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Just wondering

Bitterly clinging to Teh PseudoScience™.

“At least 50%.” A “bizarre take.” “Natural origin very likely,” a lab leak “entirely unproven,” with a “very low chance” of its having been the source.

Okay, riddle me this then:


  • OPTION 1: The source was a somewhat rare breed of bat which—contrary to early claims, long since debunked—was NOT available for purchase at Wuhan’s so-called “wet market” which—contrary to early claims, long since debunked—is actually a perfectly typical (by dink standards, anyway) seafood market; colonies of which bat, by the way, do not exist within nearly 600 miles of this “wet-market,” well outside the bat’s range


  • OPTION B: The source was a sloppily-run bioweapons research lab situated within easy walking distance of the “wet market,” which was the sub rosa recipient—courtesy of Herr Komissar Fauci, a wholly corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent bureaucrat—of undetermined millions of US taxpayer dollars to illegally fund viral “gain of function” research, a lab operated by a patently ruthless and deceptive ChiCom enemy notorious for its utter disregard for legal niceties, moral strictures, and human life itself—an aggressive, paranoid dictatorship on an obssessive quest for global domination

UNDERSTANDING YOUR SCORE: If you went with Option 1, you’re just a damned idiot, that’s all.

Update! Kuenstler is also wondering about a few things.

In today’s day, another part of the collective personality is suddenly coming apart: science, or The Science, as the lingo has it these days. The Science is the system of hypotheses and proofs that normally plays the hero’s role in the task of determining reality, especially about things that are dangerous to mankind. The Science is supposedly behind what we know about the Covid-19 pandemic that has turned America, and much of the whole world, upside down. The Science has become so untrustworthy that an awful lot of people harbor suspicions that it has been running a number on them for the past year.

In the early going of the War on Covid-19, The Science told its soldiers, the doctors, to jam ventilators down patients’ throats. Whoops, that didn’t work so well. The Science told everybody to fuggeddabowt Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Vitamin D. The Science told New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to stash Covid-19 infected patients in nursing homes. The Science told everybody don’t bother with masks, then to definitely wear masks, then to maybe not wear masks, then to wear double masks, then to get vaccinated and wear masks. Golly, what to believe? Some people began to think that The Science was full of shit — which is, let’s face it, a dangerous thought, and something which, thank Gawd, Facebook, Twitter, and Google corrected for us.

One thing The Science remained adamant about for a whole year was that Covid-19 did not come from the Wuhan, China, Institute of Virology, where-and-to-which, it just happened, one of the US government’s Knights of The Science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was funneling US taxpayer-funded grant money for the purpose of doing gain-of-function research on exotic bat corona viruses. Gosh, why would you even do that? (Doesn’t gain of function = make it more deadly?)

Supposedly to gain knowledge so that mankind will be prepared to fight the emergence of deadly bat viruses that somehow manage to sneak into the human population at some future date. These things can happen, you know. We’ve already tangled with bird flu and swine flu, so deadly bat flu could hardly be out of the question. Of course, one of the dangers, when you are playing with deadly respiratory viruses in a lab, is that lab workers might inhale a virus or two and become infected with a specimen that The Science has engineered to be especially troublesome… but that was very unlikely, maintained Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Science Advisor to the President.

Until this month when Dr. Fauci conceded to a Senate Committee that perhaps an investigation was warranted to find out if, perchance, Covid-19 escaped from the Wuhan lab — since, it turns out, the Wuhan lab was such a sloppy-ass operation that its level of safety was comparable to an ordinary dentist’s office. It also turns out, according to a Wall Street Journal report this week, that three Wuhan lab workers did indeed need to be hospitalized in November 2019, which was around the time the bug got loose among the civilians of Wuhan City, while Chinese tourists and workers were still winging around the world on airplanes by the tens of thousands — prompting one to wonder whether, also perchance, this was something that the CCP wanted to happen? ¿Quién sabe?

Occam’s famous Razor would probably have a suggestion or three to make about that one, I think. In the end, though, it all comes down to the same factor behind my flat refusal to take The “Vaccine”: ie, it’s a matter of trust. And as we all already know, China is asshoe.

Here are eight facts that have been in the public domain for well over a year that point to the legitimacy of the lab leak theory that the media downplayed or outright ignored.

1. China arrested doctors for telling the truth about COVID-19
It was widely reported in western media that the first Chinese doctors to warn about the novel coronavirus in Wuhan were arrested and reprimanded by police for “spreading rumors online” and “severely disrupting social order.”

One of the Wuhan doctors forced to recant his early warnings about COVID-19, Li Wenliang, died from the virus in early February 2020.

OH yeah, I just bet that’s what he died from.

Before his death, Li said he knew he would face punishment from Chinese authorities after he informed his medical school alumni in late December 2019 that he was treating patients with a new SARS-like illness. He asked his colleagues to warn their friends and family privately, but screenshots of his messages went viral within hours.

“When I saw them circulating online, I realized that it was out of my control and I would probably be punished,” Li said.

That Chinese authorities arrested and reprimanded doctors for telling the truth about COVID-19 during the earliest stages of the pandemic should be top of mind when interpreting future claims from Chinese scientists and officials about the virus.

Bold: mine. Case: rested.

3 thoughts on “Just wondering

  1. Option C: An intentional release by the communists of China. That fits the facts better than anything else, considering how the chinese made certain the world got infected.

    1. This is where I am as well. China restricted internal travel to confine the Chinese epidemic to Wuhan – but continued to send their spawn all over the world. They paid the WHO to lie about the timeline back when it could have been contained.

      Let’s be honest. What has happened is that China has perpetrated a WMD attack on the entire world. But of course, this is one of those Questions That Can’t Be Asked. And the reason that no one in the MSM or government wants to address it is that there’s a question behind it:

      Then what? What are we going to do about it? Because if we admit that China has attacked the world with a WMD, a response is demanded. What would those responses be? Really, there are only four:

      1. Economic sanctions up to and including complete economic isolation and embargo of China. This one is a nonstarter simply because the world is now too economically dependent upon Chinese manufacturing. China has been allowed to control our supply chain for nearly every category of consumer good and industrial products. Shit – 3/4 of our pharmaceuticals are manufactured there. At no other time in human history have so many countries been so dependent on one country for their very survival. China has done that – with the complicity and assistance of generations of ‘leaders’ of the Western world. There’s simply no way that we could spool up production of our own goods quickly enough to embargo China without incredible hardship. Trump was trying, of course, but it’s a slow process. It took decades to get us here. And that’s even assuming that the will to do so existed in the Western countries, which it does not.

      2. Extreme punishment of those who sold us out. Well, this has a lot of appeal – I’d love to see the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and God knows how many others up against the wall – but it’s nearly as impractical as #1.

      3. Conventional warfare against China. A nice thought, of course, but wildly impractical. Frankly, I doubt that our current military – with Marines in heels, the Navy running ships into each other, and trannies, fags, and minorities in the command structure – would stand a ghost of a chance against China. Keep in mind that such an attack or war would have to happen on THEIR turf, halfway around the world. Now remember that in 20 years, we haven’t defeated a few thousand goat herders in Afghanistan. No way would this be practical.

      4. Nuke China. Answer a WMD attack with the ultimate WMD attack. This would be the only way we could defeat China in war; I doubt that their ICBM capability could reach us, while we’d have no trouble putting nukes wherever we wanted them in China. Frankly, this is the problem-solver, but the will to do it still isn’t there. There’s a good argument to be made that the biggest mistake ever in our war fighting policy was not using the A-bomb against China in the Korean war when the tide began to turn against us. Taking nukes off the table has led us into many endless wars which we have chosen not to win.

      So where does that leave us? Nowhere, really. We sit there and take it, and China will do it again until their aims of world domination are achieved.

      Hence, we must continue to pretend that, at worst, this was an accidental release.

      1. As I posted in another thread:
        “They confronted a firmly nationalist, non-accommodationist American President. He had broad popular support and a swiftly accumulating record of success, and he was determined to end their seizures of American IP and their pilferage of American manufacturing jobs. They could not budge him. So he had to go – but wait: We could attack his one known personal weakness: his germophobic willingness to trust medical authorities, even after they’ve been proved wrong. And there’s a laboratory in Wuhan, under tight military control as are all such labs in Red China, that has just what we need for the job…”

        Concise and perfect.

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