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Cheap shot

Trump steals a page from Florida D卐M☭CRATs to take another wild, pointless, ill-advised swing at Ron DeSantis.

Watch: DeSantis Responds Directly to Trump Sharing Photo Accusing Florida Governor of Being a ‘Groomer’

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis likely is aware of the notable quote by Mark Twain: “Never wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, and the pig likes it.” Though Trump has already started the mud-slinging, DeSantis has chosen to stay above the fray.

Previously, DeSantis referred to Trump’s attacks as “noise in the background.” Trump’s most recent attacks, which included unsubstantiated claims that DeSantis was guilty of grooming underage females with alcohol, did not seem to rattle the governor.

On Wednesday, DeSantis said: “I face defamatory stuff every single day I’ve been governor, that’s just the nature of it. I’d also just say this. I spend my time delivering results for the people of Florida and fighting against Joe Biden.”

The governor, inferring there is a better way for Trump to spend his time, added: “That’s how I spend my time. I don’t spend my time trying to smear other Republicans.” The audience erupted in cheers.

As well they should have.

This week, Trump posted a low-resolution photo of a man he alleged was DeSantis, standing next to several young women at a party. Trump captioned the photo:

 “Here is Ron DeSanctimonious grooming high school girls with alcohol as a teacher.”

Trump added provocatively: “That’s not Ron, is it? He would never do such a thing!”

The New York Times reported the photo was originally part of an attack ad published by a Democrat super PAC. The article noted the two females were former students who attended a party where DeSantis happened to be, and that the party “took place after” they had graduated.

Bold mine. With this apparently compulsive harrassment of DeSantis, Trump is allowing his ego and natural combativeness to walk him right into a trap set for him by D卐M☭CRATs, whether he sees it or not. Stooping to recycling old D卐M☭CRAT smear campaigns against somebody who of right ought to be an ally? Puh-leeze.

Love him or hate him, Gov DeSantis is not by any rational calculation the main enemy here; the D卐M☭CRATs are. Trump of all people ought to know that at least as well as anybody by now. It’s a damnable shame, and I for one really wish he’d just knock it the fuck off already with this self-defeating crap and move the fuck on. This sort of blue-on-blue flailing about does nobody any good, up to and including Trump himself.


15 thoughts on “Cheap shot

  1. I’ve followed Trump since he entered the public eye in the early 70s. I always despised him. He was a fucking asshole. He still is.
    When he ran for president as a Republican after trying and failing to gain any traction with the Democrat party and the Reform party I quickly became a never Trumper, denouncing him as the charlatan that he is to anyone who would listen. Until 2015 he was a very liberal Democrat.
    That changed when the Demonrats were stupid enough to nominate the Wicked Witch. I would vote for the devil himself over her so rather than voting 3rd party like I usually do I choked back my gag reflex and voted for Trump.
    When he won I fully expected him to be an unmitigated disaster as a president. I prayed that he would exceed my expectations and prove me wrong. Happily, he did and turned out to be a helluva good president, especially when you factor in the most intense campaign of character assassination and sedition in history. He and the Demonrats made me a staunch supporter of the Trump train.
    I hope he wises up and stops this stupid shit. If he keeps it up he’s going to make it awful hard to vote for him again.

    1. I always despised him. He was a fucking asshole. He still is.

      You don’t know a damn thing about Trump. Nothing.

      I hope he keeps up the “stupid shit”. He did that last time, it was almost always accurate, and he won.

      We’ve only had one decent president since Eisenhower, and that is Trump. And yet you are all ready to throw him out, because. You can’t explain why, because it would expose who you really are.

      1. Apparently I know a lot more about Trump than you do.
        Did you know that one of the ways he built his real estate empire is by using eminent domain to steal people’s property? Or that he supported anti gun groups before he joined the Republican party? (bump stocks anyone?) Or that he was a supporter of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? He was a Democrat but when he tried to get their nomination he didn’t get anywhere. Then he tried the Reform party but that was a non starter. He even flirted with the Greens before turning to his party of last resort. By then he learned to say all the right things to get the Stupid Party to take him in.
        Like I said, Trump was a helluva good president. He’s also an ego maniac and an unprincipled opportunist. And an asshole. And I’ll most likely vote for him a third time.

        1. Did you know that Donald Trump has no power of imminent domain? Or do you think Trump was the government?

          He was a businessman in NYC among other places and as such made the typical tithes to all the right people, or permits don’t get approved.

          Ronald Reagan was a democrat. And I don’t consider Trump a perfect man, just the best we will ever get since he is not beholden to anyone.

          He has been investigated with tens of millions of tax dollars by the FBI, the CIA, and assorted other nefarious groups all trying to find something, anything. And they failed. They can’t even find a late library book.

          Your whole shrieking comment is just the typical ass that expects perfection, the enemy of good enough, or in this case, the best we will ever get.

          Ego maniac – right, a man that has lost money, been subjected to assholes like you bitching about bullshit items, been subjected to illegal and immoral investigations by the federal government agencies, the state government, the congress, etc.

          Trump did damn near everything right. Trump on his own, with no help from the assholes known as republicans, turned the country around and had it headed in the right direction. As president he had no choice but to take what the medical people inside and outside government were telling him, and that led to the massive election steal.

          And you’re willing to throw it all away for the next man on a white horse, with the resume of yale/harvard/jag/prosecutor/politician and supported by all the deep state support team.

          You deserve what you get.

          It’s no wonder the country is fucked up. You fucking people can’t even accept and support success.

        2. Forget it, Steve. You’re talking to Binary Barry here. In Barry’s world, you’re either 100% for Trump or 100% agin’ Trump. Nothing else counts – no nuance, no discernment, no core principles, nothing. That’s why I call him Binary Barry. Anything that comes from Trump’s pie-hole is good, true, and decent, and anything else is just plain wrong. It’s pointless to try to argue logic and reason with him.

          I wonder if what we’re seeing with Trump is mental decline. Retweeting something from the Dems to attack DeSantis isn’t something I would have seen Trump doing a few years ago. Neither is his full throated endorsement of Kevin fucking McCarthy as Speaker. We all lose some mental acuity in our later years, and maybe we’re seeing Trump do that as well.

          I thought Trump was a good President, maybe even a great one, right up until March 2020 when he bought into the Covidiocy and put Little Lord Fauci front and center and made him a God. Trump’s leadership through the crises of 2020 was terrible at best, and the devastation to our economy, our freedoms, and our culture was incalculable and maybe irreparable. The governmental actions under cover of Covid were a targeted attack on Trump supporters – and he threw in with the enemy. This was likely due to his own well known germophobia. We’ve seen Presidents wield incredible “pen and phone” power, and Trump didn’t do this during 2020. Instead, he started the Covidiocy down the tracks, and when he realized it had gotten too far, he Tweeted impotently. I had many friends lose their livelihoods, one took his own life, and my own business nearly went under. So yeah, I don’t have a lot of love for him.

          DeSantis was initially bad on Covid – he did in fact lock down the state – but pulled back on it quicker than most governors (even Republican ones), and has since signed laws and executive orders preventing that bullshit from happening again. I was VERY critical of him at the time and it took me quite a while to see that DeSantis might actually be OK.

          DeSantis has been great on the other key issues of our time – immigration, anti-Whiteness, and transfaggotry. I still don’t give him a pass for what he did in April 2020, but he did rescind it by June 2020.

          Binary Barry mentioned Stitt of Oklahoma as being a good one earlier. I probably am in much closer proximity to Oklahoma than he is, and I’ll full throatedly say that Stitt was better than nearly any governor on the Covidiocy. Caused me to visit Oklahoma several times in 2020. But he’s cucked badly on all the other major issues.

          So, despite the fact that DeSantis has actually taken action on the key issues of our time, he’s doubleplusungood to Binary Barry because Trump says so. And despite the fact that McCarthy is the biggest RINO establishment cuck in the party, Barry is still good with Trump endorsing him. Barry is basically a cultist at this point.

          1. I wonder if what we’re seeing with Septic is mental decline.
            Nah, he’s/she’s been a mental nutcase as long as I’ve seen him/her comment.

            Just a Trump hater, trying to cover for another one.

            Never works of course. Septic is simply a hater and try’s to cover that by calling anyone that supports Trump a cultist.

            I said in 2015 that Trump would win the R nomination, that he would win the election, and he would be the most effective conservative president since Ike, including Reagan.

            All that came true. Anyone that took the time to read what Trump had said in the past, in his books, could see he was no lefty, that he was for America first.

            But that’s not good enough for you jerks. You would rather the deep state win than see Trump elected and the worst thing –

            You can’t even explain why. You have to make shit up, like Trump using eminent domain to build his real estate empire which is of course 100% false and a lie. A government used eminent domain to move a little old lady from her home. Sad, but it wasn’t Trump that did that. He can’t. He benefited from it, but an empire was not built upon that. It’s a fucking lie 100%.

            Nearly everything you f’ing lefty’s, and that is what you are, write about Trump is a lie.

            DeSantis is a GOVERNMENT MAN. What the hell is wrong with any of you that claim to be for freedom and liberty that you are blinded by Trump hatred?

            DeSantis – Yale (and Bush frat), Harvard, Jag, Prosecutor, supported by the GOPe, the Bush family, Karl Rove, McConnell, the wall street billionaires.

            Your blind, stupid, or on the other side. And septic is just a genuine asshole without a lick of intelligence.

            I’ll leave you with a parting gift, Ron DeSantis praising Trump and MAGA when it worked for him. Now ask yourself, “Self, what the hell changed?”.


          2. Now let’s get to the lies told by Septic.

            That’s why I call him Binary Barry.” A lie of course. You make shit up to support your Trump hatred. There are quite a few people I know of that I would support for president. Just not that deep state government man from Florida. Rand Paul for one, Jim Jordan for another. And likely Sarah Sanders. There are more and some may turn out as disappointments, so Septic tank is lying.

            Nothing else counts – no nuance, no discernment, no core principles, nothing.” Another lie. It is my core principles that lead me to support Trump, the only candidate including DeSantis that puts America, freedom, and liberty above all else. Septic tank is lying.

            The governmental actions under cover of Covid were a targeted attack on Trump supporters – and he threw in with the enemy.” Lie or just plain stupidity, hard to know with Septic. Trump had no choice and anyone with an IQ above 80 knows this.

            Binary Barry mentioned Stitt of Oklahoma…” Wait, is that binary? Glad you noticed. And one more time, there ain’t no perfect people. You should know, have a look in the mirror.

            So, despite the fact that DeSantis has actually taken action on the key issues of our time, he’s doubleplusungood to Binary Barry because Trump says so.Another Septic Tank lie. Trump has nothing to do with my ability to recognize deep state government men like DeSantis. If you like DeSantis you must love Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney. They are all from the same basic mold. And Jeb! Nope, sorry, one more time DeSantis is the GOPe candidate. They are running his campaign, 100%.

          3. Mental decline? Typical NeverTrump.

            Unless you explain who is better definitely I will not DumpTrump.

            He has proven himself on Our Side.

          4. And despite the fact that McCarthy is the biggest RINO establishment cuck in the party, Barry is still good with Trump endorsing him.

            Another Septic Tank lie. I did not support McCarthy, I supported the Gaetz faction. And I said so and made it clear. But I also knew what Trump knew. McCarthy was going to be the speaker because the R party chose him. Stating reality and speaking the truth is not something trump haters like septic understand. Or more likely ignore to fit in their big lie.

        3. Continuing to expose the lies:

          Or that he supported anti gun groups before he joined the Republican party?

          Would you care to prove this statement, or are you going to continue to hide behind a Septic Tank?

          Let’s go to the provable, statements and policy from Trump:

          1998: Against gun laws; only bad guys would have guns

          It’s often argued that the American murder rate is high because guns are more available here than in other countries. Democrats want to confiscate all guns, which is a dumb idea because only the law-abiding citizens would turn in their guns and the bad guys would be the only ones left armed.

          I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.

          July 2, 2000 – The America We Deserve, Trump, Page 102

          These are sick people. This has nothing to do with guns, this has to do with the mentality of these people. I’m a big Second Amendment person. I believe in it so strongly, and if you take the guns away from the good people, and the bad ones are going to have target practice.

          July 26, 2015 CNN SOTU interview series

          Protect the Second Amendment, but address mental health

          Sept 25, 2015 CNN SOTU interview series

          Q: So no new gun laws?
          TRUMP: Well, the gun laws have nothing to do with this. This isn’t guns. This is about mental illness. You’re always going to have difficulties, no matter how tight you run it.

          Oct 4, 2015 ABC This Week Interview

          Q: You don’t believe that we have too many guns?
          TRUMP: Well, for example, the school at which the last mass shooting occurred was a gun-free zone and you were not allowed to have guns there. You could make the case that it would have been a lot better had people had guns because they could fire back.

          Oct 4, 2015 Meet The Press Interview

          That’s why I’m very much in favor of making all concealed-carry permits valid in every state.

          Nov 3, 2015 Crippled America, Trump pg 110

          OK, there is a million more and none include stomping on your 2nd amendment rights as SteveP claims.

          There are more lies spread about Trump by so called conservatives than spread by the marxist democrat party.

  2. Love him or hate him, Gov DeSantis is not by any rational calculation the main enemy here…

    No, the enemy is President Trump. And DeSantis is working to see him defeated.

    You think that picture isn’t DeSantis just because it’s low resolution?

    Bet if he’d put the same pic out but it had pedo Joe in it you wouldn’t do anything but clap.

    I keep telling y’all that DeSantis ain’t what you think he is. He’s a deep state government man, through and through.

    Yale, Harvard, Jag, Prosecutor, politician, supported by BUSH, Rove, McConnell, GOPe, and the Wall St billionaire donor class. Does any of that sound familiar?

    You think he’s not fair game because you support him? Trump has taken and weathered the storm from all corners times 10000.

    Remember Cruz and what a sleaze that man is? What did you think this time in 2015?

    I’m batting 1000 since the Bush years. I’m not going to be wrong about DeSantis. Every Trump hater turns up to tell you how Trump is a terrible person even though they voted for him twice. Sure.

    You want to put the pedo back in the WH or another marxist? Support DeSantis because that’s what you’ll end up with

    1. I’ll just add something here. I read some comment elsewhere about how DeSantis is staying “above the fray”, not engaging in the slime.

      I read the same lying bullshit about Ted Cruz back in 2015. Cruz had others doing the dirty work and so does DeSantis. You’re being fooled if you think the people directing DeSantis aren’t behind the scenes trying to damage Trump.

      You ever hear, recently, DeSantis say anything about the deep sate proctologists up Trump’s ass? Where is DeSantis? Does he approve of the federal government tactics?

      Of course he approves. He’s a government man. He knew beforehand about the Mar a Lago raid, guaranteed. He had a single one liner comment and then nothing. He hid for a week.

  3. Remember all the shit Trump said during the 2015 debates?
    Lying Ted Cruz, Little Marco Rubio and his digs at JEB!
    He still won regardless because nobody wanted Killary, and became our best president ever.
    He only says stuff like this to throw off his (potential) competition, so chill folks.
    There’s a method to his madness.

    1. Bingo
      Ted Cruz did lie. Rubio is little. And Jeb!, what can one say.

      Trump just goes after the assholes. Good for him.
      Recall the ones that gave him respect, received his respect. Did he “go after” Hucakabee? No. And some may have missed it but when they were introduced onto the stage at one of the debates, they missed Ben Carson. Trump stood with him and wouldn’t go out until they fixed that.

      There’s a lot more, but the deep state enablers have been brainwashed by the deep state and only believe the lies they are told.

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