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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

48 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. So we are in the final stretch before election day, and what do we UNEXPECTEDLY see? A huge push of COVID hysteria, screaming about a “surge” in new cases, hospitals supposedly over-flowing with desperately ill patients, talk of new lockdowns, etc. Gee, what a surprise, huh?

    This has been the planned end game for the induced COVID hysteria from the very beginning, of course. Got to keep that fear pumped up until election day! Vote Harris for 47th Pres or you will never be permitted to relax about the Dread Virus of DOOOOOOM ever again.

    I am hoping this does not fool enough people for the Dems to steal the election. But given the stupidity of far too many people, I am worried.

    1. They may be miscalculating. Trump voters are not afraid of a virus. The pusy democrats are.
      Some of those marxists may not show up to vote out of fear and may not have voted by mail in means.

      The virus was manipulated from the very beginning to get Trump out of office.

      I believe the virus was intentionally released by the chinese communists in league with their comrades in arms, the democrats of the USA.

  2. So. November 3rd is four days away.

    Does everyone have an ample supply of popcorn and your beverage of choice?

    1. I do, but I have also prepared as I would for a hurricane or other natural disaster that might disrupt power and supplies for a while. Extra food stored away, medical supplies checked and refreshed as needed, gas tanks all topped up, self-defense prep done, etc.

      With the media having spent weeks/months now pushing the ‘Joe by a landslide’ narrative, the left is going to have a breakdown at least equal to 2016 for anything less than total victory and the immediate arrest and execution of Donald Trump. All the usual blue hives are already boarding up for another round of mostly peaceful Burn Loot Murder. I do not expect such to reach my neighborhood, but best to be prepared.

      1. Hmm, thanks for the reminder Haz. I have gone to the coast for a few days and don’t have the same food preps here that I have at home. I’ll need to stock up a bit this weekend. I brought weapons and ammo….

        Should be no problems out here on the island though. Trump country in a big way.

        1. I am hoping the left gets surprised by just how much Trump country there is, come election night.

        2. Stocked up a bit. I don’t think I need anymore, I can always drive home I think 🙂

          The cold front blew through a couple hours ago. Beautiful day on the island, 75 degree’s fluffy clouds floating around, mild breeze. Then, as expected, about 6pm the clouds had moved in, the rain came down by the bucket, the wind howled with gusts in the 30’s, the temperature dropped about 10, and then – gone. Almost clear as I type, the moon and mars have both risen.

          Tuesday is going to be beautiful.

          1. I hit Pruett’s for about $200 of staples last week, and the housemate did WalMart for about $200 worth of groceries the week before. That’s in addition to all of the stuff on the storeroom shelves you saw in that pic, Barry.

            And we have two bales of paper gold, err, toilet paper. 🙂

            I think we’re good for a bit.

            Hell. I can live off of canned chili and spaghetti and meat sauce for a month if I need to, without having to dip into anything else on the shelves.

            1. Heh, I could manage a couple weeks on country ham…

              I suppose I should just keep a larger stock here and transport it back before the rental season starts back up.

            2. We’re good on food – I stocked up over the past couple weeks. Good on “household paper”; my household, like those of my immediate family, never even noticed any shortages, on account of we keep things on hand in case of any number of difficulties. What a concept!

              Need to pick up Grandma’s medications today. This is just the usual pickup. We were unable to get a larger supply in advance of possible disruption. I don’t know if that’s because of the insurance company or government regulations.

              I’d like more ammo, though I don’t really need it. Especially as I have no firearms, what with having lost them to a variety of mishaps over the years.

                1. Plenty of popcorn: couple pounds of kernels for the air popper and a new box (dozen and a half?) of microwave bags. It’s mostly for The Brat; the rest of us might have a handful if she makes some but that’s it.

              1. I’m not so much worried about post-election violence making its way here, for reasons I’ve outlined before, as I have been about potential supply chain disruptions.

                So, I started concentrating since just before the Coof shutdowns on filling up the storeroom shelves and freezers in addition to the preps, and keeping them stocked up. We have quite a bit of non-perishables, and will have more by around the middle of November. Dog food for the pups is stocked also.

                I *think*, knock on wood, we’re good for a couple of months or more even without additional trips to the grocers. Longer, but we’ll be eating a lot of beans, rice, and spaghetti by the end of month three. Longer still if I have to dig into the preps, but the menu quality would drop.

                Dogs are good for about four months at this point, even without additional trips to Tractor Supply for refills.

                Meds are kinda iffy, mostly because the housemate is dependent on the VA for his, and they don’t like to send out anything over what he needs from month to month. I’m good on most of my stuff for a couple of months at least.

                Like you, I’d have liked to have built up a larger supply in advance, but wah… you do what you can do, and that’s all that you can do.

  3. My oh my. Two days before the election, and suddenly MSM sites are starting to warn people (Democrats, because they don’t consider us “people”) that Trump might actually win on Tuesday:

    Biden is leading Trump in 2020 polls. But expect Election Day to be a repeat of 2016.

    I stole the link from Glenn. That’s NBC news. I’ve also seen at least three other articles along the same theme from different sites.

    Their internal polling must be terrifying to them.

    1. Not too much longer to find out the general shape of the outcome, even if the lawfare attempts to muddy the waters. But lots of signs point to a very bad evening for the left.

      1. While I’ve been worried throughout the election season, in the last few weeks, thanks to the magnificent Americans going all out in support of Trump, I’m no longer worried.

        Tomorrow evening is going to be glorious.

        1. I suspect that the reason behind all of the walking back of polls, shy Trump voter speculation, and sudden flurry of “OMG! Trump can win bigly!” articles is simple CYA: it keeps the media and the pollsters from having to admit that they lied and made up Biden’s numbers all along.

          1. “CYA: it keeps the media and the pollsters from having to admit that they lied…”

            A point that can’t be made often enough – they’re not simply wrong, they lie about it.

            1. The “news” media are not reporting events. They are trying to shape events.

              They should always be referred to as propaganda media.

  4. With the east coast polls set to open in about 18 hours for the election day media extravaganza, it is time to get a couple super-duper easy predictions on the record. 🙂

    The media will announce their super secret exit polls are pointing to a massive Biden landslide very, very early in the day. “Trust us, that Bad Orange Man is losing badly! Get to the polls and join the winning side by voting Dem!”

    The media will call states for Biden within femto-seconds of the polls closing, in some cases even before the polls close (think Florida and calling it before the red-leaning panhandle regions stop voting), no matter how tiny a lead the Dems have.

    The media will be glacially slow to call any state for President Trump, no matter how large a lead he has. Wearing their Most Very Serious Expressions ™, the talking heads will intone about mail in ballots and how “it is still too soon to make a call.”

    Lawsuits contesting ballot handling procedures and counting will be filed no later than 9:01 AM eastern tommorow, with more piling up throughout the day. The worse things look for the Dem ticket, the more lawsuits will be filed. I expect hundreds across the nation, in both state and federal courts.

    What other easy predictions can be made? Add your own!

    1. Cenk Uygur will go on air calling for legalization of human-animal sex so long as the animal receives pleasure. He will demand that President-elect Biden sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk.

      1. That was a mental image I just did not need. Ick. Ick. More ick.

        Note to self: next supply run, get more brain bleach.

        1. Yah, I just basically suck. I could say I was sorry and promise not to do it again, but we’d both know I was lying.

      2. Is 4 the most downvotes ever cast on this site? Am I just that awesome(ly horrible)?

      1. Those were all easy easy predictions; it would only be a surprise if the media did NOT do all of that. My more speculative prediction: the media will call at least one state early for Biden that they will later be forced to retract and call for Trump. Demoralization and vote fraud are all the Dems have at this point, and they will go all in trying to get Trump voters to give up on waiting in line to vote and go home without casting a ballot. To work this pretty much has to be an eastern time zone state, so perhaps Georgia — they would love to give the impression of a Blue Wave in progress, and calling Georgia the moment polls close would fit their narrative.

        1. I figure they will lie most of the day, and continue. Unlike 2016 they will not admit defeat and will continue to manufacture votes until they have the win. It will end up in court and even though they will lose in the end, chaos is their goal if they cannot win the election. They really don’t care about the country at all.

        2. My prediction: I have Trump at 326 electoral college votes at 270toWin’s interactive make-your-own map:



          Lets come back to this on Wednesday and see how many I got right.

          I got pretty close in 2016 to Trump’s actual 306 ECs, as I recall.

            1. We’ll see on Wednesday morning.

              I’m too lazy to dig through my campaign graphics from last election, but, IIRC, I predicted 310 or 312 to the 306 that Trump actually got.

              So I have a better track record than almost all of the pollsters. 🙂

          1. Seems plausible to me. I am guessing a bit less for President Trump, in the 310-315 range; not sure of the specific states, but I think the Dems get maybe one of the midwest battlegrounds. But I would love to see him take all the battleground states.

            1. Yeah. Of course, with 326 to 211, there’s about a… 115? EC difference to play with.

              So Trump can afford to lose several of the battleground states and still beat Biden’s EC total and come in at 270 or over. As long as he keeps Texas and Florida, he’s good. If he keeps Florida and Texas and Pennsylvania, he’s really in good shape.

              The larger the margin, though, the harder it is for the Dems to cheat hard enough and plausibly enough.

              I’m basing a lot of my prediction on the factors that the MSM and pollsters aren’t showing, like the huge spontaneous rallies in places like CA and elsewhere, plus the lack of Biden signs and lack of enthusiasm for Biden/Harris.

              Another big factor, and one that I used and apparently the pollsters aren’t, is that the incumbent, especially a poplar incumbent – and Trump is popular despite all of the media’s trying to paint him as not – always starts with a base of their last electoral EC win and you calculate from there. Whereas I’m convinced that the media and the pollsters are starting from the premise that the challenger has the advantage, and historically, that’s just not so. Trump isn’t Jimmy Carter and Biden isn’t Reagan. Nor is Biden Bill Clinton, and there’s no Ross Perot in the race this time.
              Plus my gut.

              My gut is the big thing. As I mentioned before, I don’t have the nagging “But Biden could pull off a win” like I did with Hillary last time. I haven’t found myself worried abut a Trump loss this entire election season.

              I know that some people like Neo and Sarah Hoyt are going insane with paranoia that the Fix is In and Trump will lose, but I’m not feeling it. I’m not seeing the indicators, either.

              We’ll see. But if Biden wins, I’ll be shocked spitless.

              1. Well put, IB. I am feeling pretty similar — confident in the overall outcome, even if some of the details are currently unclear. I felt pretty confident in 2016 as well; so many people claimed it was shocking that Trump won, but I thought it had been obvious.

                Maybe it is because I do not watch the MSM, at all, ever? It is amazing how different the world looks without that constant 24/7 drip-drip-drip of lies and despair hitting your brain.

                1. Everything except the polls indicate a big win for the incumbent.

                  And we know without any doubt the polls are rigged.

                  1. A Trump victory should cause the total meltdown of the polling industrial complex. Should.

                    1. The entire left may be in for a meltdown. But like the commies always do, they’ll be back.

                    2. The entire left may be in for a meltdown.


                      Haven’t we already seen this episode?

  5. Glorious day here on Hatteras Trump Island. Sun shining, no wind, a bit cool. Power was out about 30 minutes at midnight last night. Took the doggy out for a late pee, and then thought how it looked like January up and down the street. With the nearly full moon there was plenty of light. When I got back to the house I realized it looked Januarish because the power was off so the houses were all dark like they are in January when only one or three of us are here.

    So, go vote. You can’t win unless you vote.

  6. Trump and the Republicans just got two votes at least as me and the elder son went to vote.
    In a blue area we walked right in and voted, no lines.
    We shall see if that is a good sign or a lot of people voted early. Who knows, but it doesn’t appear to be a bad sign.

  7. Maybe I am just being paranoid (usual caveats apply), but power for my entire neighborhood just went out for the second time today. Clear day with no rain or particular wind, and we get an outage in late morning and another in early evening. Just coincidentally on election day. Hmmmm….

  8. Housemate emailed this link to me and I found it amusing:

    Texas Beer Joint Sues Church In Mt. Vernon , Texas

    There’s the windup. And now for the kicker:

    The judge read through the plaintiff’s complaint and the defendant’s reply, and at the opening hearing he commented . . .
    “I don’t know how I’m going to decide this, but it appears from the paperwork that we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that now does not.”

    Be careful what you pray for. You might get it… and then discover it wasn’t exactly what you had in mind.

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