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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

50 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. My wife informed this evening that the Canadian “authorities” have threatened Americans that give money to the truckers convoy currently standing up against tyranny in Canada.

    I certainly want my name on that list and invite the Canadian government to come to North Carolina for their welcome party.

    So, donated, come and get me Castro Trudeau.

  2. The dem’s internal polling must be truly horrible. The White House has started the “Lockdowns? We never were in favor of lockdowns, that was someone else!” spin cycle. Psircle-back Psaki really does appear to be going straight to the “Who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?” gaslighting.

    It should be interesting to see if the Branch Covidian NPCs accept the programming update. Team Brandon has been trying to back away from the worst of the covid madness for a while, but the True Believers keep refusing to back off even an inch. After more than two years of Operation Fear, the insane left has the bit in their teeth.

    1. the insane left

      Led by AOC types, they will rebel against the pragmatic kooks. I have popcorn available.

  3. And just like that Hank Canucklehead, the Spanish bound Hoser, laments that he can’t understand how the UK, US, NZ, and Australia went all Tyranny all of a sudden!

    Ohhhh Hank, it’s because you wet your panties over WuFlu and allowed the Commies to take Power over ALL aspects of our lives under “Emergency” Edicts. All over a Flu Like Virus that is more difficult to stop from spreading than it is to get the tides to recede, and was never more dangerous than any bad flu year we get every 5-10 years.

    When we questioned the “Emergency” and looked at the Diamond Princess results for Guidance we were called Murderers and thrown out of the joints.

    Well, Hank Canucklehead. Do you wonder anymore now?

    1. And I wonder how you think I had any influence whatsoever on TPTB. You are delusional if you think I am capable of allowing anything that happens over there from over here. Get a grip.

      Cite when anyone actually called you a murderer. You were thrown out of the joints because you couldn’t engage in an honest discussion, and just wept and wailed and gnashed your teeth.

      I now invite Barry to put his useless two-cents worth in.

      1. No invite needed, henryKaren, it’s a free speech zone here. No, you have no influence beyond a blog catering to small numbers of readers. That doesn’t change the fact that you wet your panties and pushed data that was clearly invalid, all the while screaming for others, the ones that had it correct from the very beginning, to SHUT UP.

        SHUT UP, he said. You didn’t like the truth then and you don’t like it now. You, and people like you, pushed the scam. And now you try to pretend you didn’t, or it didn’t matter because you have no influence. All the while you wore your mask and did what the commies in charge told you to do and licked their asses for them.

        Everything of importance that Kenny and I had to say turned out to be correct, and everything you said, and those pushing that same BS, was an outright fabrication. No, it wasn’t luck that we got it right, we are smarter than you. We understand history, we understand airborne virus, we know a fucking mask cannot stop an airborne virus, and we know that a medicine pushed out that uses experimental mRNA technology ain’t a good idea. And you lined up and got your shot. Just like a good little boy.

        We told you the truth. And you screamed SHUT UP.

        When we pushed back on the facts you screamed louder to SHUT UP. You made personal attacks about subjects which you know nothing about. You lied, and you kept on lying, and you lie to this day.

        You could just admit the truth – you were 100% wrong because you are a pussy.

        Now go back and suck the dick of state some more. It’s all you’re fit for.

        1. Some people suffer from long Covid; Barry and Kenny suffer from long Hank Derangement Syndrome.

          1. BTW, if you know I got the shots, you also know the exact reason I did so: so I coulld travel outside of Spain, peerhaps even visit my family.

            1. Funny that, I’ve traveled all over the world. I did not get the shot because:

              I’m smart enough to know how airborne virus works and how many vaccines there are that are effective against such, that an experimental technology that received bogus trials and was illegally approved for “emergency” use with less than the normal 5-10 years of trials was a bad move, and finally that trusting a communist controlled medical establishment just ain’t a good idea.

              You’re not very smart or ignored the obvious. You serve the communists at every turn.

              I know quite a few people that got the shot, mistakenly believing it was safe and effective. They were wrong, completely wrong.

              1. That is such bullshit all-over-the-world schmuck considering the number of countries (plus airline rules for international travel) that require you to be vaxxed to enter.

                1. Hey fuckwad, the point is I didn’t get an experimental shot that doesn’t do anything to combat a virus, and I simply will not travel to countries that don’t allow me in. I’m not stupid enough to get an experimental shot that does nothing it’s supposed to do in order to travel to spain.

                  Your’e so GD stupid it amazes me.

                  I’ve been to something like 65 countries at last count and I’ve been out of the country since the scam virus you pushed. I just don’t go where I’m not welcome.

          2. “…Barry and Kenny suffer from long Hank Derangement Syndrome.

            No doubt. We suffer from fools everywhere, the hanks and the karens. Humans have suffered you commies for over 100 years now.

            Kenny and I, among others, will continue to speak the truth and call out the liars and obfuscating people like you. We will not SHUT UP.

            Go fuck yourself, moron.

          3. Yet I was Correct. You were Wrong.

            So, it’s not me who has derangement.

            Which was what began this. You’re so deranged you cannot see the connection between Trading Your Freedom for Security and the fact that all over the World you Don’t Have Your Freedom.

            Hint you Canucklehead: You traded your Freedom for Security and got Neither.


      2. I was right, I am right.

        My discussions were not shut down because I couldn’t engage in an Honest Discussion. I told The Truth. It was because YOU and they couldn’t handle the Honest Discussion I was bringing. Because I was correct and I told you so. You, and they, didn’t want to discuss that, and so you heard shouting and went La La La La La La La I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

        You were wrong. Now you want to pretend you didn’t say what you said.

        Because you know you were wrong.

        That, Hank Canucklehead El Burro Sabé Mas Que Tu, was what the Tyrants everywhere hung their hats on. From Spain to NZ, from Ottawa to DC, from NYC to Seattle the Tyrants took the measure of you Pantywaists mewling away and saw there were not enough Strong Of Will and Mind people to oppose them. In fact, and they counted on this, you went after those people who dared to voice another opinion.

        1. You guys are just pissed off because I am having fun over at Bill’s place, while you stand on the sidewalk gawking through the window at the good times being had in the DP saloon.

          1. Everyone at Bills place knows what you are.

            I forgave Bill because he admitted the truth. But I will never comment there again. I stood by Bill when others abandoned him. He did not show me the same loyalty.

            This is a far better home for my commentary.

            And you remain nothing more than a festering pustule, determined to pretend you’re something you’re not.

            1. I love that “I forgave Bill”. How santimonious of you considering you were enjoying the free ice cream he provided.

              1. The value of a blog is in the comments.

                I noticed he notices his traffic is down, his revenues down.

                Bill still has some interesting thoughts. But his comment section has only a quarter of the interesting comments it once had.

                Oh, and I was Right. I will never stop saying things when I know I’m right.

                Now I wouldn’t comment there even if the account was unlocked. So I can just get censored if you don’t stick to the Narrative? I expect that from people on the Left.

                Oh, and I was Right. Not only that but Bill basically is saying everything I was saying two years ago and got shouted down.

                1. Pardon me, but the value of a blog is in the brains behind the blog. All the rest is just a bit of icing.

                  1. Another Canucklehead comment.

                    So I guess you’re saying Bill’s brain is failing.

                    He banned the wrong person.

                    1. Yet you contend his mind is failing as his views and revenues fall.

                      Sounds like he really picked the Hoser over the Truth and the guy who spoke the Truth.

                      And, you were still Totally Wrong.

                    2. You do realize you’ve insulted Bill twice, first by saying the comments had more value than the blogger himself and then by saying Bill’s brain was failing. Your words not mine.

                    3. Comments on a blog are at least as valuable as the blogger. So no, I did not in the first part.

                      Second of all, YOU said it was all about the blogger. So if his views and revenues are down it is YOU who said it is Bill failing.


                      Plus, YOU were wrong, and I was Correct on WuFlu and Chad.

                    4. When I bought from Amazon, which I use often enough, I went through DP.

                      That directly out money in his pocket.

                      Plus I was honored to be an Editor there.

              2. I made donations routinely. The ice cream wasn’t free. I make donations here.

                I bet you haven’t chipped in a fucking penny.

                Because you’re a lying asshole.

          2. I was Correct and you were wrong. Why would I be envious of people who got it so wrong?

            Bill has good insights. But he got WuFlu and Chad and You completely wrong. Until he turned around and at least faced up to being wrong. Although he does act like he never was fooled by WuFlu.

            He was also wrong about Chad. Chad is a NTFool.

            You were wrong. Remember that. Yet you still wonder what happened. It was because millions of Hank Wankers got so scared from a Virus they wet their panties.

      3. PS I notice your Troll friend Chad no longer comments there now that The Bad Orange Man had his Election Victory Stolen from him.

        I told Bill he was a NeverTrump Troll and a Piece of Shit Leftist.

        I was right about that too.

        Another Truth you guys couldn’t handle.

        You Canucklehead.

        1. Chad still comments there occasionally FWIW.

          BTW, I’m also having fun here taking on you two losers.

          1. You’re not taking anyone on, you’re just proving what a fucking moron you are.

            People like you are always miserable. You’re not having fun. You’re just doing what every commie on the internet does.

            I have no idea what Chad does, other than that he announces every year that this is his last comment cuz someone disagree’s with him.

            I know he has announced such at least three times when I was reading there.

            1. More bullshit; of course you’re still reading there, you can’t resist.

              1. You were wrong. So fucking wrong you gave up all your Freedom and now can’t understand where your Freedom went. Canucklehead.

                1. Did I mention long Hank Derangement Syndrome. You guys go on and on ad nauseum about my “failings” that it’sobvious you are not right in the head. It’s so pathetic

    1. Huh, when I posted the link to the truckers I didn’t realize a photo of Canadian trucks would appear…

      The article is about American truckers.

  4. It appears that our neighbors to the north are now in a full blown tyranny. Courtesy of Castro’s son, how fitting.

    If the leaders in this country, no matter what party, were worth a shit they would be speaking out about the Canadian crackdown, perhaps discussing an invasion to free the Canadian people. We invaded Afghanistan, among other countries, in what was called “Operation Enduring Freedom”. Looks like Canada should be added to the list.

    The Canadian government are terrorists just like all commies are.

    Three cities in Canada have half the Canadian population, IIRC. It would be easy to starve those cities.

    Stop driving the trucks to those three cities. Just stop for one week.

    1. If the leaders in this country, no matter what party, were worth a shit they would be speaking out about the Canadian crackdown, perhaps discussing an invasion to free the Canadian people.


  5. Canada, Australia, and all the other countries without 2A rights and guns in the hands of the citizens serve as a lesson to those with – DO NOT give up your weapons.

    Use them when the gestapo comes for you.

  6. My wife informs me (she is watching) that the UN has joined in with the canadian fascists. Guess there must be some children to rape.

      1. Yea. Crooks and commies and rapists. That would be the UN.

        I’m leaning towards a Canadian invasion to liberate it now that the Useless Natterers have been called in. All volunteer of course.

        We could nuke one or two cities to start the process. I have Ottawa in first place, with Quebec City next. It might be a good start.

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