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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

36 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Pissin’ and moanin’ alert. You won’t miss anything of great import if you skip.

    My daughter is currently in 10th grade, in a small private school. Doing well but not thrilled with it so we discussed and then looked into having her go to community college next year. All was coming together and she was enthusiastic about the idea. (Note that as a generally mopey teenage girl she hardly ever gets, or at least shows, enthusiasm about anything.)

    Today we went to the admissions office and found that the school requires the clot shot to attend in person. Purebloods can attend remotely and get credit. The kid is opposed to that, though; she’s sure that she won’t be able to maintain motivation in isolation.

    The same clot shot rule applies to all state schools in NYS, so applying to a different community college won’t help. Most or all of the private colleges have the same rule, no doubt rammed down their throats by the state government and I don’t really want to pay private college tuition for this.

    Not sure what to do. I can ask around and see if there’s a home school group that she can sit with while she does her own work. She can continue on with the current school but she was so eager to leave it that going back would probably be twice the burden. In theory I could hunt around and get someone to falsely fill out a clot shot card but that’s against the law so of course I won’t actually do so. She and I could move to a less sucky state but I’m not sure that she’d be able to enroll in college as a 16-year-old high school dropout; there’s also the family issues which have kept me here for most of the past decade and a half. Bah.

    On a related note, the issue of the clot shot is a rift between me and most of the rest of the family. Except for daughter and self, I believe that every family member over five years old has gotten the clot shot. Some grudgingly because their job required it. Some enthusiastically. Everyone who’s said anything about it is pressuring me to get the clot shot, or at least have the kid get it. It would make life so much easier, you know, and the talk about medical problems are just scare stories. Um, yah, right. Let’s say No to that. “It’ll make your life easier” is slave talk. You can call me any number of things, but slave will never be one of them.

    Come to think of it, though, if family is getting on my case on this issue, maybe I can set aside the family issues which are keeping me here. This warrants some thought.

    1. I feel for you. Wish I had a suggestion but nothing that you don’t know – get out of the commie hellhole. I know you have/are considering that, but it sure gets messy when you have your family close by. I’ve considered retiring and moving to the coast full time, but with all the children and grandchildren within 20 minutes, the wife says no way. It’s pretty lucky they all live close by.

      Your daughter is lucky to have you looking out for her.

      1. Parents are elderly. My brother mostly takes care of my mom and my dad’s wife is younger so she’s able to help him as he needs it, but there are times when I’m needed for one thing or another and my absence would make things more difficult.

  2. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Trump is voluntarily going to NY to surrender.

    1. In the past I’ve learned to Trust that Trump has a Plan.

      But yeah, it’s odd to just give in this easily. Make them present the case to DeSantis for the extradition.

      That would make Ron! either shit or get off the pot.

      1. DeSantis would “resist” in order to score political points, then give in to the “rule of law”*.

        Trump has little choice but to surrender. Everywhere he would go outside Florida he would be subject to arrest.

        You surrender and fight the battle within the legal system, or you take up arms.

        If we had an actual opposition party they would start with legislation to shut down all of these criminal and corrupt false charge indictments. But we don’t, and DeSantis is little more than the Joe Biden of the republicans.

        *actually the rule of men. The rule of law left us around 2000 after being whittled away for 50+ years.

    1. I didn’t see a single quote or fact cited in that article that ties that bill to DeSantis in any way. Do you drool when you post about DeSantis or Trump, Barry?

      1. Hey Skeptic, just because you’re too stupid to recognize the truth, or even search for it, doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

        Let’s be very clear. While Rep. Andrade, who himself is a civil litigation attorney and has filed this bill with co-sponsors Reps. Michael Beltran and Dean Black, this is Gov. DeSantis’s legislative baby.

        Of course, then there is DeSantis’s very own campaign manager:

        But hey, you just keep pretending because you don’t like President Donald Trump.

        1. See, this is why I call you Binary Barry. In what passes for your mind, everything is about Trump. My liking of DeSantis has to do with what he’s actually DONE in Florida, and absolutely nothing to do with Trump. My evolution on DeSantis is behind Mike’s (I was initially not a fan of how DeSantis handled the Covidiocy – still am not, although he came back to reality quicker than most governors), and my evolution on Trump pretty much parallels his. Oh, and Desantis just made Florida the 26th Constitutional Carry state. Again – ACTIONS.

          Since you brought Trump into the conversation, however, Trump has complained bitterly about the “public figure” exemption to libel laws, and rightly so. Few people have been as harmed as Trump by outright lies in the press like Peegate, the Russian dossier, the Ukraine call, etc. Like most other things, the public figure exemption was designed to protect actual criticism of politicians and prevent the government from censoring speech. In our current post-Constitutional era, it’s become a license to lie. In some cases (Kyle Rittenhouse and Nick Sandmann come to mind), the media has actually attempted to use the exemption to claim that private citizens were public figures BECAUSE of the media lying and libeling them. So, honestly, I’m not 100% sure that the Florida bill isn’t a good idea, or at least one worth discussing.

          At the very least, I think we need a better definition of what constitutes a “public figure” and what constitutes a proper level of protection. The idea that we currently have “free speech” is pretty ridiculous, anyway, given the level that entities like Big Tech are able to censor speech.

          My guess is that your knee jerk reaction is again, binary thinking. DeSantis bad, Trump good. You OnlyTrumpTards are just as bad and mentally deficient as NeverTrumpTards. And I was not a NeverTrumper, dipshit. I’ve been commenting here since at least 2018, and if you had the intellectual curiosity to do so, you could look back and see what I was saying prior to March 2020.

          1. You’re so f’ing stupid it hurts.

            I posted a newspaper article and you claimed there was no proof “…that ties that bill to DeSantis in any way.

            Next post I submit is a rebuttal to your comment, showing that DeSantis is tied to the bill by his own freaking campaign manager.

            Which you ignore and change the subject…
            So, lets be clear, you are either too stupid to read, or you made shit up. Which is it?

            “…you could look back and see what I was saying prior to March 2020.

            Why don’t you post it up then? I think your as dishonest as all the other deep state fuckers. But here’s your opportunity to prove me wrong. Stating you voted for Trump twice is immaterial. You voted for McCain and Romney as well (spit).

            My liking of DeSantis has to do with what he’s actually DONE in Florida…

            Which is the same thing Bush did in Florida. Big F’ing deal. I’ve stated a number of times that DeSantis is a fine Gov. So is Lee in Tennessee or Ivey in Alabama among many others, and both of which won reelection by much larger margins than DeSantis.

            DeSantis is your man because he is a deep state government owned man, supported by the Bush family machine.

            Since you brought Trump into the conversation…

            I didn’t bring Trump into the conversation you blooming idiot.

            At the very least, I think we need a better definition of what constitutes a “public figure” and what constitutes a proper level of protection. The idea that we currently have “free speech” is pretty ridiculous, anyway, given the level that entities like Big Tech are able to censor speech.

            We have the only definition needed. It’s called the first amendment, and I don’t need you and Ron DeSantis to tell me what I can say about any politician. Which is the whole damn point of the article and my posting it.

            You, on the other hand have decided giving politicians the right to censor others is a good thing, and will defend them doing it.

          2. At the very least, I think we need a better definition of what constitutes a “public figure” and what constitutes a proper level of protection.

            Are you fucking kidding me? “Protection”? For them?

            90% of them should be strung up and left to hang by the neck until they assume room temperature. Then leave them there for a year. Pour encourager les autres.
            Attacking Trump like they did just makes him Stronger. You don’t get that.

            Hopefully Ron DeSantis gets it and stays as a fine Governor of Florida for the next 4 years.

      2. Skeptic don’t argue with Gipetto and Pinnochio (same person) this is the only venue he/they are all knowing.

        They are totally afraid there is no savior coming to save them. And especially don’t bring up Trump’s support to this day of the JAB.

        Killed more than it pretended to save, and gave the nazis graphene tracking

        1. Well, look who has risen this morning, a confirmed liar trying to help an idiot.

          You’re allowed to “bring up” anything you want as you should know since you bring up shit that is a lie all the time.

          East Carolina produces more pro baseball players than any other university

          General Motors stock is 1/3 owned by Shanghai Motors

          Millions were killed at Chernobyl (and Reindeer too!)

          George Soros runs the ASPCA

          All lies, and not one has Jaybo ever acknowledged as incorrect even after being shown the evidence they are false.

          The overweight troll pretends to be a Christian. And lies repeatedly.

          And it can’t read/write in coherent English it seems. Maybe it’s already drunk this morning.

        2. There are videos of Ron! supporting and pushing the Vaxes hard.

          Give me an instance of the last time Trump mentioned the Vaxxes.

          What Trump did was get what was purported to be a Vaccine to the people who thought taking it was better than the risks of WuFlu, in record time. VOLUNTARY.

          To that end he did what he promised and theoretically, even now, there is no real evidence that the vaccines are harmful. They are basically a high priced placebo, for sure.

          Now I, along with most of here, have our suspicions that the Vaxxes are indeed harmful. It makes no sense for Trump to publicly say that when it has not been publicly acknowledged and would not be publicly acknowledged.

          BTW your Ron! is being hypocritical here too. He Talks Talks Talks but if he thinks the Vaxxes are indeed dangerous then he should, as Governor, doing something to prevent them from being given to Floridians.

          Basically, Ron! has the same stance as Trump does.

          Which makes it all suspicious about Ron! and where he really stands. Sounds more like he wants to Stop Trump than do anything really good for the Country.

  3. Carolina’s getting redder:

    “Republican lawmakers in February introduced the “North Carolina Constitutional Carry Act” to eliminate the need for a permit in order to carry a concealed firearm.
    “Any person who is a citizen of the United States and is at least 18 years old may carry a concealed handgun in this State unless provided otherwise by law,” the bill reads, according to WBTV. House Majority Whip Keith Kidwell, R, as well as GOP Reps. Jay Adams, Ben Moss, and Mark Pless have sponsored the measure.”

    1. Will Cooper veto it? Will we now override his Veto? I hope so. Damn Commie Cooper…

      BTW the downvote fairy is back and still a coward. How could they have a problem with this happening? It’s obvious a mentally ill person who is fixated on certain things and people…

      1. Cooper will veto it as we both know. I *think* it will be overridden. And I think South Carolina will also get it.

        I don’t have a permit precisely because I believe it unconstitutional. So when I carry it is open as NC allows that. The problem I have is the car. If you put it in your console it’s concealed and you’re violating the unconstitutional law. If I put it out visible, not only does it slide around it scares the pee out of any cop that might stop me for some driving violation. Get unconcealed and I’ll have it in the console beside me with an easy access mount.

        The downvote pussy is a fat little troll and mentally ill.

    1. He is right.

      He just doesn’t understand that most of the GOP is GOPe and bellyaching while not doing anything effective is their fundraising schtick and their job within the Uniparty.

    1. Cities or Vote Fraud Machines?

      The Uniparty never gives a shit about the “people” they use as Useful Idiots, or the “Workers” or the “POC” or the “Trans”.

      They all get enslaved and/or Up Against the Wall come The Revolution anyway.

      1. I suspect that most of the democrat run cities would remain democrat* even if the vote fraud was removed, so let them burn.

        The vote fraud is used to change the outcome of statewide elections for the federal positions, congress and the presidency. Cities burnt to the ground is one the only way of removing that fraud, so let them burn.

        *the city population has a large nonworking welfare block that will always vote for the slave masters

      1. Odd. I posted the link, then re-posted the link with a comment to that effect.

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