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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

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59 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things


    The uniparty is proceeding with their electioneering just as it has been predicted over and over. For well over a year now I have said the republican plan is/was to deny Trump the nomination* by lawfare means and that biden would not be running for election**.

    Sundance has said very much the same thing and nothing has changed.

    DeSantis is the deep state snake we’ve said he is, as corrupt as Newsome.

    We told you this was going to be very ugly, and it is unfolding exactly as we would expect

    Click the box…

    We Are Beyond Seeing the Strings, We Are Looking at the Puppeteers’ Hands Now

    *will they? I think it was the plan until they realized that we will end their party should they follow through. I don’t think they will do it now.

    **He may step down before the election, but unless Harris is gone first*** then I expect him to simply say he is physically unable and not run

    ***The idea being that Feinstein resigns, Harris resigns and Newsome appoints her to the senate to fill the Feinstein vacancy, then slow Joe appoints a new VP. Surprise, surprise it’s Newsome…

    1. Hmm, anything interesting happen recently? Feinstein having further difficulty? Will she last the term?

      How bout slow joe? Can he last the term?

  2. Of course the Stockton authorities will indict those Indian storekeepers for assault, which is pure racism.

    All but the least-educated Americans understand that Sikhs do not have dots on their foreheads; they wear turbans, usually with a knot in front; they carry a letter-opener everywhere; and they traditionally beat troublemakers to death with a stick. It is sheer arrogance for American-supremacists of all stripes to deny these noble aspects of Sikh culture.


    1. I’ve been out of the internets loop for a few days, but I recall seeing that they are not indicting them. Some good news, pays to be a Sikh…

  3. In other news about foreign cultures, they won’t necessarily give you back your passport for no asking. One American lady left her passport in a rental car in the UAE. The parking attendant stated a reasonable baksheesh for return of her possessions, something in the four figures. She went off on the poor fellow, necessitating a police response.

    Now just look at this fucking stupid story:

    The charges against Allen could land her a two-year prison sentence, [her dumb lawyer who isn’t even in the UAE] said in a recent press release. She said that the plaintiff in the case requested $10,000 in damages and that they could raise the number at their discretion.

    “It is common practice in the UAE for locals and permanent residents to register criminal cases against Westerners with the intention of dropping the case in exchange for money,” [the idiotic lawyer] said in the press release. “Tierra, however, STOOD HER GROUND, and has done so for three months, despite facing imprisonment, and despite being trapped in the UAE without an income, without support, and without recourse to justice.”

    Why, it’s almost as though, when they don’t get what they want, this American person doesn’t get what she wants. What the hell is wrong with these foreigners, anyway?

    1. I’m old enough and have traveled long enough to remember when a US passport struck fear in normal criminals, when the American government would stand by its citizens, and other governments did whatever possible not to anger Uncle.

  4. I have to say, I do wish Trump would dump the “Winred” fundraising function.

    But here we have DeSantis not disclosing his small donor numbers through an agreement with the RNC, and to qualify for the “debate” requires a certain number of small donations,

    and you wonder why some of us say he is owned by the china owned GOPe…

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    Suspicious – DeSantis Team Works with RNC to Hide Small Donor Contribution Details – The RNC Debate Qualification Is Based on Donor Contribution Details

    It’s been over for DeSantis for several months now. His decline began as soon as he announced.

    1. What a shock, Jonah Goldberg thinks small donors (Americans, conservatives) are the real problem:

      1. He wrote a great book, but in the end he’s a Country Club Marxist Limousine Liberal RINO and always has been.

        I first started getting suspicious when reading Liberal Fascism and how he studiously avoided the Progressives in the GOP, starting with the mild Progressiveness of Teddy Roosevelt and then completely ignoring the full on Progressivism of Hoover.

        Since then we’ve had some of it from Ike, then Nixon’s domestic policies (we are all Keynesians now).

        But no one beat Hoover at the progressive game as a GOPer.

        IIRC Jonah has his fame from his Dad. Born on third, thinking he hit a triple, he’s a Ruling Class “Elitist” earned by birth and nothing more.

    2. Hmm, I’m just showing a unsmiley face in a big box for that link. It was there when I posted. Anyone else see that? Or does the link work?

      I’ll try it here:

      Edit: So, it shows up when first posted but after page refreshing I get the box with the frown and no link. Not sure what has happened. The link function in my comments does not work, maybe it’s this browser, but pasting the link directly always has. I’ll try using the html link commands next. I’m erasing the pasted link since it doesn’t work.

      1. Lets try that again:


        OK, so it’s the browser. MS Edge works just fine. Something changed in Dissenter I guess. Maybe I need to drop the old thing…

  5. What Fox (faux news) wanted to suppress, the Carlson interview with the former Capitol police chief –

    1. It was a set up.

      They had shot most of the “violent” “scenes” earlier and like a movie they were in editing mode and needed the Guard to stay away while they fed the “Scenes” of “violence” in amongst the live action footage.

      Grandma wasn’t walking around taking selfies when a 100 yards, or a 100 feet, away people were “battling” with Capitol Police in a riot.

  6. I found a video about Lenin. I think Lenin is the worst.

    Check out this comment:

    FUN FACT: “One of those who cooked for Rasputin during the Great War was a chef at Petrograd’s luxurious Astoria Hotel who went on, after the Revolution, to cook for Lenin and Stalin. He was Spiridon Putin, grandfather of President Vladimir Putin.” Simon Montefiore, “The Romanovs”, Vintage Books, 2016, footnote, page 600.

    Next time I run into Putin, I’ll ask if he has any cooking tips.

    1. I’ve shared that info many times. Putin is a KGB killer, trained in torture and worked with* the red brigade terrorists in Italy and Germany.

      *as in, ran the operations since they were russian ops

  7. As I have reported before, UNC took the SCOTUS ruling on “affirmative action” seriously and are taking measures to comply with it in the correct manner, unlike other schools (Harvard, et al.).

    They should be commended for the effort which serves as an example for others.

    “In a recent statement, UNC has pledged their undying commitment to upholding the Supreme Court ruling following their defeat in an affirmative action case. In addition, UNC has also pledged to extend that same non-racist fairness to their hiring practices as well.
    What’s more, they are admitting they spent $35 million in legal fees on a losing case and calling the whole thing a “moment of humility.” What a win for the good guys.”

    VICTORY: UNC surrenders to Supreme Court affirmative action ruling, calling it “moment of humility”…

    1. So who’s going to be taking responsibility for wasting $35M of what I assume is taxpayer money?

      1. Us 🙂

        In other judicial action the university made the following statement:
        “UNC officials said the money for the various costs did not come from tuition or state appropriations.”
        This was for defending itself in the NCAA “investigation” over multiple years to the tune of 21 million (I think).

        The university paid 2.5 million to the Sons of Confederate Veterans after the statue, Silent Sam, that stood on campus for a zillion years was toppled.

        I’d guess the legal bills and settlements at UNC approach 100 million this century.

        I say “Us” because one way or another, no matter which account you pull it out of the taxpayer is on the hook. I don’t know how the AA case was funded.

        The exception would be those cases that are funded by donations. I cannot find any breakdown on this. It probably exists.

        1. UNC officials said the money for the various costs did not come from tuition or state appropriations.

          Three magic words: Money is fungible.

          1. I agree, with one possible exception, if the money were to come through donations.

            But I can guarantee you that’s not where this pile of cash came from.

            You might argue the person would have made a donation to something important, like education, rather than defense of AA, but I find that argument lacking in the case of donations for legal costs.

            The sad thing? The republican majority in the state house could have put the kabosh on this long ago.

  8. Trump people are degenerates

    I suppose when your campaign and candidate is toast, you can go ahead and say what you really think, and the thinking by the DeSantis Super PAC chairman is the same as every other deep stater.

    Well, you fat short ugly fuck, let me clue you in –

    Us deplorables don’t give a damn what you Hillary supporters think.

    Did I say stick a fork in him?

    DeSantis PAC Chair: MAGA Are ‘Degenerates’, ‘ I Wouldn’t Piss On Trump If He Was on Fire’.

    So who is the next neverTrump savior?

    1. They’re already trying to pivot to Ramaswamy, but his support for TPP and now his Ice Ice Baby rapping onstage weirdness in Iowa is sinking him.

      Looks like Pence is up…

      Seriously, Trump should do a send up Live of the GOP “debates” instead of joining them now.

      It’s an even worse field than what showed up for 2015-2016.

      1. I don’t think ramalamadingdong ever had a chance, but as you say, it’s dead now.

        Really, they’re all dead, they always were. The neverTrump crowd gets exposed for what they really are, on the other side.

  9. Tucker looking for investors.
    On the right we’ve always had the problem that the billionaire class seemed to prefer to pander to the left, probably for the media response.

    It looks like there are a few that see an opportunity to promote freedom and liberty and make a few bucks:

    Tucker Carlson Gets Revenge on Fox News

    It would be glorious to put Fox Fake News under.

  10. testing the new “Brave” browser

    Dissenter is getting a bit worn out and while I really really like it, no support or updates is rendering it obsolete.

    And apparently Brave has no support for importing my stuff from dissenter…

    1. Let me fiddle with it and get back to you. I need to make the same transition.

      (“Transition in the old sense, from the long-ago days of 2015 or so. Not the new meaning.)

      1. Hey, Thanks!

        Looks OK so far. I’m not using it more than 10% at the moment. I guess I’ll just take the “clean” opportunity to set all my bookmarks up in a little better fashion and throw out the ones I never use anymore.

        It actually looks and feels a lot like Dissenter, which is natural since I think Dissenter was a fork of Brave which was a fork of chrome maybe?

        1. Yes, Chrome –> Brave –> Dissenter

          Export bookmarks from Dissenter by going to the “Hamburger” at the top right, “Bookmarks | Bookmark Manager”.

          On the new tab, “Bookmarks”, click the triple dots at the top right and choose Export. HTML will be your only format option.

          In Brave, click the hamburger menu and choose “Bookmarks | Import bookmarks and settings”.

          Choose the HTML file you just created from Dissenter.

          (As usual, YMMV based on versions. I’m on Linux with a new-ish but not quite current Brave.)

          1. Ahh! Thanks Steve! I saw the HTML import for brave but that didn’t ring my bell to look and see if I could export the dissenter bookmarks to an HTML format.

            I’ll give it a whorl and report back.

            1. Perfect! I’m in your debt 🙂

              Easy peasy, and I like the fact that it created one folder called “imported” where all the dissenter bookmarks are. I can keep it or start a new layout.

              Thanks again!

              1. You’re welcome.

                We consider the debt paid, and then some, if you can tell me how to cause explosive diarrhea over the internet. Some dumbass on another forum has been attacking me all day because, um, no good reason that I can tell. I figured to give him something else to occupy his mind.

                1. Wish I could help you there. Not much you can do that I know of. Some of these people will tell a lie so obvious everyone knows it, and they have no shame.

    1. Lets try this again. On the one above I get A red error bar that says I’m posting comments too quickly 🙂

    1. OK, something definitely hinky with the comment editor. I just tried to edit this one just to see and I get the same red banner with “posting comments too fast”.

      test this edit function

      1. Well, now I have a set of functions appearing under the comment with “click to edit” and “request deletion”.

        Using that edit function allowed the edit, but when saving it looked hungup. I refreshed and the edit is there.

        I recall seeing these before but not lately?

            1. Well that fixes it! Thanks Mike, I’ll have to be careful…

              And I edited the comment above with the
              “manage comment” function down in the right hand lower corner just like I’ve been doing.

  11. And another vote for voting, or why it’s steal* important.

    In NC the legislature with the veto proof majority just overrode the commie governors veto of bills to protect women’s sports from mentally ill men, and parental rights from mentally ill school teachers and officials.

    Without turning out to vote in the conservative super majority this doesn’t happen. So while you’re waiting for Civil War 2 to begin, keep voting.


    1. Kudlow on the economy:

      A Trump BOOM, and a bidenomics bust

      We don’t actually need an economist to tell us this. All we need to do is buy groceries or fill up the tank or look for a job.

        1. I have been assured that when the Economy is Booming and Everything is Getting Better All the Time, naturally the Debt Ratings of that Country are Downgraded and their Banks have their Credit Ratings Downgraded as well!

          The signs are all there for anyone who understands what a FICO score means…

    1. RDS commenters on Insty are as deranged about you supporting Trump over RDS as anyone in 2016 who was a Cruz supporter.

      The simple fact that you trust Trump to fight for us and may not believe anyone else can stand up to Leviathan, especially when they’ve been a lifetime IN Leviathan, is simply too much for them to take.

      Or they’re paid to attack Trump Supporters.

      1. The parallel to Cruz is near perfect. It’s the same bunch really. They were fooled by the high and mighty Cruz and they continue to be fooled by DeSantis.

        There simply isn’t anyone else running that is not part of the chinese owned deep state GOPe, so it’s really an easy decision. I wish there were an alternative, not because of anything Trump, but because he only gets 4 more years and there needs to be a VP in place just in case. The most important item now is the VP selection, and I really don’t have a good idea. Trump is keeping that very close, but I think he has a couple in mind.

        The primary is over. It’s been over since the feds illegally raided Mar a Lago and DeSantis went into hiding. If he were the real deal he would have been out defending Trump every day, making life miserable for the federal pigs in Florida.

        There are three sets at Insty, IMO. The deranged morons, the paid party hacks, and the uninformed idiots. The first and last group have a lot of crossover.

        And now that they know it’s over they are all butthurt, and that makes me happy. Schadenfreude.

  12. It’s off the “front page” now, so I’ll just provide an update on Lindell’s election cheating stopper –

    It is an electronic device that will log and notify in real time when devices, including voting machines, connect to the internet.

    Problem#1: Useful, but I’m not sure it will stop them from connecting to china and just denying it anyway, Besides, YOU have no standing to pursue stolen elections in the courts.

    Problem #2: It does nothing to stop running false ballots through the tabulators over and over and over…

    Problem #3: It doesn’t stop the massive “mail in” ballot rigging

    Kudos to Lindell for trying and it may have an effect. Until some of the thieves are hung from lampposts I don’t think the election theft will stop.

    1. Well, that didn’t take long. Gaetz presents the evidence that DeSantis is himself a “listless vessel”. At least he was when it was in his best political interests.

      1. Stick a fork in him…

        Sad, really.

        He turned out to be the Jeb 2016 of 2024 when he could have been the Trump 2028. Well, maybe he couldn’t, but he had the chance.

        Seriously. If one thought the Elections were Free and Fair, and you really were MAGA and for America First, why WOULDN’T you wait to make your move in 2028 with Trump’s endorsement?

        1. First sign of a mere politician, disloyalty. DeSantis has it in spades.

          And while I can’t prove it, I know damn well he was told by “upper management” that Trump would be taken out by indictment, paving the way. Maybe when Rupert was slipping him some of that millionaire money he was told.

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