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The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

Mike @Substack

Mike’s latest Eyrie post is available here. Don’t miss it if you can! NOTE: bonus points to anybody who can tell me where that last seemingly-flubbed line comes from.

Update! What, no takers? Okay then, the “don’t miss it if you can” line comes from here: Kermit Schafer’s All Time Great Bloopers, an album of my dad’s that me and my brother both loved as kids. Nearly wore that sucker slap out, we did.

75 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook, and other fine things

  1. Continued winning in NC, this at UNC:

    The news comes months after the school’s board voted to ban DEI statements in promotions, tenure, hiring, and admissions decisions, The Daily Wire reported. The university said in the letter to FIRE that the DEI task force is being disbanded and the university isn’t implementing any of its recommendations.

    Hat Tip:

    1. Good news.

      Perhaps the people leaving NY and coming here are actually on the conservative side! 😉 Ahem…

      1. LOL. A NY “conservative is probably a middle of the roader in NC in most case. Some exceptions 🙂

        1. You’d be surprised.

          As the maps mostly show, the country is Red except some urban enclaves.

          Growing up my NY suburb would make the Triangle look like Beijing.

          1. True. I’m not thinking of New Yorkers, I’m thinking of New Yorkers from New York City. Those places need walls and moats surrounding them with nothing allowed out.

        1. They would if they weren’t all invested mostly through Funds.

          Try getting your fund manager to sue the management of TGT.

          Especially if they’re the one pushing ESG.

          1. This requires the investors to move their money. Not simple I know because I’ve done it. But if you wont take action, don’t expect anyone else to do it.

            It’s your 401K, but if it’s managed by your employer it requires the employee’s to get together and force the employer into action.

            Why, it almost seems that the legislation creating 401K had a motive we didn’t know about…

  2. Jamie Foxx, the actor, is saying he had an adverse reaction (a stroke?) from the Vaxxes.

    1. The problem is proving the cause. I’m certain the not/vax is causing death and illness, but proving it is not so easy. Statistically it’s simple, medically it’s not.

      1. I think if just one group did a controlled study of the publicly available data it could be proven very easily.

        The trick is to get that one company to chance getting shut down and doing the study.

        Via the regulatory, law enforcement and Intelligence State we are very compromised now in America. Lift up your head for a moment and get whack-a-moled. If you’re not high profile like Tucker it may never be noticed.

        But Jamie Foxx may be just the person with enough stature to get someone to look at this.

  3. If you’re still watching Fox propaganda, then you’re part of the problem. Fox, which kept Trump off the air for the last year (because they are anti-American), has found itself hurting badly as viewers turn the faux news channel off. So they had a “town hall” with Trump on last night* to try and save the ship. It will not work. Don’t watch, none of it. These are people that are signed up as gay pride week sponsors alongside such notable companies as Target.

    *no, I didn’t watch, didn’t even know about it until reading about it today. I will not watch the fake news channel.

  4. Mike, I finally took the time (most of a friggin hour, sheesh) to set up Gab Pay. When I tried to send a small honorarium to, that user was not found. Glitch on their side? Glitch on your side?

    1. I find Gab to be a bit obscure. When I send money to Mike it goes to “@TommyGunMike”.

      When I open that contact that’s all that is there, and it works, I think. I probably need to send an email every time to confirm with Mike he got the transfer….

      1. Yeah, I think the confusion comes in because my Gab username is one I’ve been using forever on the Innarnuts, Tommygunmike, which harkens all the way back to my Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot days. On the other hand, though, the email addy associated with me on Gab is the mike-at-CF one. Hell, I dunno. The payment has shown up in my Gab CP, Steve, so no worries there.

        Honestly, as much as I do want to support Gab, I have to admit that PayPal was a lot easier, cheaper for me, and just better all the way around. Growing pains explains that well enough, but I do think Torba has a lot of tightening up to do before Gab Pay can call itself a legit PP alternative.

        1. I think some of the difficulty with Gab Vs PP is the security factor. Since you have to move money from your account into Gab, then send it on to wherever it’s going, I think it may eliminate the credit card fraud that takes place.

          I may be wrong about that, haven’t really studied the issue. I don’t use it that often anyway.

  5. Another incredible divergence between the two Employment reports issued Friday.

    May Jobs Report Show 339,000 Jobs Gained, Worked Hours Declines, Unemployment Rate Increases to 3.7%

    There is a strong divergence within the May jobs report as released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) [DATA HERE]. Payrolls increased 339,000 in May from April and previous months were revised up by 93,000. That is good news. However, the household survey, from which the unemployment rate is derived, showed employment down 310,000 jobs and the unemployment rate increased to 3.7%.

    An incredible difference of 649,000 between the two surveys. Almost polar opposite results between the “gains” in one and the “losses” in the other.

    As the song goes, two men claim they’re Jesus; one of them must be wrong.

    Now both could be wrong. However, with interest rates having risen for 18 months, inflation still hovering around 5%, mortgage rates climbing for as long as that, an inverted yield curve as well for 18 months and the fact that last year the first two quarters showed negative growth but then miraculously soared, my bet is on the report showing negative job growth as the reality.

    1. Good bet.

      I just bough a plastic drop spreader (Scotts) from lowes. $90 bucks. That would have sold for 25-30 4-5 years ago.

      Grass seed? The small bag for over seeding was $50 bucks. IIRC, that sold for 20 just a couple years ago.

      We’re in a severe recession that is being papered over with lies and funny money.

      1. There is NO inflation, and the economy is doing GREAT, dammit! I know this, because Biden told me so. STOP LYING, YOU INSURRECTIONIST TRAITOR BASTARDS!!!

        (sarc OFF)

        1. And the $90 Scotts plastic drop spreader doesn’t. Spread that is. Piece of junk. It’s the crappiest design I think I have ever seen. The rotator bar has paddles so wide that the grass seed just clogs and you can’t turn it. Junk, it goes back tomorrow.

        2. You’re right. The economy is doing great. Look at all the jobs that have been added in the last couple years.

          (Just don’t compare job numbers to this time four years ago. Doing that would be treason or something.)

    2. 5% inflation? Not for the things I buy: food, clothes for the kid, gasoline, electricity and natural gas, tools and parts.

      1. But that computer you buy every 6 months costs half as much. /s

        But it doesn’t really. It’s costs 10% more each year but it is 15% faster at doing things you didn’t need. Like getting hit with ads that swirl and pop and blink and slow your system down 25%, so you need to spend the “savings” buying ever stronger ad blockers and Norton Anti-Virus programs.

        1. You might want to check out Dissenter for your web browser. I’ve been using it since it came out. It blocks 99.99% of the adds. I like it and it’s all I use except an occasional website that doesn’t play nice and I have to use MS Edge (once every couple months maybe).

          1. I’m sure ad blockers rise in price every year no matter how good they are.

            The point is that headline Inflation is “offset” by things that supposedly go down in price but don’t really because they offer no real value but are adjusted down in price for intangible “quality improvements” that for most users don’t improve quality. Plus they are once every six years or more purchases.

            So the computer I bought 4 years ago still only does what I need and no more and if I replaced it today it does nothing more and costs the same but is 30% “cheaper” because of intangible “improvements” we don’t actually see.

            1. I understood your point which is correct. I was just pointing you to a free web browser that stops adds and works nearly perfect, or so I thought. Until Steve burst my bubble…

              OTOH, typically a new computer is faster by quite a bit if you are replacing one several years old. Most noticeable in the bootup time.

          2. I don’t think that the Dissenter browser exists any longer. The downloads page is a 404. The Dissenter widget (in the Dissenter browser or the plugin for other browsers) just takes you to the page.

            I’ve been using Dissenter on Linux since it came out, maybe four years ago. It was updated once or twice (for Linux, anyway) but there’ve been no updates in years. I’ll keep using this browser on my current laptop but the next laptop will get Brave or some other derivative.

            1. Well, damn. Apparently no longer available. Beats me why that is since it works rather well. It’s a fork of brave I think, which is a fork of chrome IIRC.

              Someday someone will spoon one of these things.

              I do have the install exe if anyone needs it, version is 1.5.114

  6. “The Amish community feels it is essential to expose the deception that has taken place. They urge everyone to consider the following: even after more than three years have passed, it remains exceedingly difficult to find more than a small number of Amish individuals who succumbed to COVID-19.”

    Those wily Amish, proving how the government created the virus and the response for one reason.

    With Pandemic Panic Theater Collapsing, Corporate Media Is Avoiding the Amish Like the Plague

    1. Why didn’t WuFlu hit your Amish community harder?

      We don’t have TVs.

  7. Do you know who Christina Pushaw is? Where she comes from? What she has done in the past?

    She is the “Rapid Response Director” for Ron DeSantis (uniparty, Florida).

    Was she a volunteer for the John McCain presidential campaign? YES

    Was she heavily involved in the politics of the country of Georgia and the Ukraine? YES

    Did she have to retroactively register as a “Foreign agent” due to her work representing interests outside the USA? YES

    Are you paying attention?

    1. Reading her Wiki page, she spent all of her post-graduate career before joining Ron working inside Georgia and Ukraine. Closely associated with Saakashvili who is afflilated with Dreamy Z.

      It says she was even ghost writing in English language press on behalf of Saakashvili.

      1. The red flags surrounding DeSantis are so numerous you can’t see the man.

  8. The drag racing was rained out and rain delayed the NASCAR race so my autotune checked me in to the end of the “First Stage” of the NASCAR race.

    All of these “stages” just serve to keep the cars all bunched up. The last 2 hours have been mostly Crash Yellow Flag Crash Red Flag Crash Yellow Flag etc. Only a few laps racing before everything is slowed to a crawl or a stop.

    Just boring. Plus it’s no longer a 500 mile race. No incentive to try to race hard early. Every incentive to “bump” someone hoping to put them out, get a caution and move up.

    It’s not stock car racing anymore. It’s like Figure Eight Crash Derby.

    1. “It’s not stock car racing anymore”

      No, hasn’t been for a long time. They, noosecar, decided to create “excitement”* that doesn’t exist in a real race.

      The last straw for me to watch was the noosecar fable in Atlanta. I believe it was 11 FBI agents were called in to investigate.

      The garages at Atlanta Motor Speedway have been there for a long time. AMS is owned by Speedway Motorsports. There is not a participant, driver, pit crew, builder, or owner that doesn’t know those garages. Every damn one of those people knew the “noose” was just a garage door pull, and that include the low talent driver Bubba Wallace, the supposed target of the “noose”.

      Everyone knew the truth. No one has spoken up.

      So, NOOSECAR is just a scam. I don’t even believe their races are unscripted. I’d guess it’s on par with wrestling.

      I’ve been to Daytona many times and I’ve raced at Daytona. I’ve raced at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Rockingham, Asheville, and Hickory. I will never watch another noosecar race.

      *excitement in nascar means crashes, the more involved the more exciting

      1. Exactly. It’s like how Hockey had become in the 90s. Just one long slugfest interrupted by some hockey every once in a while.

        The “League” thought the fans loved it. Then hockey slowly lost audience as Soccer (SNORING) gained audience.

        Hockey has tightened up its game. Will Noosecar ever learn again? I doubt it.

      2. It was Talladega, which is owned by International Speedway Corporation. Not Atlanta. SMI was blameless.

        NASCAR has been engaged in an exercise for the past 15 years to see how much of their fan base they can run off. Politics, the Chase, stage racing, and too many lucky speakers driving the cars (which leads to a lower quality of racing) means that tracks that used to sell out 100K seat grandstands have cut capacity to 50-60K and stull have mucho empty seats.

        1. You’re right, story the same but wrong track, and with that wrong owner. I should have realized it because I knew it was ISC which is a France family enterprise.

          Thanks for straightening that out. The story, however, is the same. Everyone, and I mean everyone knew the “noose” was just a garage door pull for the unpowered garage doors.

          1. No question that everyone knew. Many people in the garage attempted to tell officials before the Feebs were called in and were rebuffed. Probably 25 to 30 other stalls in the garage had the same loop tied.

            1. I’m not sure the total number. Some of the newer garages have powered doors, the older have manual operation with the rope pulls. There are quite a few of them in any event.

              1. All of the Talladega garages are rope pulls. No power openers. I’ve been in those garages within the last six years.

  9. Flying commercial still sucks

    After a lifetime of flying all over the globe, I have been out of the airports since a late 2019 trip to China. Today was the 2nd flight since then. Up early for a flight out of the country. I didn’t even recognize the Charlotte airport it’s changed so much. I laughed through security because those government employed fools are actually still wearing dirty face diapers.

    The last laugh is on me as my 2nd flight was delayed, delayed some more, then cancelled, so I sat in a damn airport for 8 hours today and I’m still here in the former land of the free and the home of the brave.

    1. Man, having worked at or just hung out near CLT/Douglas my whole life, it pains me to think of how much I used to enjoy flying just about anywhere, and always looked forward to it. Things have certainly changed since those days, and not for the better either.

      By “hung out near,” I’m talking about the old Lover’s Lane at the end of the main runway off of what used to be Old Dowd Rd, necking and watching planes take off right over our heads. Heck, even when I was a kid my dad would drive the whole family out to park there on the occasional summer Friday night. We were told to just ignore the teenage make-out artists in their cars, and keep our eyes strictly to ourselves. 😉

      1. The land that used to be private out there was owned by friends of my wife. They were finally forced to sell to the airport

        The saga continues this morning as we have a plane but no pilots. We’ve been on the plane and off the plane and it looks as though this time is real.

        The knee I damaged years ago in a crash is acting up again making sitting uncomfortable.

        1. And back. The last flight was the only one on time. And I almost missed it since the first one was late and then since I came in international I had to go through security again. And they decided my backpack with my laptop (removed of course) needed to be checked. This bag has literally been through security at ;east 500 times without raising an eyebrow. Same stuff in it for the last 10 years or so.

    1. Each time these easy to spot Fakes come out he looks more and more like Jeb.


      These “professional” GOPe campaign chiefs are seriously Not Ready For Prime Time Tech.

      Jeb spent $150 Million for 3 delegates.
      Ron! looks like he’ easily break that record with $500 Million set to spend.

      1. I know campaign crap can get pretty dirty, but it’s tough to pretend, like Cruz tried to do, that your clean while allowing sleaze like that. DeSantis will lose more than he’ll gain from that tactic.

  10. So, my long standing prediction that the republicans are in on the charging of trump has come to pass.

    I will never vote for another republican party member at the federal level until and unless the R party in mass shows up to stop this illegal and corrupt action taken by the corrupt and illegal coup government.

    That party must be destroyed.

    I stated early on, when DeSantis disappeared for the week after the Mar a Lago raid that he knew full well what was going down before it went down.

    Note that the charges have no basis, the DOJ will not even tell the Trump team what documents are involved.

    Note the statement that the piece of shit deep state government man made tonight where his only problem with this is that hillary and the biden son were not also indicted. He cares nothing about the fact that the charging of Trump is illegal and corrupt. He’s a filthy fucking nasty piece of shit, just like Romney, McConnell, Ryan and damn near the entire republican party.

    DeSantis is just the deep states boy, they are all corrupt to the core. The backstabbing Pence is one of the most evil of the snakes. They all are.

    1. Here’s the actual quote:

      “The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society. We have for years witnessed an uneven application of the law depending upon political affiliation. Why so zealous in pursuing Trump yet so passive about Hillary or Hunter?” DeSantis tweeted about two hours after the news. 

      I don’t see much wrong with that.

      Yes, the Trump indictment is a travesty. This is Soviet-style stuff; in fact, I am pretty sure that Stalin is watching this from Hell and saying, “Damn, the BALLS on those guys!”

      Key difference between Democrats and Republicans: They DO shit. They said they were going to imprison Trump, and they’re gonna do it. Even if there’s no legal or Constitutional reason to, they’re gonna do it, come hell or high water. When they have power, they fucking USE it.

      Trump chanted “lock her up,” and then as soon as he was President, said, “Hey, I’m only kidding.”

      1. What is wrong about that is that Trump has Personal Declassification Powers, and Biteme and Crooked do not and never did.

        So, Trump did nothing wrong and was perfectly in his rights as President to have possession of those docs.

        Plus, they were securely stored as per protocols with Secret Service Protection in a separate area that was secure.

        Biteme had stuff strewn about in open areas in an Office Building and his garage. Crooked’s server was completely offline and every one of those 33,000 emails on it were a Security Violation. People who had just a few off the secure servers got jail time and/or lost their jobs and their security clearances taken away. She should be in jail for 33,000 years. as actual secrets were stolen off that server.

        Of course, the guy running for president doesn’t know that? Well, that’s certainly going to reassure me that I’m voting for a bright candidate for President!!

        Skeptic, the smoke is so thick and now the flames are licking up and visible. This Ron is a W style Deep State Swampy playing to be MAGA just like W played as a “True Conservative” and Ryan played at being Tea Party.

        1. Kenny, reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. In terms of the indictment of Trump, you and I agree 100%. Let’s face it – the docs at Trump’s place were so “dangerous” that the Feebs took pictures of them scattered on the floor and Tweeted the picture out. The indictment is bullshit. Complete and total bullshit.

          That said – you seem to be expecting DeSantis to mount a full throated defense of Trump, the man, instead of talking about the principle of the rule of law. Why on earth should he do that? Trump has been attacking him relentlessly for the last year in ways both political and highly personal. Why should DeSantis stick his neck out for Trump?

          One of Trump’s failings has been his unerring ability to attack those that he needed favors from later. As they say, “The toes you step on in your way up might be connected to the ass you have to kiss on the way down.”

          In a legitimate First World country, this conversation wouldn’t be happening. Had the 2020 election been legitimate, Trump would have won. And were we a country that still held to the rule of law, this indictment wouldn’t have happened. But here we are. And the people that could have been Trump’s allies have mostly been savaged by him already. Hence, I don’t blame DeSantis a bit for attacking the weaponization of the FBI and the two-tiered system of law while not speaking directly to Trump’s innocence.

      2. This is Soviet-style stuff…

        Supported 100% by DeSantis and Marx’s little helper, Unskeptic.

        Here we have the classic attempt at misdirection. One of the most corrupt, probably the worst next to the 2020 coup, and illegal use of the injustice system ever and Marx’s little helper attempts to minimize it by telling us Trump is an imperfect man that didn’t make every decision perfectly. What a pathetic waste of semi human flesh you fuckers are. You deserve everything bad that is coming. Hope you can find that country to run to. Put a bag over your head when you leave if you would, the rest of us don’t wish to see the great ugly.

      3. I don’t see much wrong with that.

        Of course you don’t. You can’t see when you have your head up Karl Marx’s ass so far you can see the lining of his stomach.

    2. Also – many of us, myself included, said that as soon as Trump was removed from office after the stolen election, that he should move to a country with no extradition treaty.

      1. Oh and that would make it ok?

        Trump should have done exactly what he did. Call out the Fraud and announce he’s running again.

        He’s revealing even MORE the Deep State Corruption and now he’s Unmasking DeSantis.

        Get real.

        Someone needs to take a Stand and Turn and Fight. Thank God at least we have Trump.

          1. What you are unskeptic, is the marxist’s little helper.
            Plain and simple, that is what you do.

            What’s wrong with what DeSantis said? Not a damn thing if you are for corruption and the loss of the rule of law.

            What DeSantis did was to equate Trump with the hillary and biden. He stated the only problem here is the lack of indicting them too. He failed to mention Pence of course, another deep stater like himself.

            I don’t give a flying fuck if DeSantis is the target of Trump. He should be, he’s the government man, and he shows it every day, and you, you’re just another of Karl Marx’s tiny helpers.

            You’re all the same. Twisted logic, supporters of the very vermin you pretend to dislike. I just wish it was your ilk instead of the sane people that had to suffer

          2. He certainly did fight. More than anyone Republican has since, well, ever. Even Reagan didn’t face indictment on Fake Charges.

            It’s Ron who has never faced any competition. His skids have been greased.

      2. Unskeptic, runs and hides, suggests others do the same. Just another tip from Karl Marx’s little helper.

        1. Once again, Binary Barry shows what a hysterical little cunt he is. My comments were not unclear and neither are my politics. Now go masturbate to your Trump trading cards. You are unworthy of intellectual conversation.

          1. And once again deep state unskeptic is a liar. You lie about everything, including the word binary. You’re the binary, neverTrump. It’s all you can do, and everything you say about Trump is a lie.

            Marx is your God, and Trump stands in the way.

            I am for freedom and liberty, you are for slavery.

          2. intellectual conversation

            That’s good for a laugh, that you believe you have any intellectual capacity beyond making up shit.

            You are exactly what you appear to be, clear for anyone that reads, a liar. Must suck to live that kind of life, knowing everything you say is so easily shown to be false.

            It’s clear you approve of and are happy the legal system is corrupt and going after those that fight for freedom and liberty.

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