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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

41 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Well, the inevitable occurred in Kabul. Multiple attacks and Americans reported as casualties. More to come.

    It’s the end game for Obergroperdrüler. Stick a fork him and Heil Kamel Humps.

    1. While it would be nice to think that this will impact the Totally Legit Joe regime, it will be a nothingburger. Brief media notice, then down the memory hole. Ho hum, what does Fauci have to say today, the unvaccinated deserve to die horribly, etc. Just business as usual.

      1. I wouldn’t bet against what you just said.

        Meanwhile the HR4 Federal Voting Fraud Bill moves forward as does the Trillions of Graft and Corruption Bill.

      1. Your best friend, that hot barrista at the coffee shop…

        Yeah, there is just no winning answer to that question. He was doomed from the git go. 🙂

        “I don’t know, honey. How many times did you ride the Cock Carousel before we got together?”

        1. Bingo. It took me a few failures, but I learned to turn those ambushes around. Or to simply walk away if they’re tried more than once.

  2. So I see the striped pants crew at State continue issuing “strong” statements about what the Taliban “must” do, including respecting international conventions, forming an “inclusive” government that includes women and respects gay rights, etc. Apparently these fools did not get the memo that the losers don’t get to make demands of the victors. State has been only very (very) loosely tethered to reality for a long time, but these latest efforts are impressive even for them.

    The Banana Empire is so used to being the “sole superpower” that they have forgotten what it is like to have zero leverage. Judging by the congressvermin making noises about sending troops back into Afghanistan to fix things, the warmongers have not realized they are no longer relevant. They keep trying to reach for the old power levers, unaware that their arm got lopped off recently. Still lots of phantom nerve signals registering in whatever passes for a brain inside the DC beltway bubble.

    There is only one way to go from here: down, fast and hard. I suspect it is going to be amazing to watch just how quickly and totally the banana empire implodes, much like the Soviet Union crumbling. But I expect there to be a LOT more bloodshed — the Soviets managed to dissolve without massive widespread casualties. The woke left will pile up corpses by the millions before they admit failure…if they ever do admit it.

    1. Wealth.
      We have it, the Soviet Empire did not. Wealth papers over a lot of sin.

      We are not going to implode over voluntarily leaving the shithole of Afghanistan just because the biden maladministration purposely screwed it up. The Soviets got their asses kicked over and over, 50K wounded, nearly 14K dead. Contrast that with a 20 year campaign where we lost <2500 total and zero the last 1.5 years.

      We had our Soviet Afghanistan, it’s called Vietnam, with 50K dead, and we’re still going.

      As much as I wanted us out of Afghanistan, I’d just as soon we left Germany. And Korea. And all the other shitholes we seem to prop up.

      1. The US is wealthier than the Soviet Union was, but that probably just means it has farther to fall. The patterns of imperial decline and collapse are easily visible: massive debasement of the currency, military over-extension turning into retreat, crumbling infrastructure, falling native birth rates and importation of foreign labor, an ever-richer ruling class that is ever less connected to the general public, collapse of religious faith, wide-spread decadence and corruption not just tolerated but increasingly celebrated, declining educational standards compared to prior generations that built the empire. The list goes on and on.

        The US will be extraordinarily lucky to get a gentle decline into former great power status, such as happened to the UK after WW2. But the UK had the benefit of the new rising power being a friend and ally. China is not going to be nearly as kind to its defeated and decrepit former rival, particularly since there is still a sizable amount of wealth to be looted from the corpse of the banana empire. China also needs our food; I expect control of the US agricultural sector is going to be a major target. Americans will go hungry as food is exported to China by the tens of millions of tons.

        1. Americans will go hungry…

          Americans have bullets.

          We have all manner of trouble, and yet the average welfare queen is better off than the average chinaman. Way better off.

          I’ve been to all these places and know they don’t live up to the hype. China is a paper tiger at this point. They win only because we are determined to lose. Trump had them beaten and it was easy. Still is. All that is required is a leader in place that has the will to do it.

          The problem is just here. China’s not going to get our food while Americans go hungry. Not for long anyway.

          1. Americans have bullets

            And the ruling class is working hard on fixing that little “problem.” Just in the past week they have put in an ammo import ban and the CDC director is publicly announcing plans to treat guns as an “epidemic health issue.” The left intends to disarm Americans, and unlike the Gutless Old Pussies they will act.

            As for food, the ruling class has not been shy about announcing their plans. Common people will eat bugs, fake meat made from who knows what, and stuff made from algae. Real meat will be banned — except for them, of course. Lots of things will restricted for “public health” and “the environment” — except for them, of course.

            “You will own nothing, and be happy” — the “or else!” is pretty clearly implied. They are telling the world straight out what they intend to do. They really mean it. Will Americans resist? After the past 18+ months of Covid hysteria, my guess is no. Americans will gladly put the slave collars on their own necks and beg to be kept “safe.” There will be a handful of examples made of those who resist, in the Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidian sense. But the vast majority will knuckle under with nothing but some grumbling, while eagerly ratting out their neighbors in return for an extra ration card or two.

            1. The ammo import “ban” is only on shit from Russia. Yea, it will have an impact. No, it won’t be significant, not in a meaningful way.

              The CDC can continue to spout all the nonsense they wish. No one is paying much attention anymore.

              There is a hardcore group of gun owners and patriots, as large as any group that ever fought back against tyranny. They are not going quietly into the night.

              That there is not a revolution currently does not preclude one from occurring should a threshold be reached.

              I’d actually like for them to announce that we will now have to eat bugs and algae. Maybe they could time that with the announcement that we have to turn in our guns.

              I agree with Kenny that the states will lead the revolt, eventually, should the feds continue down their current path. We already have several states openly defying the feds and their proclamations.

              There is a lot more good than bad in this country.

              1. It must be nice to live in a red (meat) area. See my comment above.

                I guess when the time comes I’ll need to have to put blood on my threshold so the Patriots will pass me over.

                How about this? If there’s NO BLM or We Believe In… signs and an American Flag flying then call on me to join the march on Raleigh.

              2. The ammo import ban may only affect Russian stuff (for now), but as tight as the ammo market has been the past couple years even a marginal impact is going to have a real effect on prices and availability. And the Biden regime is going to keep squeezing the supply; there will be more moves to restrict ammo.

                As for the CDC being ignored — like their eviction moratorium got ignored? Sure, they have lost in the courts, several times. But landlords are still out many tens of billions in unpaid rent, and evictions are still not happening. In some blue states, they are not going to start happening any time soon, either. And what are the landlords going to do about it? Arson starts looking pretty attractive…but we know law enforcement will jump on that like a ton of bricks. They have plenty of time, after all, since they are not doing their actual jobs of fighting crime (RAYCISSS!!!!).

                On the bugs and algae thing, well, as I said — they are stating their intentions quite openly. The left has not given up on their Green New Deal, which includes hammering the meat industry in the name of Gaia. Just like ammo and guns, they are pushing, and they will keep pushing. It isn’t likely to happen tomorrow, but it is coming.

                Within five years it will be the accepted Gutless Old Pussy position that meat is murder and bad for the environment, so ban it! By then the left will be ten miles further down the road, having banned a dozen more things and started searching for additional targets.

                I agree with Kenny that the states will lead the revolt, eventually, should the feds continue down their current path. We already have several states openly defying the feds and their proclamations.

                Well, we will see how that works out for them. My expectation is that the notable red states will continue to be intentionally flooded with millions of immigrants (latest batch: unlimited Afghans!) who will vote 95+% Dem (whether they actually vote or not). Combine with the flow of locusts from failing blue states who immediately repeat the voting patterns that destroyed their former homes, and the Dems will have local control almost everywhere soon enough.

                There is a lot more good than bad in this country.

                For now. But the trend has been going the wrong way for a long, long time. And there is no sign of it reversing. In fact, it seems to be accelerating.

                Sorry to be so negative; I’ve been in a down mood of late. (Gosh, I wonder why?) Maybe I will recover some optimism at some point. But right now I am not seeing many positive signs.

                1. Hey, I appreciate your take even if I disagree on the scale of things. It’s real easy to be down about it all right now.

                  There’s lots of trouble and more ahead, on that I agree.

                  I plan on winning the battle however, and I think there are more like me, and you, than them. I don’t expect the USA to survive intact, but then I’ve been expecting a breakup since 1975.

            2. Yesterday I got a Ken tell me to Mask Up Dude.

              Today I had a Karen tell to mask up or she’ll tell the manager. I replied Thanks Karen.

              She told the manager. He asked me if i wanted to borrow a mask. I said No and he left me alone.

              So I bet much of the staff that have to wear those silly face diapers all day are sick of it. Here’s the thing though. EVERY single customer in that store except me was wearing a mask.

              If we all just chucked the masks that would be the end of it.

              They’re not going to do it. Too many people think it keeps them “safe” and others just do it because they are ordered to do it.

              Granted my neck of the woods is bluer than where most of you are, but still, it’s just disconcerting to see the Sheeple they’ve become.

              1. Around here mask compliance is much lower, less than half is my guess.

                A few days after Meck County re instituted the mask requirement I went to Wal Mart. They had a big sign up out front over the doors proclaiming mask required. I went in without. Man inside offered me a mask and I declined with “No Thanks”. Went on in and maybe a third had masks on.

                Wal Mart here has now taken the sign down and no one is offering masks inside. The requirement is still in effect but even the WM corporation is ignoring it. The employee’s wear something on their face, but usually under their nose…

                At Loews yesterday, maybe 10-15 percent were complying.

                1. The mask issue is one the big downers that has bothered me. So many people are just completely submissive, either from fright or from just not wanting to rock the boat. And the ruling class obviously loves it. They just LOVE the power Covid gives them.

                  I have business in a couple other cities tomorrow, going to be doing a bunch of driving through parts of Texas. I am curious to see how many people are wearing masks in different places, small town vs big city especially.

                  1. Hell, I’m not more than 15 miles from downtown Charlotte, and out here even the formerly faithful maskers have about had it. Just too many unmasked now to think otherwise. I bet you’ll find the same out of the area you’re in.

                    1. For whatever it may be worth, I’m in and out of restaurants in CLT and the surrounding area all evening, every single day. They all have nice new signs on the front doors, much more strident than the old ones, saying masks MUST be worn!!! etc. As always, staff is all masked up, with some wearing them under the chin as kerchiefs or scarves, and some not. Seems to me there’s been a resurgence of compliant mask-wearers, mostly either young yuppie types or elderly Negros alone in their cars. As I have from the start of this dumbshow, I walk in unmasked, greet the host, waitress, or whatever in a very friendly way, and just act normal in general. Although I expected otherwise, I have yet to hear a single word, from anybody, about knuckling under and joining the zombie horde. I really wondered if I finally would last night, when I was sent to Bean vegan restaurant on Independence for a pickup. But nope, not a peep. I was a bit disappointed, in fact; I assumed if anybody out there was gonna give me shit, it would be those sickly, self-righteous neohippie vegan twerps.

                    2. I’m not even seeing the signs anymore. I guess it depends on where in the greater Charlotte area you hang out.

                      OTOH, today I visited one of my oldest customers up in the mountains of NC. The factory now has gone back to mask wearing as corporate has made it mandatory.

                      I didn’t know and no one said a word. I had to ask when I started noticing evreyone had some form of mask on, chin masks seem most prevalent 🙂

                    3. Found some signs of hope on my long day’s driving around Texas. In the smaller towns especially, it looks like people are fed up with the mask nonsense. Other than employees directly serving customers (probably corporate policy), masks were very rare. They were pretty common in the suburbs of the big cities at either end of my trip, but there were plenty of other non-masked to keep me company.

        2. Barry has the right of it as far as foreign entities go. China is worse off than we are and will collapse in on itself if we start failing.

          Our main issue will be when the United States starts coming apart. Meaning States start going their own way and leave the Union.

          That war will be ugly.

          1. As you know, among many other deficiency’s, the Chinese cannot even feed theirselves and must import food. Kill the American farm and the chinaman go hungry.

            It was just 40 years ago that a bowl of rice a day was considered lucky. They are much better off than that now. Unless their big dam falls…

            Picture shows flooding levels in China this year. It also shows the location of the Yangtze River basin and the green square is the Three Gorges Dam. Agricultural production in China below the dam is estimated around 60%. Read that again, 60% of the chinese agriculture is below the Three Gorges Dam.

            They will starve when that dam goes down.


            1. The Commies ruin agriculture everywhere they try to take over.

              Bloomberg thinks farming is dropping some seeds in the ground and watering them.

              He’ll be the Agriculture Minister in the New Soviet America and the Chinese will starve first. The irony.

              An even bigger problem in China now is they’ve been doing things the wrong and cheap, cut corners way, for so long, there aren’t any people there that even understand how to do things right.

              It’s like the Soviet Union when it was collapsing. Everyone “running” things was there for loyalty and not merit.

              At least in America we still have plenty of people that know how things really work.

              I despair the way things are going though because most of the under 30 set believe electricity comes from the wall and food comes from the grocery store and wouldn’t have a clue how to even grow a vegetable garden if they had to do it. At least my children will be taught something useful. I hope. We’ve done our best.

            2. Picture shows flooding levels…

              oops. picture shows rainfall.

              Note that much of China is a near desert, no large crop production possible. Amazingly enough the big river is right in the middle of the area that gets lots of rain and the dam is right there on the river.

              The dam is likely to fail on its on. And in spite of the chinese assurances that the gravity dam design cannot fail catastrophically, well – go ahead and buy that bridge in Brooklyn.

            3. The Three Gorges Dam is one of those communist “national glory” trophy projects that just makes me shake my head. Talk about single point of failure….

              Even without a dam failure, the Chinese have had terrible agricultural problems the past couple years. Swine flu devastated a key protein source, flooding has seriously reduced their grain harvests, and Covid made all of it even worse. They have been buying everything they can get on the global market, especially from South America but also from anyone who has excess to sell. Food inflation here in the US is not just because of money printing by the Fed and bad policy by the Biden regime. Those have been bad enough, but increased demand from China combined with bad harvests in Brazil and other places have really spiked prices.

              China certainly has its own problems, possibly even worse than the US. But China crumbling or breaking down into civil war would not help the US escape its own problems. Maybe both nations have major crack ups at the same time. Wouldn’t that make for an exciting global scene?

              1. I agree that a crumbling china doesn’t help us with our trouble, and in the short term will actually hurt as we will suffer severe supply shortage.

                China is on very thin ice and they know it. Bluster is the province of the bully, but it’s all bluster from them.

                I’m just tired of hearing about the way over hyped chinese military* , the economic “miracle”**, the over the top “they can’t be beat” BS.***

                *it sucks, it’s a big police force, they have no military capacity right now

                **like all commie’s they lie, 2/3’s of China is impoverished

                ***Japan could cause bigger problems for China than are generally acknowledged. IF (big if) the Japanese have a quick put together nuclear program as some think, then China has even bigger problems. The Japs will not capitulate to the chinese.

                1. It is easy to over-estimate China’s capabilities. They have great PR in most of the US media, since the media is very left and regards China as the flag-bearer of international socialism these days.(Remember when the media loved the Soviet Union and all things Russian?)

                  There is also the factor of thinking that our leadership is just so bad, that China’s must be better. Very low bar of the “all they have to do is not be insane” variety. While Chairman Xi does not appear to be senile like Dementia Joe, there are many other ways for his leadership to be disfunctional. The recent proclamations that all Chinese students will have official courses in “Xi Thought” hints at some serious issues, as does the big crackdown on tech elites and other wealthy sectors.

                  The Japan angle is interesting too. The whole “aging society” demographic issue is even more advanced there than in China. We don’t see the ‘Japan will rule the world’ stories in the media much anymore, but they were a staple for quite a stretch some years ago. Did not happen, obviously.

                  1. Heh, I lived through the Japanese “world takeover” in the machinery business. Of course, for the most part it was the anti-Americans suggesting the Japs were beating us, not so much the Japs themselves.

                    At a show in Germany back around the early 90’s I pulled a Jap out from under our machine. He thought we were all gone to lunch, but I had stayed behind. I was in the office for a few minutes and he just assumed we were all gone. I walked out, saw legs sticking out, reached down and pulled him out. Had his little notepad with a sketch. I confiscated it. The little bastard then told me “American machine no good”. I replied that we specialized in bombs, named little boy and fat man. He left quickly 🙂

                  2. Xi is a Sociopath on the order of Mao. His millions of dead bodies is just getting started and he’s Head of State for Life. Meanwhile he’s just 68 and looks in reasonably good health.

                    There’s Big Trouble coming for Little China.

                    1. Xi is not officially called “emperor” but the Chinese do seem to favor the single supreme leader for life model.

  3. I’m glad to see others are finally catching on to the fact that Ann Coulter (Commie, witch) is a con woman bitch.

    It take incredible stupidity to praise biden over anything having to do with afghanistan, but then she was one of donut mans supporters as well (christy). I bet she’d like being sniffed and finger raped by biden.

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