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The next Big Lie

They were playing this one up heavy on NPR yesterday, and you’ll be hearing it endlessly repeated by the Left from here on out, until it becomes just another one of those “facts” that are indisputable, despite being made up from whole cloth to promote a barely-hidden agenda:

Elizabeth Warren has another study out showing that medical expenses contribute to more than half of all bankruptcies–indeed, this time, it’s 70%, up from the 50% she found in 2001.

Now, it is possible that this is true. The fact that it seems to disagree with every other study I’ve ever read that is not authored by Elizabeth Warren, and also, the self-reports of the people in her study (only about a third of whom attribute their bankruptcy to a health problem) could just be a fluke. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s wrong.

Yet upon closer examination, it turns out that it is not just wrong, but actively, aggressively wrong. Warren and her co-authors have obscured important and obvious facts that call the integrity of the work into serious question.

Gee, liberals promoting government health care are dishonest? Why, I can scarcely believe it. Heck, we’ve only had about a thousand examples of the same tactic being used over the previous three or four decades, with dismaying success.

Somewhere, Goebbels and Stalin are enjoying a quiet laugh at liberty’s expense.

Yet even so, their own work shows medical bankruptcies falling in the years between 2001 and 2007, which would seem to invalidate, not support, the claim that half of all bankruptcies in 2001 were driven by medical events beyond the household’s control.

Elementary googling reveals that the two doctors who co-authored this study are prominent spokespeople for Physicians for a National Health Program, and thus have an obvious agenda, one that Elizabeth Warren has not been shy about sharing. The American Journal of Medicine, which published this study, seems to have flunked Peer Review 101–I sure hope they’re more careful about controlling for background conditions when they’re talking about cures for cancer. Also wearing duncecaps are the journalists who are already uncritically parroting it.

They flunked Peer Review 101 all right — but aced Advanced Propaganda.

There is, of course, a large amount of terrible advocacy masquerading of social science out there, and too many journals and journalists abet it. But this is particularly troubling because Elizabeth Warren is now in charge of overseeing the TARP program for Congress. What other inconvenient facts is she shielding us from?

That one’s easy: any and all that might get in the way of The Project.

(Via Dan)


5 thoughts on “The next Big Lie

  1. Hey Mike, exit question:

    If 45 million, or is it 85 million–I forget today’s operative truth–Americans can’t afford healthcare, how is it bankrupting them???

  2. cbullitt, the less fortunate uninsured are just one ingrown toenail away from bankruptcy, you insensitive clod!

  3. Liberals never let the facts or the constitution get in the way of their dirty plans for a socialists america

  4. There are fewer bankruptcies absolutely because the change in how credit card debt may be avoided. Since there are fewer bankruptcies, there are fewer medical bill-related bankruptcies. Since credit card bills are mostly not dischargable, the percentage of the now smaller number of bankruptcies due to medical bulls is greater, so this is spun into the lie that medical bankruptcies are increasing.

    Now someone would have to be pretty dumb not to see the the scam here, but then how dumb would people have to be to have voted for the Effendi in the first place?

  5. By the way, the American Journal of Medicine is what is known in physicians’ circles as a “throwaway journal.” Things get published there because they couldn’t get them published in, like, a respectable journal.

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