Phil sent me this YT by email knowing my penchant for old country music. This is truth.

Thank you Phil, you are the man!

Updated by Phil,

I found this over at Cold Fury, our most generous host posted this along with some sentiments I whole heartedly agree with.

Everyone knows I’m a Metal Head at heart but I grew up listening to the Old Country Western when I was around my Mom’s folks and I can still enjoy a little of it here and there. This absolutely qualifies.

It’s Old School.

Not that twangy crap I hear somebody playing at work once in awhile.

That shit is so formulaic it’s pitiful and it all sounds exactly the same.

Like shit.

There is a damn recipe and they all follow it.

Nope, nope and nope.

This little tune above though, I actually enjoyed.

Now I wanna see everybody’s shocked faces.


5080cookie-checkPhil sent me this YT by email knowing my penchant for old country music. This is truth.


  1. Ping from Will:
    That was “swangin'”!!! 💪👊

  2. Ping from CbuckInBama:
    I grew up listening to the old country music, too.  Saturday nights at the grandparents listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio.  They lived about 50 miles from Nashville, out in the sticks.

    That’s a keeper.  Thanks.

  3. Ping from Igor:
    Geeze Louise, I didn’t recognize The Brothers!


    I’m gettin’ old.  They are too!

  4. Ping from LB:
    Nice.  Those two can sing and play up a storm, unlike most of today’s “country”.

  5. Ping from Bear Claw Chris Lapp:
    Wow. The Bellamy’s and John Anderson just swingin.

    If I said you were and angel would you treat me like the devil tonight.

    The ghost of osceola.

    That was outstanding


  6. Ping from The other Scott:
    Got 3 sets of Readers Digest Country compilation RECORDS (18 records) and converted to CD. Absolute gold. Mostly ’50s to ’70’s.

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