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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

74 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Comment of the week found over on the “” somewhere in there –

    “If you test positive for the chinaVirus tell them you just left WalMart” 🙂

  2. “It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, our economy was booming, China, Iran and their surrogates in this country, the Democrat Party were either on the ropes or reeling, as President Trump was well on the way to a massive re-election victory. If I’ve learned anything over the past four years is that given the evil that exists in this world, nothing is ever safe, certain or secure, not only on a cosmological level but for sure on a political level. With a nod to Sinclair Lewis, it certainly can happen here because starting in 2020 it did happen here.”

    It should not be forgotten how well the Trump doctrine was working, how evil the opponents are, and how quickly freedom. liberty, and prosperity can be destroyed.

    1. I’m hoping the first few weeks are full of fireworks.

      Cross the Delaware Mr. President, cross and we’ll go with you.

  3. Predictions (as in I have no real idea, but what the hell):

    I’m still of the opinion there will be no massive arrest of the bad guys and an election made whole. I hope I’m wrong but I still don’t see it. OTOH, maybe the intel people, the few that are actual red blooded Americans, did catch the perps in the act and something will go down. Again, I hope so, but then Clinton is still walking around free. Same thing for every one of the traitorous bastards at the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.

    So, if you’re President Trump what do you do? Go down fighting. Tomorrow is the perfect time to announce the new party, the one opposed to the marxists and their enablers, the GOPe. Lead the new party to an American revolution, not one fought with bullets, but one fought with the pocketbook. Stop buying from the big anti-American companies, shut down the corrupt institutions, only vote for the new party, never the supposed lesser of two evils. 75-80 million strong, it could eliminate the republican marxists and defeat the democrap marxists. Send an overwhlming force to every poll come election time. Support real news organizations not the Pravda institutions we have now.

    Economic warfare.

    1. It would be nice to see something like that happen. But I think it is at least 10x as likely that Trump is Epsteined in prison a couple months into the Harris junta.

      1. Those that would kill Trump understand what the reaction would be. This isn’t 1963.

        1. Reagan told us. The Commies killed JFK. Oswald went to the Soviet Union to train as an assassin. He was sent back and run by the Cubans. He went to the Cuban Embassy a month or so before and got his orders to quietly kill a general. Perhaps he was told to take any opportunity and he acted without orders. Or perhaps he was ordered to take JFK out.

          Either way the Commies killed JFK.

    2. We will get an answer soon either way.

      I believe like Haz that once Trump leaves office he is taken out in some way.

      Which means he shouldn’t leave.

      1. You, Haz, and I will support him if he stays in office, but who else will? Who that matters? There are only a handful of politicians that truly support President Trump. I’m certain the DOJ/FBI/Intel will not. Will the military if it comes down to that? No, not at the officer level. They may be worse than the politicians.

        Maybe a couple million Americans in DC can effect a change, but I doubt even that will do it, short of taking up arms.

        Anything we know, Trump knows, and a million times more.

        EDIT: I left out – How do you propose he stay in office? You realize they will come for him, right? In fact I think the deep state would prefer it that way.

        1. Sounds like we get to the 2A whichever path we take except one. We Surrender.

          What would Napoleon or Sun Tzu think about now?

          1. I’m going to keep hoping the absence of inside knowledge is leading me to think the wrong thing. Perhaps Trump has something more. He did say last night that he and Pence were in agreement on Pence’s options.

            As far as I’m concerned, the constitution says Pence counts the damn votes anyway he likes and there is nothing they can do about it. We’ll see…

            1. That is the preferred path.
              Better to be In Power and fighting the Deep State than outside fighting the Deep State.

  4. Turn on C Span now!! Protesters have breached the House Chambers. A guy is pictured sitting in either Pence’s or Pelosi’s chair at the Head of the Chambers.

    Reports that Congresspeople are fleeing for their lives!!

  5. When the Left riots, they invade a Target.

    When the Right riots, we invade Congress.

  6. You have to admire how neatly the left has orchestrated everything these past few months. They are evil, but not stupid.

    They have stolen the presidential election and the senate (and likely more), right out in the open, and dared anyone to do anything about it. The GOP (of course) caved and begged not to be called ‘RAYCISS!!!!’ any more.

    After months of openly supporting violent riots for political purposes, some questionable activities (false flag?) supposedly by deplorables is now equated with 9-11 and Pearl Harbor as ‘one of the darkest moments in American history’ by the Dems and their media mouthpieces.

    They now have their “justification” for arresting Trump, who will be Epsteined in prison or be executed for “treason.”

    They have their justification for a mass crackdown on those “dangerous terrorists”, the deplorables.

    Team Biden has announced a 100 day mask mandate, during which they will quietly change the definitions for the PCR test thresholds to a more reasonable number. Presto! The mandate “worked” as the always massively over-hyped casedemic vanishes. America is saved by the Dems! Hoorah!

    I suppose it was a nice run while it lasted, America. I am certain to be on the lists for posting here and elsewhere, so I will see you all in the camps. Interesting times ahead.

    1. We’ll all be there with you if we survive. I plan to take some of them with me though.

    2. They have been prepositioning Dominion Machines for years. They have been talking about GA “going blue” since Summer 2018 and their attempt to push thru Stacey Abrams. When that failed they simply bought off Kemp and Ratzo to take on Dominion Machines.

      Don’t tell me this was a window of opportunity that opened in March 2020 that they took and rode to victory on by sheer chance.

      They’ve been working with the ChiComs for years since Trump won to set this up for the 2020 Elections.

      Absolutely convinced this was a Psyops operation with WuFlu and everything that followed.

      Something odd about Trump promising at noon yesterday to never concede and his speech today. His speech today just didn’t seem Trump-like. We’ve seen Rally Trump and we’ve seen Serious Trump. Rally Trump is loose and off the cuff. Serious Trump almost feels unnatural and stilted. Today seemed… rehearsed? Too smooth for Serious Trump but too scripted for Rally Trump? I can’t put my finger on it. Something just didn’t feel right.
      Especially when he said “I have pursued all (one second pause)…LEGAL…actions…”.

      All along he has been saying that it was his sworn duty to uphold the Oath to the Constitution and stop the fraudulent election proceedings and never concede.

      I don’t know. Once again. Just something is off. Maybe I just don’t want to believe he’s really giving up. Still…

  7. Another entry for the ‘just what the hell did these people expect?’ files: All the people acting all surprised at how politicised the vaccine distribution has been, with all the usual charges of ‘RAYCISSS!’ and how it is shocking, just shocking to see powerful people cut to the head of the line.

    Plenty of people have been warning for years about how this would happen. Don’t any of these people remember Sarah Palin and ‘death panels?’ The left did not throw a screaming fit about that because she was wrong, after all.

    Expect a whole lot more of these ‘But who could possibly have foreseen this?’ moments over the next few months as easily predictable events unfold like clockwork.

  8. Well, I see the president has conceded. Puts to bed any further lingering thoughts that, any minute now, the traitors will be arrested.

    Donald Trump fought an entire corrupt and traitorous government, the most powerful one in the world or that has ever existed, almost entirely on his own. Four years of it, and his success is great.

    It is our failure, not the presidents. He did everything. It was Trumps desire to make America great, not burn it all down. He almost succeeded, but for the pussy’s fear of a virus.

    They will not like what comes next.

      1. Ok first off.
        He, meaning Trump, immediately deployed the National Guard? As far as I remember, the DC Mayor had the National Guard ready the day before (absolutely remember that because I said to myself “NOW they deploy the NG!”) and it was the DC Mayor that called them in.

        Second. Why should we reform our Election laws to determine the identity blah blah blah. Our Election laws definitely had that. The whole point Trump was making was that the Election Laws were changed by fiat from non-legislatures like SoS and Governors and Courts etc when only legislatures could change them. Therefore, destroying the Integrity of the Election. It wasn’t the laws that failed, it was the enforcement of the laws that failed. It’s odd also that he does not mention a single time the Fraud that occurred and violated the Election Laws as well. Another set of statements that seem at odds with everything he said Jan 6 at his noon speech.

        Third. I don’t know about his collar and skin and those technical aspects of the video. However, what seemed really odd the first time I saw the video was the abrupt shift of the camera angle from 1:29 (now Congress has certified the results CUT to different angle) and then it is unnatural how he then says “a new administration will be…” then at 1:45 it shifts back to the original angle after he says “2020 has been a challenging time for our people”, also with the same weird speech transition.
        Why the camera angle shift?

        Then the last part is really weird. Our journey is just beginning? We need to build together after the pandemic.

        Is this several videos somehow edited together?

        I said in another comment. Something struck me as odd when I first saw this. I have no idea what that might mean though.

        1. Another comment, synced with mine.

          Lawlessness cannot be tolerated?

          So how can you accept the Election Crimes? Listen, I can understand if he condemns the “violence” at the Capitol, but there is a logical inconsistency here for accepting Crimes (lawlessness) because all “legal” avenues have been exhausted. Have they? Besides, regardless, lawlessness cannot be tolerated.

          Like I said, a logical inconsistency.

      2. Also, as someone in the comments noted. They reopened his Twitter Feed for that one tweet and then silence again.

        1. yea, there is something hinky about the video. I noticed it when I watched and before I read any comments about the damn video. Could just be Trump not liking what he felt he had to say, perhaps what he was forced to say under threat. I don’t know. VD is mostly just entertainment as they can find a way to spin every detail into a wider web of Trump winning and arresting every criminal of the past 50 years 🙂
          Well, except Hillary, who is still running loose.

    1. I don’t believe it either.

      Okay, seriously: He’s still – currently – the President of the United States. Why is he posting a video supposedly conceding? Really?

      He has the White House fucking Press Room. Do any of you seriously think that if Trump called a press conference to concede the election and congratulate Biden, that every single MSM journalist in this country wouldn’t cut their own mother’s throat to be there to tape it and get it on the air?

      Get real. FOX News would skull fuck a puppy in order to get in on that breaking news.

      Second: Trump sends an aide to tweet statements for him? When has he ever done that?

      Twitter ban or not, if Trump was going to make a statement, he’d find or make a way to do it himself and in person, not have an aide post a badly made video for him.

      Use your heads.

      If it looks hinky, smells hinky, and feels hinky, it is hinky.

      And this smells worse than week dead carrion in August.

      1. Thirdly and fourthly:

        Why the hell are they suddenly in a rush to impeach Trump? He’s leaving office – supposedly – on the 20th.

        Why are they suddenly in a hellacious rush to use the 25th Amendment to get him out of office. He’s leaving office – supposedly – on the 20th.

        Has anyone seen Trump since his speech at the Stop the Steal rally yesterday? Has he appeared anywhere?

        Has anyone seen or heard from Melania since Trump’s speech at the Stop the Steal rally yesterday?

        Something is way beyond hinky here.

        1. I thought that too but thought I was crazy to say it.

          Has anyone seen Trump since he left that speech? He was supposed to go to the Capitol Building after the speech but instead headed back towards the WH and was AWOL until the tweets asking for calm and not violence.

  9. Latest headline on yahoo: calls intensify for Trump’s removal “even as he ‘acknowledges new administration”.

    They can’t wait 12 days? Really?

    Something is really odd here.

    1. Ah. You spotted that too, eh?

      My ears grew hairy points as soon as I read that Trump supposedly sent an aide to post a video “concession” statement followed by the sudden rush to impeach or 25th amend him out of office.

      1. Something strange going on, to be sure. The sudden bizarre rush to use 25th amendment or impeachment to remove a guy who is (supposedly) gone in less than two weeks just does not make sense. What are they afraid Trump would do during those days?

        I do hope Trump is still alive, and his family also. I am half expecting to hear the media announce a “tragic accident” or something similar.

        1. “What are they afraid Trump would do during those days?”

          Maybe he’ll nuke china…

          I know, just wishful thinking.

        2. To crib something from TV Tropes: “OOC is serious business”.

          When you see someone, or a number of someones, acting out of character, it’s reasonable to assume that they really are acting out of character and to start looking for the reasons why they are, rather than to freak out and start hyperventilating about it.

          Everything that Trump has supposedly done since he left the stage at the Rally, and everything that Congress and the Dems has done since the Capitol storming has been massively out of character for the context and for the people involved. Especially for Trump.

          1. Well damned if I know how this Through The Looking Glass World is working.

            I keep expecting to see the giant bunny rabbit from that Star Trek episode to come hopping around my backyard any moment now.

            Ok Ironbear, you really had to go and challenge 2021 to top 2020? We’re not even 8 full days in yet…

  10. I just noticed a “tweet” that appeared after the video, one hour later:

    “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”

    THAT sounds more like Trump, but if the video is fake then…

    1. I got something in error, that tweet was just a few minutes ago, at the time I posted. It now shows as an hour ago as I post this at 11:30am EST.

      And a new tweet has appeared stating Trump will not be going to the inauguration…

      OK, I wouldn’t go either. But I thought the tweeter was disabled…

      Curiouser and curiouser

      1. Right now there is also a follow up tweet about not attending the Inauguration.
        So his Twitter feed is back, I guess.

        That tweet did sound like Trump though. More than the video.

        Maybe we’re just seeing things that aren’t there. Sigh.

  11. Right or wrong, I think we’re all on the same page with respect to current actions:

    “The possibility of President Trump’s plan failing is not, and could not possibly be, evidence that the plan does not exist. Certainly Nancy Pelosi and the media believe it exists and are afraid of it, or they would not be trying to impeach him or remove him from office despite the fact that he supposedly only has 13 days left in it.”

  12. A good friend of mine just returned from the rally in DC.  Before he went, I told him that unless he was going armed and with bad intentions, he’d accomplish nothing.  He was aghast at that suggestion.  Having returned, he is wailing about how a ‘great peaceful rally’ was disrupted by ‘Antifa infiltrators,’ etc.  I asked him, “so, if the rally had stayed 100% peaceful, what do you think the result would have been?”  He looked at me uncomprehendingly.  “Well, we would have been heard, and they’d have known that we knew they stole the election.”

    I laughed and said, “Do you think they didn’t know?  They did it out in the fucking open!”  I don’t blame him.  He’s a good guy, a good human being, and a patriotic American.  His mental paradigm is just set for a country that doesn’t exist no longer – one with functioning governmental institutions.  That’s the problem of many – and in my opinion, it’s been one of the main things that hamstrung Trump.  For all of his virtues, he still believed in the country as it was when he was a young man.  Maybe if Trump had gotten into the game 15 years or 20 years ago, he could have changed the course of history – now, he’ll be destroyed, his family will be destroyed, and he’ll probably be executed for something.

    It’s like I said in the article I wrote for Mike a couple of weeks ago.  They aren’t afraid of us.

    1. “…now, he’ll be destroyed, his family will be destroyed, and he’ll probably be executed for something.”

      “They” would be wise to not create a martyr.

      1. Democrats? Wise??? No, they are (as always) doubling down. Now they are claiming Trump is nuts and will nuke the world, so he must be impeached. With 12 days left in his term. Yeah, right. It took the Dems longer than that to send their articles of impeachment to the senate, last time they tried this BS.

        Something bizarre is certainly going on in DC. And I don’t think it is Donald Trump. The democrats are (even more) out of their minds, and I am very curious as to why. What are they afraid of in the next 12 days? And no, I don’t buy their ‘madman Trump will nuke the world’ garbage.

        1. The Dems have pushed all their chips into the center of the table. Once you’ve done that, backing off isn’t an option. So it’s full speed ahead until you bust.

        2. Bizarre, yep. The whole damn lot of them are bizarre.
          They fear Trump. I suspect we are not done. Maybe there will not be a 2nd term, but something else is going on.
          Maybe Piglosi is going to be outed for her chinese connections, maybe others are.

          Hey, we have to the 20th to speculate. I intend to remain hopeful that more is coming 🙂

        3. “Democrats? Wise???”

          I’m not suggesting they are wise, only that they would be to not create a martyr. Now, do they take that advice?

          They’re not stupid, as much as I’d like to think they are, not at the top levels anyway.

          They are conniving, corrupt, and evil, but not stupid.

          1. Doesn’t matter.

            Biden didn’t win.

            Biden will never be The President.

            Biden and Harris will always be the Pretenders-Elect and the Usurpers in Chief.

            I only regret that it’s not possible for me to treat the Left’s Pretender-Elect with more contempt than they’ve shown Trump over the past four and a half years – they set the bar far too low.

    2. Some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept that there are people who just flat act in bad faith and intend them ill, no matter how much evidence is rubbed in their face.

      1. And yet I get it. We aren’t conditioned for that kind of thing – at least not on our side of the aisle.

        1. I guess.

          Maybe it takes a certain perspective and background to not only be able to hit the mindset of “trust no one and accept that the entire world is enemy territory and you’re living in Indian Country” and to live there deep down where it counts.

          Too bad. More people could benefit from at least a little bit of that.

      2. I think it mostly comes back to sustained prosperity, IB. Many Americans have been so well off for so long, that it is difficult to internalize the idea that the good times might come to an end. Even “poor” people in the USA live comfortable lives with abundant food, decent medical care, all basic needs (shelter, clothing, sundries) met, and of course more information and entertainment available 24/7 than any person can consume. Sure, they may not have the boutique brand names the idiot box trains them to want, or the 40-room mansions of the elites they are taught to envy. America’s “poor” are among the richest humans in history, not that very many of them realize that fact with the left constantly telling them how ‘oppressed’ they are.

        Even those with a bit more knowledge of history and relative status can have trouble internalizing it, after decades of good times. For myself, you have to go back to my father’s early childhood during the Great Depression for TRULY hard times in my family. We have been prosperous middle class or better since the mid-1950s, and that has a lot of effects (both good and not so much).

        1. Yep. I’ve made the same point before. Prosperity has a way of making you cautious, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water cautious.

        2. I’ve been shot at.

          It gives you a perspective on reality that people who haven’t been shot at lack, apparently.

        3. I can still remember the 70’s and how little by little we had to sacrifice things to make ends meet as inflation ate into the family income in real terms.

          It still was not true “hard times” but for most working class and even working poor those times seem like ancient history compared to today. Hearing people complain that they only have basic cable and one cell phone makes me laugh.

          1. “Hearing people complain that they only have basic cable and one cell phone makes me laugh.”

            The cry of the wealthy, “I don’t have enough”.

  13. I think that Anonymous Conservative’s blog has been deplatformed:

    I refreshed and it came back up as the WordPress “create your blog” page, and then when I hit [Back], it went to the mobile.anonymousconservative page.

    Was working fine when I got up a half hour ago. This happened in the last few minutes.

        1. Cool. Temporary outage, then. Thanks.

          Boy, it’s coming up slow as frozen shit on my end now, though.

      1. I think every boy of a certain age in our generations learned to tie a hangman’s knot at one point or another. Becuz it was funny! 🙂

  14. My wife informs me there is a tweet* this afternoon that President Trump will address the nation at 7pm this evening.

    Doubt it’s true but it’s almost 7 so I’ll turn on the tube.

    *beats me from who and why tweeter central would leave it up

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