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53 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Meanwhile, how would like to be General Flynn right now.

    He’s going to Jail because they never allowed the charges to be dropped officially.

    I hope he is either talking to his buddies in the Military or planning his escape to someplace he can hide away the rest of his life with his family.

    1. I’m thinking there will be only one way out of this mess. Absent SCOTUS ruling consistent with the constitution, then we are left with revolution. That could be peaceful, 70 million people, the productive ones at that, could choose to shut the country down until the corruption is rectified.

      I have about as much hope that will happen as I do a rainbow colored unicorn with wings will show up on the beach this afternoon.

      There is no escape, only blood.

      1. High speed lead applied properly is the one language THEY understand. Please be accurate!!!!!

        1. Hey MM, are you applying that high speed lead you keep going on about? Asking for a friend who thinks you’re an armchair warrior.

          1. Hey Hank, did you send your congratulations to Biden yet?
            He owes you for the Lockdowns.
            Wear your Face Diaper and send him a pic!!

            It’s not over yet.

            Of course, where you live you never had Rights so you have no idea what it means to lose them.

            1. Hey Kenny, are you still suffering from Hank Derangement Syndrome? Asking for a friend.

              1. That would imply that Hank didn’t Wank.
                But Hank Wanker has a lot of nerve making fun of someone that is supporting Trump.
                But Hank Wanker doesn’t care about Trump and is now happy the Scamdemic got rid of him.
                Now Hank Wanks off to Biden.
                Wank Wank Wank Hank.

        2. MarkMatis expresses a sentiment all Americans share.

          HenryKaren is upset about it. Just your average low IQ foreigner.

          1. Hey Barry, are you still hearing non-existent screaming as a result of your Empty Cranium Disorder? A friend really wants to know.

                1. Asshoe stick together.

                  When the going gets rough you’ll find Nobody Knows Hank When He’s Down and Out.

            1. Those Lockdowns against the Scamdemic worked out Great Hank!!!! It really helped the Dems to get Mail-in ballots and try to Steal the Election.

              Of course Trump is going to save us and I Trust in Trump.

              You I don’t trust. When the going got Rough you hid in your basement screaming at US to not Kill You!! and making us Lockdown.

              Thanks Hank. With “Friends” like you…

              1. Yes, I am all powerful. I run the DNC and I get Democratic governors to bend to my will. I did it all from my penthouse mancave in Spain. (Sorry, my digs don’t have a basement.)

                Also it seems Barry passed on his Empty Cranium Disorder on to you. That phantom screaming is a sure tell.

                1. Like Fox News stamping APPROVED on The Biden Steal, you gave your approval, and fed the fear, that got the Lockdowns enacted. That is because all the Dems were all on Board but a small of Minority of supposed Republicans (and posting WE HAVE TO LOCKDOWN on a major Bloggers Platform that is what you did) Stamps it with the Bipartisan Label.

                  Both Democrats and Republicans support the Lockdowns!!!! See, this isn’t a political Move! We are here to Save Everybody’s Life from what people on xxxxxx Blog, a Right Wing site no less, know is a Dangerous Plague we’ve never faced before.

                  So, yes, Wank, you and a host of others ENABLED the Lockdowns.

                  You’re too stupid to get that and now you are trying to rewrite History that you never did that.

                  Liar. You publicly supported Lockdowns on a Blog that reaches Tens of Thousands of Influential People who can shift Public Sentiment in the US. You were an Agent to Shift the Narrative.

                  Once again, you sit here, now, as it becomes extremely clear this was a Scamdemic that led to Massive Vote Fraud, and try to claim that “Widdle Hank can only Wank himself, he never convinced anyone else to Lockdown”.

                  Barry calls you HenryKaren and he’s right.
                  That’s because you, and a host of other WankerKarens pantywaists, complained to the Managers of the US that people were walking around in the US not Locked Down and that was going to Kill You.

                  They listened, as Managers usually do, and Locked Us Down. Illegally. Unconstitutionally. Tyrannically.

                  Thanks Hank, now go back to Wanking about your HDS that exists in your head.
                  It isn’t deranged to hate a Traitor.

                  1. PS Oops you’re not a Traitor, at least to America, you’re a Subject of the Crown living in FrancoLand.

                    If you ever supported Liberty, you’d be a Traitor to that. I have my doubts you ever really supported Liberty, because the term means something else to non-Americans.

                  2. HenryKaren and a host of others just handwave away their support of lockdowns and forced mask wearing. But hey, HenryKarens wife is a doctor, did you know that?

                    I remember when I asked on another blog what it is you want to do – The answer – nationwide lockdown – cower in place.

                    That is what passes for intelligence. Stop a virus by locking down the entire population of the USA, all 350million. It was laughable then. It’s clearly laughable now. And like HenryKaren, they just continue on like they were opposed to all the illegal shit all along.

                    They and every one like them are responsible for the current situation.

                    1. Well, was his father a postman like Kasich’s was? I mean Postal Wokrer clearly is superior Credentials of Virtue thaan Doctor.

                      Just yesterday someone claimed his Superiority to me by saying he was a Litigator and had friends at Mid Level DOJ.

                      I mean, to me, that is evidence of Three Demerits.

                    2. Oooh, a litigator with friends at the DOJ…

                      Clear evidence of a corrupt individual.

  2. I wake up[ and turn on Local news to see the Traffic and Weather.

    First thing. “OK people now remember, you have to renew your DACA every year. So, if you let it lapse it is important to go to the DHS now and renew it and be ready!”.

    Nothing good can come of this.

    Biden is just going to legalize Amnesty on a vast scale by Pen and Phone.

    Today Trump starts the counteroffensive.

    Noon Saturday 11/14. Raleigh and all over the Nation, rallies with and urged by Trump.

  3. So I scan the headlines this morning after getting up, and what do I see? The totally UNEXPECTED announcement that an “amazingly effective” vaccine is suddenly being fast tracked by the FDA with the full support of Fear-monger Fauci. Biden is proclaimed the winner by the media, and the great COVID panic suddenly stops. America is saved! Everything can return to normal as Biden “unifies” the nation! All praise the Democrats for saving us from death and the Bad Orange Man! RAH RAH RAH goes the media.

    Gosh, what a shock. It is almost like the entire COVID panic and shutdowns were a political ploy to destroy President Trump’s economy and his re-election prospects. But that’s just crazy talk — I had better adjust my tin foil hat before someone accuses me of being a QAnon believer or something.

    1. Oh yeah, I saw that too!
      I immediately told my family and in my best Forest Gump voice:

      And just like That…Covid was gone.

      1. The magic face diaper of virtue signalling is far too useful as a tool of social control. The government will never give it up voluntarily.

  4. Here is “Chad” now:

    November 9, 2020 5:51 am
    Putting aside the details of this giant voter fraud, the bottom line is that the Democrats want us to believe they are staunch advocates of the law after spending the better part of this year condoning the lawlessness of BLM & Antifa. We are supposed to roll over now and become part of their charade?

    As to the Republican Party, if Trump is out because state and national leaders slither away and refuse to back him, it’s over.

    The guy who spent 4 years slamming Trump for the Tax Cuts For Corporations and The Rich and Buybacks Only and bemoaning his Evil Tariffs is now calling out people who refuse to back him.

    What a joke some people really are.

      1. His ox will be gored now by Biden. Suddenly he realizes that Trump fella tweren’t so bad after all.

  5. My wife rode down to Buxton this afternoon while I continued remodeling one of the bedrooms. She just told me there was a large billboard with two pictures, left and right. Caption read “Do not confuse the two”. On the left is a picture of a marijuana cigarette with the label “Weed” and on the right a picture of Joe Biden with the label “Dope”.

  6. So I see that the Dems intend to hold their vote for House Speaker using a “secure” phone app. After the Dominion debacle and the wonderful fun of the Iowa Caucus, what could possibly go wrong?

    Meanwhile, the Senate Dems are talking about how they need to “improve their messaging.” Not how to change their policies to attract more voters, or how to find better candidates. No, they are looking for a more effective way to lie about their intentions. Because of course they are.

    1. Are you sure that’s ok? It goes to Sidney Powell?

      I am not trusting things lately. Got my credit card nicked. Has never happened before. Luckily the bank caught it. But it means my card is kaput and I have to wait for a new one and ALL my autopays need to be fixed.

      A pain.

  7. So I see that John “Lurch” Kerry is out blathering about the so-called ‘Great Reset’ and how it is necessary to stop populism. I wonder if the Bernie Bros realize that “stopping populism” means them, just as much as it means Trump?

    Also, I realize that the Dems’ talent pool is more like a small, mostly-dried-up puddle but is this idiot really the best they can do for foreign policy? An ultra-wealthy (from money other people made) old white elitist who wants to “stop populism?”

    1. The weirdest part of this is that the Populism of the Cross of Gold Dems from the turn of the Century led to Progressivism in the first place.

      The whole idea that Trump is “populism” just because his ideas are “popular” is a complete misnomer of the term. Trump employs many people who are “elite” in that they are traditional mainstream conservatives who are competent.
      Meanwhile our “elite” are now usually incompetent non-elite.
      Trump shows respect for Americans of modest means but does not elevate them to “elite”.

      If Trump is anything, he is a meritocratic person who recognizes achievement over credentials.

      The whole idea of Populism has been turned on its head from what it meant in the 1800’s.

      Madame Defarge was a Populist.

    2. Lurch just does what the global masters tell him to do.

      And the Bernie Bros are too damn stupid to know what it means.

    3. “I wonder if the Bernie Bros realize…”

      That the election was rigged against Bernie just as it was against Trump.
      Same for most of the top tier candidates.

      1. Pretty much rigged for the Primaries in 2008 and 2012 and would have been had Trump not grabbed Jeb by the balls and squeezed until he fell over in mind numbing pain.

        1. Sydney Powell did say both sides may have paid for results…

          Of course that paragon of virtue, Senator Joni Ernst, thinks that is just outrageous. Since she’s not stupid, it might indicate she paid.

          1. I think it is clear that the GA Governor was paid off to take the Dominion Machines and also obviously ensure his own desired results were granted.

            If there are more i wouldn’t be surprised. Would you be surprised to learn Pierre Delecto was getting payoffs. Actually didn’t his relatives also work for a China or Russian or Ukrainian Energy Company?

  8. More ‘Duh!’ headlines: Surveys of younger people in Europe supposedly find them less supportive of women in leadership roles. Well, duh! A very large fraction of the younger population of Europe is Muslim and/or African these days, and those groups do not think much of women in leadership roles. Journalists — the “best and brightest” who don’t know much about anything at all.

    1. That’s the pessimistic interpretation, Haz.

      The optimistic interpretation is that the young adults see the wreckage wrought by SJW policies, the uselessness of the education that’s being foisted on them, and the hopelessness (and uselessness) of the late-20s adults. They don’t want to be like their older siblings and they don’t buy into the garbage pushed by their 30- and 40-something parents and teachers, and managers if they have jobs.

      I know there’s some of that. I have no idea how much. I’ve seen it myself (but my nieces and nephews and the older kids at my daughters school are hardly a representative sample) and have read others mentioning the same. Is it enough to make a difference in a couple decades? Ask me again in a couple decades.

      1. I find it difficult to be optimistic about Western Europe. In a couple of decades the immigrants are likely to have voted themselves into power by sheer numbers, with plenty of help from the ‘diversity is our strength’ crowd of self-hating white people. This has already happened in many of the big cities like London.

        Still, you have a good point. The long and uninspiring reign of Merkel is unlikely to have impressed the younger generations with the awesomeness of female leadership. And the SJW insanity is clear to see for anyone who has not bought into it.

      2. Grrrrrl Power, where girls are celebrated from birth through college is really starting grate on young males. The problem is that young girls spend their whole youth being taught they are More Special Special Snowflakes.

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