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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

71 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Following up on TWA800, locked behind in the old daily thread…

    Kenny, I am not saying definitively that it wasn’t terror, but I will say it was not our Navy. No way to keep that under wraps. Most of our Navy Seaman would never stand for it.

    I understand the engineering and the possibility of the tank explosion. I also understand that it is fairly straight forward to determine if the explosion came from outside or was from inside. There were way too many people that viewed the parts as they were retrieved and then reassembled for it to have been a missile. That leaves a bomb implanted inside, which has it’s own tell tells. The bomb theory implodes for a lack of evidence in my opinion, the exploding gas tank does not.

    As for it being a 747 Vs the pictures I linked of 737 explosions, yes, I said that earlier. The point being that empty fuel tanks have exploded on commercial passenger airlines before, and the 747 is really no different in that respect than a 737.

    Could it have been terror? Yes, of course. But accidents still happen, and to me this has all the hallmarks of an accident.

    1. If it were an accident then the Navy personnel may have kept shut for the “good of the Country”.
      That video is a Navy person NOT keeping quiet though.

      He could be fabricating it as well for his own reasons. I’m just saying this, given what we know now, TWA800 seems more suspicious than ever. We can never know because the trail is cold.

      I will say this. Why didn’t the FBI redo interviews if there were eyewitness discrepancies? It would have been easy to show the interviews sometime afterward and highlight those discrepancies. Instead the FBI “lost” all but about 23 of the 289 interviews they did.

      Why couldn’t the NTSB also be present at the interviews. None of the people interviewed were considered for any crimes.

      Finally, why was it the CIA produced the explanatory video that was used to justify the idea that all those 100s of witnesses didn’t really see what they claimed. The CIA claimed it was all a shared optical illusion.

      But why was it the CIA doing this? Not even the FBI! It just seems, and seemed, weird.

      1. Just saw this.

        I agree their are lot’s of anomalies and suspicious activity from the federal agencies, which is the basis for most of the suspicions about the true cause of the disaster.

        OTOH, every case of this nature has imperfections. I’m not sure this one is so abnormal. We don’t have much to compare with.

        I say it wasn’t our Navy because you cannot shut up 2-300 18-25 year olds, much less the several thousand that would have to be kept quiet. I don’t believe it possible to do that. Plus missiles leave clear patterns.

        I find the tank explosion credible, based upon eyewitness reports of what was found. A missile strike is clearly (IMO) eliminated. It could have been a bomb, covered up by the feds. The question is why?

        I see all matter of political reasoning why BJ wanted it covered up, but don’t find it persuasive. Had he bombed some middle eastern shit hole in response the same people would claim there was no bomb, because clinton.

        I cannot know what happened. I know the government lies all the time, for a variety of reasons. Many things point to a simple explanation here, a gas tank explosion. The lack of any terror organization claiming responsibility is somewhat telling. It clearly wasn’t a missile based upon inspection of the wreckage. Was it a bomb? Those tasked with that say no. Their explanations and investigation make sense and comport with forensic investigators that viewed the evidence from a distance (photo’s, video, etc).

    1. So, “The world’s first feminist government” didn’t work out so well for the Swedes, especially Swedish women. Who ever would have guessed?

      1. The horror stories go back years when the first Muslim invitees-invaders started arriving. You have to wonder what took the Swedes so long to wake the fuck up

        Yeah, I know, the same willful blindness applies to so many other countries run by Euroweenies, namely most of them.

      2. The only thing worse than men in office are women in office. As with all such things there are exceptional members of each gender. Thatcher was one such on the female side.

  2. While I cannot remember individuals, I do remember the 1960 College World Series. My mother was a huge baseball fan, UNC and the Atlanta Braves. Until the Braves relocated to Atlanta in ’66 she was a Cincinnati Reds fan. I remember it because my mother made sure I knew it was UNC in the series and I recall listening to some of the games on the radio, but I don’t recall if they were live. UNC went 0 and 2.

    Sad to see these fellows passing away. Mr. Norton was a Navy ROTC grad and made a career of the Navy:

    Lafayette Ferguson Norton, Who Helped UNC Reach Its First College World Series, Dies at 83

  3. Last comment on this issue:
    Barry said:

    “They tried that on Yeltsin…”

    I think you’re reaching here. “They” couldn’t predict anything, much less have any real effect on the happenings in the Soviet Union.

    It wasn’t the Soviet Union by then. Yeltsin was president of Russia for 9 years.

    They pushed Russia into bankruptcy, expanded NATO and kneecapped Yeltsin. That’s why Russia went with Putin. If the West was just going to sabotage them and try to rob them, they needed someone tough to stand up for Russia.

    It’s EXACTLY why we went with the fighter Trump, except Russian style, so they went much more autocratic.

    1. Russia, Soviet Union, interchangeable. One and the same, except for how many slave countries are under their thumb.

      You’re wrong, and here’s why. We had been fighting a cold war with an enemy since 1945, so yes we wanted them bankrupt and kneecapped. It was and is an evil empire. If I had control of the nukes they would be ash. The only American politician* that had any sense at the end of WW2 was half American, Churchill. Had we listened to him we would have moved on to destroy the evil empire then, and the muslim murderers at the same time. Would have saved the world a lot of trouble. Nothing good, not one damn thing, comes out of russia, today, yesterday, tomorrow. Nothing.

      *Ike was still a general, not a politician.

      1. We had been fighting a cold war with an enemy since 1945

        They’d been waging war on us since before then. It’s difficult to separate the influences of the international Communist movement from those of the USSR as a polity, but they had been providing support to many progressive movements in the US (and UK) since before the USSR was declared. Financial support from the USSR was negligible before the late 1940s (and IIRC they were begging donations from well-off Western commies and fellow travelers) but ideological and training support was substantial.

        1. Yes, you’re correct. I’m thinking more along the lines of the post WW2 action that became much more acute, and led to conflicts such as Cuba and Vietnam.

        1. Size matters not. They were still commies, still supporting terrorists around the world, and they are still doing that today.

          1. Of course it matters.

            GDP and Population are two key components to make a country weak or strong.

            It’s the economy, Stupid.

            The US Military is the strongest because we have both, plus Freedom.

            Russia had none of those three, and aside from Nukes, was not a threat.

            And they weren’t funding nearly as much terrorism as the Soviet Union. All the European and South American and American terrorists disappeared except for the Muslim ones after the Soviet Union fell. From Italy to Peru their funding dried up.

            1. The funding got reduced because they went broke, we bankrupted them, what you apparently think is a terrible thing.

              I don’t say that size never matters, only that size changed nothing with respect to the evil empire. Letting Poland go had no effect upon their evil output because the poles are not evil.

              Russia was and is the evil at the heart of the Soviet Union. That the size of the union is much less has no effect on the evil, changing the name has no effect on the evil, countries freeing theirselves form the evil grip did not reduce the evil coming from russia. Only the willingness to oppose it holds the evil cabal at bay. Something we had once and seems to be slipping to nearly gone now.

              You don’t recognize russia as an enemy, but you think Ukraine is?

              Ukraine is a corrupt place, corrupted by the evil empire and then corrupted by biden and company. But an enemy they are not. They do not fund Syria, Iraq, Iran, and provide them with weapons and terror capability. The evil russians have been doing this since 1917 with a major increase in the 30’s and 40’s.

              I wouldn’t spend a nickel in the Ukraine because of their corruption, but I’ll take them over the fucking evil empire every day.

              1. You are still confusing the Soviet Union with Russia. The funding ended with the Soviet Union.

                Yeltsin was one of the Reformers who took apart the Soviet Union. Why would we bankrupt him? He wasn’t funding terrorism and never would. As a matter of fact WE were sending some funding to Russia at that time. What the disaster was our IDIOT Economists who gave them the stupid privatization system instead of following the Chile or Poland models.

                Yeltsin was NOT a Commie Ideologue. He was not funding terrorism.

                Neither is Russia funding terrorism today, not to any noticeable extent. They have their OWN problems with Islamic Terrorism and are a Natural Ally if we want to stop Islamic Jihadists.

                That right there is the Tragic Mistake HW and BJ made in the 90s. Befriending Commie China and alienating Russia.

                They bankrupted the Reformers and gave us Putin. But even Putin is not that much of a problem. Trump showed us they are a third world power, not even as strong as the weakest of large Euro countries like Poland. Putin can’t threaten anyone if Joetato had sensible Energy and Foreign Policies.

                It is obvious from the past 7 years that it is actually easy to solve most of the Foreign Policy problems as we have the leverage over the World if we play our cards right.

                So why did we have those problems? Because Democrats AND Republicans have played our cards consistently wrong. That is because they are Deep State and not only America Last but America Gone now.

                This War is all about Deep State.
                Deep State = Nazi Germany.
                Ukraine = Fascist Italy.
                EU = Feckless Europeans in their usual role.

                1. No. You are wrong. Yeltsin was a commie just like all the other bastards that came out of that place. Being a slightly better commie doesn’t make you any less a commie.

                  If you don’t think the current dictator in russia is funding terrorism then I have a bridge for sale, in Brooklyn.

                  The “deep state” existed under Yeltsin as much as it did under Trump, commie/marxist/dictator version, but it was there then. A putin type can murder people at will and slow the efforts of those people down, but he just substitutes his own brand of terror/murder for another. Thus Ukraine.

                  No matter how you cut it, slice, or dice it, putin invaded ukraine. Excuses are just that. The invasion was for one reason only, putin’s desire for more power and a return to the control previously exerted under his predecessors.

                  I’d nuke them first, china 2nd, iran 3rd, and then a lengthy list of other evil people.

                  My last word –
                  Neither is Russia funding terrorism today…
                  If you believe that there is nothing further to say, other than somehow you have missed world events entirely. It doesn’t make other people good (obama, biden) but missing the support given to terror regimes is hard to understand. One, the biggest russian terror engine, IRAN. Responsible for at least half the terror around the world. A 2nd, the palestinians, supported by russians through iran. How can you miss this?

                    1. Communist party member from 1961 to 1990, 29 years.

                      The Soviet Union was dismantled by the United States.

                    2. so, since our government are fascists now does that us fascists?

                      those who worked to end Communism there didn’t have to dismantle the Soviet Union, but Yeltsin did anyway.

                    3. So Churchill was not a Conservative and always a Liberal because at 25 he was a Member of the Labour Party?

                      So Reagan was never a Republican and always a Democrat because he was a Democrat at 25?

                      America won the Cold War but Yeltsin helped our side, stood against the hard Line Commies who wanted to go Nuke rather than give up the Soviet Union and Yeltsin stood on the Tank and fired on the Hard Liners in parliament.

                      Gorby may have rejected Communism but he didn’t reject the Soviet Union.

                      Yeltsin rejected all of Communism, the Soviet Union and The Russian Empire at a time when our government under HW Bush was willing to keep the Soviet Union alive and manage a slow transition from Communism to their brand of the New World Order. AKA Fascism with THEM in charge.

                      It was Yeltsin that rejected that. Yeltsin played a part in the ending of the Cold War.

                    4. Both of your examples didn’t change there affiliation 30 minutes before they became something else.

                      Yeltsin sought power, power for the sake of power, and he would have supported, in appearance, anything that would yield that power.

                      Now, did he eventually come to believe in the power of free markets and democracy? I don’t know. Impossible to know what was in his heart at the end. I doubt it. Very few commies actually reform.

                      His “reign” was marred by extreme corruption, chaos, and a war.

                    5. Still not a Commie in the 90s. Better than anything we had out of Russia for 300 years.

                      That was evident.

                      Stop with the Russia hate now. You’re using Feelz over evidence.

                      We had it better under Yeltsin than we’re EVER going to have it again began HW and BJ and Deep State BLEW it. On purpose.

                    6. Once again, it is you using the feelings.

                      You still can’t define a commie, and you still can’t pick the enemy.

                      The russians and the chinese ccp are in alignment, which is all one really needs to know. They both have the same goal, the destruction of the USA.

                      Are you willing to state the Ukraine is our enemy?

                      No, because that would be silly and you know it.

                      “Slightly better” in Yeltsin’s case makes for slightly better and no more. Yeltsin didn’t dismantle the Soviet Union, we did.

                    7. We didn’t dismantle the USSR, we set the stage for it to happen. The collapse was then needed to be managed.

                      The issue was, had we had to dismantle it, would it have come to someone firing off nukes.

                      Gorby, and HW, wanted to hold it together to avoid that.

                      Yeltsin enabled it without nukes going off.

                      What Yeltsin achieved from 1991-1994 is not understood because the Deep State Fake News doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

                    8. Yea, after a lifetime of study, including 18 hours or so in college, I’m too stupid to understand the 1991 -1994 period of the evil empire.

                      As for Reagan, he didn’t switch and become the leader of the state at the same time.

                      I’m sorry, but what you think is based upon fairy tales, not reality.

                      Yeltsin was a commie. Trying to conflate him with Reagan is an attempt to whitewash the truth. Reagan was never a commie nor was he a “bad” democrat. When Reagan was a democrat it was not like the democrats of today.

                      The United States demolished the evil empire.

                    9. Yeltsin switched before he became Head of State.

                      He was a Reformer in the 80s but really rejected Communism when he made the famous Grocery store trip in 1989.

                      Doesn’t matter WHEN they reject Communism, just as long as they do.

                      You may have studied it but we were in the thick of it back then, and some of the smartest people were analyzing it for us. Not those talking heads on the TV, but real analysts who were advising us internally only for our own trading with our own money.

                    10. Right, I gotcha. My info came from talking heads on TV and you had the “real” “analysts”.

                      The problem with that is most of my knowledge came from reading and studying russian history, the history of the russian revolution both before and after the czar’s, along with actual boots on the ground inside russia risking their lives. We/they predicted the fall of the wall and the soviet union, something I’m quite sure your banking analysts missed.

                      None of which matters. The facts are what they are and you do not / cannot refute them. Yelstsin was a commie that worked for who? Gorbachov, another corrupt communist murderer. Was Yeltsin ever a communist party chief? Why yes he was. Was Yeltsin a drunk? Yes, he was.

                      As I said above which you conveniently gloss over, I don’t know what was truly in the mans heart at the end. Neither do you. You fall for the left’s propaganda on how wonderful Yeltsin and Gorbachov were. I don’t.

                      The United States demolished the evil empire, just as it had set out to do. Yeltsin just rode the coattails of the inevitable.

                    11. I’m telling you right now, we had people who LIVED for Russia analyzing the situation.

                      People who were talking to actual people involved. Senior people in government, banks, finance, Central Banks, inside and outside Russia.

                      You cannot really imagine the amount of really brilliant people were involved at an Investment bank analyzing things, when BILLIONS were at stake.

                      You cannot really imagine what it means to be able to talk to primary sources, real time, in all sorts of roles that we had access to and could then learn from.

                      AFAIK we had people who could talk directly to Yeltsin. Also people at Davos and Jackson Hole. Heck, I had Jamie Dimon, currently head of JPM sitting with us every day in 1998 as the markets reacted to news. He could literally pick up the phone and talk to people on the ground there on the inside.

                      Not your Unnamed Sources Fake News conjures up either.

                      We had access to WAY more than you could get your hands on.

                    12. Not your Unnamed Sources Fake News conjures up either.

                      I didn’t have any unnamed sources. I had among others, A professor that was parachuted into the Urals, climbed the mountains, and spent 3 weeks covertly, when satellites were useless. Another was a friend from childhood that followed the same path.

                      The other sources, writers, authors, people that lived the misery every day.

                      Your sources – like George Soros, just looking to make a buck.

                      My sources – looking to bring the Soviet Union down, to end their threat.

                      My “sources” predicted the fall, something I guarantee you your sources did not do any better than our own intelligence sources.

                      The United States demolished the evil empire.

                      Try studying Afghanistan some time. That was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

                    13. We talked to Soros. He knew and knows a lot. Just because they’re evil doesn’t make them wrong.

                      But talking to yeltsin is pretty straight up source. Right?

                      We talked to 1000s of people over a week’s time. Then did it again the next week. Repeat.

                      Not just one guy in the Urals.

                      Once again, Afghanistan was a Soviet mistake and that was what Yeltsin and even Gorby were trying to correct.

                      Yeltsin was a flawed individual but he DID renounce Communism and WAS trying to reform Russia. He also accepted the dismantling of The Soviet Union, but went a step further and let the Czarist Empire collapse rather than starting wars to keep them.

                      So, we knew the NATO expansion was a mistake back then, we shorted Russia and we made money as LTCM collapsed a few months later. We were no fans of Russia, or Ukraine or anyone else. We checked the emotions at the door.

                      Why are you so gung ho to support the righteousness of the BJ Clinton Foreign Policy? He set the stage for all the disasters, from China to Illegal Immigration and Bad Trade Deals, to Russia and Islamic Terrorism, and the NorKs and a host of other issues that plague us now.

                      The Expansion of NATO was a Tragic Mistake and the exact wrong thing to do, as we favored ChiComs entering the World Trade organization and kneecapped Yeltsin’s Reform efforts.

                    14. Our banking analysts didn’t “miss” anything. We had better info than most and made good money off the markets moves because we had insights first hand.

                    15. Like I said, these were NOT the analysts you see on Financial News Channels everyday, huffing and puffing and pushing their latest idea as “news”. They were internal analysts and traders who were investing Billions of customer and investment bank’s own funds.

                      We were the best desk on Wall Street for EM in the late 80s and 90s.

    1. It was everywhere.

      By design.

      The Feds and most States paid for these results.

      Which is why I know the Scamdemic was a Plandemic.

        1. Oh look the pussy downvote fairy came by again.

          Bwakk, bwak, bwak. Cluck, cluck,cluck. Chicken, speak up.

  4. That threading is getting too screwy, time to restart –

    Yeltsin was a commie for 30 years, his entire adult life, and then as the wheels came off the communist empire, thanks to the USA, Yeltsin suddenly decides communism doesn’t work. Mighty convenient for an underling of Gorbachev.

    So, while I make the honest observation that I don’t know what was in the mans heart at the end, for 30 years he was a corrupt murdering torturing commie. That much we know.

    His tenure as the leader was marked by extreme corruption and failure, and war in Chechnya.

    The legacy is just as it ever was, an evil empire still doing evil things, just smaller than before in territory.

    The russians and putin are the supporters of Iran, the #1 terror state in the world. Almost every major act of terror can be traced back to the russians. It is russia that is our enemy, not Ukraine. I’m opposed to involvement in Ukraine, but I will not let the corruption of biden and the US politicians fool me into thinking the russians are anything more than they have ever been, corrupt, murderous thugs, bent upon the destruction of the USA, and in league with our other major enemy, the communists of China.

    It’s really all you need to know – who are the russian allies?

    China and Iran.

    End of story.

    1. That’s right, you don’t know what was in his heart or head.

      There is no evidence Yeltsin was one of the brutal, torturing ones and lots of evidence he wasn’t. He did what he had to do to to survive in that failing hellhole, that is for certain. One thing EVERYONE had to do there was be in the Communist Party.

      The facts of life in almost everywhere except America until recently is that life is still brutal and short.

      Doesn’t change the fact that BJ didn’t handle the situation well, because he was on the ChiCom payroll. Yeltsin WAS trying to reform Russia, DID have a hand in managing the collapse of the Soviet Empire and allowed even the Tsarist Empire collpase without much bllodshed.

      He DID stand atop the tank when the hard Liners sought to go down in Blood and Death as the situation unfolded and he stopped them.

      For that, we SHOULD have sought a way to steer them down the right path. It was easily achievable.

      So, should Trump have handled Putin the same way BJ did and aggressively move military assets into Ukraine by pushing for MORE NATO enlargement? Should he not have met with and worked with Putin because Potty Poot is a lying, torturous Commie evil basterd?

      Trump put the emotions aside, assessed the situation and did what was BEST for America First. Like we did for our firm in the 90s. If that meant working with Putin, that’s what Trump did.

      You’re letting your emotions get in the way of rational approaches to Russia today and in the 90s.

      Trump handled it well.
      BJ f*cked it up.

      You’re leaning towards the BJ approach. It was wrong then, it’s wrong now.

      NATO should be disbanded, but at the very least, should never have expanded. Trump broached the subject and at the very least got the EU nations to start upping their burden sharing. I have no doubt had Trump kept it up, we would be slowly backing away from NATO by now.

      1. You’re leaning towards the BJ approach.

        You keep creating policy for me and conflating it with what you think rather than anything I’ve said.

        100%, every time, I have said I wouldn’t send a dime to, or help, ukraine. OTOH, you go out of your way to lend moral support to a gang of corrupt killers and thugs. So, I will then infer your policy is to support murdering dictators.

        And I notice you will never address the fundamental truth:

        The Ukraine is NOT our enemy
        The russians and their allies, china and iran are our enemy.
        Pick a side. You cannot be on the side of the russians unless you are on the side of the CCP and mullahs.

        “The United States demolished the evil empire.

        Try studying Afghanistan some time. That was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.”

        Putin isn’t in the ukraine because of NATO. You buy that propaganda by the truckload. NATO never threatened anyone except the russian expansion. And every bit of that threat was backed by American military capacity.

        You are not Trump. Trump had it precisely right because he studied the truth. He knew the russians and Putin were evil. But hey, you and bush are on the same side. Maybe your analysts looked into yeltsins eyes and saw his soul.

        1. Sorry, but your characterization of Yeltsin serves to underscore that BJ took the right approach.

          He didn’t.

          He COUNTED on people like you to not say much about this NATO expansion and he was right.

        2. Putin is in Ukraine DIRECTLY because of our Deep State interfering in Ukraine and using NATO as an offensive force.
          Leaked audio reveals embarrassing U.S. exchange on Ukraine, EU | Reuters
          List of NATO operations – Wikipedia
          US could ‘rain destruction’ on Russia with nuclear weapons if Putin invades Ukraine, senator warns | The US Sun (

          I Came, I Saw, He Died.
          From Bosnia to Kosovo to Macedonia and Libya NATO has been used by people like Nuland to take out governments.

          The DC Lunatics are the Megalomaniac Sociopaths and we better ALL take them seriously because of it.

          Read the links and tell me WE aren’t the madmen here.

          Putin’s issues are the same ones we face. Our Maniacs aim to take over the World and their Sociopaths to boot.

          Just ask Epstein and Seth Rich.

          1. Horseshit.

            You keep doing the same thing, dredging up some fantasy about what I think, when I’ve said nothing like that, then pretending I know nothing of the current situation.

            Here’s a fact – I know what’s going on now, I don’t need any help in understanding the current situation. It has nothing not one thing to do with Yeltsin or the corrupt and criminal putin/russian regime, brutal murderers to this day.

            Since you have so many comments I’ll just respond at the end of this thread.

      2. By the way, I’ve been for, and said so publicly, the US getting out of NATO since the USA defeated the Soviet Union in the long cold war. NATO is just an excuse being used by putin, nothing more. One that is easy to disprove.

        The russians do like murdering the Ukrainians though. Can’t use NATO as an excuse either.

      3. There is no evidence Yeltsin was one of the brutal, torturing ones and lots of evidence he wasn’t. He did what he had to do to to survive in that failing hellhole, that is for certain. One thing EVERYONE had to do there was be in the Communist Party.

        Poor baby. He had to do it. The commies made him do it. I guess they made him become a party head, right? And party heads presided over the death and torture of dissidents. That’s Boris Yeltsin.

        No one is evil if the torturers and murderers of the russian communist party aren’t.

        1. If you want to change the system and help your country from within you had to join the CP of Russia.

          He was NEVER head of the CP in the Soviet Union.

          AS for US out of NATO, if we were this would not be happening and there is a chance that Yeltsin would have succeeded in his reforms.

          Barry, you’re viewing the whole thing from the lens of the Cold War and the 80s. 1989-1991 changed EVERYTHING. As Kennan wrote:

          I was particularly bothered by the references to Russia as a country dying to attack Western Europe. Don’t people understand? Our differences in the cold war were with the Soviet Communist regime. And now we are turning our backs on the very people who mounted the greatest bloodless revolution in history to remove that Soviet regime.

          Of course there is going to be a bad reaction from Russia, and then [the NATO expanders] will say that we always told you that is how the Russians are — but this is just wrong.

          George Kennan, 1998 interview on NATO expansion – Times of Gold

          Are you going to say you know more about the Soviets than Kennan? What did he get wrong in that link?

  5. You’re starting to contradict yourself Barry. If the US should be out of NATO then it’s absolutely certain we shouldn’t have been EXPANDING NATO in the 90s.

    So, I’ll summarize and then move on.

    1. NATO expansion was a needless provocation in the 90s that served no useful purpose or American Interests. It actually went AGAINST American Interests, which is typical of BJ and Deep State. Will America Be Caught in Clinton’s ‘Web’? — April 1998 Phyllis Schlafly Report (
    2. There is no one that could have been elected President of Russia and not have served in the Cp of the Soviet Union. Yeltsin basically ended the Cp of Russia when he got elected President and after he had lefty the Party.
    3. Most of the Foreign Leaders the US has to deal with are unsavory characters and Yeltsin was easily the best President of Russia we could have hoped for at that time. Although no one would ever confuse him with a Saint.
    4. Yeltsin did manage the Soviet Collapse and oppose the hard Liners who wanted to go down in a Blaze of Glory rather than surrender their Empire. He negotiated the return of Nukes from Ukraine. He had gotten assurances from the US and Europe that NATO would not expand towards Russia. In return he pledged to respect the sovereignty of the other SSRs. In 1995 what better scenario could we have hope for in Eastern Europe?
    5. Yeltsin and Russia assumed ALL of the Debt of the former Soviet Union, leaving ALL of the other SSRs debt free. So as Russia approached bankruptcy in 1998 the average Ukrainian were in a far better financial situation than the average Russian. So what does BJ do? He labels Russia an enemy intent on attacking Westwards, which was BS, and punishes them. Do you wonder why the average Russian said “What the Fuck, we did everything the West wanted and now we’re starving, their government is labelling us enemies while enriching oligarchs and we’re defaulting on the Debt that we assumed when we didn’t have to do that. Fuck the West! They’re stabbing us in the back”
    6. Many people at the time called NATO Expansion a giant policy blunder that would lead to a hard line Russia and bad outcomes, including George Kennan. Many predicted Nato expansion would lead to war. Those warnings were ignored | Ted Galen Carpenter | The Guardian and George Kennan, 1998 interview on NATO expansion – Times of Gold. But BJ went aheead and did it anyway, W doubled down on it, and 0 had been bringing it up as well.
    7. So the Russian people chose Putin to replace Yeltsin because they wanted a strong horse to defend their interests.Yeltsin was the Man for the job only if it required working with the West as a partner.
    8. Nothing since has probably convinced the Russian people their choice was wrong. America has gone from the Serial Liar BJ to a NeoCon War Loving W, then to a feckless Communist anti-American puppet in 0.
    9. At which point 0 NATO had been oerpating as a military arm of the Lunatics and in 2011 overthrew the government of Libya as our very Caligula Wannabe with a Vagina exclaimed “I Came, I Saw, He Died”
    10. then those neoCon Lunatics in State, with 0’s approval, ran a Coup to topple the Russian Friendly Ukraine Government. Leaked audio reveals embarrassing U.S. exchange on Ukraine, EU | Reuters. Nuland is and was a hatchet “man” for Cheney, W, 0 and now Joetato. A NeoCons NeoCon allied with the Kagans and Kristols (she’s married to Robert Kagan)

    Face it Barry, the Megalomaniacs in DC have taken over and WE are the Baddies.

  6. SteveF or Mike: I put several links in a post I wrote and it’s in for moderation to be approved. If you could take a look and see what you can do that would be great.

    1. Gotcha, kenny. Sorry for the delay, I been busy. It seems I’ve been recruited to start writing for Substack, I’m still working on getting the podcast together (which is kicking my ass quite handily, thanks), plus I spoke with someone today about selling the publishing rights to my songs to a broker, possibly. I’m not busier than the proverbial one-legged man anymore–hell, I AM the proverbial one-legged man! Ahem. 😉

      1. That sounds like the good kinda busy.
        Good luck with the publishing rights deal. I felt bad I bought a Playboys CD and you didn’t at least cash in a little. Any details on that history movie those guys were working on?

        Meanwhile, no big deal on the post. It’s only been an hour or so. I didn’t expect anyone to get there that fast. I do consider it one of my best though.

        I have been embarrassed into patting myself on the back a little, since I was the dumbass on a team of brilliant people. I did my part on that team. Perhaps a great utility infielder filling in to give the starters a rest. Anyway, it helped me set up the new franchise in Asia. Nothing special, but a small accomplishment for me.

  7. You’re starting to contradict yourself Barry.

    Nope, not one contradiction. Being for the pullout of the US from NATO does not mean that putin invaded the Ukraine because of NATO, nor lend credence to that idea. You’re smarter than that, so stop with bullshit.

    As for Yeltsin, that paragon of virtue and democracy, how many died in his failed wars in Chechnya? Do you have any idea what was taking place under the rule of Yeltsin? Yeltsin would have sold his mother for power. He had no problem with mass murder, torture, and corruption. Who was ruling when the russian assets were sold off to the oligarchs?

    Did Yeltsin ever threaten the USA with nuclear destruction? Just like the asshole putin is doing now?

    Well yes he did. He didn’t like the criticism over the murders of Chechnyans.
    “He must have forgotten for a moment what Russia is. We have a full arsenal of nuclear weapons.” (Speaking about a Clinton comment)

    One more time, answer the questions or we’ll know you are avoiding it and we’ll know why:

    Is the Ukraine our enemy?
    Are the russians our enemy?
    Are the russians sponors of Iran?
    Are the russians aligned with communist china and the terror state of iran?

    The russians are the most evil country to ever exist, and they remain evil to this day. Putin is pure evil.

    You need better analysts. And someone with a knowledge of russian history.

    1. Sorry but if you concede US should not be in NATO then it follows that either NATO should not exist, but if it does exist it should in NO way expand.

      So the only PURPOSE to expansion is provocation by the US and EU targeting Russia. Given how they began using NATO to effect regime change in the 90s it is absolutely a provocation that Russia can meet with pre-emptive force. Like the Israelis did when the Arabs began mobilizing forces aimed towards its borders. The Libyan regime change and then the Coup Nuland ran in Ukraine in 2014 were the Cassus Belli and Russia was forced to act.

      1. One more time, answer the questions or we’ll know you are avoiding it and we’ll know why:
        Is the Ukraine our enemy?
        Are the russians our enemy?
        Are the russians sponors of Iran?
        Are the russians aligned with communist china and the terror state of iran?

        You avoid that like the plague.

        “So the only PURPOSE…”

        That’s just baloney, not worth a response.

  8. China:

    What is happening in China, Kenny? Any idea?

    I’m getting nothing but rumors, all unconfirmed, some have Xi going down. Gordon Chang thought so, since retracted as to certainty.

    My best guess, nothing more, Xi is executing threats, including military command.

    1. Not sure. First I’m hearing of it. It’s early AM there so we can’t ask anyone.

      These reports of a Coup are coming out of India.

      Looks like we’re just going to have to wait and see.

      I hope it’s true. Xi is a lunatic similar to Mao. His Lockdowns, which weren’t about Health, could have gotten saner heads there to make a move.

      I hope so.

    2. Sounds like a unfounded rumor.

      Not seeing or hearing anything from anyone about it other than those rumors that originated with an Indian newspaper.

      1. Yea, looks like rumor that was speculative, wishing. I do think something is going on, just not the downfall of Xi.

  9. By the way, I put my flag back up. I couldn’t get used to driving up to my house without the American flag.

    It may stand for what was, but stand it shall.

    1. I keep my flag up because it is NOT the flag of Progressives. Theirs are rainbow. So it still represents America now, if not the USA.

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