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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

39 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. In local news, a pAntifa protest (or, as they say, a counter-protest) is slated for Albany on Saturday. I’m trying to get a small stack of Trump2020 bumper stickers, to place over Joe! or Bernie! or BLM! bumper stickers on cars near the “peaceful protest”. No success so far but I’ll keep trying.

      1. Getting them in time is the problem. I didn’t find out about this until yesterday evening. It seems there’s no Trump campaign office near Albany — a reasonable decision, as there’s almost no chance New York State will go for a non-communist.

        1. Hmm, didn’t think about a local campaign office. Heck, I don’t even know if there is one.

          Edit. Which doesn’t appear easy to find, believe it or not.

          1. Nope, couldn’t find it. I’ve emailed the Trump headquarters.
            Geez, I hope that isn’t a portent…

  2. Just gonna put a bit of info out –
    I had decided to add another shotgun to my collection, figured out what I wanted, and discovered everybody else wanted it as well. 3 months or so goes by and the “Sportsmans Warehouse” emails me they are now in stock. I called and place the order on the phone. July 21.

    I then found by good fortune some 20g buckshot and ordered it and slugs, $140.
    I then ordered and have received a magazine extension (Choate, fast delivery) for about $60 more.

    Yesterday, I get an email from the “Sportsmans Warehouse” cancelling my order because they are “out of stock”. I called and got the run around with a promise a supervisor would call back. I know mistakes get made, but this is more than a week later. No one called back by the way.

    Sucks. $200 more spent for a gun I will not receive.

    Anyway, for the good part –
    I did another search last night and found one at Smokey Mountain Guns and Ammo
    Ordered it and it shipped today FedEx.
    They answered their email this morning as soon as I sent them. We had an issue with the FFL I picked to ship to, but that got resolved quickly.
    Nice place to do business with.

  3. The Full Court has reversed the Decision on making the Judge dismiss the case against General Flynn. So the case is still Open even though the prosecution is not pursuing it.
    You heard it here first; They will fight to the bitter end to keep General Flynn gagged until after the Election by keeping this case alive.

    1. I don’t know what’s gagging him.
      But yea, they are going to keep the non-prosecution alive. And for what? The DOJ is not going to prosecute, so no matter what he cannot be convicted. So, they are just trying to keep a loss from occurring IMO. They would wreck everyone’s life if needed. I could even imagine them ginning up an epidemic…

      1. He has a gag order under the terms of the court proceedings.
        His attorney may argue otherwise but given how the Courts have ruled, if he violates the gag order I think they prosecute him again.

      1. She may argue that but I doubt the court will see it that way.

        1. What do you mean? There is a gag order or there isn’t. I’ve never seen one or read about one and his attorney says there isn’t one.
          I see other people suggesting there is one, but that is it.

          1. Anything to do with the trial has been under a gag order from the Judge since the very beginning of the Trial. He can not talk about ANYTHING related to the case in any way and that has been the purpose of shutting him up all along.

            1. I’ve read that before. No where does it reference the gag order from the judge. Even if there is a gag order about the specific case it doesn’t prevent him from talking about anything else.

              His attorney says NO, NO gag order. I figure she knows.

              1. Ok then why do this?
                This is insane even by the Left’s standards. It has to have a reason.

                1. I would not put it past obama to do this for no reason other than he hates Flynn, because Flynn wouldn’t bend and kiss his ass.

                  Other than that, I don’t know. I can only speculate they don’t want their prog base to know this is another BS case.

    2. The article I read was rather unclear (typical journalism), but it sounded like this was not (yet) a reversal of the decision. The court agreed to Judge Sullivan’s request for an en banc rehearing of the order to dismiss the case, and will make a decision sometime in August. It is not a good sign that the en banc request was not rejected out of hand, but I am not a court watcher and can’t guess at which way the final decision will go. Our tyrants in black robes are often hard to predict.

      This certainly does drag things out for at least another few weeks, though, which certainly fits the goal of keeping Flynn from commenting on the case until after the elections.

      1. At the very least they intend to drag this out in order that they don’t have a “loss” before the election. Short of a change in the DOJ the case cannot be prosecuted as the prosecution has declined to do so.

        I doubt Flynn is going to say anything until this trial is over regarding the case itself, nor is he going to do anything else that might jeopardize his case. He’s already given. It’s up to his fellow citizens to set things right from here on.

        You’ll notice that some of our “esteemed” military leaders are silent on the subject of an American being railroaded. People like Mattis and Kelly. Silent. It tells us all we need to know about them.

          1. Kenny, everything you read, or that I’ve read, never cites the actual “gag” order.

            I only know what I know, and that is the actual gag order is never cited, and his very good attorney says there isn’t one.

            If there is one, it is so well hidden his attorney doesn’t know about it.

            Until I find the actual order from the judge I’m going to believe it’s a myth that just continues getting retold.

            1. You generally can’t talk about anything in public in a ongoing case so maybe it has something revealed during the case that is explosive.

              Maybe the ‘asset’ inside the Campaign or maybe something to do with the FBI’s illegal methods came up.

              I just know that eventually this will get taken to a Court that will dismiss this case. The Prosecution has dropped the charges.

              It HAS to be a delaying tactic to get past the Election. So the question is “Why are they so hell bent on getting past the Election?”.

              If I could a decent answer to that then I might reconsider. Until then Occam’s razor says Flynn cannot talk about something until the case is dismissed.

              1. Occam’s razor says Flynn ain’t stupid. The state he served faithfully is trying to erase him. Why should he do anything further?
                Everything he has to say should have already been given up.

                1. I am sure Trump knows everything. The problem is Trump is only hearsay evidence. Flynn was said to have evidence directly taking down a large number of swamp dwellers. Which is why he was railroaded in the first place.

                  Flynn will want to get back at these people. He’ll talk when he can.

  4. I decided to visit the chinaVirus worldmeter for an update this morning. Haven’t bothered in a while since we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this bug exists, but is rather easily defeated by shielding the old and infirm from it.

    Remember when the progs railed on and on about the Swedes and their high death rates (comparing only the low death rate countries of course) and how everyone was going to die?
    Scroll down to “Daily New Deaths in Sweden”:

    It is near zero. It has been on a steady decline since mid April. Of course the Swedes were not interested in harming Trump so they didn’t participate in the worldwide shutdown.

    We’re seeing France in the news with headlines like “France Infection rate doubles!!!”
    Same real news, since mid april the death rates in France declined to near nothing and no uptick in those numbers. None.

    The hoax continues as the fascist Fauci is on TV telling us to wear face shields. The POS “doctor” will not even wear a mask when he thinks the camera’s are off.

  5. And an update on North Carolina where children are not allowed to go to school.

    95% of all deaths are age 50 or older. 5% are age 25-49. No school age children have died. So, closing the schools certainly makes sense…

    The median age of teachers is 41. Even the teachers are at very low risk.

    Total NC deaths today, 1903. Percent chance of dying in NC from the chinaVirus:
    (1903 / 10.5m x100) = .018%

    Congregate living deaths continue to be over half at 52% (nursing and retirement homes, prisons).

    And the wife calls while typing to inform me that Charlotte-Mecklenburg county schools have decided to nix the mix of at home and in school education. They have cancelled in school for the year. Get that? No children have died in the state of North Carolina. The average age of teachers is a low risk group. And they cancel school for the year. I should be starting a day care for older children today and get rich.

    Marxists. The only answer will be lead.

    1. Yesterday my school district cancelled in person for the first semester. it was originally going to be 9 weeks and then 2 days in school, 2 days remote, one day for ‘cleaning’.

      We’ve got to get Cooper out so the Legislature can pass a bill to open the schools statewide or hold their funding back. This is insane.

      1. When cooper was elected the legislature had a veto proof majority, but fall short of that now by 1 vote in the senate and 5 or 6 in the house. Something like that.

        They could still pass the legislation and act like they care about the situation. It would be vetoed by cooper, but make it clear what the working soccer moms need to do.

        1. I worry that no one is telling them that.
          I spoke to another conservative Dad and he wanted them back in school.
          But the Soccer Moms seem frightened to death everywhere.
          My little darlings are going TO DIE from this!
          It’s not rational. None of this is rational but the Panic Porn has worked like nothing else.

          I don’t know what’s going to break this irrational collective daydream so many people seem to be under.

          1. Now, I’m not saying that every Karen and soccer mom (some category overlap may be observed) should be drowned, but if, say, global warming were real and the oceans were coming up two feet per hour, I’d be perfectly fine with staking the Ks and SMs out on the beach.

            1. It was like the old conundrum. If 0bama and Crooked were both drowning and you could save only one of them, what kind of sandwich would you home go and make?

          2. I spoke to another conservative Dad and he wanted them back in school.


            * Hand over their children to the enemy to indoctrinate, knowing the enemy is going to indoctrinate them…

            * Scratch their heads and onder why they’ve lost the cultural, social, and political war.

            It’s a mystery to me, too.

            1. I get that. The problem is, short term, everyone’s model has been the kids go to school and it’s hard to quickly adapt and work a job when they are not in school.

              Long term, maybe it will cause a large group to realize they can provide all the education the kids get in a few hours a day. People can create educational co-ops so there is strength in the numbers. What you can’t teach someone else can. I see that as the future of how we break the cycle. Group homeschools.

  6. It looks like the pAntifa/BurnLootMurder “counterprotest” didn’t happen yesterday in Albany. Fake news? Called off? Only six people showed up and it didn’t get any coverage? I’m using all the wrong keywords in searching for news?

    I’d planned to go, even though I wasn’t able to obtain any Trump2020 stickers* but, er, I forgot. In the late afternoon I was thinking there was something I’d meant to do but couldn’t think of what: I’d mowed the lawn and cooked supper and worked for a few hours and made The Brat do everything she needed to do, so what could it be? It wasn’t until this morning that I had the d’oh! moment.

    * There’s someone who has a handful but he wouldn’t let me have them because he knew damned well that I was going to be causing trouble with them. Which he didn’t object to, per se, but he thought I’d get killed and he didn’t want to have anything to do with that. Which offended me a bit, to be honest. I have a pretty good record of “everyone dies” when push comes to shove. I might not be able to kill everyone in a mob of a few thousand, but this is Smallbany. The mob would be nowhere near that big.

      1. True, but yesterday’s bigger problem was a member of the marriage who isn’t me, being a screaming bitch.

        Five years, give or take…

  7. USA has landed the astronauts launched and returned via private enterprise.

    Fuck you obama
    Fuck you china

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