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DeSantis’ popularity cratering among FLA Repugnicunts

Says “several”anonymous GOPe legislators, one anonymous lobbyist, and…a FLA Senate D卐M☭CRAT.

Florida Republican Lawmakers ‘Frustrated’ With DeSantis
Everything in the 2023 legislative session is going as Gov. Ron DeSantis has planned, as the Republican-led legislature is solely pushing through the Governor’s agenda prior to his announcement that he will run for President in 2024.

As we stated before, this is DeSantis’s world and lobbyists, lawmakers, media reporters, and state employees are just living in it.

But just as supporters of Gov.DeSantis’s soon-to-be-announced presidential campaign

Which, despite having been touted as “soon-to-be-announced” for many months now, still hasn’t been, I can’t help but notice.

continue to promote his accomplishments of the past four years, more and more DeSantis-friendly supporters, who have to work with the Florida Legislature, and lawmakers themselves, are starting to expose what could be a chink in the Governor’s armor—his alleged lack of loyalty and selfish legislative agenda.

According to several Republican lawmakers, DeSantis’s push to get his entire agenda passed through the legislature has left the caucus “exhausted” and “frustrated,” echoing the growing sentiment of lobbyists that DeSantis’s specific agenda has allegedly left many issues on the table, not to be heard because they did not conform with his overall agenda.

How unfair, having to buckle down and, y’know, do your fucking jobs. That sound you may be hearing is me playing “Hearts and Flowers” on the world’s tiniest violin, to express my sympathy for your suffering such an awful injustice under this thuggish DeSantis despot.

All of the Republican lawmakers spoke to The Floridian on the basis of anonymity for fear of retribution by the Governor and/or his executive office, but State Senator Jason Pizzo (D!!!) gave a very candid take on the growing concerns within Republican circles.

“It’s all about DeSantis. This place is run by his iron fist,” said Lobbyist X. ” And Didn’t we just elect him to govern for four more years?”

A very “colorful” Pizzo then pivoted his frustration for DeSantis to the state budget, where he claims he “successfully sued DeSantis on the budget, saying that the DeSantis Administration in the “midnight hour” created new policy on immigration.

“Where the f-ck are they? But where are they? You couldn’t find 49 people somewhere in Florida. And while yours and my property insurance is f0-cking exploding, we have $12 million to go blow for private jets,” questioned Pizzo. We don’t fly military vets in private jets from the state of Florida coming back from deployment, but it continues.”

Pizzo is referring to the $12 million dollars allocated in the Florida budget to transport illegal immigrants, and the aforementioned 49 illegals who were flown from the Texas border to Martha’s Vineyard. When he filed the complaint, which was dismissed on technicalities, Florida had already spent $1.56 million on the flights.

Cry me a river, little open-borders D卐M☭CRAT bitch. Then go take yourself a flying fuck at a plate glass window, you and all the rest of your fellow whining, over-entitled ProPol remoras. Shipping a planeload of border-jumping wetbacks to the very heart of Rich Shitlib Playground so as to acquaint the snobbish robber-barons who disport themselves thereabouts with the harsh realities of the policies they so stridently pimp was a genius move, the very epitome of poetic justice.

Admittedly, Ron DeSantis may yet turn out to not be the All-That-And-A-Hot-Fudge-Sundae his more rabid supporters purport him to be; we’re a long way from any final verdict being reached on that one. But crying in your craft beer about his upsetting of the Uniparty applecart to pursue his own agenda probably isn’t a very effective means of rallying Real Americans to your cause, I’m thinking. The people of Florida recently re-elected him—overwhelmingly—to do exactly that, after all.

21 thoughts on “DeSantis’ popularity cratering among FLA Repugnicunts

  1. “…we’re a long way from any final verdict being reached on that one.

    Nah, I reached that verdict a long time ago, right after I figured out that loyalty was something lacking in DeSantis, given loyalty is one of the qualities of great men.

    I don’t know what’s in the mans heart. I just see the obvious signs…

  2. Mike, Mike, Mike….don’t you know that all of the things DeSantis is doing is some sort of 3D Deeeeeeppppp State psyop? I mean, just because he’s actually DOING the shit doesn’t mean he’s actually doing it. Or something.

    Let’s sum up the article:

    1. DeSantis was elected to push through an agenda. And he is – horrors – actually pushing through said agenda.
    2. Republican lawmakers who are unused to having to actually fulfill campaign promises have hurty feelings because now DeSantis is making them do their jobs.
    3. Democrats say he “rules with an iron fist” (ABOUT FUCKING TIME A REPUBLICAN DID THAT), and are so upset that they use the F-bomb in quotes. I mean they are REALLY mad this time.

    What is not to like about that?

    At least if you’re not Binary Barry, that is.

    1. He can do it in FL because he has a legislature that wants to do it too.
      If he is MAGA why would Turtle or a successor RINO acquiesce to any of that shit on a National Scale?

      His FL Agenda is DOA in DC.

      Also, since he owes people for a National Campaign, he’ll have strings attached, and he couldn’t even TRY to do that on a National Scale.

      And all that assumes he really is MAGA. FL is Deep Red. Launching a National Campaign there means doing conservative things.

      Same as W Bush in TX and ¿Jeb? in FL. They were also good, conservative governors. One went straight line Left as POTUS and the other went straight line Left against Trump.

      So, does that answer your question?

      It really ISN’T “3D Deeeeeeppppp State psyop”! It’s as easy to see as Clinton’s Varicose veins.

      1. Not at all. Did you actually read the article and comprehend? The theme of the article was that the legislature actually does NOT want to enact the DeSantis agenda, but DeSantis is getting them to do it. Hmmmm…that seems like leadership to me. Reminds me of when Reagan was President and had to deal with a majority-Democrat Congress and Republican Congresscritters, many of whom were not on the same page as the Great Communicator. People retconn the Reagan era to think that all the Repubs were on the same page but they most assuredly were not – Reagan faced traitors within his own party as well. And yet, Reagan got his agenda through Congress, and Bush 41 and Clinton lived on Reaganomics for more than a decade. Reagan’s big mistake was the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens. He got rolled on that one.

        And “is he MAGA?” Honestly, who gives a shit? MAGA is a brand, nothing more. It sells hats to the rubes. Seems to me that DeSantis’ legislative and executive agenda (as demonstrated by his actions and results) are very much in keeping with those principles that defined MAGA before MAGA became “Trump Uber Alles.”

        Florida being a Deep Red state is a very recent development, and I’m still not sure it’s “Deep” red. Florida was very much a purple state until the last couple of election cycles.

        Swing and a miss, Kenny.

        1. The article is Bullshit.

          If they didn’t want to enact it, then why did they enact it?

          This is just fence straddling and posturing on their part.

          Here’s the tell: If they didn’t like it then they will not change the law to allow him to run for POTUS while still remaining Governor of FL. That is their perfect chance to get rid of him.

          Barry is correct on this part.

          For a person who calls themselves “Skeptic” you sure aren’t skeptical of anything if it confirms your bias.

          SWISH and a lifetime of misses for the Non-Skeptical Skeptic.

        2. MAGA is NOT just a brand.

          It means “Make America Great Again” and there is a whole Agenda behind it. Like bringing mfg and jobs back to America, lower tax burdens, ELIMINATING Regulations, better Trade Deals, lower Energy Prices and Energy Independence through domestic Energy Production, whacking the ChiComs to end their threats against the World, Peace here and abroad, Societal Norms and Morality reinforced, and any number of things that I am wholeheartedly in favor of right down to the crossed t’s and dotted i’s.

          So what part of MAGA are you against?

          It’s amazing how the Uniparty makes some of us go wobbly every 4 years by trotting out a True Conservative. HW, Dole, W, McStain, Mittens and then Jeb!

          So they launch the brand Ron! True Conservative and they have you ready to throw MAGA under the bus and Trump along with it.

          So Not-Skeptical Skeptic.

          1. (I should have done all that as a good old fashioned FISKING. Since Non-Skeptic “Skeptic” just missed on every single point.)

        3. So, answer the first question:
          If they didn’t want to enact it, then why did they enact it?

    2. Q: What does a doddering old fool without an ounce of skepticism call itself?

      A: “Skeptic” A real laugher

      Now, why don’t you tell us what it is that DeSantis has done that would make the economy better on a national scale?

      Did the Government Man vote for the deep state global agenda while serving as a congressman? Did he vote for TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), an obama hatched plan? Was he in favor of giving Obama FTA (Fast Track Authority) for the TPP, allowing obama to create the trade agreement without congress?

      The answers: YES, YES, & YES.

      People like “Skeptic” (LOL) love DeSantis because he pulls there culture wars lever. That’s really all he’s done, good though it may be, it’s not all that’s needed in DC

      “Skeptic” (LOL) doesn’t answer the real question –
      Why do W and Jeb! endorse DeSantis?
      Why does the GOPe do everything in its power to defeat Trump and push Ron?
      Why does Karl Rove (spit) support ole Ronny?
      Why do the Wall St china owned billionaires donate to DeSantis?

      And last, the final nail in the unskeptical “Skeptic” (LOL) coffin, why did Rupert Murdoch pay off ole Ron with big personal money?

      The answers have been clear from day one, DeSantis is the deep state Government Man. A disloyal SOB.

      Here’s the asshole before he got paid to try and take out Trump:

      “Skeptic” Sure you are.

      1. Why do the video and links disappear?

        1. Not sure it’s even possible to embed vid in comments here, if here is what you’re asking about, Barr. Links should work okay, as long as there are no more than four of ’em in a single comment. Or that’s how I have things set up to run, anyway; we’ve had problems with that here and there, though.

          1. Huh. Just reloaded this page, and now all of a sudden the vids show up for me, when they didn’t just a few minutes ago. Odd…

            1. Heck, beats me. I originally had the vid in the original comment and it disappeared. Now it’s back again…
              Same thing happened a week or so back, but to my knowledge never reappeared.Anyway, no problemo.

      2. Barry, since you disclosed your age here recently, I can safely tell you that I’m neither doddering, nor nearly as old as you are. In fact, you have a couple of decades on me – perhaps senility is setting in. That would explain a lot.

        Now, then, did DeSantis vote for TPP? Yes, he did. I’d be interested to hear him address that now. It’s a concern. I like a lot of what DeSantis is actually DOING right now as Governor of the Free State of Florida, but I’m still a bit Skeptical. What’s interesting is this – I was a much later adopter on DeSantis than our host, Mike. I’m sure he recalls our debates of 2020. And Mike’s views on Trump’s Presidency pretty much parallel mine. In fact, Mike has written extensively about this. And yet, you direct your ire at me and not our host. Why is that, Barry? Seems to me that if I’m a “fool” for liking DeSantis and being over Trump, so is Mike, and yet you don’t call him out. Gutless much?

        Now, then for the rest of your tirade – much guilt by association in there.

        As far as W and Yeb endorsing DeSantis – I believe it was DeSantis himself who responded to such criticisms saying, “They endorsed me – I didn’t endorse them.”

        And since we’re talking donations and backing –

        I’m still pissed about how DeSantis donated to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, and other Democrats.

        Oh, wait, that was your boy Trump.

        Feel free to twist yourself into a pretzel now.

        1. First, since The Bush Klan DID endorse him, what do they see that they like? It’s certainly NOT what he’s doing in FL now because they were hellbent on stopping any of that from happening on the National Level. So, perhaps NeverTrump see another NeverTrump and like it. Ron! on the other hand doesn’t have to endorse them. He can wait until after he’s President and then do what W did. Called BJ his “Brother from another Mother”.

          Once again, this is not 4D Soooooooooper Genius Chess here. He simply could be LYING. Like so many Government Men for Life do.

          Which brings us to the next point. Since Ron! never had a private sector job he never needed to make sure politicians didn’t derail his private sector profits in which he invested hundreds of millions into.

          Au Contraire, Ron! has ALWAYS had a Government Job and therefore he’s the Man soliciting funds from the Private Sector to keep Government off their backs.

          A Protection Racket, IOW.

          Once again, for the record: Ron! NEVER had a private sector job. He ALWAYS has worked for the Government.

          Meanwhile, that shit may have flown re donations in 2016 but after what Trump DID as POTUS it is apparent that he was the most conservative Republican to come to Power since Reagan and Gingrich. That’s 25-35 years of RINOs before Trump, the MAGA Conservative.

        2. On the best day in your life, nonSkeptic, you were neither as intelligent nor in as good physical condition as I am at the age of 70. You are a doddering old fool, proven by your lack of knowledge about anything political. You’ll keep voting the GOP line, Bush 1, Bush 2, McCain, Romney, Jeb! because you lack the intelligence of a gnat. And then complain that America is going downhill. And people like you are responsible.

          You hated Trump form the very beginning. You deny the obvious fact, that Trump is the only real conservative since Reagan that has been president. The only true American acting on behalf of Americans. This isn’t subject to any question as there is a 4 year record, one of triumph over the deep state republican GOP led effort to stop Trump from working for the average American. Your hatred blinds you, your hatred makes you useless in the cause of America. You’re worse than the avowed leftists, the ones that hate Trump just like you do.

          I’d be interested to hear him address that now. It’s a concern.

          I’ll do it for you unSkeptic. DeSantis is owned by the globalists. Every dime in his coffer is coming from the chinese owned globalists. He was paid by Rupert Murdoch to damage Trump, or try to. It will fail.

           And yet, you direct your ire at me and not our host. Why is that, Barry? Seems to me that if I’m a “fool” for liking DeSantis and being over Trump, so is Mike, and yet you don’t call him out. Gutless much?

          Let’s start with the most basic fact, Mike is our host and a gentleman. You started this with your nastiness, long ago, and I respond in kind. I have disagreements with people all the time and it remains civil. I can disagree with Mike and he will not call me names, and I will not call him names or belittle his belief. In fact he has expressed some reservations about the Government Man, and eventually will come to understand the truth. You on the other hand always lie, always –

          Lies such as: “I’m still pissed about how DeSantis donated to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, and other Democrats.

          It’s a lie without acknowledging that Trump donated various amounts to various political entities because it’s a requirement if you are going to do business in the state of NY. You know this is true. You know he didn’t donate to that group because he wanted their political views to win the day. So. it’s a lie, a 100% lie told by a Trump hating liar.

          “They endorsed me – I didn’t endorse them.”
          Cute. That’s all it is, cute. DeSantis is well schooled in the Government Man’s art.

          And the unSkeptic falls for it every time. Now see if you can untwist your f’ing pretzel.

        3. And yet, you direct your ire at me and not our host. Why is that, Barry? 

          As is typical of a complete moron, you just make up shit and hope no one notices.

          You started this shit, not only in the past, but on this very thread. My first comment didn’t address you, not even the most remote way.
          You had to throw in your bit about “binary Barry” and then wish to complain when binary Barry beats you like a drum.

          It reminds me of the last thread you chickened out on where you claimed I inserted Trump into the discussion, and yet only you mentioned Trump.

          You are nothing but a liar, con man, and bullshit purveyor.

        4. I’m still pissed about how DeSantis donated to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, and other Democrats.

          And now for the truth, and a dose of reality. Of course nonSkeptic knows this already since it’s been pointed out numerous times over the last 5-6 years, which makes the mention of donations without the whole story a lie in itself –

          In response to why on the donations to the left:
          “It’s smart. It’s called being an intelligent person and a great business person. … But the truth is that, you have to be able to get along with—if you’re gonna be a business person, even in the United States, you wanna get along with all sides because you’re gonna need things from everybody. And you wanna get along with all sides, it’s very important.”

          And let’s note the following, Trump donated all along to both sides but prior to 2011 more went to democrats (the people dominate in the Trump business world). After 2011 none went to democrats.

          Read that, it only takes a moment, and you’ll know what the truth is, and how people like nonSkeptic twist the truth to fit their hateful narrative.

  3. 1) Trump is running, and he’s the 800# gorilla in the primaries.
    2) DeSantis is 44, and he can afford to wait.
    3) Ain’t gonna be any one-state tickets with the nominees for POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state.

    The smartest thing DeSantis could do is sit this one out, and take a whack at it in 2028. No muss, no fuss, and no hard feelings with the most committed part of the base.

    Whether we still have a republic of any variety than “Banana” by that point in history is the $1M Question.


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