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19 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Shit happens, Mike. I could’ve gone in and fixed it myself, but I decided that it was more fun to be a wiseass.

    1. Happy ending, well, except for all of the TSA security theater crap that you have to deal with just to get on the plane, plus, they disarm you before you can fly.

      Too little, too late. Every airline at this point can feel free to go belly up with my blessing.

    1. So basically.taking over the media for news, entertainment, information, and culture, the Left has lit up our mirror neurons to such an extent that deprogramming that mirror and presenting a different mirror becomes a massive undertaking.

      My parents worked hard at being that alternative mirror and though it took some time, that won out largely with me by now.

    1. I never really bought the “variant” hoopla because in the real world it was a fizzle. Also, viruses tend to mutate to less harmful variants. The common cold being the perfect example.

      Now I have a scientific explanation that seems to make sense. Thanks for the links.

      1. The “Variant hoopla” is just a further attempt to use the virus as the excuse to take away freedom and liberty. I’m more convinced than I was a year ago that this virus is an intentional release.

        1. It was all preplanned and intentionally released. They released it in November and sent it around the world but hid it as long as they could.

          When they couldn’t hide it any longer the Deep State here cried Racist! and helped it spread further. Then the ChiComs pivoted to “ZOMG LOCKDOWN THE PLAGUE” and kept a billion people locked in their houses.

          Then our Deep State flipped 180 degrees and went “ZOMG IT IS A PLAGUE, LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN LOCKDOWN” and proceeded to do everything wrong during an outbreak of a respiratory disease and intentionally killing people.

          The rest is History and it did what it was intended. Harmed our Economy and enabled The Election Steal.

          All in all a very well executed Psyops Attack on the US. So successfully in fact that many people are still scared to.death and irrational in their view of the WuFlu. Witness Aesop.

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