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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

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Hope everyone is having a good Independence Day and evening. Rather loud ’round here, ‘specially tonight! Diggin’ it big time. I only hope that most, at least, know that it’s actually “Independence Day” and not simply the 4th of July, but I rather doubt it. Next generation likely won’t have a clue. Sux.


Hi Patrad,
Lots of fireworks all around me. I’m a bit further out in the country the last few years on a multi acre plot, but lots of housing developments around me provide free firework sounds and the smell of burnt powder 🙂

Happy Independence Day Y’all!

Keep your dogs close, more get lost this time of year than any other due to the fireworks scaring them.


Howdy Barry. Yeah, seems like the undesirables finally settled down around midnight last night. Already started back tonight. We shall see. Luckily, the racket doesn’t seem to have much negative impact on the pooch.


My beagle was never bothered by it and at 16 her hearing is about gone anyway…

The big dog* that passed away a couple years ago hated fireworks and thunder, but oddly wasn’t affected in the slightest by gunfire.

*black lab/pit bull mix, predominantly lab


Mike, I just marked nine comments by “Patricia” as spam. I don’t know if anything further, such as blocking IP address, is needed or wanted.


There was another a couple days ago, same song, different name. If you didn’t clean that one up then Mike must have done so.


I didn’t. Been busy and haven’t even opened the CF home page in more than a week.


Hey, by the way – you still bike riding?

I bought an early 70’s Raleigh Grand Prix – cheap steel bike – a couple weeks back that I’m fixing up as an around town ride. I plan to mainly use it at the beach which is dead flat everywhere. So far I’ve changed the handlebars to a more upright riding posture, new pedals for my big feet, a new seat post, and added a rear rack and bags for grocery runs.

I haven’t ridden in quite a while. Figure I better start again before I hit the big 70 next year 🙂


No. The chain broke on my “banging around” bike two years ago and not only was the bike a bit messed up but I broke a hip. (Not badly; it was at the angle where the femur angles over to go into the hip.) That bike just recently got fixed so I can start riding once I put a new chain on it.

While I was unable to ride, the shift heads on my road bike stopped working. I took that bike to the same shop and the guy de-gummed them. Best guess is that the shop which originally put everything back together after my dad welded the frame used WD-40 or something similar, which worked great when I first took it out on the road but which dried into a gummy mess. Thanks, professional bike shop!

So, I now have a working road bike and a banging around bike which will be working with just a little effort … and now I can’t find my bike shoes with the clips on the bottom. I’ve mentioned before that things “move around” and “walk away” in the garage when I’m not looking, and that is unlikely to stop until my wife and her mother are dead or deported.

Last edited 8 months ago by SteveF

Ouch. A broken hip is tough. Most everything on the bike is pretty simple at least. I don’t recall WD40 ever gumming anything up so that seems odd. One of my late friends that rode all the time had a very low opinion of all professional bike shops. He would travel about 50 miles to a shop outside Charlotte as a result. I took my other bike there once to get some tubular tires glued on and they did a really good job.

Well, good luck getting back on the road.

Two years ago. That must be around the time I fell off the roof/ladder. My feet were 8 ft up. Lucky though, damaged two fingers on my right hand, bleeding head but no serious damage. I still get aches in the right hip. I didn’t even go to the doctor so who knows 🙂


I didn’t go to the doctor, either. I thought it was just a bruise (a spectacularly colored bruise which covered more than a square foot, but just a bruise), but after a few days it hurt enough that I couldn’t bend that leg to go up and down stairs. I went to an urgent care … and they wouldn’t see me because this was near the beginning of the dempanic and they were in full panic mode and wouldn’t let you in if you didn’t have a cell phone for them to call you while you waited in the parking lot. To hell with them. And the emergency rooms were taking only people who arrived by ambulance, IIRC. I just dealt with it and was walking OK in a couple months and able to use an exercise bike not long after that. Once the bruising and soreness were gone and I was able to poke at the hip, I feel a ridge at that bend, which isn’t matched on the other side and which I don’t think was there before.

I didn’t form my desire to see the destruction of the entire medical industry solely from that accident. Not solely.


Yea, the scamdemic was going on when I fell off the roof, but it didn’t have anything to do with not going to the emergency room. I try to avoid those places because 1) there are sick people everywhere, and 2) half or better of the staff is incompetent.

OTOH, back when I had excruciating pain in the mid section I went to the e room and they diagnosed a stone in the gall bladder and then arranged (by my request) to take it out that very day.
I got lucky with the competent staff and surgeon that day.

My sister tells us all the time, never leave anyone you love alone in the hospital.


I am getting emails about comments posted to posts you made in January 2021. 17 months ago.
Plus they are coming from your own email and not from WordPress.

Better check what’s going on here. There 30-40 a day coming in since at least yesterday.


I think you’re going to need to close your signups pending approval…


I think Barry’s right, at least for a week or two until the spate abates.

I’ve been deleting “Patricia” spam several times a day, usually about five at a time. Greatly different IP address each time, probably indicating it’s coming from a bot farm.



Interesting. My comments are now going to “Awaiting for approval“.

Last edited 8 months ago by Barry

The blogroll won’t scroll past William M. Briggs. I have a new computer so I wonder if it’s me or something else.

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