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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

17 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. I’ve been pretty adamant about no longer watching Fox news or Tucker Carlson. I really haven’t watched Fox in general since the stolen election, or Tucker since it became clear he wouldn’t touch the stolen election.

    OTOH, Sundance has been OK with Carlson and now I’m reading that Carson is getting ready to expose Jan 6 for what it was, a federal government operation.

    So, I suppose I’ll break my boycott and give him a try again.

  2. I’ve been a bit busy, so I had not seen this latest kerfuffle over the “white supremacists” posing in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus until today. Hilarious stuff. They even included a token black white supremacist for diversity points. With tiki torches even! Eleventy!!!!

    The left is so creatively bankrupt, they are actually recycling hoaxes now. It is an article of leftist faith that Charlottsville was the very worst thing ever in the history of history — at least until Jan 6th became the new worst thing ever in the history of history. But like so much else the left “knows” it is really just media spin and BS that never happened.

    Perhaps the left is not quite as confident of their fraud machine in Virginia as I expected them to be. I still think the Clinton bagman wins with 181 million votes after Youngkin leads solidly in initial reporting. But at least they are sweating about it a bit.

    1. The last minute raaaaaaaycist push is to justify the last minute deluge of 110% votes for McAwful the Clinton Stooge.

  3. Bad news from the Charlotte area –

    Having been on the coast for nearly a month I returned home earlier this week. Yesterday I stopped in the local WM for a few things not readily available close by. Before I left for the coast, perhaps 30-50% of WM shoppers were masked. Yesterday, a busy Saturday, I walked in and was stopped by an employee that offered me a mask. I declined and got a dirty look which I returned and walked on in. I noticed exactly two other people, both older white guys, without masks. Of course the usual mask styles were all over, under the nose, over the chin, dangling from one ear.

    Sad to see. I have no clue what changed over the past month.

    1. The Flu made it’s seasonal return and got labelled WuFlu. It will work every year now.

  4. Bad news two:

    The store shelves are getting thinner*. The supply problem is not getting better, it’s getting worse. I have friends in various industrial positions and all tell me the same thing, supplies are thinning, their production is suffering and it’s getting worse.

    I have various industrial parts on order, stuff that I normally get in 1-2 weeks is now 3-4 months, if I’m lucky.

    If you have not, better start stocking food as it may be the next supply issue. The price is not coming down, so buying now will at least save you money over waiting.

    *thinner doesn’t mean noticeably out. I still see plenty of food available, but I also notice there is a longer time between restocking. I fear the worse.

    1. Agree that the supply SNAFU is not getting better; the trends are still negative and getting worse. Solving the problems is not the goal of the current regime, so they are not changing the policies that created the mess. As usual, they are doubling and tripling down.

      I am not seeing outright empty shelves here in my part of Texas, but there are fewer options available and prices are steadily increasing. I have been stocking up as much as I have space to store, food and other essentials. I expect it is going to be a very difficult winter for a lot of people.

    2. I went to a dealership to get the annual inspection and free yearly service for winter. Oil change, tire rotation etc.

      They had no new car inventory and the lot was half empty. They are offering to buy used cars just to have something for the sales people to push. Biggest problem is not the cars, but the chips that go in them and control everything from steering and brakes to engine timing etc. Most major systems on cars these days are chip controlled and not mechanically driven.

  5. While I would not get to far out on my ski’s, Fox has called the Virginia election for the Republican.

    Those who said don’t vote – think again.

    It is a sweep at the top in Virginia.

    The new Virginia Lieutenant Governor is one of the most impressive Americans I have ever listened to.

    1. NBC and the New York Slimes have also called it for Youngkin. This means the word has gone out, the margin is too great to steal it.

      1. I admit to being quite surprised by this outcome. I expected the democrats to steal it. They tried some ridiculously transparent tricks with the “white supremacists with tiki torches” BS and such, and some election shenanigans with trying to deny people without masks from voting in person. But apparently the full fraud machine was not cranked up to eleven this cycle.

        1. McAwful is a Clintonista.

          Looks like they decided to steal NJ instead and cut the Clintons off at the knees.

          Let’s see Youngkin start cleaning up the VA elections before 2022 and I’ll believe this was a big deal.

          Just think about this though. NJ was in play. New What Exit Jersey.

          Looks like Education is the issue that is over the line for suburban Moms and their henpecked husbands.

          1. Maybe. But as always, “It’s the economy.”

            And having just arrived at home I see McAwful conceded this morning.
            So, it’s done. Gov, LT. Gov, AG. And IF I have it right, the R’s took the Virginia house as well.
            New Jersey may fall to the cheaters, but the voters made it close and uncertain.

            Anyone suggesting not voting needs to think again. Do not be owned by the damned marxists, don’t be their slaves.

  6. Just popping in to let Barry et al know that we have wood heat again, as Barry was helpful with advice earlier in the year. Thanks for that! My oldest installed the new stovepipe, through the wall instead of the roof, and it is great. Looks very nice, and will be easier to clean and inspect. There’s a small fire burning right now, keeping the chill away. While the parts were pricey, it only took him a couple of hours to install it, and maybe another hour for the finish work. Even that, he said, was “too long”, so it is not as challenging a job as I thought it would be, so long as the parts are all from one brand, all the correct size, and all there.

    1. That’s great! For some reason, heat that comes from wood seems to be better 🙂 Heats twice too, once when gathered and then again when burned 🙂

      You’ve been through a lot and remain cheerful! Mighty powerful.

      1. My dad cuts and splits his own firewood from his 30 acres of forest. (Used to, anyway. He’s getting up there in years.) He has a propane tank which I think is used for the hot water heater and if-needed heat for the house, but the if-needed heat hadn’t been needed for years, last time it came up.

        I gave him a cord of split, seasoned firewood as a wedding present, fifteen or twenty years ago. He appreciated it, as he’d hurt himself somehow or other, but the key takeaway is the funny looks I get from a lot of people when I mention it. “You gave him what? Why?” City folk (which includes all of my wife’s friends) don’t understand, but it was much more practical than yet another set of dishes.

        1. A cord of seasoned hardwood is a nice gift, one that gets appreciated all through the winter.

          I did purchase a nice wood splitter a couple years ago to supplement my old muscles. At 68, I can still cut, split and stack it all by hand, but the splitting is the worst part. The 27 ton splitter is really nice.

          My daughter gave me an inoperable lawn tractor. I fixed it and bought a nice cart. So, now I can pull the splitter to the location and put it in the cart as I split it to move it to wherever I’m stacking it.

          Life is much easier 🙂

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