always going to suffer and die. All your earthly efforts were going to come to nought, your country and culture — and, least we forget, “the economy” — were going to degenerate and disappear, and the sun was going to expand into a red giant and consume the earth as though it had never existed. All that was always going to happen, and you knew it all along, or would have if you had been paying attention.

If you are in despair now but weren’t before, you’re an idiot. You do realize this game you signed up for is called mortal life, right? Did someone not explain that to you? Were you expecting something different? I don’t know anything about your situation, but I know it hasn’t fundamentally changed. You were born on death row. Don’t you think that should have made you a little tougher than this?

As for the all the dupes and caitiffs and hypocrites and quislings you suddenly find yourself surrounded by — I hate to break it to you, but they were already like that. All you’re seeing now is what their true colors were all along. That’s what the word apocalypse actually means, you know: Revelation. Revealing. Uncovering. The green field coming off like a lid. For just a second, you get a glimpse of all the men behind all the curtains in the world. The whited sepulchers may have looked nicer before they were opened, but they were full of dead men’s bones all along.

You should have come to terms with death and suffering and evil a hell of a long time ago, but if you somehow haven’t gotten around to it yet, well, now’s your chance to do so. (Or not. Distraction is always an option, of course. I hear porn sites are offering premium memberships for free.)

Shall I close by saying that God loves you and everything’s going to be all right? Fine. God loves you, and everything’s going to be all right. Just keep in mind that God has loved everyone who has ever lived on this earth, and that “everything being all right,” by God’s standards, is evidently consistent with every imaginable human tragedy. Go read Candide sometime. Or the Book of Job. Or any history book, really. God’s love offers no assurance at all against the kinds of things you’re probably scared of. In the end, I’m afraid there’s just no substitute for learning not to be scared of them. And there are only two ways of doing that.

Good stuff; read it all.

I’ve long been amused, since way before the recent farcical hysteria, by news reports or those scolding seat-belt commercials making specious claims about “lives saved” or “deaths prevented.” Sorry, no. In all of human history, there has never been a single death “prevented,” nor a single life “saved.” There have been deaths averted, lives spared, yes. But that’s a strictly temporary reprieve, a postponing of the inevitable fate that faces us all.

In the long run, there ain’t no long run. It turns out that life really is nasty, brutish, and short after all. Deal with it.

Now let’s get to the hope, by which I mean tonight’s Feel Good Story Of The Week.

A Florida kennel at an animal shelter is empty for the first time in history since all of its dogs were adopted.

Volunteers at the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control cheered in front of empty dog cages in celebration.

According to the organization, the kennel is just one out of three at the facility, which usually houses strays and overflows from the adoption kennel. It is also the first one to have been emptied completely.

Happy tidings indeed. If that story don’t make you feel a little bit better about things,then I’m afraid I just can’t help you.

(Via WRSA and Larwyn)

Stand update! A small victory.

HOUSTON, Texas — Harris County law enforcement officials backed down as the owner of the Federal American Grill decided to re-open his restaurant on the city’s west side despite orders directing restaurants to be closed except for curbside orders. Multiple law enforcement agencies in Houston said they were not responsible for enforcing the ordinance.

“We’ve complied 100 percent until now,” Brice told the Houston Chronicle. “What I don’t like is that the government is picking and choosing which businesses win or lose. They are sinking the economy. We have to stand our ground and get people back to work.”

After he announced the re-opening of his restaurant for dining-in, customers flocked to his side. Brice said he is only seating up to 30 percent of his capacity in order to maintain social distancing.

Sounds sensible enough to me. Good on Houston LEOs too, for upholding their oaths and ignoring unlawful orders. TL Davis, while somber and realistic, remains guardedly optimistic:

This is communism in the 21st Century. This is what we have allowed to take over capitalism and individual freedom. Part of that is something Ted Nugent spoke about on Glenn Beck. Hunters, people who enjoy traipsing through the countryside to down, butcher and eat their food from nature, vote in the single digits, i.e., less than 10%. While I am no big fan of the vote at this point, where there is no actual representation due to the dilution of the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929 that froze congressional representatives at 435, it’s the only current defense against communism short of civil unrest. If hunters voted at 90%, as they should be by now, it would change the entire dynamics of every rural state in the Union and maybe some of those on the fringes of it. 

While I believe we have suffered from the ongoing communist agenda promoted since Woodrow Wilson, there are ways to counter and perhaps eradicate it from American life, but a few people would have to recognize this pandemic for the blessings it offers and spend a lot more time trying to point out those blessings. 

He goes on to list and analyze some of them, winding up thusly:

While we now have the tools to rectify a lot of damage done over the years, there is no assurance that these points will be made. They certainly won’t be made by the current media. Our stated goal at 12 Round Enterprises is to expose these actions even prior to the pandemic. We can take it back, we can change America forever. Or, we can lose again, only this time, it’s for all the marbles.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. After long decades of passively watching as our liberty was incrementally taken from us, we suddenly find ourselves confronting a true now-or-never, do-or-die moment. Choose wisely and hope’s flame will continue to flicker, until the next challenge confronts us. Choose poorly and the final darkness will envelop us, once and for all.

Freedom fighter update! Comrade Sundance gives us the straight izvestia.

A review of controlled social media shows various acts of civilian rebellion are being met with police arrests, detention and incarceration.

Some states have released inmates to make room to jail rebellious soccer moms and subversive members of churches who are non compliant with the dictates of their local command and control authority.

According to the national Lügenpresse proximity alerts have been sounding in/around west coast beaches as well as multiple parks in the northeastern unified control zones. As a result, additional enforcement personnel have been dispatched to these hot spots to avoid any outbreak of spontaneous liberty.

Compliance, while increasingly tenuous, is being maintained.

Simultaneous to the targeting of the rebels, armed behavior modification coaches (local police) have taken positions around Blue state public parks and beaches to identify, separate and arrest targeted provocateurs and subversives attempting to express liberty against the interests of the COVID-19 ministry.

He has pictures from the front lines too, including this:

Disgusting, abominable, intolerable, and as un-American as it’s possible to imagine. The mind reels. I’ve read dystopian sci-fi and PAW fiction that was easier to swallow than this is.

5 thoughts on “Hope and despair

  1. It would be a major surprise to me if the overreaction communist inspired response to the china virus ended up spurring a reaction taking us back to our roots of freedom and liberty, of individualism.

    I certainly would welcome it. It would make up for the damage done.

  2. Watching todays presser from the WH, it struck me –
    Not only has Trump pushed for more individual freedom and regulation reductions in the face of this virus, while pushing back against calls to dictate at the federal level, he is highlighting the efforts of the free market, the capitalists, bringing the CEO’s on stage to speak. He isn’t hogging the limelight, rather he is sharing it.

    And as my bride just mentioned, the press will not tell you how hard the capitalists are working, the press will not tell you about the success’s, so Trump is bringing them up on stage so the press cannot ignore them.

    1. Ford and others immediately started trying to produce ventilators.
      I hope they got paid for them. That’s Capitalism, seeing a need and meeting it. I don’t want their charity, I want Capitalism to guide the Invisible Hand.
      The doctors who found the TrumpCure were just doing their jobs. They are paid to save lives and they did it because they should and could.

      It’s the point of why we need to open businesses. Someone needed those businesses, no one was in business for charity. They were providing a good or service people were willing to pay to receive. When they are shut both consumers and producers are hurt. It’s not a charity, it’s Capitalism.
      For the Government to declare “Essential” and “NOT” cannot be accepted except in extreme emergencies. EXTREME.
      Our Governments at almost every level have declared Emergencies where none exist outside NYC and a few other cities.

      1. Hell, even in NYC and the area, if you remove the deaths in the petri dishes nursing homes it’s probably not an emergency level.

        Apparently the NY governor decided killing old people was a good idea. NC as well.

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