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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

58 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. And the girls win the LaCrosse National Championship!
    One goal over Boston College. That was the 3rd game of the year Carolina played the #3 ranked Boston girls, winning each game, two of the three by one goal.

    Carolina girls complete an undefeated season with a national championship.

    ACC Baseball tournament championship game:
    Top of the 7th, Carolina up 9-3 over the puppiepack of NC State.


    1. Baseball game is over with the Heels winning the ACC tournament 9-5 over NC State. State made a 9th inning effort scoring two runs with two outs, but a six run deficit is tough to overcome.

      Game played in Charlotte. One of my grandsons was at the game today, the oldest one went to Friday nights game.

      Maybe we’ll meet Jaybo’s #23 ranked East Carolina team in the NCAA playoffs…

      And a red flag at INDY with 5 laps to go.

      1. INDY is over, a 3 lap shootout with the Ericsson the winner.
        Pretty intense 3 lap race for an end at INDY.

        When I was in my early 20’s, the INDY race was on a delay and shown in the evening. Every year there was a Memorial day race at the road racing track in Savannah Georgia (now named Roebling). We would finish our race (SCCA) and studiously avoid any news, and drive home to watch the race on TV as though it were live. I was pulled over in 1975 for exceeding the speed limit on the way home. Pulling the trailer and the officer said he clocked me at 90+. No ticket, he just wanted to talk about the car on the trailer. I invited him to the next race…

        1. Monaco Formula 1 race replay on ABC now. I watched the last half this morning which due to a weather delay ran right up to noontime here.

          Monaco was always my favorite and the only F! race I watch anymore. Today’s race is quite good with only a couple seconds separating the top four at the end. A very unusual end for an F1 race these days.

  2. NCAA regional sites have been announced and the state of North Carolina hosts 2:

    UNC in Chapel Hill
    ECU in Greenville

    Congrats to the Pirates. I hope we get to meet in Omaha.

    Also, to our west, UT in Knoxville, Tenn; and to the north, VT in Blacksburg, Va.
    Lots of high level college baseball in our area.

    1. 64 team field has been selected.

      The state of North Carolina boasts 4 teams, UNC, East Carolina, UNC Greensboro, and Wake Forest

      The Atlantic Coast Conference has 9 teams in as does the Southeastern Conference. The next highest conference numbers are 5.

      I’m at a loss as to how NC State is not in. No brainer, even though they are not my favorite 🙂

      1. Simple. They didn’t bend the knee last year on Vaxxes, had the temerity to play a game with only 12 players (half the team tossed from WuFlu Protocols) and WIN, and then Avent made remarks they didn’t like. They then had to test Vaccinated Players on only one team, NC State, and 4 of their 8 Vaxxed players tested positive! But this didn’t prove the total idiocy of the Vaxxes Policy. It proved the NCAA was CORRECT and it forced NC State to forfeit and go away.

        And now they’re being punished again.

        PS they beat Wake Forest AND Miami to make the ACC Tourney Finals. Both those teams are IN and NCS is out.

        PPS They swept Georgia Tech during the regular season and GT lost to Pitt in the ACC Tourney. NCS beat Pitt to get to the Finals of the ACC Tourney. GT is IN!

        1. Yea, thanks for the reminder. I knew they got tossed last year, and why. But I didn’t think about it in relation to this year and why they didn’t get in. Now I get it and I know it’s payback from the corrupt NCAA because State didn’t pray to the bullshit gods of the scam/virus.

          Just reason 1,000,000 why the ncaa needs to be replaced. I’ve said it forever, the ACC and SEC need to get together, form their own national athletic conference, and invite others to join. Get one more, Big Ten comes to mind, and the floodgates will be open.

          The NCAA has been corrupt from the very beginning.

          Last year was an atrocity and it continues to this year.

        2. Not only should state have been chosen, the ACC should have had another team in, maybe 2. All 12 of the ACC tourney field were deserving given the strength of the league this year.
          NC State should have been the 10th team at a minimum, and perhaps should have been the 9th selected. I think the 3 losses late to WF hurt them in that respect, but not in the greater season of work to qualify for the tournament.

          1. Then there is the at large bids given to Ole Miss and Dallas Baptist. Both less deserving.

  3. And on to mens golf NCAA Championship. Not my sport really. Kenny is the golfer.

    If I am reading it all correctly, Carolina is in 3rd after 4 rounds with a tie for 1st in the individuals (Burnett) but 3 players still on the course.

    It’s a really good spring for the Tar Heels program.

    1. The men’s individual golf championship ended in a 4 way tie so on to a playoff where the kid from Vanderbilt won 1st place. 2nd place is a 3 way tie with North Carolina’s Ryan Burnett included. Of note, the next 4 players are tied for 5th place, at one stroke back, and includes North Carolina’s David Ford. Pretty good tourney for the Heels. UNC is the only school with two players in the top ten.

      In match play for the school title there is a 3 way tie after the 4th round between North Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Oklahoma. The top 8 teams move on.

      Go Heels!

      1. Carolina end up 5th in the championship race, getting edge by defending champs Pepperdine 3-2 in match play.

        Heels finished 5th last year as well.

    1. Don’t know why the direct link doesn’t show up, remove the quotes for the link and paste in your browser

  4. OK, baseball fans, tomorrow is the beginning of crowning UNC as national champ!

    A few games of local interest:
    UNC Vs Hofstra at 2pm, on ESPN+
    UNC Greensboro Vs Ga Southern at 7pm, on ESPN+
    ECU Vs Coppin St at 1pm, on ESPN+
    Coastal Carolina Vs Virginia at 6pm, on ESPN+
    Tennessee Vs Alabama at 6pm, on SECN
    Va Tech Vs Wright St at 7pm, on ACCN
    Wake Forest Vs UCONN at 1pm, on ESPNU

    I think I got all the local teams. I’ll just note that the first four games feature teams with “Carolina” in their name with one more Carolina team, Wake Forest, also playing.

    Te top 8 seeds which includes #8 East Carolina will host a Super Regional if they win their regional. The 16 regional winners will face off in 8 super regionals in a best of 3 series, with the 8 winners going to Omaha.

    1. Mid Day update:

      ECU nearing a first game win, 17-1 in the bottom of the 8th. I think that’s a “W”

      UNC up 6-3 in the 7th inning.

      Wake Forest is down one run to UCONN and in the bottom of the 9th, 8-7

      1. Update from outer space:
        UNC has a seven run seventh inning to make it 13-3 going to the 8th. ACC tournament player of the tournament, freshman Honeycutt hits a 3 run homer…

        ECU has closed out with the 17-1 win

        Wake Forest could not get a run and went down.

        1. Final score:
          UNC defeats Hofstra 15-4

          Hofstra’s first time in the NCAA tournament and they may have been a bit overwhelmed. Their starting pitcher couldn’t get them to the middle of the game so they had to go to the bullpen early and often. Once the game was put of reach they needed to preserve their pitching for tomorrows game in the losers bracket, so they went to the back of their bullpen. That probably added a few runs to the final margin, but all in all a good game and good start for the Diamond Heels.

          1. Saturday Results:
            UNC loses to VCU, 4-3. UNC coach ejected in the 3rd inning after the fucked up refs seemingly don’t know the rules of baseball. This after the 2nd inning fiasco that cost us at least one run, probably more with a bases loaded one out situation. Replay clearly showed it was a referee mistaken call, but they let it stand ending the inning.

            ECU Beats Va 4-2

            Losers bracket for UNC Vs Georgia tomorrow with the winner facing VCU in the evening. Tough road but the Diamond Heels will prevail and beat VCU again on Monday for the regional championship.

  5. One wonders why all these “Scientists” had to have secret conversations regarding the scam virus…

  6. A couple things come to mind with this.
    One, we, and I, often blast the university’s for the marxist indoctrination they push on the students. I’ve also made note a few times of UNC’s support for the US Military men and women. UNC still has naval ROTC, has Armed Forces Day celebration during one of the home football games every year, and the players often take the field carrying the American flag. Here is a link to the Carolina Alumni Memorial to those students who lost their lives in service to our country in all wars, conflict, or during training.

    Perhaps some of you know of something similar at other schools. If you do post it up. Never know, maybe we can talk Mike into creating a permanent link…

    Two, I paste here the totals dead for the various conflicts and make a note of something I’ve mentioned before. The Civil War claimed the lives of 287, 2nd in number only to WW2 at 333. Given the population in the country during both periods it should drive home just how deadly and devastating the Civil War was.

    War of 1812: 1
    U.S. Civil War: 287
    World War I: 22
    World War II: 333
    Korean War: 18
    Vietnam: 51
    Persian Gulf: 1
    Bosnia: 1
    Iraq: 1


    3rd on the list is Vietnam. I cringe when I read those names as I grew up during that war. I’ve hated our government for this my entire adult life. Want to save Vietnam, fine. Then do it and don’t just send our kids over there to die for nothing.

    In Memorial to Carolina’s War Dead

    1. Vietnam’s major disasters were under LBJ

      Fighting a guerilla insurgency with 500k troops was so stupid as to be suspicious. Was LBJ a secret Commie agent?

      Nixon came in, shut down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, this starving the guerilla insurgency. Then he bombed Hanoi. Within 2 years he has them at the negotiating table and soon after signing a Peace Treaty. This turning Vietnam in to a Korea style standoff. IOW a Win under Containment.

      Dems pulling funding and air power allowed NV to invade conventionally and win. We lost Vietnam War.II after.winning I.

      Like Afghanistan, our leadership seemed to find the worst possible way to fight when Dem charge. Ike and Nixon found a way to do things right..

      Just like Trump did.

      I think Failure as The Plan™ has been the way for Dems, and now Uniparty, for 70 years.

      1. I think Failure as The Plan™ has been the way for Dems, and now Uniparty, for 70 years.

        Absolutely. From failure they believe they can sell more government takeover. I’ll never understand what makes a person want to run everyone else’s lives, but they do, and they don’t want us free.

  7. I have to admit I get tired of all the boomer bullshit. Most of my friends are stronger and more fit at 70 than most 40-50 year old’s. Smarter too 🙂
    And we can shoot straighter.

    One more myth put to bed:

    The Myth of the Boomer Bogeyman

    1. That may be true and it may not be, Barry. But let’s say that it is. It suggests bad parenting if a generation is weaker, lazier, and stupider than their parents’ generation.

      There’s more to it than individual parenting choices, of course, but a broadly noticed trend suggests a broad pattern of decisions and behavior.

      1. Yea, that’s why I put the smiley on there. My friends are certainly not the average. Beats me how we all so closely align both in business success and beating the old age syndrome. Some have faced difficulty in one way or another, it’s not a perfect track record.

        You could blame the greatest and silent generations for the boomers just as you can blame the boomers for the next. But I don’t think they did anything much different than previous generations.

        Wealth is what actually creates the weakness. Inherited wealth. And by that I don’t mean individual inheritance, rather the societal inheritance. Kids born since around 1950 have been born into a wealthy society with no real hunger or real poverty. It’s taken for granted, which leads to poor decisions and behavior.

        Something I noticed on my first trip (of many) to South Korea years ago – A peninsula country surrounded by water, very similar to Florida in that respect – Either coast of the USA has marina after marina of sporting boats in addition to the fishing fleet marina’s. Not to mention the hundreds of lake marina’s. In South Korea there are virtually no sporting marina’s. Wealth hasn’t produced such luxury, yet. Already the vaunted Asian children are rebelling at the hours of study pushed by their parents. They can feel the wealth being created and it lessens the ethic of hard work and study. Just a very natural cycle IMO.

        1. Late boomers born after 1958 had to grow up through the crappy 70s. No comparison to the hardships of the 30s and of course modern tech was certainly improving then. So it was a crappy decade and a half but couldn’t be said to be hardship.

          Since then, with Reagan ending the Cold War, there hasn’t been anything close to even the 70s. Someone born after 1990 hasn’t seen a day of crappy anything, never mind actual hardships.

          Unless they’re the ghetto self-inflicted hardships. But those are NOT strength and character building experiences. The Gangsta Lifestyle is just a dead end, because as I said, they’re self-inflicted in the first place.

          Basically its been the most prosperous two generations to grow up anywhere, ever.

          Yet, in my area, as I said when Trump was President, I saw older people talking as if somehow Trump was sending them into caves, starving and defeated and stripped of everything they owned. While in Reality, their half million dollar homes were appreciating, their stock portfolios were going gangbusters, their debt paid down, their healthcare benefits paid for by the company they worked for or retired from, or the university they taught at, and their incomes still 6 figures even in retirement.

          They WANT Hardship. They YEARN for Hardship.
          Just Not REAL Hardship. The Virtue Signaling Kind.

    1. Agreed.

      And some schools will still teach it despite the law.

      My district just went back to Masks Up due to a “surge” in “cases”.

      It’s INCREDIBLE! These people are idiots. Luckily the Finals are over and they don’t need to go except for one morning next week. Better to be absent and maskless than Masked Up and Doing Nothing (they don’t teach anything after finals)

    2. PS Cooper. Spit. Fuck Cooper and the Stolen Election he rode in on.

  8. Mike, I just flagged a handful of comments as spam. Probably more of a probe than a trend, but FYI.

    1. Many thanks for that, Steverino. Don’t it just figure that right as the old iMac was grinding to a halt, these twerps would suddenly pop up.

  9. 80th anniversary of the Battle of Midway

    The turning point in the Pacific theater, the Japs would never recover, never be able to mount another surprise attack.

    Growing up in the aftermath of WW2, born to a family that served ( 6 uncles + my father), 3 in WW2, 4 in Korea, 3 in Vietnam (yes, some multiples there), I was particularly intrigued by the battle in the pacific against Japan. I studied everything regarding the Pacific theater and always found Midway to be inspiring.

  10. The NCAA is just a fucking joke. Or worse, they are clearly corrupt. To add insult to injury, the clowns have suspended UNC Coach Scott Forbes for two games as a result of the refs ridiculous ejection of Coach Forbes. In both cases, the 2nd inning, and the 3rd when he was ejected, Coach was correct and the refs were wrong and refused to fix their mistakes.

    When will the ACC and SEC leave the corrupt clown show and start their own athletic conference?

    Get rid of the NCAA.

    1. Bring the Big East and Big Ten along and the NCAA is essentially dead for its two main sports. Football, Basketball. baseball it’s pretty much dead too.

      1. It’s my contention that if the ACC and SEC put it together, the BE and BTen would jump in. And the floodgates open…

        Years ago I think there were some serious under the table discussions that went nowhere. Everyone is afraid to speak out…

    2. Game complete:
      Heels win 6-5 after bottom of the 9th drama. Carolina led 6-2 when the Bulldogs went to bat. A 2 on base home run scored 3. Then we had a 2 on ball that hit the top of the outfield wall that was initially called a HR, but that was clearly an error. The refs finally got something right and the Diamond Heels got out of the inning to move on to game two with VCU at 6pm.

      The teams that go into today at 1-1 have to win three straight to win the regional. Georgia goes home and Carolina must now win this evening to force a final game Monday night. Not an easy task, Carolina has never done it, and very few teams have. You just run out of pitchers eventually.

      But Carolina will prevail in spite of the NCAA robbery attempt.

    1. Pirates are in good shape. You should have a super regional headed to Greenville.

      1. Phew! I thought somehow Seton Hall had snuck in the back door to the tournament!

  11. 6pm Saturday game Update:
    Top of Inning one, VCU hits a HR with one on to take the 2-0 lead
    Bot of inning one, UNC hits a HR with one on to tie it 2-2, then bring in 5 more runs including 3 from another HR, score 7-2!

    1. Well, innings 2&3 were hot ones:
      VCU scored 3 runs in the 2nd to make the score 7-5 Heels
      UNC scored 2 runs in the 2nd to make the score 9-5 Heels

      3rd inning VCU zip and Carolina plates 2 more, 11-5 Heels

      4th inning complete no change

      Edit, I mistakenly led this off with “Saturday” update, but of course it ain’t Saturday, it’s SUNDAY.

      1. 5th inning zip for VCU
        Carolina scores 5 more – 16-5 Carolina

        Send those “Rams” back to Richmond. We have the real Ram down on the field with Carolina sky blue horns.

        1. It’s over
          Zip in the 6th, VCU put three across in the 7th to make it 16-8 Heels.
          UNC sores 3 in the 8th to make it 19-8
          Zip for VCU in the 9th

          6pm tomorrow for the Championship

          Looks like ECU is going to lose To Coastal Carolina this evening and will have to play again tomorrow

          1. And it’s over – Carolina wins the Chapel Hill Regional 7-3, and moves on to the Super Regional!

            Now pulling for Arkansas to defeat Oklahoma State which will put the super regional in Chapel Hill. Top of the 5th in that game with Arkansas up 4-0.

            ECU defeated Coastal Carolina and will now host a super regional in Greenville.

  12. I am sick of all the Boomer crap. The problem is friendship parenting, parents trying to friends not parents. These bozos have told their kids they are on their own for religion, politics, sex, drugs whatever. And we are reaping what they have sown.

  13. June 6, 1944, D Day

    One should remember the sacrifice of all our men and women that stood up that day, and days before and after, in the cause of freedom and liberty.

  14. Super regionals start today with 4 games, then 8 games tomorrow, then 4 on Sunday. Plus any teams needing a tie breaker to be scheduled/

    The Pirates (East Carolina) start off well defeating Texas 13-9.
    Virginia Tech is in trouble, 1 run behind Oklahoma as the bottom of the 9th begins.

    UNC plays Arkansas at 11am tomorrow in game 1 from Chapel Hill.

    1. And #1 ranked and #1 seeded Tennessee goes down at home to ND, 8-6. ND hit home runs in the first 4 innings (I think) to score the 8 and the Volunteers spent the rest of the game trying to catch up.

      A #1 seed seems to be a curse in the NCAA baseball tournament.

      Tennessee is my favorite school behind North Carolina and South Carolina. I have a picture from 1974 with four friends in front of a pile of BIG bluefish caught at Cape Hatteras Point. It was our first big surf fishing catch. All four of us were in school (Thanksgiving break), two of us at Carolina and the other two at Tennessee. Only two of us left now, one from each school.

      I’m the one in the red hat. Pictures are odd. I’m the tallest of the 4 by a couple inches. My friends on each end are no longer with us. I miss them and could never imagine at that age a day when we would get old and some of us would be gone.

      Picture is taken in the Cape Hatteras campground. We camped and hiked out to the beach in our waders carrying our surf fishing gear. A friendly fellow in a truck brought our fish back for us. I ate bluefish for the next three months…

    2. UNC loses to Arkansas 4-1
      Arkansas may be the best team in the country when they play their best. Their pitching was outstanding today. UNC pitching wasn’t terrible, just had one bad inning with 3 runs scored.
      Play again tomorrow where we will win and set up the Monday game.
      Go Heels!

      ECU is on top of Texas. 7-4 with a couple innings left. A win today and ECU is on the way to Omaha.
      Go Pirates!

      Tennessee is up 1-0 over ND through 4 innings.
      Go Vols!
      Update: UT hits one over the fence in the top of the 5th for a 2nd run.

      My Gamecocks didn’t make it this year. Boo.

      1. It’s raining homeruns in Knoxville. 4 in the top of the 5th, score now 9-0.

      2. Well damn. I see ECU lost to Texas by a run, 9-8, forcing a 3rd game.
        Tennessee held on to defeat ND 12-4 forcing a 3rd game.
        I hope the Heels join the 3rd game parade.

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