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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

52 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Are you people fucking insane?!?

    Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days

    Opening a dimensional portal on a planetary surface? Have none of you ever played Doom?

    In 2020 yet?!?

    the astoundingly complex LHC “atom smasher” at the CERN center in Geneva, Switzerland, are fired up to its maximum energy levels ever in an endeavor to identify – or perhaps generate – tiny black holes.

    If successful a very new universe is going to be exposed – modifying completely not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.

    And they’re going to generate tiny black holes, too.

    We’re fucking doomed.

    1. I’m going to be a little ticked off if a black hole sucks me out of the beach house, new universe and all 🙂

    2. Some people just do not understand risk and the management thereof. Generating black holes, however “tiny” they might be, on the surface of the planet you live on is just stupid. Some types of experiments really need to be performed off planet, perhaps on the far side of the moon. Just in case.

      1. Yeah. Idiotic. Seems I read a short story to that effect once.

        Someone needs to point out to these people that Real Life is not supposed to resemble a Sc-Fi Channel Movie of the Week. 🙂

      2. Recall that the developers of the nuclear bomb were unsure if the chain reaction would stop…

        When does a black hole become “full”?

      3. Some people just do not understand risk

        You’re pushing for the precautionary principle, in which no one is ever allowed to do anything because we can’t foresee all consequences and some of them might be bad.

        1. I don’t push the precautionary princple to the point of absurdity (never doing anything). But some possible negative consequence are truly huge, and need to be handled carefully. If tech ever advances to the point of harnessing anti-matter on scales larger than the ultra-microscopic, for example, it probably should not be done on the surfaces of habitable planets. That sort of thing would need to be developed some place where a screw up does not create a non-habitable planet.

          I don’t really trust the high energy physics folks when they start babbling on about how awesome the pure mathematical theory is, rather than talking in terms of functional, useful hardware. Everyone will draw the line at a different place, but the “our theory is so elegant, it MUST be correct!” types do not give me a good feeling.

  2. Biden is proven as bad as we thought:

    “First, there are the revelations themselves which if you didn’t know any better closely resemble the transcripts of wiretap surveillance of Mafia crime families. In fact, one linked below showed that Joe Biden’s family members had to kick back up to him 50% of whatever earnings they made.”

    50%. Even worse is the corrupt cover up by the FIBerrs and evryone else in the fooking government.

    1. Mine not on the list thankfully. Thanks for the notice, have not seen it anywhere.

      1. Yeah. You’re welcome. My housemate alerted me – I hadn’t seen it anywhere, either.

        One of my bags was on the list, and I even had the right SCU#, but on a phone call with Tractor Supply’s customer service, it turned out that I didn’t also have the product ID marking that identified the recall subject bags. So I was good.

        Took about a half an hour to sort out, but Tractor Supply was enormously helpful, including the guy making two calls up the chain to double check things.

        And that’s why I keep buying from Tractor Supply and using their store brand products. Treat your customers right and they keep coming back.

  3. The real surprise is that Hunter Biden has not yet “committed suicide”…

      1. I’m still boggled that the DNC actually nominated these two clowns for the Big Spot. Both Biden and Kamala have more baggage than an airport luggage carousel.

        Meh. Fuck it. I’m about this close to saying, “Screw this whole mess,” and taking the dogs and heading up to the Ouchitas for a week of deer harvesting. Come back down from the mountains at the end of the week and see where everything stands.

        1. The others were just as bad or worse in the party eyes. They *thought* Biden would be viewed as the common mans moderate. And then they had the bright idea of sneaking the wicked witch of the west in with him…

          One thing is absolutely certain. IF the Harris/HidenBiden ticket is an actual winner without cheating it is an absolute sign that we’re done as an American experiment in freedom and liberty until the next revolution.

          1. I can’t see it without fraud.
            This guy is so lame he makes Jeb look dynamic and at least Crooked had the Historic First Woman President to generate some enthusiasm.

            I know that a good portion of Dems can keep their hate Up forever if need be but at least some of them at this point must realize that although they may not like Trump, he’s not Literally Hitler and going to Destroy the Country somehow by sending millions to concentration camps.

            Biden should get less votes than Crooked almost everywhere.
            Meanwhile Tillis and Forest have both closed gaps here in NC, which is good news for Trump here.
            I’m just not seeing where Biden finds the flips.
            Meanwhile Trump has several flips he is doing well on, MN and AZ being two.
            The Hispanics down in AZ just aren’t seeing the Big Evil Mexican Hater he was claimed to be. Trump is Solid on the Border.
            Notice not a single peep from Aztlan and La Raza this Election anywhere in California, AZ, NM or any of the other States that had massive anti-Trump action in 2016?saw

            1. Well, no, I don’t see how Hiden could possibly win the election, but the marxist party has an unshakeable 40% vote regardless if they run the devil. Another 5% are going to vote D no matter IMO. So we are left with a small % that is going to be the difference. And that includes the stupidest damn people on earth, the white suburban women that would vote for a rapist (clinton, biden).

              OTOH, if some of the predictions come true and Trump gets 15 % of the black vote, and some stay home, then stick a fork in hiden, he’s done.

              1. That is the genius of the Electoral College.
                At least 10% of that 45% lie in three States CA, NY and IL.
                You only have to win by 50% 1 to get all the Electors. Those States they get 70% of the votes.
                That extra 20% is useless in an EV system.

                Right now I see Trump competitive and probably winning all the Swing States and adding MN as a battleground and switching AZ to his side of the ledger.
                Holding PA will be important.

                Once again, this is all based upon the amount of fraud from the last Election.
                If they have to ramp up the fraud against a lower Biden turnout that’s a running in place.
                So they have a double hurdle this time.
                Ramp up the fraud to replace turnout that Crooked got and Biden won’t, then turn it up enough to win several key States. Plus, as you said, if the Black vote swings by just 500,000 to Trump, then that’s 500,000 less for Biden and 500,000 more for Trump. That’s a Million vote swing. In targeted swing States that could be a Yuge difference.

                1. I hope you’re right. And I see much the same thing. 2016 I knew Trump was going to win the R nomination and the general and said so very early. This time? The same feelers don’t work. Quiet. I hope it is Cold Fury.

                  Anyway, waved to ya a couple hours ago as I drove by…

                  1. I’m the opposite. In 2016, even though I was certain that Trump was going to be nominated and win after Super Tuesday, I could visualize enough paths for Hillary to squeak out a narrow electoral victory through either fraud or Dem GotV to make me nervous on election night.

                    This year? No. I just don’t have that gnawing “what if?” in the back of my mind. I can’t visualize a path for Biden to win without massive enough fraud that it’s obvious to everyone. And I don’t think they can rig enough fraud this time.

                    For one: the Dems aren’t acting like someone who is sure they have it in the bag.

                    We’ll see.

                    1. I knew Trump would win in 2016 because people on the factory floor were asking me “What do you think about that Trump fellow”. People that generally never talked politics at work, at least not with management or engineers like me. OTOH, while Trump won handily, the truth is there were some much closer state wins than I expected.

                      No ones talking now. Could just be the silent Trump voter effect. I hope that is it.

                    2. People have more reason to be afraid of, or at least cautious about, outing themselves as Trump voters this year.

                      Not so much out here, where I get nothing but thumbs up on my Epic Trump t-shirt… but I’d be real cautious about wearing it if I lived in Dallas right now. This election it’s been proven that it can be lethal to be a Trump supporter in a major urban area.

                      And you never know who is listening or watching there.

                      So, yeah, I think the “shy Trump voters” are really a thing. And I don’t think there’s any shy Biden voters.

                    3. I think that’s right. In early 2016 asking about or expressing support for Trump was of little consequence. Today, in the city, it can be life threatening.

              2. I live in AZ. Mark Kelly was never gonna knock McSally out, but now that his recently new spokesman has been outed on the record calling the police as “fascist motherfuckers” or something very close to that, that scumbag Kelly is toast.

                On top of that Veritas has run a sting on him that’s already on jewtube. Go look it up (if it’s still there). Some pretty nasty shit.

  4. Generally, even though I like and support President Trump, I don’t listen to the campaign rally’s. Tonight I have it on and the President is just hilarious. I know he has a good sense of humor, but he is really on tonight, and the crowd loves it.

    1. I saw one in Georgia the other day.
      Yeah, he’s hitting it perfectly again.
      I might watch another one soon and see how he varies it according to where he is.
      In 2016 I watched about 10 out of the 100’s he gave, and soon they started to become repetitive. But if you’re there it must be a heck of a lot of fun even if you’ve somewhat heard it before.

    2. PS In the Georgia rally the new chant would be thus. Trump would complain the press and cameras were too close and not turning around to show how big the crowd was. Then he’d shout “Move them BACK!” and everyone would turn to the Press area and chant for 2 minutes “Move Them Back! Move Them Back!” while waving their arms in a motion to ‘push them back’.
      It was incredibly hilarious.

      1. His Gasconia rally was great, he switched it up a little and he brought Dan Forest up. Dan got some polite applause and then got a big heartfelt applause as he did a minute or two riff on a Trump Rally theme.
        This guy needs to win Go9vernor and run NC for a few terms and he may be ready for the National Stage.

  5. BTW Guys, General Flynn has STILL not been released from the Court’s clutches AFAICT.
    I stick by my prediction.
    It’s to keep a gag order on him.

  6. I always liked America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, even if he was NYC 🙂

    From his outstanding effort after 9/11, and the cleanup of NYC before, and telling the middle eastern asses to shove their check where the sun doesn’t shine, to his effort to help the best president in my lifetime.

    And now as he is most needed he shows up with the laptop from hell.

    Finally, a republican that understands, the October surprise doesn’t have to be a democrat exclusive.

  7. Dear Black folks:

    In spite of what Hiden Joe Biden told you last night, never fear – we teach our white kids to put hands on the steering wheel so they can be seen and speak to the police respectfully. It’s not an issue of skin color.

    Don’t vote for a dope, don’t vote for Joe.

    1. My son watched. He immediately said “that’s what they teach everybody in driver’s ed. Why does he thinks it’s so special?”
      I said back, “Same thing my Dad taught me”.

      1. Two suicides, no covid I know about is my experience so far.
        One business, one high school.
        It’s just wrong.

  8. OK, browsing a bit today I find the damnocrats to be freaking out. They know they’ve lost and maybe they lose the house as well.

    1. Yeah.

      Plus, Trump pulled ahead in Michigan.

      That’s a public poll, which are designed to drive public opinion rather than report it – and they can’t hold the narrative even there.

      The DNC’s internal polling must terrify them.

  9. I posted this elsewhere. Re the Debate:
    1. Who built the cages Joe?.
    2. Shutting the Oil Industry. Well that’s more than just stopping fracking (we have the video Joe).
    3. Climate Change? China Dirty Russia Dirty!
    4. 100 Trillion Joe.
    5. Am I Lincoln Joe?
    6. Where on earth does this guy come from? Queens.
    7. When I am President…
    Then Why didn’t you do it in 8 years Joe?
    8. Well, I wasn’t President…
    So blaming the Black Man, right Joe?
    9. 1994 Super Predators. I NEVER said that. Put the video up! OK Joe.
    10. Bald Tires.
    11. So cold and turn on the windshield wipers and the oil is just…
    12. Coyotes brought them across. (Coyotes are animals!)
    13. Constantly referring to The President as This Guy.
    14. Hey Big Guy!!!
    15. Why would you say that Joe?
    16. We all know that you put thousands of black men behind bars Joe, how do you think about that?
    17. Well, that’s a mistake but I’m going to fix it! Why didn’t you fix it in the 8 years you were in the White House Joe?
    18. 47 years in DC and the only thing you’ve done is line your own pockets. You’re a career corrupt politician who has never achieved anything for the American people.

    I bet others could add to that list, but if that alone isn’t winning a debate I do not know what is.

    1. It’s not too late. If they cut off Biden’s thumbs he’ll be unopposable.

      1. Was that a Henny Youngman era joke or a Rodney Dangerfield era joke?
        Either way it’s still funnier than almost 90% of “comics”’today.
        The movies I find funny now are cartoons aimed at 12 year olds but throw in stuff for the parent who has to bring the kid to them.
        Watch The Penguins of Madagascar. Hysterical. We understand you were mates” says the English wolf 007 type.
        The Penguin answers “we weren’t mates! There was no mating going on!”

  10. I’m kinda surprised: The Dems don’t seem to be going as nutso over Barrett’s impending confirmation as they did on Kavenaugh.

    1. I think they know if they attack Barret they are going to pay a big price. They paid one for Kav IMO. This one would be even bigger. Attacking a girl, especially one that has such an even temper as Barret, will not be the optic they want.

      1. I think Barret being a tougher target to smear is definitely part of it. There are too many quotes from centrists and even leftists admitting how well qualified she is to attack her professionally, and her being just about a perfect example of what leftists claim they want for women (married, children, top of her profession — the entire “has it all” concept) makes it difficult for them to attack her personally without offending a ton of people.

        Not that they won’t smear her anyway, and claim she is a crazed religious fanatic who will enslave all women and force them into handmaid’s costumes. But even the hard left can see that doing so will cost them, so they are keeping it (mostly) in check. If they thought they had a realistic shot at shifting a few GOP senators to the no column, I think they would go all out and take the damage. But not even Mittens is going squishy on this one, so they know it is a lost cause.

        1. Good point on the R senators Haz. The confirmation is secure and they know it, so no point in risking the beatdown they would receive were they to try and bork her.

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