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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

63 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Do I win bragging rights for being first to comment?

    All I have to say about today is:


    You vote your way into socialism. You have to shoot your way out.

    1. You have to shoot your way out.

      Maybe. No country that has a high number of guns in the hands of the common citizen has ever been through this cycle. It’s uncharted territory. The public officials are cowards, at least the “socialist”* ones. They’ll scatter under threat.

      *scare quotes because there is no such thing as socialism, there is just communism.

      1. or — there is no such thing as “communism” there is just socialism
        Nah! there’s really and truly neither: there are just “sheeple” and “Judas goats”
        what the goats can’t fathom and are unable to see is that both wind up inside the slaughterhouse.
        George Soros is/was one of the very few goats to escape that fate.

    2. I see Voting as an Ad Campaign.

      You Voted FOR Freedom and All You Got Was Tyranny Instead.
      Join US. Secession. Soft or Hard, We’ll Get There In The End.

      Until we have a Critical Mass of People and Organization (I see the Red States as the Natural Organization to Cluster Around) we’ll be isolated and taken out a few at a time.

      Like J6.

  2. Election result night is here, and very early numbers appear to confirm what is expected (by some of us anyway). Long way to go.

    1. What I expected was voting machine failures, procedural discrepancies, reports of early Republican wins, and then middle-of-the-night upset victories for Democrats across the nation.

      1. Not looking so good in NY for the Gov race…
        Possible but doesn’t seem likely.

    2. Looks like a wipe out. I suppose expecting to win in states that are democrat run is impossible. Either 50+% of the people that live there are not very bright or the level of cheating is always higher than the R vote, or both.

  3. It ain’t over ’till it’s over:

    Kari Lake delivers the good news (Gov and senate in Arizona likely R):

    Lauren Boebert (another one with the right stuff) that the media claimed lost in Colorado is now ahead:

    And in Nevada, Laxalt is up by almost 2%, will be an R pickup in the senate:

    1. So we may pull this out, narrowly, in the end.

      With narrow majorities the legislative avenue for Joetato is ended buyt that’s about it. We cannot force any counter legislation and our “mevericks” will betray us. Plus, Joetato still has a pen and a phone and Foreign Policy to turn things to disaster. Plus the regulatory State.

      How convenient for Turtle McConnell.

      Well, unless the McFailures both get thrown out of their Leadership positions. Lizzie them! (Liz Cheney, that is).


    There is no question that Donald Trump is a flawed human being like most successful businessmen. Whenever I read the complaints from Trump haters, its all about his personality, his tweets, his misogynism, his sexist remarks, blah, blah, blah. This is infantile, high school criticism that has no place in political punditry.

    The only president since Ike that gave a damn about the country I grew up in. The Only One.

  5. Geez. I guess Paramount is going to make me support DeSantis. Given the efforts to take him out now parallel those that they used/are using against Trump, they must fear him in a similar way.

    My fear is it’s just the social stuff. Social stuff is fine but my interests are elsewhere: economy, economy, economy + defense, which Trump excels with.

    I will not even link the disgusting shit.

    1. As it stands now, the only alternatives to get MAGA are Trump and, with reservations, RDS.

      I am not ready to dump EITHER until I get some clarity on what is going on with RDS.
      The warning signs are there, but so is a lot of good things he’s done.

      The biggest red flag to me is STILL his supporters that feel they must take out Trump RIGHT NOW. The imperativeness of it that started at least a year before even the first debate is typical of the GOPe and how they anoint a “frontrunner” and try to end Debate before it even begins.

      PS Mike has been a fan of RDS. He has NOT Dumped on Trump to get that. If you want me to like your candidate, talk about YOUR candidate. Not how I should abandon mine.

      1. PS Mike has been a fan of RDS. He has NOT Dumped on Trump…

        True. And as you say, no need for it. The neverTrumpers are active though, and they will choose anyone or anything to try and stop Trump. They will say he never did anything even when you put the list of accomplishments under their nose. They lie as they always do. They created DeSantis as the challenger to Trump along with the deep state. That much is clear. I agree it’s not 100% clear about DeSantis.

        Perhaps DeSantis will take the wall street money and then ignore them. Perhaps his private meetings with the big donors that are outright beholden to the chinese mean nothing.
        Perhaps I will win the lottery this week.

        And that will be a first in history for any candidate that requires funding.

  6. Storm Nicole is a bigun. Currently centered near Atlanta, she is pumping air through the Atlantic/Caribbean which is coming up from the southern direction and dumping lots of rain on the island today. The lightning and thunder show was a bit behind the rain but has now commenced and should sustain well into the evening.

    1. We here are in a lee and so far we got a nice rainfall of several inches spread over 8 hours and now intermittent sunshine. We’re supposed to get more rain later on. Fingers crossed as the wind, which has been quiet, may pick up then.

      1. The sun came out while I was out in the car and left my windows down…
        And then it poured again 🙁

        Just cloudy now but the expectation is for further stormy weather,

      1. No doubt a part of the money laundering scheme stealing taxpayer money. Which is why it will end up never being prosecuted.

  7. The courage of Catherine, the flames of the forge
    Sword of Saint Michael, the blood of Saint George
    I take what I’m given, I follow my truth
    I gladly abandon the bloom of my youth
    I’m the lashing, that falls from the scourge

    And they won’t call me Mother, or Sister, or Wife
    They will know me or not by the strength of my life
    I will burn with a light of my own
    They’ll know me as Joan

    1. That is what I was waiting for a picture. You are a dumbass Mike Pence will be the nominee. Mitch and company will see to that.


  8. Nice tonight. The colder and clear air after the storms allows the Milky Way to show up in the sky. It’s a bit faint but visible. Looking ENE you can see the multiple star system Capella and the red planet Mars. Looking south you can see the brightest object in the sky, Jupiter. With my binoculars I can pick out Neptune nearby (I think).

  9. So, finally official, Trump is a candidate for President:

    A list to remember:

    A short list of things President Trump did:

    1) stopped ISIS cold
    2) EO stopping the drug companies from charging medicare more than what they charged foreign countries
    3) EO forcing hospitals to disclose their prices
    4) Move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
    5) ENERGY INDEPENDENCE for the first time in my lifetime of 70 years, and record low energy prices
    6) Started no new wars
    7) Elimination of regulations, required to eliminate 8 to add a new one
    8) Cut Taxes across the board
    9) Increased the individual tax credit eliminating the need to file more complicated returns
    10) Started the space force, sorely needed today
    11) Replaced NAFTA with an agreement better for American workers
    12) Put tariffs on china, starting the process of moving American production out of the enemy’s land
    13) Brought back massive amounts of money saved in foreign countries
    14) Withdrew from the farce know as the Paris Climate Accords
    15) Withdrew from the Iran deal
    16) Increased the $$$ of the average family by over 5K IIRC
    17) Started the process of fixing the VA
    18) Increased the spending by other NATO countries
    19) Killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
    20) Created several million jobs, actual creation not bafflegab bullshit
    21) Economic growth rates were going up, somewhere around 4% before the marxist killed the economy with the scam chinaVirus
    22) Lowest rate of unemployment ever, across the board for blacks, hispanics, asians, veterans, etc.
    23) Opened ANWAR and had the Keystone pipeline being constructed

    There is much more of course.

    That’s just a short list. Trump did this by himself, with little to no help from the republican party opposition from the republican party and the democrats. He did this while the deep state through the FBI, intelligence agencies, congress, and the DOJ were conducting illegal surveillance and investigations. But Trump didn’t falter, didn’t stop. He just kept on working.

    No one else was capable of doing this, no one else has ever done this, no one else will.

  10. American made by Penn, one spinning reel and one baitcaster. Like the Suburban with 310,000 miles and 18 years old, the mag baitcaster is over 20 years old.

    Two more Penn spinners on the front of the Suburban, the larger one is 40+ years old. The smaller one is more recent.

  11. Pence a POS, asshole.
    Now that the election is over and the R’s will have control of the house the bastard declares he will not testify before the Jan 6 inquisition.

    Brave man that bastard.

    Pence actually thinks he’ll make a run for the presidency. Dope, dunce, idiot, all apply. He has a near zero chance. I doubt he could win the Indiana republican primary. He certainly cannot win any other.

  12. The road back to respect, DeSantis earns a brownie point from me:

    As the reality sinks in…

    Which is: while DeSantis will pick up some of the MAGA voters, the ones that shy away from a fight and those that are weary of the fight and those that just genuinely believe DeSantis is the man and can win, the hardcore MAGA voters are not afraid of the fight to come and will stand with Trump. They outnumber the other crowd by at least 2:1.

    In any event, regardless of the percentage, the fight may kill the chances of both of them. It will kill DeSantis for sure because the average MAGA voter will perceive, fairly or not, that the R party is attempting to STOP TRUMP, and will not vote for the man, ever.

    If DeSantis is smart he will wait until 2028 and either take over a revived country from Trump or pick up the pieces from a further marxist led decline. Meanwhile he can continue to strengthen Florida and perhaps lead a coalition of like minded states and governors to start ignoring the diktats of the federal government.

    Long term strategic thinking is rather uncommon these days, so I suspect that will not happen. “I want to be president and I want it right now”.

    1. Don’t go Full Cruz and let Ambition ruin your chances. If he heeds that warning there may be hope yet.

      Maybe he met with Griffin and others and when he heard their terms he shied away. I hope so.

      But we can’t be sure. Trump is the bird in the hand. We know where he stands on Policy and on America.

      1. Yea, I keep telling people, with Trump we have one more chance with someone we know will do the job. After that, bring on whoever you think will do the job. Don’t fuck this up. Trump comes along less than once in a lifetime.

  13. Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead.

    Pelosi stepping down in her Dem leadership position. No word yet on if she will leave Congress.

    Looks like the Far Left and RINO Left cut a deal. Tank MAGA on one side and tank Pelosi and the Establishment Dems on the other. An attempt to shift both Parties leftwards.

    I wonder who in Congress steps up for the Dems now.

    1. Could be there was a deal. I’m quite sure some type of orchestration is going on that involves both party’s.

      The successor appears to be Jeffries, an extreme radical. Probably more extreme by an order of magnitude than the witch leaving the position. He’ll be painted as a “moderate” of course…

      1. I think that is the short term deal within the structure of a long term deal they cut either in the late 90s or early 2000s. After they got rid of Gingrich and secured their position with W. Then the Patriot Act locked the Deep State in it’s place and they found working with each other made perfect sense. It probably wasn’t a single deal cut at any point, but a period of time, say over 5 years, where they came to an understanding.

  14. So, here’s a serious question before I head out to work:

    What is the DeSantis platform to run against Trump?

    Can’t say he’ll do a better job on the economy.
    Cant’ say he’ll do a better job with china or any foreign policy.
    Can’t say he’ll be nicer to the press.
    He can claim to get better people at the DOJ/FBI I suppose, some nice deep staters.

    What exactly does he do? It beats me.

    1. Yet in 2028 he can say those exact things, just pledging to continue the Great Work that Trump did with MAGA.

  15. It does not matter who the republican is for 2024. The communists have bases covered mail in ballots, and a vote crime syndicate in place. Who is going to stop them Kevin McCarthy the homo that lives in a house provided by Soros’s money handler.

    Why would the communists not play a trifecta, they have stolen two without any one getting a parking ticket, why would they stop?

    Time to stop believing in unicorns folks.

    1. No one would really argue that as we have all repeated it here more than once.

      I really do hope that is why RDS stays in FL and a consortium of States start taking care of business themselves and together.

      The SHTF events we will see are coming in Europe this winter and here before long, if not this winter. When they do the Inner Cities in Blue States will devolve into chaos quickly. If the Red States that have good Governors control that problem in their larger cities, then they automatically become a beacon for Good vs Bad Governance.

      Will that be enough to start throwing Commies out (of helicopters hopefully)?.

      I don’t know.

      We are getting closer. Are we there yet? I do not think so. So, until then, my alternate is to support Trump and keep RDS focused on FL until 2028. Either we’re still voting then or the Revolution is in full swing.

      1. The problem is there is no solution to the communists stealing elections. The “republican house” can’t / won’t stop the mail in ballots. Breitbart just stated a majority of the house republicans don’t want to impeach Brandon.

        We have NO skin in the game.

      2. As long as you are well fed and free to go where you want, the communists do not have much control regardless of their political stranglehold by cheating. As long as we have weapons we’re not really afraid of them.

        When those things change – people get hungry, or get permanent looking lockdowns, or the feds try to take the guns, then the blood will begin to flow. My opinion.

      3. Howdy all. I ain’t dead or gone – just tryin’ to keep on keepin’ on. Some days, not so easy to do so. Yeah Kenny, being a Flor-i-didian, I’d like to keep my gov Ron for his term. Lord knows what we’ll have next – might even be another ‘demonRat’ (forbid it, Almighty God – please). Too bad he can’t declare open season on certain perps and others.

        I’m afraid that those SHTF events to which you refer will be happening here in the former U.S. this winter. Well, maybe not in FLA. so much, I hope. I’m sure we’ll share the shortages, though.

        As to the helicopter idea – don’t know about anyone else, but I’d like to do my part and fund at least a few of those rides if possible.

        As to the last line – I sincerely hope we’re still voting – but hope ain’t a game plan. We should all make alternate plans.

        Y’all take care,

        1. Hey Patrad, good to see you checking in. We have to keep Florida going. How else will we get the Florida Man stories 🙂

          Mike, I don’t recall where you are located in the Sunshine State. I have several friends that got real damage in the Sanibel area. Did you fare OK? I hope so.

          1. ‘Preciate the concern Barry. Came out OK on both storms – worst damage was a buncha tree limbs in the yard. Lots weren’t so lucky. C. FLA. is my A. O. Betwixt Tampa & O’Ville. Apologies for the delay in posting! I’ll try to do better!!😜

            How ’bout you? How’d you come out?

            1. Good to hear you came through relatively unscathed. I have one friend that not only lost his home, but his 57′ Corvette and another classic were also destroyed. He’s not a full timer but spends about 50% on Sanibel island. He’s there now and planning to rebuild. A lot of hard work ahead.

              Hatteras Island didn’t have any issues other than above average swells that flood the road and cut off access at times. So, no problems for me. I think we had as much trouble here in the Charlotte area from the rain as the NC coast got.

              1. Glad to hear you did well.

                HOLY CRAP – a 57 Vette??!! Man, being an old gearhead (translation= Olde Phartt 😉 ) I couldn’t even picture that kinda property loss.

                Yeah, Sanibel got basically washed away. The original path was projected to have the eye go right over me – dodged on that day! Bummer that it plastered the joint(s) down South! Glad to see the last of ’em for the year (hopefully)!

                1. Yea, pretty sad. I’m not sure which he hates the worst, the cars or the house. Anyway, we all know the danger and choose to take it to live in paradise.

  16. Well, my brownie point has been rescinded as it’s clear who DeSantis really is. Not a word from the deep state GOPe McConnell/McCarthy/McFailure candidate.

    Not a word about the Dept of Injustice corrupt and illegal special prosecutor…

    “DeSantis was relatively quiet about the 2020 Election steal and then the resulting unconstitutional Jan 6 committee. He withheld any comments on the plight of the political prisoners beaten, maced, and kept in solitary confinement in the DC Gulag. These individuals, who are accused of horrible crimes have had their constitutional rights thrown in the waste basket.”

    Fuck the bastard with rusty barbed wire.
    Rand Paul for VP and 2028 President.

  17. Armed Forces Day in Chapel Hill
    Heels take on GT in hope of winning game # 10
    Kickoff now

    1. Well that didn’t go well. This is what happens when you look past a game to the next. The wreck prevails 21-17. Carolina played terribly and GT played well.

  18. “I have to ask these people one very important question: Why is Ron DeSantis, a candidate who is similar to Trump in many ways, now viewed favorably by the anti-Trump crowd on both sides? It leaves me with an uneasy feeling and doesn’t sit well with me.

    This does not seem like a coincidence. It seems like an intentional move on behalf of the establishment elites. Indeed, you can be sure of that. ”

    I’m not the only one that see’s it:

    1. Remember Why You Liked Trump In the First Place?

      Mostly because the people who hate him are despicable scum, and mostly treasonous to the spirit of the United States of America. Also, because Hillary Bitch Clinton will never be President.

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