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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

29 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Re Russia and China. Let say something that’s been brewing in my mind for some months now as I look back at the last 30 years of the Post Cold War World.

    As New Year’s Day dawned in 1993 the incoming President was BJ Clinton.

    Russia was run by a democratically elected President named Yeltsin. A man who was a key player, if not THE key player, in dismantling the Soviet Union from the inside.

    The PRC was still run by Commies and Deng had just massacred thousands of people protesting for Freedom in Tiananmen Square just 3 odd years earlier. Deng was still a powerful figure in running the PRC although officially no longer in Power. His hand picked successors were though.

    What happened after that? We found out that BJ Clinton had been bought by the ChiComs with illicit campaign contributions (and who knows what else). We also know that BJ favored the ChiComs and befriended the PRC and brought them into the Western Economic System while at the same time shunning Yeltsin and undermining The Reformers in Russia as much as possible.

    It was the Biggest Policy Failure since the 1940s when FDR sold us out to the Soviets at Yalta and our State Department engineered the PRC coming into existence. It has had overwhelmingly bad results for America on both fronts.

    The irony of it all is that in hindsight it is so obvious that not only BJ Clinton, but much of the DC apparatchiks are Fellow Travelers and/or on the ChiCom Payroll and this was not a MISTAKE. It was done Deliberately.

    1. The democrats have been wholly owned by the CCP since the CCP realized they could be bought, Clinton just being the most prominent to that date. The R party saw the riches and sold out as well.

      Every piece of useful and usable military hardware that the chinese have was stolen from the USA.

      Of course the russians owned people like Kennedy long before the chinese outbid them.

      This espionage would be bad but not freedom ending if we had a political party that had not sold out. But we don’t, we have only a handful of people trying to right the ship, like Trump and probably DeSantis along with a few others.

      As far as I’m concerned, burn it down and start over. Get rid of the FBI and CIA to start with. Then fire most of the DOJ and organize it into a true DOJ, small size. Get rid of every federal department and start up with only the required. Let the states do their thing.

      1. Yes, we’re all aware that Nixon went to china with Henry Kissinger (POS). Was Nixon corrupted by china? I see no evidence that is the case. There were a number of reasons why we made “peace” with china and opened up a relationship. They worked out to the great benefit of china and could have been good for us had our own people not been corruptible and insisted in a true open and free china.

        My first trip to china was so long ago I no longer recall the year. What I can tell you is that around 7am in the morning, when you looked out the window you saw a billion bicycles heading to work and zero cars (Shanghai). a Quarter century later I look out that almost same window and I see a billion cars and zero bicycles.

        Economic freedom, even if fleeting and just on the surface, always increases wealth. And the opposite is true, which is why china has no future of increasing wealth on it’s current path (current GDP per capita is 20% of the USA).

        1. Nixon opened the floodgates for all the Chinalove (and, dare I say, corruption) that followed.

          1. Blaming Nixon for the perfidy of those that followed is a bit shallow.

            Truman could have wiped out the commies, so lets blame him.

        2. A lot of that bicycle to cars transition was because they stole massively from us. The ChiCom culturally cannot produce wealth even when they were under more benign leaders like Jiang Zhemin.

          Now they’re doomed because Xi has created a Neo-Mao Cult of Personality around himself and is taking them Back to the Future Past.

      2. I’m not sure if giving the UN seat to them was needed and perhaps the whole idea was a mistake. I don’t think so. It was a gamble to split the PRC and Soviets. In that respect, it worked. It had side effects that were problematic.

        But there’s no way Nixon was actually bribed, bought or owned by the ChiComs. He found them to be the lesser threat.

        I notice that Reagan focused on the Soviets and Europe as well.
        The mistake with the PRC was made as, and after, the Soviet Union collapsed but both HW and BJ didn’t pivot to immediately work on the fall of the Chinese Communist control over the PRC.

        Fucking HW Bush spent years trying to hold the Soviet Union together and supporting Gorbachev in that effort over Yeltsin’s efforts to dismantle it.

        1. He found them to be the lesser threat.

          Absolutely, and true at the time. Very few could see what was going to take place opening up to china (certainly, there were those urging caution).

          As I’ve said many times, at the end of WW2 we should have nuked Moscow instead of Japan. Just about every ill in the world can be traced back to the russians. Roosevelt was compromised in my estimation and we know there were commies in his administration. Churchill understood it. Churchill knew that the russians and the moslems were going to be nothing but trouble. He was right.

          1. We didn’t need to nuke Moscow. Just not aid them enough to go past their own borders and let Patton get to Berlin and then Poland first. It was one thing to keep a Front open in the East. The Germans were actually desperate NOT to have the Russians get to Germany first. Just keep the stalemate and mutual slaughter going there for 18 months.

            It would have crushed the Soviets just as much to keep fighting a WW I style War of Attrition in the Ukraine with the Germans while the pincers of the Italian Peninsula and the Normandy Invasion forces converged.

            Japan needed to be nuked.

            1. Oh, I’m not opposed to the nuking of Japan. It solved an immediate problem.

              Nuking moscow would have solved a 77 year and counting problem.

  2. As the old off topic was closed, Kenny answered my question about “why” pelousy was traveling to Taiwan (which I was fine with as far as travel goes).

    “In the old Off Topic you asked why Peelousy was going to Taiwan.

    My gut feeling? This is all Theater set up between Biteme/Peelousy and the ChiComs to deflect from the fact that the ChiComs own much, if not most, of DC and especially Biteme.

    Also, there’s probably some inside deal for Peelousy that her husband can frontrun inside trade on and make another illicit fortune on.

    This way, Biteme and Joetato get to appear to “Stand Up To The ChiComs” and try to pretend they aren’t the bought and paid for Stooges they really are. It’ll fool a lot of gullible and/or willingly ignorant folks.”

    I had thought of that and rejected it because the potato wasn’t responding in a stand up for America fashion. Not even a little bit.

    I tend to think (without any clear knowledge) that this is the pelousy faction pitted against the obama faction (obama just a front man), with the goal of putting paid to biden ahead of disclosure from the hunter laptop. We’ll see.

  3. When I went to bed last night/this morning, it appeared the deep state had engineered another successful theft of an election, in Arizona. I knew the deep state was desperate to defeat Trump backed Kari Lake for Governor. She was way behind, 10% or so when I went to bed.


    Yea, shout it. Kari came from behind to pull off the victory because actual people went to the polls and voted. Their cheating was not enough.
    It’s not over of course. It never is with these corrupt cheaters.

    It was a big night for Trump backed candidates. 7 of 10 R’s that voted for the impeachment of trump are now gone.
    Arizona was a sweep for Trump. Kari has promised to fix the election process. Arizona is a red state. Imagine what a real investigation directed by the top people in the state will show…

    1. OK, missed the edit time window, add to the above:

      Lake is leading in every county except Maricopa (phoenix), and even in that county she is only behind about 3K votes out of 300K or so. Its a nearly clean sweep statewide for Ms Lake. 

      To cheat her out of this is going to require blatant in your face corruption. And the face of that will be the POS know as Mike Pence. I’m thinking they let it go.

      1. Decision Desk HQ has finally called the Arizona Gov race for Ms. Lake!

        As the votes come in from Maricopa, Kari Lake’s lead increased, and she is now leading in Maricopa by about 3K votes.

        That makes it a clean sweep, every county in the state rejected the corrupt POS Pence endorsed candidate and chose the TRUMP endorsed Kari Lake.

        Let’s get rid of the witch in Wyoming next. I hope the POS father of hers has a failure of his pacemaker.

  4. By the way, where is the war between china and the USA?

    How are the chinese going to move those tanks from the beach to Taiwan?

    Does losing face mean Xi has trouble? I hope so, but then I believe the whole losing face is way overblown and used to try and influence the west into lying down. Some of the worst people in the world are Asians, Xi at the head.

    1. Just like in Russia and the Mideast and with Iran and North Korea, Trump showed us that The PRC is easily defeated with a few economic policy changes and some tariffs.

      The “intractable” problems of the Post World War II era have really been Deep State Ops to keep Perpetual War going.

      As Ike warned.

  5. I’ve been digesting the Tuesday primary results, knowing in the back of my mind what it meant. The results are very telling. The republican party takeover is not complete, it’s still populated with rino’s at every level. In the primaries progress is being made. That is at the bottom and will work it’s way up. A good November election result will cement the destruction of the rino.

    The problem is not the marxist democrats. The problem is the marxist republicans that aid and provide cover for the criminal democrat party. A true opposition party will have the backing of the majority of Americans and find the backbone required to stand up.

    “After Tuesday’s GOP primaries, this is now 100% the Trump “America First” Republican Party.”

    WAYNE ROOT: Yes, Trump-DeSantis Would Be a Great GOP Ticket in 2024, But It’s Not Possible…Unless This Happens

    I have no idea how Mr. Root could be fooled by Scott from South Carolina however. It just goes to show how people bend over to think well of someone with dark skin tones.

    1. Do you mean that metaphorically and that he hasn’t said anything about the egregious Fed raids in his State? Or is he truly hiding and why?

      1. He made one pathetic statement, meaningless, not even on his governors account but on his private one.

        And that’s it. Quiet. Nothing. Haven’t seen him all week.

        It appears he is what we were afraid of, just another deep stater following instructions.

            1. CTH knows the script. It’s what the GOPe has been doing since at least the days of Bush The Elder. The creation of The Inevitable One.

              We shall see. I wrote the other day elsewhere I wanted to see Ron make a move in FL wrt The Raid. Not a good sign to see he’s setting up his Campaign and retreating to AZ instead. If he keeps following the Script that CTH laid out, people may not get so fooled so easily this time as they did about TX Uber-Conservative W Bush back in the day.

              Trump Unmasked The Script as much as he Unmasked any given Faux Conservatives.

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