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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

33 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

    1. I’m looking forward to finding out who did this. I’m just going to guess it was a prog.

      1. I’m kinda curious myself. And, yeah, I’d bet that it’s not a “Right Wing Militia” member.

        But I’d bet that it’ll be portrayed as one in the media until that narrative collapses.

        I’m thinking BLM, but it could be an anti-fa goon.

  1. I am expecting President Trump to win re-election. But if the Dems manage enough fraud to drag Joe and the Ho across the finish line, I want to get my prediction out there that Biden would be president for less time than Ghislaine Maxwell survives in prison.

    Democrats will be chomping at the bit to begin the “glorious” reign of the HISTORIC!!!!! first woman of color, so ole Joe will go bye bye real fast. Not that he will notice or anything.

    Still, I expect Trump to win. The Dem ticket is “Vote Kamala for 47th president!” and she has never shown much ability to excite voters. She got her California state positions by servicing Willie Brown; there was no effective competition from the GOP for those races. She dropped out of the Dem primaries before real voters started weighing in, not even making it to Iowa despite spending a ton of money and having fawning media coverage. (Anyone else remember the squealing fan girls of the media accompanying her to shop for a jacket?) She had one decent week during the Dem debates/primaries after her obviously pre-scripted attack line on Joe Biden for being an old racist, but otherwise managed to achieve very little after getting smashed by Tulsi Gabbard in the debates. But somehow the Dems think her being non-white and female will be a magic bullet.

    1. F/U on Floyd’s arrest & death from the same guy who wrote the original one I posted last week:

      This one offers even *more* evidence of the LEO’s innocence. I just hope they don’t opt for a jury trial. That is the road to 110% fuckdom.

      But to find a judge committed to equality before the law may be just as difficult.

      My take? They will have to appeal this one to a circuit or even a State Supreme Court to get a fair trial.

      1. They should be asking for a change of venue. It is not possible to get a fair trial in that city.

    2. the “glorious” reign of the HISTORIC!!!!! first woman of color

      Bill Clinton was the first Woman of Color President. At least, I’m pretty sure he probably slept with one or two.

  2. “But most Americans don’t see that. Because America remembers the military of 30 years ago that could actually win a war in a reasonable period of time (as we did in Desert Storm), today’s generals benefit from residual respect for yesterday’s Cold War military. Americans are unaware of the devastated culture cultivated by our military senior leadership. Here’s the ruinous legacy of today’s generals: Afghanistan is a disaster and still not won, ships colliding and catching fire due to gross failures of leadership, boats of sailors on tape whimpering as they surrender to the Iranian Navy, senior officers leaking to the media, colonels, generals and admirals getting court-martialed, massive prosecutorial misconduct by JAGs, woke West Point (which recently graduated an open communist), and troops kneeling before rioters. It’s a military that puts Diversity Day before D-Day.”

    Via Instapundit

    When it’s put that way, I realize my faith in the military is probably misplaced. I think of my family’s service and they are either retired or deceased and have been out of the military for years now. They, and those like them, or no longer our military.

    1. *shrug* Like you, my family has a long, long history of military service. My uncles and some aunts all served in WWII, both theaters. I had a couple of uncles and older cousins that were in Korea. My nephew was in the Sandbox while in the Marines. I had older Cherokee relatives who were in World War I.

      Today’s military is not the military that my uncles served in in World War II. Today’s United States is not the America that they fought for.

      Today’s military serves a State that is in the interests of the globalist U.S. Empire, and it serves the interests of our enemies, not us.

      That’s the long version of me agreeing with you. 🙂

      Both of our faiths in our military have been misplaced – not in the military our fathers and uncles served in, but in the military as it is now. We need to let that go and accept that that military is as dead as our country.

      1. I think the military has been gutted at the top by everyone from Bush 1 to Obama. I don’t think it can be fixed.

        “Today’s military serves a State that is in the interests of the globalist U.S. Empire, and it serves the interests of our enemies, not us.”
        I think that is quite right and a good way to put it.

        1. I’ll amend that on one point – it serves us in one respect, and one respect only: joining the US military gives people on the Right invaluable training and experience in combat, tactics, leadership, and logistics.

          For the younger set: Get in, get the training, do your minimum time in, and get the fuck out.

          Then you have the training and knowledge to pass on later to others, if/when it becomes important.

  3. VJ Day.

    Must be getting old when I have to be reminded 🙂
    Dad (Army – Signal Corp) ended up serving in occupied Japan for a year or so. All he wanted while there was to come home to the mountains of North Carolina. His older brother, also in the pacific aboard ship, got home a few months earlier. Neither of them ever said a lot about it. Three of the younger brothers would choose military careers. Two more brothers, one was turned down because he was blind in one eye.

    Mom’s older brother was Army, Europe, D-Day. Her younger brother was Navy, Korea.

    Japan and Germany are still on my shit list. Among others.

    1. Japan less so for me… for one reason: since the end of the war, they seem to like and respect America and American culture more than a lot of supposed Americans do:

      And that’s despite being nuked by us twice.

      Germany, not so much.

      One of my uncles served in the Pacific, as a Lieutenant on SS-331, the USS Bugara, including on her last run through the Gulf of Siam where she racked up 57 gun kills on Japanese shipping.

      Like your dad and uncle, he never talked about it much. I only heard any details about it later as an adult when I asked him directly.

      1. Do note that there are less tribe in Japan that there are in Germany or anywhere else in Europe!

        1. There be Dragons and Buffaloes and Hawks but no Indian Baseball Teams.

          You’re right, they’re not big on baseball in Germany. They still like soccer.

  4. Wait. What?

    The Nuclear Option: In Coronaland, School Is Deemed Non-Essential And ‘English-Learners’ Get Priority

    “Decidedly not funny is the discovery that school teachers are not essential. Heck, it turns out school is not even deemed essential anymore. It was one of the very first casualties of the coronavirus pandemic.”

    Whaddaya mean it’s not funny?! It’s fucking hilarious.

    I swear: you fucking hand Conservatives a ready made situation of the Left destroying their own indoctrination apparatus and mechanism for them, and they can’t fucking wait to rush in to prop back up the machinery used to destroy them and their civilization and culture. Then they wonder why they’ve lost the cultural, political, and social war.

    It’s a mystery to me, too.

    Hey, how’s conserving the little girl’s room coming along?

    1. Give me my property tax dollars back and the public schools can stay closed forever.

      1. I’m going to have to look up the Oklahoma counties that managed to get property tax rebates for their schools being closed, so we can see how they did it.

        Maybe there’s something there that can be replicated elsewhere.

        Of course, you’re in the Vampire State, Steve, so it might not work there.

    2. Yep. The article author seems to think the public schools actually teach reading, writing, math, and other essential basic skills. Hilarious is right.

      Seeing the fallout from the Dems’ shutdown effort to “flatten the curve” (of Trump’s re-election chances) end up flattening the public school teachers and their own indoctrination machinery instead is delightful. And should have been easily foreseeable, if the left had been thinking of anything beyond attacking the Bad Orange Man.

      The ongoing fiscal destruction of blue states and cities as tax revenue plummets while costs soar, compounded by the Fentanyl Floyd riots the Dems cultivated, is equally amusing. Is no one in power on the left capable of seeing even second-order consequences?

        1. There should be riots led by white people, burning down the schools, but they won’t.

      1. “Is no one in power on the left capable of seeing even second-order consequences?”

        Requires thinking, so no.

      2. Second order? Most of the time they can’t even predict first order consequences. All they can see is what they want to happen, and whether that’s a likely result of their actions doesn’t seem to be a consideration.

        I don’t know where the failing happened. Is it removing the consequences from children’s bad actions or errors in judgment? Encouraging kids to dream big and to reach for their goals without any practical advice on how to attain the goals?

        I’ve come across the goal=result thinking, if “thinking” is the word, a number of times in adults. For instance, a guy who started a small business and set a goal of whatever revenue per month by this time next year and started making his expansion plans based on that. Well, that’s nice, but how are you going to get to that revenue goal? Blah-blah-blah. Could you be more detailed? After talking about goals vs plans for half an hour, he was not exactly discouraged but he’d come to realize that this was hard. Yah, no fake. If it were easy, every web designer would be a billionaire.

        And it just keeps going. Adults — so-called adults — who think they know what they want and think that by saying it enough times they’ll get it. Law of attraction? Who knows.

        1. “I don’t know where the failing happened.”

          I don’t know either, but I suspect it is the result of removing consequences, as you mentioned. Failure should result in pain. Absent that no learning will occur.

        2. A whole generation taught to “play it safe” while at the same time told “you can reach the stars, each and every one of you”.
          “Now don’t run with scissors” “Wear a mask” is just another “Be safe, Be Happy, Get Rich” platitude.
          One must take risks to get rich, but CALCULATED risks, which means being able to calculate. Also, that sometimes comes at the expense of being “happy” as in deferring immediate gratification for hard work that pays off years or decades later.

    3. Yes, where are the republicans when there is an actual chance of accomplishing something?

      “To which I must add: Where are the Republicans? Why aren’t they loudly and insistently responding to the plight of these millions of Americans? Why aren’t they demanding school choice now??? This could be a momentous turning point in American politics and culture, but are Republicans smart enough and courageous enough to show the needed leadership?”

      1. Republicans show needed leadership? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

        While I think the linked article is correct about the teachers’ unions over-playing their hand with recent events, the author expecting the GOP to ride to the rescue is profoundly deluded.

  5. So I see the latest polls have bad news for the ‘Harris for 47th Pres’ ticket. Lead down to the margin of error already, well over two months out and still sampling registered voters? Ouch.

    I know, I know — polls, they’re worthless. But they are what the left uses to drive the narrative and gaslight the public. That the supposed big Dem lead is already vanishing is not a positive for them. Every election I can recall going back decades, the Republican does better in the final result than the registered voter polls, usually by at least 5%. That looks pretty good for Trump’s chances.

    Add that the last few weeks have made it clear Biden will continue hiding in his basement. His rare appearances, when they happen, are very tightly controlled and scripted with no actual questions permitted. That will be hard to maintain until November, especially once Trump ramps up the attacks. I am expecting some epic tweets, at least until Big Tech shuts down all the president’s accounts.

    So most of the Dem campaigning will be done by their real candidate, Harris for 47th Pres. But she shares a trait with Hillary: anti-charisma. The more the public sees her, the less they like her. I suspect the Dems will have to use surrogates to campaign, probably Obama and maybe members of the squad. But Obama (both of them) are rich and have always been lazy. I don’t expect much real effort from the guy who didn’t even endorse his former VP until the contest was already decided. And if Mooch was willing to campaign hard, she would be the nominee.

    So despite the narrative and the continual media gaslighting, I am feeling pretty confident about November. The Dems are already setting up their excuses — “Trump is sabotaging the post office! WAAAAAAH!” But if the fraud can be kept within normal levels, Trump should win a second term and probably easily.

    1. “Trump is sabotaging the post office!”

      My answer to that –
      Good, about damn time somebody put that public work project in its place.

      1. The post office is sabotaging itself just fine without any help, and has been for decades. The Dems are just upset that Trump is blocking them from dumping 25 billion tax payer dollars into one of their unions, to be recycled as campaign donations to Dem politicians.

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