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My, oh my. How quickly things change: Fauci: Schools Can Re-Open without All the Teachers Being Vaccinated

I’m old enough to remember 4 weeks ago when we all needed to triple mask or grandma was gonna die. It seems like it mas only yesterday.


Doctor Jill has cured it all…

Jill, Jekyll, hmmm…


Another nail in the Fox coffin, I think that’s the last one. Faux Business News cans Lou Dobbs. Dobbs is just their #1 program and has been for years. His error? An unabashed supporter of President Trump, an American.

Personally I think Lou is the real deal and put the country before paycheck.



Enh, they’ll linger on until someone finally cuts off the head, fills the mouth with garlic, and burns the corpse. Kinda like Hillary.


I’ll just note here that UNC beat the hell out of dook in their place tonight.

Go to hell dook.


Found this in a comment from Tina at Daily Pundit:

Frankly, My Dear

Millennial’s fighting back?


I really hate this article. Now they’re going to make me start liking Germans:

Germany: Politicians, virologists facing ‘rising hostility from COVID deniers’

“Germany’s top federal police investigator has said German society is currently emotionally charged with COVID-19 deniers projecting their threats at politicians, virologists and journalists.”

Anyone that threatens journalists just can’t be all bad.


And, it’s back!

CDC Coronavirus Guidance Recommends ‘Layers of Material,’ Including Double Masks

I was gonna say, “Would you idiots just make up your cotton pickin’ minds?”, but, on second thought: just fuck you people. Sideways.


My economic war, written and stated in a fashion better than I am capable of:

“We are going to have to get out of convenience mode, or we will ultimately destroy ourselves. Do not use Amazon or related convenience systems for purchases. Do as much local purchasing as possible. Buy made in America products; it is an investment in our own economy. Economic patriotism is how we defeat globalist economic expansion.”


By the way, I’m practicing what I preach. I know it is impossible to be 100%, but do your best. That will be good enough.


Old AA saying: Progress, not perfection.

No one can be 100% these days. Do what you can.


Utah goes Constitutional Carry: Utah Axes Gun-Permit RequirementState will allow residents to carry concealed guns without permit


Progress. Now if they would recall that marxist senator…




Romney is a marxist POS, so yea 🙂


Cool! My Boker Plus pen arrived today – nearly a week earlier than the tracking said it was going to:

It's Tactical!

BOKER PLUS MPP Multi Purpose Pen

Sucker is solid. Built like a friggin’ tank. Much more substantial feeling than the S&W tactical pen I was using.

I’ve been wanting a good EDC pen for awhile now, and I’ve finally found one I’m happy with.

I can kill you with my pen. 🙂


Well damn, now you’re going to make me buy a pen…


Admittedly, it was the glass breaker feature that interested me and not the “tacti-cool weapon pen” thing, but… yeah. 🙂

I mean, I have a 4″ bladed Al Mar folder in the scabbard on the opposite side of my belt if I need a HTH weapon. The idea of something that can be useful for getting out of a vehicle after a wreck, if needed, was intriguing.

Plus, it’s a damn nice pen. 🙂


While I have given consideration and awareness to what can be used as a weapon around me, I never gave much thought to the pen. Might as well add one to the arsenal. I see Gerber makes one as well, a bit different. And a few more $$$. I’ll have to study this a bit.


I was reading some comments at Sundance’s site. I like the overall optimism there, but a long thread about the ’22 senate midterms seemed totally pointless to me. The GOP is not going to recapture the senate, or the house, or anything else at the national level. Ever. Vote fraud guarantees that. Yet there are still people talking about “voter anger” as if it matters any more. The folks in DC don’t give a damn about what the voters want — that’s why they installed all the razor wire and have troops guarding them from the peasants.

I am curious to see how long it takes for various segments of the public to figure out that everything changed with the Big Steal, and all their concerns about midterms and polls and vote shares and candidates just does not mean a thing any more. I expect a lot of them will never figure it out, not even when they are loaded onto the boxcars. “That could never happen here! If only comrade Biden knew!”


The Dems cheated in GA to force the runoffs.

The GOPe did nothing to Stop The Steal on Jan 5 and afterwards. The message was clear. The Dems will cheat and we will let them.


Based on what I’m seeing, I’m pretty sure that some of the commenters at InstaPundit will never figure it out. There’s an awful lot of “We’ll vote HARDER in 2022!” out there.


They’re predicting a pretty high chance of snow tomorrow and tomorrow night down here in Texomaland. I’m kinda looking forward to it – I might be able to get some pics of Ulric encountering his first snowfall.


We had freezing rain in my area near the weirdness that is Austin. All the trees and bushes are coated in ice, with the forecast claiming 1 F by Sunday night/Monday morning. Many of them had started putting out buds, since it was in the 80s just 4-5 days ago. I expect a lot of them aren’t going to make it. 🙁


Ten days ago they were calling for Saturday (yesterday) to be 11 degree’s here, and several days of snow. we came back home from the coast just for that reason. I think the low yesterday was 33… And rain. No snow, no sleet nothing consequential.


Haz, those “likes” were mine and both were accidents. I was trying to comment to commiserate on your plantings, hit “like” instead of “reply”, then tried to unclick it. *sigh*

Anyway, I hope your plants prove sturdy enough to live through it, even if the blossoms are gone for the year.

Although it has been several years since we had such cold, all of our outside things are types that should weather it. The only thing I’m concerned about are the fig trees, but they are older trees and have been in the ground for two (or maybe 3) years, so the roots should survive even if the branches don’t

Ironbear, did ya’ll have snow the last go-round in January? We had about 6″ that stayed on the ground for a few days. It is snowing today, small dry flakes.


No. Never did. They kept promising snow, but we never actually got any.

We did last night, though:

Hey! What's all this white shit?

Ulric encounters his first snowfall.

Ulric is not favorably impressed.


Well if we had to walk barefoot in it, we wouldn’t be impressed either. LOL

Ulric looks good on the snow, though. He is growing into a fine doggie!


He’s a Good Boy. 🙂

We’ve got about three inches, so far, with more on the way.


Ouch on the snow, at least after it stops and the melt begins.

Doggie looking good.


Yeah. That’s the problem with snow out here: once it goes above freezing in a couple of days, it’ll turn to slush and then refreeze.

Coming down in big fat flurries right now. We may get every bit of the 5+ inches they were forecasting. If we were farther north, I’d say we were looking at a blizzard. Instead, we’ll get what passes for one in the north central Texas area.

More coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. If that’s accurate, we may get another seven inches before we’re done.

Sun should come out tomorrow, although it’s not projected to get above the low teens. I may be able to get some better pics.


“…we may get another seven inches before we’re done.”
Global Warmening. All gore visiting your area?


Not that I’ve heard, but that would fit, wouldn’t it? Every time Algor goes someplace for a Glowbull Warmening (Which is realz!) conference, having to shovel 12 inches of global warming off of your driveway is sure to follow.

We’ll see. I’ve seen this trick before: North Texas and Texoma weather predictions mean “Wait five minutes and it’ll change.”

Wednesday is still a couple of days off yet.


I never spent enough time in the North Texas area to experience the drastic weather changes. I have seen a 40 degree swing in just a few hours in West Texas though.


And then I see the following at Insty:

Geez, I think I’m staying away from West Texas until summer.


The link came up a 404. Is that the one Glenn posted with the joke about the Eskimo?

It’s an old joke, but it is funny. 🙂


No, no joke. Here’s the insty post, but the link is dead. just a report of the Amarillo area going to -10…


Although, the weather guy did have a frozen banana…


Ah. Yeah, that’s the one all right:

Two eskimos are crossing the Arctic ice when one falls through. He freezes immediately, but his friend manages to pull him out and chip off the ice. After he’s warmed in an igloo, his first words are “I’ll bet it’s cold in Amarillo today.”

Two shows a night, we’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.


Uh… maybe I’m just slow or something, but: How exactly do you commit suicide via “multiple blunt force injuries”?


Hat tip to Anonymous Conservative.


That was 2018 in case anyone misses it. Obviously he was hit.


Yeah. Even so, 2018 doesn’t make it any less of a “Huh?” Damnedest case of suicide I ever saw.

Oh yeah. So obviously a murder that only a “journalist” could be fooled. 🙂


I only noticed because I remembered the death and looked for the date. I don’t remember it being declared a suicide though. Clearly, the definition of suicide now includes someone beating you to death with a blunt object.


What are the odds he found out about Fauxci’s “experiments” continuing in Wuhan and funded by US Taxpayers?

That story looks like it was written by a 6 year old.

Was it his apartment building? Why he was there outside the Garage at 5:25 AM?
Not only is multiple blunt force injuries not suggest suicide but even ONE blunt force injury is strange. Who commits suicide by striking themselves with a blunt object?

Was the blunt object found next to the body?

Like I said, a 6 year old wrote that article.


Come on Kenny, suicides are know to beat their selves to death with a hammer, in the back of the head, outside next to the door. Very common.

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