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Waah! My publicity stunt backfired!

Now they’re being mean to me!

Some lame little Vermont town shitstain on the map decides to make a bold statement, to send us stupid sheeple a message, and so they put a petition on their ballot calling for the arrest of Pres. Bush and VP Cheney. Now they’re getting a lot of “nastiness” (liberalspeak for negative feedback) on the town hall telephone from patriots all over the country.

Heh. Just what did you dumbasses expect – to be praised for your astounding jackassery? Watch the little donkeys squirm in the spotlight, and listen to them squeal:

Town Clerk Annette Cappy said the “nastiness” of the calls prompted the town office to stop answering its phones Monday.

Brattleboro police said they will prosecute anyone whose messages cross the line and harass town officials.

Are you people really that damn pathetic? Really? You make total jackasses of yourselves, then whine and whimper and try to threaten the people who call you on it? Does my mockery “harass” you clowns enough to “cross the line” so you can prosecute me, too, officer you blustering sphincter with a badge? You gonna come down here and arrest me now, or wait until after you get the President?

Town officials say the petition that led to ballot measure complied with the law. Petition organizers say the measure was symbolic.

And your callers say the measure was idiotic. Typically silly left-wing fantasy. Childish and pathetic. Stupidly pointless. Y’know, progressive.

The problem with you Nazi assnuggets is that you forget some of us still live in states where freedom of speech is real, not “symbolic”. You can say whatever you like, sure; but we can say whatever we like, too, and there’s not one damn thing you can do about it, skippy – threats of “prosecution” notwithstanding. But if you want to come on down to NC, I’ll be happy to “harass” you pathetic losers in person, and show you where you can cram your petty little “symbolic” petition, and your “prosecution”, both.

Update! Many thanks to Glenn for link, and welcome Instapunditeers!


41 thoughts on “Waah! My publicity stunt backfired!

  1. How about a petition for the arrest and conciction of those who came up with this insane idea

  2. Symbolic, absolutely. And right in character. Here’s a president, duly elected, serving his term. The Republican guy is in, the Dem guy is out. Four year terms. That’s how it works.

    But instead of just shutting the fuck up and waiting a little while longer for the cycle to come back around to vote again, they want to arrest the guy they don’t like for just that reason.

    –He disagrees with us, Sheriff Dimplick. Clap him in irons. We shall have government by the will of the people if we have to arrest every last one of the people.

    You and I should be worried that these brain-dead syrup-gulpers are operating motor vehicles. I’m a thousand miles away, but I’m not comfortable with such a narrow buffer zone. That much drool has to make their steering wheels slippery, not to mention wet shoes on brake pedals.

    Arrest them.

  3. Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck. This is one of the big reasons I hate the idea of one a them damn yankees in the White House. They’re all infected with this crap.

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  5. The city commission in my town (Bozeman, MT) did something similar this past December. They passed a resolution calling on the President to immediately withdraw the troops from Iraq. As if!

    The resolution passed by a 3-2 vote and — to his credit — our then Mayor refused to sign it, stating it wasn’t city business. It was finally sent with a special footnote to that effect.

    Three Legged Bunny has it right:

    they want to arrest the guy they don’t like for just that reason.

    What’s wrong with these tinhorn activists? I find it ironic that they claim Bush and Cheney are fascists yet they want to silence or arrest anyone with whom they disagree.

  6. I realize that the proper response to this nonsense from the President is to ignore it because he has a whole country to run and doesn’t have time for silliness like this. But I really, really wish that he’d have decided to call their bluff by making a campaign stop in Brattleboro.

    Just drive right in, meet the local Republicans (both of them), shake hands, sign a few autographs. Back in the Cold War we used to send troops into East Berlin on “freedom of movement” missions, basically proving that we had the right to be there and were going to exercise that right. Do you really think the nutless wonders in the Brattleboro city government would have the balls to actually try to enforce their edict?

    Hell no, they wouldn’t, and they’d be revealed for the candy-assed little pussies that they are.

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  8. I guess I can be accused of treating seriously something that doesn’t deserve that treatment, but that’s why we have impeachment and conviction by Congress: so that two bit local prosecutors can’t bring the operation of the federal government to a halt on their own whims.

  9. You are in NC? Excellent. I sometimes think I am the only person left in NC who actually likes this country. I sure don’t like Brattleboro.

  10. Bush should call their bluff and raise them 1 invasion and martial law lockdown of Brattleboro

  11. It appears the city needs to do away with most of the city government. Clearly the city government does not have enough actual work to do so they waste their time and the cities money with silly resolutions.

  12. I practiced law and lived in Vermont for 6 years. First of all, understand that most “Vermonters” who do this silly stuff are not originally from Vermont (See Howard Dean, Bernie Sanders et al.) They are just the most active. (They are not the ones working two or three jobs ya know..the natives are.) Vermont was reliably Republican until the last 25 years or so.

    They come in, set up, live there and elect the aforementioned ninnies or some admittedly homegrown ones (see Pat Leahy.) They are affluent and liberal and – as someone who represented banks trying to finance some progress, saw more than his share of Town Planning meetings filled with people with New York accents who moved there just a few years previously into their own $400,000 homes (and this was the 90’s) whine about preserving the state’s rural character and preaching to everyone else who wants a little of the same. So why should they be any less hypocritical about this?

  13. The town of Brattleboro, Vermont is in open revolt against the legally elected government of the United States.

    The revolt should be put down by the US military, martial law declared, and the rebels hanged by the neck until dead.

  14. Brattleboro police, how does it feel to be the laughing stock of the whole country, well, maybe not your sister city Berkeley. Practically my entire family is is law enforcement, and even they are chuckling at your quaint little American Anti-American town.

  15. Given that Bush is a lame duck, the dems and the press keep mentioning that, maybe he won’t have much to do on a particular day and I would love he and Cheney to go visit the town. And would love to see the police try to arrest them. THAT would be worth a ride to vermont 🙂

  16. Today’s Headline:

    “Brattleboro Passes Bush Impeachment Measure.”

    Tomorrow’s Headline:

    “Bush Sends 10th Mountain Division to Brattleboro, Gives Mayor ‘An offer he can’t refuse.'”

  17. I wonder how many gun owners are in Brattleboro. Should be an easy take-down for the feds given the demographics.

  18. Here’s another NC resident captivated by your attitude and delighted to have found your blog via Instapundit. I love stories of sanctimonious leftie assholes throwing shit and then acting all surprised when somebody flings a pie right back at ’em.

  19. Chris O’Brien is correct. People who come from VT stock aren’t like this. These are New Yorkers who started moving across the border in the 70’s and have overwhelmed the state. I’m in NH, and I’m watching the same thing happen to my state with Massachusetts people here.

  20. Places like Brattleboro and Berkeley need to remember what the US Army did to Atlanta in 1864. There is a precedent on civil insurrection against the federal government that is still enforceable.

    Oh that’s not a threat … just symbolic.

  21. If I were the President, I would call them on their “symbolic” indictment; I would go to Brattleboro and offer to stand trial. If they think that they are going to actually put me on trial, then let’s get it on.

    After they put their “evidence” together, and I move for a dismissal with prejudice, this nonsense can be put to rest permanently. Then I will go after the township and those involved with the submission of this “symbolic” gesture with court sanctions for wasting the Court’s time.

    You fellers want a trial? Nah, didn’t think so…..

  22. I think there is a more subtle way to handle this. First the President visits Bumboro and is arrested. VP Chemey assumes presidential duties in Washington and declares state of Emergency. 82nd Airborne makes a surprise night visit to free President. Local police are left to sift through the ashes the next day. Can’t find petition or ballot initiative, case closed.

  23. When I first read this story the other day I thought it was just more left-wing shit, raining out of the skies. It happens so often I’ve taken to wearing a hat when I go outside. But today, I thought about it more. It’s hysterically funny, on several levels.

    First, since when does a vote of the people on a ballot measure have the authority to order someone’s arrest? District attorney? Grand jury? Rule of law? State and Federal Constitutions? Anyone? Anyone?

    Geez, the possibilities are endless. Think of the fun! Just imagine the precedent it could set:

    In Berkely, CA the owner of the local boat shop could be arrested because the name of his business is Harbor Marine, and of course anything having to do with the Marines has been banned in Berkely (the bastion? of free speech).

    A ballot initiative in San Diego, CA (a heavily military town) demands that Mother Sheehan and her moonbat pukes be arrested on the spot if they show their faces in the sleepy little town at the border.

    Some hot dog prosecutor in Arkansas decides to get signatures for a ballot measure to arrest Bill Clinton for being a serial rapist.

    Someone in the vast right-wing conspiracy with a sense of tradition decides to sponsor a ballot initiative to have Hillary Clinton arrested for having a cackle reminiscent of Margaret Hamilton without wearing the requisite green makeup.

    Use your imagination, and come up with more, and we’ll start a trend, ok?

    However, I just simply shudder at the thought of the carnage if such a measure were to be voted on favorably and the local constabulary, fresh from their visit to Krispy Kreme, attempted to arrest either President Bush or Vice-President Cheney on a visit to shitburg. Can you imagine a stare down between Barney Fife and the Secret Service? First rule of warfare, who has more weapons? And is willing to use them? That’s who wins.

    As for the threats to arrest those who harass city officials, well, Barney, come and get me, I’ll draw a map for you to my house. If you start now you can get here in time to look like an even bigger horses’ ass than you already do, although that boggles the mind.

    These airheads remind me of a dog howling at the moon. It doesn’t affect the moon at all, and it makes the dog look stupid.

    Paraphrasing my late brother “I got yer ballot measure right here.”

    ps – I feel better now.

  24. What IS it about the Left and its reflex fetish for show trials and criminalizing their political opponents?

    And they keep insisting WE’RE the ones pining for a police state. Sheesh.

  25. How ’bout impeaching those dimwits for mismanagement of public funds for that wasteful petition and time spent. I can’t believe the stupid act of those professional ‘progressive’ public servants – not really. Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  26. Boomer. You mean to say, truthfully, that Hillary is not wearing Margaret Hamilton’s green makeup? I must have my eyes re-examined!

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  28. As a side note, historically this is one way Republics have died. If the state of “politics” gets to the point where if when you exit office the lives of you and yours are forfeit, well, then, you have no choice but to retain power by any means necessary, and the system of government has to go simply for your own survival.

    That’s e.g. one reason ‘W’ didn’t make a big deal of the Clintonista’s trashing what they didn’t steal from the White House when they left….


  30. Maybe I’m overreacting a bit here, but doesn’t this technically meet the legal definition of a coup attempt?

  31. I love this story. A bunch of lefty clowns want to impeach the President, in an election year no less, for the crime of defending the country in time of war. Riiiiiight. They’re just lucky Dubya is so much more easy-going than FDR or Abe Lincoln.

  32. Isn’t this ballot measure basically a bill of attainder, which would violate the Constitution? Since when do we have referendums on whether a named individual is to be arrested and charged with a crime?

  33. I wonder what would happen if they promised to arrest Fidel, Amedinanutjob or even some leftists pardoned by Bill Clinton?
    (I know, diplomatic immunity, but for Putin?)
    Here’s hoping the invasion of America starts in Brattleboro and Berkeley. Get rid of that fifth column at the start.

  34. How about a circulating a petition amongst the rest of us to evict Battleboro from the Union? Let’s see how long this particular haven of idiocy lasts without the infrastructure support the rest of us provide.

  35. I live in a New Jersey county whose jail houses Vermont miscreants. It has room for more and would I ever like to fill the joint with those Brattleboro assholes on stupidity charges.

  36. I just think of some yappy little poodle/terrier mutt chasing after some big Mercedes – yap, yap, yap!

    Car stops. Lucky dog – you got that car now. So, go for it – tear that car up.

    Yap, yap, (hop in place) yap.

    A legend in its own mind.

    Brattleboro and Berkley – quisling sister cities.

  37. HYSTERICAL! Some of the comments are great. Is anyone else reminded of the move ‘The Mouse that Roared’? Could it be that Brattleboro actually WANTS an invasion by some troops so it could surrender and collect all that great foregin aid and reconstruction money?!!!

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