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So apparently Newsome’s minions in Californicate messed up the paperwork for the recall election, and a judge has ruled Newsome won’t be able to have the coveted ‘D’ by his name on the ballot. This is the kind of thing that spawns conspiracy theories.

Are Newsome’s people really that incompetent? Or has the Cali dem party decided he has become too much of a liability, and this is a means of dumping him? Huge numbers of illegals and welfare leeches (but I repeat myself) will blindly vote for whichever candidate has the ‘D’ by the name.

The Gutless Old Pussies are lining up behind Bruce Jenner, or whatever the hell it is calling itself these days. Are there any halfway decent alternatives for decent Californians?


The black former president is being imprisoned by the current black government for corruption, which of course never happens in Africa. (The putting in prison, I mean, not the corruption.) But I am sure that somehow, some way it is the fault of white people. Becuase reasons.


It is funny to watch a corrupt black former official get imprisoned by corrupt black current officials and it’s all going to be white peoples fault.


Of course it is. Y’know, given the unfair advantage that our White Privilege gives us, other races might as well just give it up. They have no chance of winning against the Power of White Supremacy.

Just ask any media source: they’ll be happy to tell you that, in lurid detail.

Big Expat

Believe it or not, it’s tribal as all get the hell out. Rhamposa is from one tribe, the guy who had him busted and jailed is from another, so they all BLM’ed and Floyded all over the place….

Big Expat

make that Zuma got busted, Rhamposa was the buster, my bad…


Take two… And a one, and a two!

They’re rioting in Africa,
They’re seceding in Spain.
There’s hurricanes in Florida,
And Texas Manitoba needs rain!

Current U.S. Drought Monitor

Drought spreads in key U.S. crop states

But we can be tranquil
And thankfull and proud,
For man’s been endowed
With a mushroom-shaped cloud!

So, where the hell did the Kingston Trio get that crystal ball of theirs, anyway?


Oh, the whole world is festering with unhappy souls!

I keep thinking that sooner or later the lyrics of the Merry Minuet are going to stop having that “Ripped from the headlines!” applicability to current events.. and then I go hit my news blogs and find out that Today Is Not That That Day.


Black students at UNC claim campus is unsafe (but they stay there anyway, what a surprise).

Eve Carson was unavailable for comment.


OK, two links only and “Awaiting for approval”, which is fine. Just want to alert you Mike in case two is not what you had in mind. No problem in any event.



My only quibble is that many of those government institutions have been corrupt for a much longer period of time than pointed out here. VDH doesn’t preclude that fact, but doesn’t really mention it either.

Hat tip to Ace

Last edited 3 months ago by Barry

Dems have quite a dilemma. Biden needs to be 25th’d but they can’t lose power or somebody gets punished. That leaves Kamala, she is someone no one likes, pothead, narcissist, that nobody will be able to prediction is she will go away and Pelosi or her new VP pick will be our new fearless leader.

Kammie is at Walter reed


The timing of that “completely routine” visit to the hospital does make one wonder, doesn’t it? Exposure to the Texas flee-baggers, maybe?


I wish the virus well in this case.


Biden needs to be 25th’d…

That is precisely why he was chosen. They have no plan to exercise the 25th short of complete failure to function.


“Only the sick governing elites can look you in the eye with a straight face and force experimental injections on u because masks didnt work while simultaneously forcing masks on you because the injections didnt work.”

— Daniel Horowitz (@RMConservative) July 27, 2021

Daniel Horowitz Perfectly Sums Up the CDC’s Covid Lies in One Sentence


Hey, Mike, just found this, and thought you would be interested:

In addition to the “facts” in the article, it also says:

In Val, premiering on Amazon Prime on August 6, Kilmer takes audiences through the more than 40 years of footage he has shot over the course of his personal and professional life. It’s a rare chance to see the sprawl of a respected actor’s career before throat cancer complications forced him to devise workarounds. (The documentary is narrated by his son.)


Doc Holliday. The best.

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