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Voluntary enslavement

To adjust and update an old expression: Nobody can take advantage of oppress you without your permission.

For those keeping score, this has not been America since Randy Weaver’s Ruby Ridge home was invaded by the FBI and/or U.S. Marshals in 1992, killing his wife Vickie and son Sam. For which, the U.S. Government, i.e., the U.S. taxpayer, paid $3.1 million dollars in damages. The settlement signaled that government agents were liable for the unwarranted deaths, but no one was held responsible.

These events (Ruby Ridge and Waco—M) are not “when” the U.S. Government went off the rails, but it’s when they decided they were beyond reproach by the American people. These events signaled to them that they could do whatever their perverted minds dreamed up if it were associated with some minor crime better dealt with individually, privately and less confrontationally. But that wouldn’t send the message they wanted, which is that they are in control of the people, not the other way around.

Having been successful in defaming and indeed murdering many, many more over the years, their lack of accountability has only emboldened them to greater depths until they have completely lost a sense of humanity. The people are merely cattle to be controlled and occasionally murdered for the sake of optics. It bothers them no more than stepping on a cockroach or two to scatter the rest. Thousands of people died as a direct result of the orders of Governor Andrew Cuomo and he has suffered no penalties, even written books to honor his brilliance.

We are not free; we are not endowed with rights by our Creator. We are wards of the state; property and when defective (free) we are subject to the penalty of death. That is their message to us. They are right. They do have the power. They do have the absolution of the state for their evil. One person, a free person, does not stand a chance against the weight of arms we have put in their hands. They can come and slaughter us all, one by one, or burn our house down in the middle of the night, blocking the doors, shooting through the windows as human beings try to save their lives (they’ve done it before). They can launch a drone strike. They can deny us employment. They can deny us food. They can deny us water. They can inject us with some infectious disease or poison. But they cannot do it alone.

Like all agents of the state, they act with the authority of the people. While they might respond only to presidents, governors, mayors, county commissions as being in the chain of command, all of those positions require at least the assumed authority of the people. Even in the darkest days of communism in Russia, it was with the acquiescence of the people that they acted. It was the blind-eye of society that allowed it. No group of individuals has the power of the people unless the people acquiesce in some manner to their power.

The only real question to be asked of the people is when is enough, enough?

That seems to be the question on pretty much everyone’s mind these days, the question we’re all on tenterhooks waiting to see answered. If history is any guide, and I have to believe that it is, that answer will come from an entirely unlooked-for place, at a hideously unpropitious moment, and will be a far cry from anything any of us have predicted or expected. Analyzing, debating, and thoughtful consideration are all fine things—maybe even necessary things, crucial things. But in the end, all of them will be blown away on the wind like the smoke they truly are. We can only ready ourselves as best we can…and then wait.

18 thoughts on “Voluntary enslavement

  1. What we can know for certain is that we don’t know for certain what is coming, only that something is coming so we need to be prepared as best we can for whatever happens.

  2. I’ve been all over the world. Right now, today, we have more freedom than 90% of the rest. We are not Cuba, the Soviet Union. We are not China. We are not the Middle East. We are not Africa. We are not South America or Mexico.

    While we must continually fight to recover that which we have lost, fight against the oppressors in the federal and state governments, and fight to set right a stolen election, we should not lose sight of the fact that we are still the wealthiest people on the planet with a great deal of freedom.

    All has not been lost.

        1. We’ve been sliding down a slippery slope for a long time. At least since Reagan, more like since Coolidge, with Ike and Reagan and in some ways Nixon, as a respite.

          I can tell you we are way closer to the All At Once stage of bankruptcy than the Slowly at First stage.

          1. I can tell you…

            No argument from me.

            I just note that I’ve been hearing about impending doom for 50+ years.

            1. Slowly at first, then all at once.

              Do you recall a Stolen Election of this magnitude?

              1. I suspect many have been stolen long before this one. But no, not this blatant and openly.

                It’s not over yet.

                1. 1960 was stolen, one State (tens of thousands of votes) for JFK.

                  This was a Victory by Trump that in the past was beyond the Margin Of Fraud.

                  Six States flipped. A landslide Flipped. Even the total vote flipped by 20 Million, basically 20% of the vote.

                  Not 1 or 2 %. Twenty percent. 20. Percent.

                  1. Sure, I have no doubt that many of the states that flipped were substantially for Trump. It wasn’t even close. The math, statistical data, and historical trends clearly show it.

                    Do I believe only one state was stolen in 1960?
                    No. It all just hinged on the one state. We know that every state with large urban hives have had rigged elections forever.

                    How many elections have been stolen? Did Clinton beat Bush? How would we know? Did Obama win legitimately? I’ve never thought so. No great loss considering it was McCain and Romney though.

                    We know without any question this one was stolen. That does not preclude others having been stolen.

                    1. The Mail-In Scam where they mailed out tens of millions of ballots to people without a request for one, which was new last year, allowed for a much larger level of theft to be hidden. Whether they actually used mail-in to do it all (I doubt it), or they used machines to outright switch votes, or weigh Biden votes 2% higher and Trump votes 2% lower, they had much more cover to cheat.

                      I got 4 mail-in ballots for people who no longer live in my house (it was rented out before we bought it) and I know at least two of them no longer live in this State. I shredded them but who knows how many of them were used to cast a vote anyway.

                      In 2016 there were, supposedly 130 million, give or take, votes cast. 2020 saw, supposedly, 154 million votes cast. Now, Trump obviously legitimately drove 11 million more people to the polls for him. So 24 increase can only be explained if Biteme got 13 Million more votes than Hitlery. It didn’t happen. No one liked him, not even Dems.

                      So that means no matter how hard they cheated previously they increased the cheating by at least 13 Million MORE votes this time.

                      That’s how I come to my 80-60 Million Trump Won guesstimate. The Math works out in every way. And THAT is giving Biteme the benefit of the doubt that he got about the same amount of legitimate people voting for him as Hitlery. I have my doubts about that, but I can’t gauge that numerically so I’ll stick with my 80-60.

                    2. Let me give you one stat.

                      GA 2016 had 4.1 Million votes cast.
                      In 2020 it was 5 Million.
                      An incredible 22% increase.

                      2016 Trump 2.09m.
                      2020 Trump 2.46m.
                      17.7% increase.

                      2016 Hitlery. 1.88m.
                      2020 Biteme 2.47m.
                      31.4% increase.

                      That’s just too much to believe without suspecting that the Fraud was driven to a level that was not reachable before.

                    3. Kenny, if you’re reading me in some way that says that I’m minimizing the fraud that occurred, either I’m writing poorly or you’re not reading me correctly.

                      Perhaps you’re just being clear for the record.

                      In any event, just so it’s clear – Yes, I agree with you, there was massive amounts of fraud carried out in multiple ways in the 2020 election. The vote by mail ballots were a huge new fraud contribution.

                      That does not preclude there being massive amounts of fraud in past elections that we know exist but cannot prove with courtroom certainty, because the system is rigged against us.

                      My take on this way up above, that “All has not been lost.” remains true. The 2020 election is still being investigated. I don’t know the result, it will not likely be what I would want. But you can be certain that there are many people waking up and investigations are occurring.

                      Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

                    4. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

                      My gut says something in 2020 was a game changer. I fear I’m not wrong.

                    5. Kenny, I’m not suggesting you are wrong. I am suggesting there is a lot of freedom still left at the moment.

                      We’re far from dead or slaves, for now at least. I believe over half the country is not going to lie down and cave.

                    6. I think you’re minimizing what we’ve seen change in 18 months and even more in the last 6 months.

                      You may personally not feel it, but I see it, and it’s the same shitstorm that hit in 2006 onwards, but piled higher and deeper.

                      Maybe it’s because my neighbors aren’t as Red as yours. Shit’s getting Realer and Realer out there.

                    7. You need to look further than your neighborhood.

                      There is a lot more good than bad. There is going to be a struggle, but we are not going to lose.

  3. The hallmark of a weak government is oppression. Expect to see more, and soon.


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