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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

67 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. I did not know that AG Barr was a China expert. I knew he was heavily involved in the Trump administration policy of going after the Chinese, now I know why he plays such a prominent role.

  2. I imagine most reading here also read Sundance. If not, it might be a good time to start. Hard to keep up and the current doings are cryptic to some degree…

    But as my better half reminds me, Sundance is read by and referenced by many prominent people on the right side, form Sydney Powell (Flynn lawyer) to Lou Dobbs, to Rush Limbaugh.

    I am pretty certain now that the hammer IS going to drop. And it will be helped along by a citizen blogger…

    1. I’m sorry, but I read that as more cryptic meanderings a la Qanon than anything coherent that is happening.

      What, exactly, was I supposed to see in that post that was encouraging?

      1. Not even remotely Qanon. Sundance has been gathering evidence of the corruption in the deep state, the coup attempt, etc. It’s been presented in his posts for three years now and he is assembling this into video and document for presentation that will expose it all. He is clearly working with others, perhaps Nunes, perhaps Sydney Powell, perhaps Limbaugh, maybe all of them.

        Something is taking place. We’ll know soon enough.

        You would have to read there to understand the depth of understanding that is in that site.

        1. No bad feelings towards Sundance.
          He’s doing a GREAT job and I hope what he is trying to do is extremely important.

          Except Barr is the one that must DO something (as well as Sessions before him – spit).
          I hope this works.

          I just want to say this: Comey went in front of the world and gave a list of open and shut cases of Crooked’s criminal activities and then said she didn’t ‘mean it’ and skated.

          What we’ve seen next was the Deep State running a Coup against Trump and a Shampeachment when that failed.

          The similarity with Qanon is that despite already ample evidence, not one person has paid a price, although Qanon promises they will.

          I applaud Sundance for his effort, but what I read at your link is not very persuasive as it is hard to follow and full of conjecture while no one is actually named.

          Did I read a different post somehow? Let me give an example in a follow on comment.

          PS Had they indicted someone by now Trump could have ignored Fauci and publicly called him out. Now, Trump no longer is listening to Fauci, but every day I see his Panic Porn on Yahoo sent out there to undermine Trump.

        2. Ok Barry, what does this mean? How is this just more boilerpalte than real hope something will break to Drain The Swamp?

          In the background there was one setback, the print company ran into a problem with the binding for the briefing material (72 hr delay); apparently it’s a little overwhelming. [Not a bad thing really]

          However, that is a minor setback compared to the angel who appeared at the most opportune moment. The biggest hurdle is nearly overcome, and as one person described: “holy sh!t the murderers row” is assembled.

          The oral briefs paid dividends. Now there’s an army forming, dispatches received, everything locked in place, one serious angel to thank. Factually, “it’s not only what’s in the documents, it’s also what’s on the documents that matters, & no-one ever noticed until now.”.. ~JW

          Isn’t this just letting Barr etc off the hook?

          I’m less worried about Barr-Durham failing now. Hoping for their success, and recent background indicators support ‘cautious optimism’; but preparing just in case.

          All of that said, things are falling into place. The balance has shifted a little, and now not only are doors opening, but our own door is being knocked upon. That result can only be described as guided. Ergo, I’m seriously humbled. Humbled and more optimistic.

          1. That link means little unless you have been reading what is taking place over the last several weeks. Sundance is moving from reporting on the CTH blog, to getting the information in front of a wider audience. How has not been revealed just yet. There are several parts to it though, and it is going to be done with some prominent people. Again, I don’t know how.

            He’s not letting Barr “off the hook”. He has always been skeptical of Barr/Durham, perhaps less so now given recent comment coming from Barr. His point has been that the coming expose is going to make it damn difficult for Barr to ignore.

            I’m just giving a heads up to interested people that may not be reading CTH very often to start paying attention. Something is breaking and soon.

            “…what do you foresee happening…”

            The big reveal. Worse than we thought. Much worse. Obama will be nailed among others.

          2. Color me skeptical till I see it, but I guess it’s just 2 weeks away.

          3. Skepticism is warranted. OTOH, this ain’t a government operation. Something is going to happen. Will it be as big as it sounds?

            Beats me.

    1. Florida has been running up the Cases Count.
      News 35 (Eyewitness News no less) went to facilities reporting 80-100% positive results. They said ‘No, our testing has been about 9-10% positive”, depending on the facility.
      Of course the stupid journalists didn’t ask the logical next question: Who DID change the numbers? Somehow reading between the lines they were avoiding calling someone at the Florida DoH of changing the reported numbers.
      Then there is the Issue of whether someone test positive and then is retested again the next day or two or three and they test positive again, are the reported as another positive?

      It’s also quite likely that Mexico is sending people to our Hospitals (or they’re illegally coming here for the better healthcare) and infating the numbers in TX, AZ, CO, CA and OK.

      1. All true. Florida is a chinaVirus deathtrap don’t you know. Why they have had something like 228 deaths per million. Compare that with the paradise of New York that has only had 1,673 deaths per million.

        Cuomo is a real savior.

        1. I ran the numbers for the NYC and surrounding 10 Counties in NYS and NJ.
          Something like 2242 deaths/million.
          Raised the US total deaths/million by 31% and was 7x worse than the average for the US.

          1. Yea, my number is for the whole state except SteveF. He ain’t human so we don’t count him.

    1. I always found driver aids much more promising than autonomous.

      For example, I love my wide view reverse camera on my 2013 car. It allows me to see ev erything while in reverse including views to the left and right to see if cars or pedestrians are coming.

      The newer car has those blind side lights that are amazing on the Interstate. It signals you via lights on the mirror if something is in the blind spot. No more turning to look over the shoulder before switching lanes.

      I still worry that reliance on them as the car ages may not be smart. What happens when the light no longer works. I’ll be racing to change lanes thinking no one is there…

      1. The newest thing I have is 2006, both the Avalanche and my wife’s Mercedes. No camera’s in either one which would be nice to have when backing up to hook up a trailer. Anyway, I’m pretty damn good at it, should be after 50 years of it 🙂

        I find that my skill as a street driver is less than it was due to age. When I was younger I new where everything was around me without consciously looking as a result of the mirror scans I automatically did. Now I have to really look.

        1. You’re fairly handy with tools and at least shade tree auto mechanicking, right?

          You can get a replacement audio system that’s backup camera and a camera and put them in, fairly easily if you’ve ever replaced a car stereo. Or, alternately, a replacement rear view mirror that’s backup camera ready and a rear camera.

          I’ve looked at those pretty hard as I’m looking at buying a used Toyota Tundra early next year/late this year, and a lot of the ones in the 2007-2013 year range I’m looking at aren’t backup camera equipped. And I’ve gotten spoiled in my old age: I’ve fallen deeply in love with the backup camera on the carryall. 🙂

          Might void the warranty, but with a 2006 truck, I kinda doubt you’re too worried about that. *snicker*

          I find that my skill as a street driver is less than it was due to age.

          Oh, hell yeah. It’s night driving for me: my night vision isn’t what it used to be. And rainy weather, because of all the other idiots out on the road that don’t seem to know how to drive on wet streets.

          Either that, or I’ve just gotten a lot more chicken in my declining years.

          1. I’m going with “chicken”:)

            It’s weird though. On the track I don’t feel any more decline than when I first started back racing again. Well, maybe. Due to work I haven’t been on the track in a couple years and this year half the races were chinaVirus cancelled and are just now starting back up.

            Problem is, I like the stereo in the Avalanche and don’t want to change it. What I have considered is a wireless camera that broadcasts to my phone. You connect it to the reverse light wire and it comes on then. I’ve just been putting it off ‘cuz I’m old fashioned, or something. Good thought though. If I could find the right system that would work with the 2 ohm Bose speakers I might consider it. I’ll have to look a bit.

          2. Hey: Buk-buk-buk-bukaw!

            Better to be chicken than in an accident I could avoid by just not driving at night or in bad weather.

            That way I can get hit by a meteor while sitting in my recliner, instead.

          3. Problem is, I like the stereo in the Avalanche and don’t want to change it.

            Then maybe look at a replacement mirror with backup camera? They don’t look to be that hard to install and set up:


            I prefer the replacement stereo options to most of the stereo setups I’ve seen in the various Tundras I’ve looked at, so it’s no skin off my nose to just replace the audio system and keep the speakers. I kinda like the backup camera display in the dashboard like in the carryall, rather than the mirror ones in the Tacomas I’ve test driven.

          4. That might be an option. My mirror has the compass and temperature display though, and even though I don’t use the on-star it’s there (and active in an accident I’ve read).

            I probably need glasses now. I can tell my vision at night is of lesser quality than it used to be. I’d do one of the online tests but I don’t think I want to know just yet. The last physical I had for the racing license they were OK, but that was two years or so back I think.

          5. My van has a screen which clips onto the backup mirror. It has a front-facing camera and a wire running back to the backup camera. It was easy to install, though if I cared about concealing the power and video cords it would have taken a lot longer. The backup camera is always on (while the cigarette lighter is powered), which I prefer over the backup cameras which record only while you’re in reverse because of tailgaters.

          6. I’ll have to look around a bit.
            I do find wireless camera systems with a dedicated screen that *might* work if the suction cup will actually keep the thing attached to the glass. I’ve never had good success with that. Since I really only think I would use it while reversing the phone solution will probably work.

          7. I like the always-on front and back cameras, for insurance and ticket purposes. I pay attention and have good reflexes and keep my car in good mechanical order, but there’ve been a few close calls with, for instance, tailgaters who almost hit me several times and then zip around in front of me and slam on their brakes. If I didn’t avoid one, it would be nice to bring in the videos showing his front and back license plates and then his brake lights. Ditto for other mishaps.

          8. Yeah, I’m with Steve. I kinda like the front cameras also. The carryall doesn’t have one, but I’ll probably install one on my truck.

          9. I can see the usefulness. Hard to hit me from the back though… 🙂

          10. Threading’s starting to get complex here. 🙂

            Yeah, this one has an Automatic On front cam feature that I like: VanTop H609 Dual 1080P Mirror Dash Cam with 10″ IPS Full Touch Screen w/Waterproof Backup Rear View Camera, Night Vision, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording

            Safe and Secure – Built-in G-sensor sensing system, VanTop H609 mirror dash camera will lock-up the scene to retain evidence when encountering an impact. And work as an unattended surveillance guard while the vehicle is off.

            Don’t really need the parking security feature out here, but on our rare trips down into Sherman/Denison or McKinney it could be handy. The crash recording feature, though, that’s nifty.

            Price ain’t bad, either. My inner Scotsman approves.

          11. I’m not going to run wires through the truck, so wireless is an absolute for me.
            Looking around, the ones that connect to the phone seem to be what I would like but none of them give me a good feeling about how well they work. There is not a good place to mount a separate display either. So, who knows, maybe I try the phone.

            I’ve managed without for 53 years of driving.

    1. As good as any other guess. The suspect arkancided his self. Sure.

  3. If Trump is now touting Wearing Of The Mask he is making a Big Mistake.
    If his reason really is that it is “Patriotic” to wear the Mask, as some people say, then it is unbelievably an own goal.

    What does Patriotism have to do with Science?

    What is going wrong with this Country. It’s like Collective Madness, like some Horror Movie in which everyone slowly one by one gets the disease and becomes Monsters or Zombies.

    Good Grief!

    1. “What is going wrong with this Country”

      Marxists are everywhere.

      Don’t worry about Trump. He’s just speaking to the middle age women in the suburbs.

  4. i am sure he thinks that makes sense but the Mask Panic feeds the Panic Porn.
    Do you not know how seeing masks everywhere signals DANGER everywhere.
    In all my life I’ve never seen Mask Fear last beyond a month or two before non-Maskers won the day. Of course that was in HK and the government there would never MANDATE masks.

    1. What I read was Trump being Trump. I did not read him as saying you should wear a mask.

      I understand why they demand we wear masks, to create panic.

      1. I hope it was sarcasm on his part, but tweets can be difficult to tell without a /s tag.
        I hope you are right.

  5. Barry – if this is true and what I think it means, then this may actually be the Game Changer finally:

    Wikileaks dumps entirety of its files on the internet. ALL of Crooked’s emails and much more, including supposedly that the FBI committed the Vegas Terror Attack

      1. Yes, but Sundance said something big was coming and it wouldn’t be from Barr and Durham.

        Wikileaks would fit.
        I don’t how to access Wikileaks or how to download the files presented without risk of a computer virus, so I’ll just watch the news and see if this bubbles up.

        1. The Sundance big is Sundance’s compiled material laying out the case of the big ugly and getting it into the hands of the right people and into the hands of distributors, distributors being people like you and me. At least that’s how I read it.

          As best I can tell, the goal is to make it impossible to ignore this and sweep it under the rug, in case that is the real goal.

          1. Ok, but I’m not sure how you could ignore this all in the first place.
            Look at EmailGate for Crooked.
            Comey literally out laid out the case against on TV, it was clear that anyone else who had done that with just a few dozen emails had received years in prison, but then he exonerated her because she didn’t “Mean It, really” to me seemed like something no one could ignore.
            But ignored it was.

          2. I’m not sure what you’re saying Kenny… You’re preaching to the choir?

            Of course shrillary is crooked and should have been prosecuted, but the obama administration was never going to do it.

            I don’t know what all the current investigations by Barr/Durham encompass. I suspect it is primarily about the illegal spying of obama on Americans, Trump being their biggest target. Then follow on that with the attempted coup.

            I’m 100% certain Trump was not the only target.

            They need to be exposed. If Sundance has a viable plan to do it, great. Most people in this country have no clue. You, me, and other like minded people know it, but that might be 5% of the population.

            It needs to get out.

            I’m off to see what I can pick up in 20 gauge. New shotty on the way…

          3. The email found on Weiner’s computer could easily have been investigated by the Trump admin.

            I’m just telliing you about an obvious case where everyone just ignored an Elephant in the room.

            How about how they got a FISA Warrant on Trump out of what was obviously a bogus Steele Dossier.
            Not one single person thus far has gotten in trouble over that.

            I am just saying that these people have been caught redhanded and no sentient being needs a Video from Sundance to “put it all together”
            I could practically write the whole thing up myself in one nice long book just from public records and a few conjectures. If I had Investigative Power i could have made a case for Indictments 2 or 3 years ago.

            So the idea that someone needs to just make another video telling us all about what we know already that has been ignored, then I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be ignored as well.

            What we need is Incontrovertible Public Proof of something we DON’T already know about.

            It’s July. If Trump loses in November through Fraud, it means the Deep State won and we are in big BIG trouble. We are seriously running out of time for something to happen NOW.

          4. Here’s another one from the Insty comments:

            If only we had Ol’ Joe on tape confessing to use his influence to terminate an investigation where he had personal interest. Then we’d have him for sure!

          5. I don’t think so. I couldn’t do it. Creating a legal case that will stand up in court is not an easy task for something this big and when the participants were all government operatives well versed in the law themselves. No, that is a lot larger task than you are giving credit for.

            Sundance is trying, I think, to focus a spotlight on the evidence. What would you prefer he do? He’s apparently going to try. He’s a private citizen.

            “If only we had Ol’ Joe…”

            I suspect the commenter is not well versed in the law and making a case that stands up in court.

          6. C’mon Barry, has any Court Case really needed 4 years or so to make?

            We ARE running out of time.
            Otherwise Ironbear’s words will prove to be 100% correct.

          7. My concerns about putting together a court case include

            Swamp: I have no confidence that anyone who has been in DC or has been employed by any level of government for more than 10% of his adult life has the desire to expose and convict other members of the swamp.
            Silenced witnesses: Some knowledgeable people are dead. Others may refuse to testify for fear of their lives.
            Destroyed or compromised evidence, or evidence with a dirty chain of custody.
            Immunity deals: Guilty parties who do not have to testify because dirty members of the FBI or Department of Justice gave them deals in exchange for nothing substantial or nothing at all.

            That’s just off the top of my head. No doubt an honest and capable US Attorney, assuming such a beast exists, who is trying to build a case against the traitors is banging his head on his desk because of all that and more.

          8. Kenny, you seem to think I’m saying it is going to happen. I have no idea. I’m just reporting what is taking place.

            I do have an idea that it is a lot more difficult than you think. Yes, many cases have taken years to develop. Think mobsters. And the mobsters were outside the government, paying bribes, employing a few, but still, the mob wasn’t the very law enforcement you have to prosecute. None of this is going to be easy. Will it happen? Don’t know. Are the people tasked even trying? Don’t know. I just know that IF the Barr/Durham were actually trying, it would probably look about like it does. I think Steve makes a case for the difficulty.

          9. All I will say is this.
            Mail In Vote Fraud.

            Tick Tock, time is slipping away.

          10. It’s being opposed. States are free to organize the elections as they see fit. Article 2, section 1 and the 12th amendment.

            What do you propose we do?

          11. Make the Margin so large that the Fraud can’t overcome it.
            IANAL or Constitutional Scholar, but the lack of a chain of custody integrity that is implicit in mail-in voting probably being Unconstitutional.
            Certainly it can’t be the State’s discretion to be able to set up a system that violates one person one vote and the secret ballot. Right?

          12. My reading says the constitution puts the elections in the states hands and they decide how they are conducted. I’d be happy to find that there is something I’m missing that bears directly on this.

            That does not allow states to conduct fraudulent elections. In the case of the president I think that falls into the federal arena, so they can go after and prosecute such fraud. I don’t know the US code that applies however. But at the moment, hoping for the feds to go after fraudulent state voting is probably a pipe dream…

            Which point leads us back to civil war. If the citizens of various states are going to allow the state governments to cheat, then the honest citizens have only violent rebellion to fall back on.

    1. “…including supposedly that the FBI committed the Vegas Terror Attack”

      Was a time when I would have asked you about tinfoil 🙂
      That time is way past. I wouldn’t doubt it a bit anymore.

  6. My reading says the constitution puts the elections in the states hands and they decide how they are conducted.
    That does not allow states to conduct fraudulent elections.

    Dethreading to here on our MailIn Vote convo.

    Barry, the one thing the Constitution protects is individual rights and no State can violate them, especially since The Incorporation Amendment has clarified that Issue.
    The State can conduct their Elections in any way they see fit, as long as they don’t violate the Rights of the Citizens to a Representative Government chosen by the Citizens in a fair and equal manner. (emphasis mine).

    Let’s do a Reductio Ad Absurdum.
    California passes a law that says the Election will run thusly: Gavin Newsom will pick ALL the Electors representing California regardless of how the vote goes. Even though CA normally sends all its Electors to vote Dem anyway, at least there is theoretically a real one person one vote polling done.
    Suppose somehow they could get that law passed in TX but gave the power to the Mayor of Austin instead of the Governor.
    Like I said, it’s absurd on it’s face, but the point is. An Election that does not preserve the Rights of each Individual to have an equal and fair say in who represents them cannot be Constitutional.

    I maintain that mail-in voting is so subject to manipulation and fraud as to be unable to pass the threshold test of being a Fair Election protecting Individual Rights to an equal say in choosing their Representatives.

    1. I’ve already said the election must be conducted without fraud. I’m not sure where you find the authority to declare them fraudulent before hand. I may know it, you may know it, everyone may know it, but that is not the way it works as far as I know.

      I don’t disagree that mail in voting will be a huge fraud. Our “side” will have to monitor and reject the fraudulent results while it is litigated or – conduct a fraud greater than their fraud in order to counter it. Frankly, the latter is probably the only successful way.

      1. The mere fact that it is a system so rife with possibility to commit fraud that says it shouldn’t be used.

        It’s like building a bridge you KNOW has design flaws.
        You can’t argue that the bridge failure wasn’t “foreseeable” and therefore is not the engineer/design/construction team’s liability.

        UPDATE: Flip the argument here. I think the mail-In Voting Only system is 100% guaranteed to invite fraud. It’s like leaving a Porsche unlocked with the windows down and the keys inside in an inner city ghetto at 9PM and then being shocked to come back at midnight and see the car was stolen.

        1. Agree. But you cannot stop it, at the federal level, based on knowing it will be fraudulent unless you change the constitution.

          And people will argue the bridge is just fine. They do it all the time. They’re corrupt to the core.

          1. That is why I want to close the margin of fraud.
            Sigh, that door is closing fast because the Virus Panic has gone on too long. I thought by now we’d be back to normal but instead we’re worse than ever now. The Economy is mostly still half shut down.

            That is why I had hoped something that really drove the Turnout for Trump and killed off Biden’s support would drop already.

            I keep saying to myself. Trust In Trump. Trust in Trump.

  7. By the way, the best network coverage is Fox business. It covers the issues much better than FoxFakeNews, excepting Carlson.

    1. Absolutely. Varney in the AM is great and so is The Money Honey Maria Bartiromo.

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