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Maaaan the Fun -Never- Stops

Greetings Gang!

Just the ole I.R., BCE jumping in. Figgered that me Host Mike has been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest, so I figgered on Jumping In and keep the party jumping. Not much going on ’round Casa El Grande Campesino… just trying to unfuck the unemployment sit-rep. Even the people at the bureaucracy at the Employment can’t figure out -why- I’m not getting paid. Go figure… the geniuses of “our” civil servants… IQ must be less than or equal to 70. Must be female or trans, and must be from a sub-Saharan country.


So, doing a blegg here at Mike’s, I’m not going to bore the hell out of you all. I did however through the gloriousness of Private Email, get a feed on something that I and y’all will prolly find interesting.

I find it that, and worrisome

Not so good Aye?

So, seems that and according to all the sources I can find, NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organism, and yeah intentional misspelling) got a sign installed at Norfolk International Airport proclaiming that Norfolk is now part of NATO. Now, ordinarily? No BeeEffDee. Lots of ‘Commands’ allllll over the world and places that one would expect and NOT expect. Norfolk? What of it? BIG naval shipyard, and every single time there’s some North Atlantic Wargames, ALL the aligned DotMilNav tend to dock and party up and around.

Hell… true story. MomUnit said when they raised the Hunley in Charleston Harbor, and held the funeral for the “First Submariners” killed in action, something like every single country, outside of North Korea sent a sub into Charleston Harbor for the festivities. Told me that shit was lit like a motherfucker with all the bubbleheads drinking the Bowery dry… would have loved to have seen that… anywho.

Not uncommon for our ‘theoretical allies’ to be ‘in town’ or ‘representing’. What is unusual is that in October of 2020, we put up signs welcoming them. OK, fine, no biggie. Then in July of this year:

Wait….. Whut?

‘Scuse me?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?


“By: Web StaffPosted at 9:56 AM, Jul 15, 2021 

NORFOLK, Va. – NATO’s newest headquarters is now fully operational in Norfolk.

Joint Force Command Norfolk, has reached Full Operational Capability (FOC) and held a ceremony on Thursday at 10 a.m., to mark the occasion.

This new command is part of the allied command operations structure, the Navy said. It will provide a United States-led, joint multi-national operational command, supported by component, Allied and partner commands, responsible for the North Atlantic and the High North.

Its mission is to protect the Strategic Lines of Communication across all domains, and enable the reinforcement of Europe, according to the Navy.”

OK… did we all miss a meeting or something? I mean last time I looked, we –might– have foreign advisors temporarily attached to our DotMil, or OUR guys attached to another locale, but a “Joint” command? What the fuck over? NOT what I ever expected. See, as a DotMil, the rules of the game are that in foreign countries, we advise, assist, but in no way, unless it’s where the ‘host country’ is more fucked up than a Football Bat, does there ever get a point where the ‘visitors’ get carte blanche on the ‘home team’s’ DotMil.


I ain’t so sure. Especially in light of the ‘who’ the ‘visiting team’ is from so to speak. Seems that the head of NATO currently? At least the DotMil arm of ‘rape and pillage’ NATO? Well, that’d be General Philippe Lavigne, one of France’s big wheels so to speak. Currently in charge of the French Air and Space Force (LOLZ, get the fuck outta here!) as the French Air and Space Force Chief of Staff. He’s been now nominated to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation. Meaning this frog motherfucker is going to be Numero Uno NATO wise in the Estates Uni…

Why is my Spidey Sense tingling?

Now, they can ‘blow all the happy smoke’ they want up our fourth point of contact, but man, NATO Troops… on US Soil… with overall joint command of both US AND NATO forces? They can try and sell it that this’s a strictly DotMilNav thing, but we ALL know how that particular song and dance goes these days. Remember kids, “Just 15 days to flatten the curve” equates to “NATO Troops will only being assisting in civil disturbances temporarily” Not a far jump to that Aye?

Add on how the Frog DotMil has been called out over the scamdemic to crush the protests on numerous occasions it means that Froggy the Admiral probably has less than a hesitancy to unleash his Congolese or Nigerian Armed Forces here in the States IF and WHEN the need arises. It also give Slo, Hoe, and the Gin Hag ‘clean hands’ when it comes to the nut-cuttin’. “We disavow any actions taken against our glorious and helpful allied DotMil troops…”

Yeah, not that I’m overly worried, BUT the fact remains that Slo and The Hoe and the Gin Hag signed off on this particular shytteshow? I mean it’s been in progress since 2018, but at the same time, seeings that Orange Man Bad was in the dark about lo oh so many things somehow I don’t think his Orangeness was made aware of these particular shenanigans.

Yeah… might get ‘sporty’ soon

I hope

One of those will look good on my trophy shelf… Jes’ Sayin’

So, things to think on.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


5 thoughts on “Maaaan the Fun -Never- Stops

  1. Figgered that me Host Mike has been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest

    Correctimundo, old son, and more besides. Had to drop my last sad shekel on a new phone the other day; the old one finally gave up the ghost after more than three years of stellar service. It WAS kinda comical as the poor thing’s deterioration accelerated like mad over the last week or two, though, especially watching the Waze app (GPS, craptons superior to Google) just spin around and around as it tried in vain to pin down my location. It would show my little yellow car icon tootling along happily in the ditch, then flip around to show me going north on the southbound side of the street. Then it would start with the whirling-dervish impersonation again.

    However, this ain’t NEARLY so funny when you’re totally reliant on GPS to make your meager living, which I am. So I had to scrounge up a hundo and change for a new ‘un, which amazes me no end; after two days of getting the new whip set up and beginning the familiarization process, it hit me that you get one HELL of a lot of phone for a hundred clams nowadays.

    Glad you took the initiative there while I was otherwise occupied, BCE, and my thanks to ya for it.

    1. it hit me that you get one HELL of a lot of phone for a hundred clams nowadays.

      Oh, yeah. Seriously. My Blackview cost about $140 or so, and it’s one hell of a hunk of electronics for just over a hundred bucks.

      Otherwise… I have little or nothing to add to ‘Expat’s read on the “Welcome to Nato North America!” screed.

      You want Civ War 2.0, you say? Well, this is how you get to Civ War 2.0, Bidenites.

  2. Other than the inertia of large bureaucracies, why does NATO even still exist? And what exactly is it supposed to ‘reinforce’ Europe against? The leadership of the Euro members of NATO have made it clear they welcome the Islamic/African invasion of their lands, and whatever one thinks of Putin he is not about to send armored formations racing towards the Rhine.

    Dissolving NATO with a big ‘Job Well Done, Boys!’ party is at least 25 years overdue.

    1. NATO exists to transfer money from your pocket into important people’s pockets. Duh.

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