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The Daily Donnybrook

Welcome to Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge’s shiny new open-comments thread, where y’all can have at it as you wish, on any topic you like. Do note that the official CF comments policy remains in effect here, as enumerated in the left sidebar. All new posts will appear below this one. There will be blood…

53 thoughts on “The Daily Donnybrook

  1. Sorry about the delay in getting this one up. It was scheduled to come alive three days ago but didn’t for some reason, and I’ve been busy and didn’t notice.

    1. I didn’t mention it knowing you are busy and would eventually see that it didn’t work.

      Thanks for fixing it up!

      1. Go ahead and send me an email if I miss it in the future. It’s only a few minutes’ work and no problem to do; the problem is in not thinking to check.

        I’m not bothering to schedule posts, as I’ve done that twice and it’s failed each time for reasons unknown. Instead I put a to-do item into my notebook for the appropriate date.

        1. OK, will do!

          And thanks. I know Mike appreciates it even more than the rest of us.

  2. A person living in Ukraine commented on the Russian invasion. They see Russian troops, and are not worried because they are not being bothered. They don’t think the change in government will affect them and just want the fighting to stay outside the residential areas. Jaded by the conflict, their biggest worries are they want the ATM’s and internet to keep working so they can continue their lives as normal.

    1. By now, that should be understood to be 100% false, unless it was the sentiment from an ethnic russian.

  3. With the Russian invasion of the Ukraine underway, a few thoughts.

    I read “why would anyone want the Ukraine?”. Good question. Our political leaders like it because it’s a giant money laundering scheme. Take US taxpayer money, send it to the Ukraine where it passes through multiple hands and into the Biden bank account among others.

    Putin wants it because he’s a fascist dictator and Ukraine is on the border. No other reason needed really. The Russians starved some 10 million of the Ukrainian citizens not so long ago. Took there food and left them nothing in the dead of winter. Controlling the Ukraine eliminates a threat on the border. A threat that wasn’t real by the way. The NATO countries can’t muster up a speedboat much less any deterrent force/weapons in the Ukraine. The USA has invested there (see kickback opportunity, Biden, etc) but isn’t a real threat either. We have no intention of confronting Putin. The maladministration known as the biden administration is an active partner.

    The entire scenario has been scripted by the Biden puppeteers in league with Putin from day one of the joetato White House occupation. Every bit of this has been scripted. The destruction of the USA is the goal. The biden puppeteers get a distraction while they complete their economic destruction of the American economy. Putin gets to stick a thumb in the eye of the USA plus a buffer zone, needed or not.

    And China gets a weaker USA, their biggest goal. And secondary, an even easier cakewalk through Europe. A win without having to confront us militarily, which they cannot do for the foreseeable future.

    Here’s the laugher. If you had any notion of influencing the russians/putin you would be drilling baby drilling and building pipelines here. The Russian economy is not in the top 10, behind South Korea in 11th place, and this is primarily because of oil and gas production. Kill those prices and where do the russkies go?

    The germans and every NATO country except the eastern EU countries sold their souls long ago. Germans have to be the dumbest SOB’s on the planet. The average german believes the global warming scam. The EU and NATO is history. It was never anything more than our tax dollars supporting the feckless bastards anyway. The elites are robbing the proles just like they always do.

    1. Note that the Biden admin is making new moves this week to block oil and gas drilling leases on federal lands. Then they go and beg OPEC to produce more, after destroying American jobs and energy production. They are stupid AND evil.

      1. Yep. All is proceeding as the American destroyers want.
        I would never have imagined that enough of our countrymen would stand by and allow the destruction.

        I think china owns 75% of our politicians. Look at Feinstein, a senator on the intelligence committee. Not just on the intelligence committee, the chair for years.

        How many of the top leadership of the military are owned by china? I’d bet it’s pretty damn high.

        Ever wonder why Bush was so slow to confront the chinese when they force down an American military airplane?

  4. I’ve been to the Ukraine multiple times. Fly into Kyiv, then fly local to Kharkiv. My customers there are real people, that just wish to work for a living. I’m saddened by the outcome even if it was foreseeable.

    Kharkiv is close to the Russian border. On my first trip there an engineer took me to lunch one day because he wanted to have a private conversation. He just wanted to tell me how much he appreciated America, and the Voice of America broadcasts when he was just a boy. He told me how his father risked everything to have a receiver in the attic that would allow them to listen to the forbidden broadcasts.

    My favorite think about Ukraine? The people. I started out my career traveling mainly through Europe, where people were mostly like me except for my American dress. As the world changed and the manufacturing economies were sold out by our western governments, my travels took me to Asia – China, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, etc. My friends there are almost uniformly small of stature with coal black hair and coal black eyes.

    I am 6’4, blue eyed and brownish blonde hair. I tower over my friends in Asia who are very often a foot shorter. I get off the airplane in Kyiv and the first thing I notice – I’m not in Asia. The girls are blond and blue eyed and beautiful. There are men walking around with blonde hair and blue eyes that are on the level of mine, and often slightly above. They are all friendly and gracious. Ukraine is not a wealthy country but the people seemed genuine and honest, unlike their politicians.

    The world hasn’t change so much. We, those of us in our 60’s and older, lived in the age of freedom and liberty here in the USA. Every place around the world that had freedom and liberty owed that to the USA.

    We either keep it here, freedom and liberty, or the world will descend into slavery on a scale never seen before.

    1. I’d just nuke Moscow.
      Get Beijing while I’m at it.
      A few others for good measure.

    1. This DeSantis bandwagon has worried me.

      He talks big but then fails at critical points?

      Although I will wait until we hear some more. Are we sure he isn’t being framed by MSM?

      1. We’ve both sounded the note of caution when it comes to DeSantis. I think that is warranted. Trump is a proven commodity. I’d actually like to see Trump run with DeSantis as VP. In 4 years we’ll know if DeSantis is the real deal and if he has what it takes.

        I think this was a bad bill, passed by an R legislature. Perhaps DeSantis thinks there good reason for the bill. I’m hard pressed to find it. I see it as a very large failure on his part and it will hurt him politically.

  5. I see that Biden has taken the weekend off, heading to his basement in Delaware to get chemically prepped for his SOTU reading next week. I wonder who is minding the store during this whole Ukraine thing…or if anyone is. Trump blasted Hillary over the whole ‘readiness for a 3 AM phone call’ issue. Biden can’t handle even a 3 PM phone call.

    I am increasingly worried we are going to end up in a war with Russia because the idiots in DC are just that pathetically incompetent. Their corruption and stupidity set up this whole situation, their weakness invited attack, and now they are flailing.

    Frantic re-writes of the planned SOTU going on right now, I suspect. And it may be hilariously out-dated, since puppet Joe needs plenty of time to practice and prep his lines.

    1. “Biden can’t handle even a 3 PM phone call.”


      To be fair, Biden was a dope even before the mental decline.

      I’m of the opinion (just that, opinion) that the whole scenario was orchestrated between the joetato puppet masters and Putin.

      The scam virus is over. They know it, time to move to the next thing, tried and true, war. Except someone forgot the Ukrainian citizens have a say in this, that the ethnic Ukrainian citizens hate the barbaric murdering Russians, and that they are willing to die to stop the savages from russia.

      I keep saying the same thing over and over, both the Russian and China military are paper tigers. Yes sure, the Ukrainian military is no match for the much larger and powerful russians. How long will Putin be able to hide the loss of life on his side? How long before the mothers, wives, and girlfriends wonder why their men are dying in Afghanistan Ukraine?

      The South wasn’t a match for the much larger and industrial north either. The north nearly lost, but for a bit of luck DC would have been taken by Lee. Sometimes one side is more willing than the other, especially when the other is made up of conscripts that want nothing more than to go home to their wives and girlfriends.

  6. Bear spray particles are 3-6 microns in diameter, or somewhere between 10-60 times bigger than Covid-19. If a face mask can stop Covid-19, it should be able to easily stop bear spray. Two intrepid U.S. Marines put bear spray to the test. Well, one was intrepid for getting sprayed. The other did the spraying, ran away, and laughed.

    LOL, US Marines score:

  7. Watching some of the news this afternoon I saw a street in Kharkiv that I recognized as one on the way from the airport to the downtown area where the hotel I always stayed in is located.

    It’s hard to tell what the truth is regarding the military reality on the ground. So much disinformation and outright propaganda, and nothing from our own media or government can be trusted.

    One of the things I find sickening is the near cheering for Putin simply because we don’t want US troops involved. I think of putin about like I did Saddam – not our job really, but killing monsters is always good.

    Ukraine politicians are corrupt. Ours here are more corrupt. Ours here are likely the source of much of the corruption in the Ukraine. The fucking corrupt biden family and friends circle are certainly knee deep in it.

    Ukraine is the second largest European country (landmass) behind Russia. France is third. Russia is something like 6 times the size of Ukraine.

    1. One thing is absolutely certain, both Kyiv and Kharkiv are still under Ukrainian control as this morning dawns in the Ukraine.

      Did Putin expect the advance to be quicker? Is it stalled worse than expected? Did the europeans sudden resolve make Putin blink? Will the russian people react to the ruble tumbling? Are the generals going to be happy seeing their ruble value dropping?

      Lots of questions. As with all conflict, all the plans are trashed when the first bullets start flying. Of course I have no idea what the russians plans were regarding an invasion of the Ukraine, what was their timeline, etc. But I suspect their plan is now in the trash can.

      Putin may have done what no one else could do – get the Europeans to start working together, to restore NATO as an actual force not entirely dependent upon the USA. What will the Fins and Swedes do now?

  8. Hey Hank Wanker, did you see the massive dump Chad shit all over DP? Your pal. A little taste:

    (Quote) Bill, you’re pathetic. You have so immersed yourself in the alt-right crap…As to Trump, he’s over. Can’t you see that he was nothing more than a benign blustering wanna-be oligarch? Those trips he made to Russia and the dinners and toasts while rubbing shoulders with Putin’s underling oligarch’s, they exhibited his true character. He was and remains a man who envies people like Vladimir Putin. (Endquote).

    Your Pantywaist Scamdemic pathetic whining while pathetically supporting douches like Chad should be an embarrassment to you but you’re a good Leftist who has no shame.

    I look forward to your response, since I was Right and you were Wrong.

    1. Hey kennycanker, I guess that means you want to have another discussion wherein I demonstrate once again what a fatuous moron you are.

      I now invite Barryless to come to your defence and hurl weak-tea insults at me.

      1. Yet I was right and you were wrong about WuFlu Just The Flu AND Chad.

        Heh. No matter how many names you call me, you were Wrong and I was Right. Bye Hank!!

      2. No invitation required you useless karen. As I have mentioned before, Mike has always practiced free speech here, even A1 assholes like you are free to speak without fear of being banned for having brains resembling the deep vacuum of space.

        I went and read the chad comment. As is typical of all liars, like you, they are always exposed eventually. Chad pretends to have come on board with trump and then calls him putins lapdog, typical.

        OTOH, there’s always a chance that he gets something right.

        There is a lot of cheering for putin. Sure, Ukraine leaders are corrupt to the core. So are ours. And Canada? Don’t make me laugh. No better in Spain.

        Putin is as corrupt as they come. He is not going into the Ukraine to save them from the corruption, he just wants the Ukraine as part of his plan to control the Soviet Union once again. NATO has never actually threatened Russia, only standing as a bulwark against Russian aggression, never anything more. Putin doesn’t want NATO in any of the former Soviet Bloc countries because he wants to take those countries back. NATO blocks that (or it should were it to work as designed). Comparing the invasion of the Ukraine because they might join NATO as the same as the Soviets placing nuclear missiles in Cuba is a fucking joke.

        Suggesting Putin ” hasn’t reduced all major Ukrainian cities to rubble, enslaved the populace and slaughtered hundreds of thousands is because it doesn’t want to do that” as indicating Putin is a kind and generous soul VS the USA “Unlike the American way of war, which takes as a precept the notion of burning a village to save it.” is nothing short of utter ridiculousness.

        Putin is a former KGB man, the type that shoves bamboo shoots under fingernails in basement torture chambers.

        Apparently there are a lot of morons that share the vision of George W Bush that could look into Putin’s eyes and see his soul. Apparently you’re all blind.

        Ukraine’s problems are caused as much by the Biden’s as any problem in this world. Still, its not my problem and I don’t want my grandchildren to go there. My desire to have the USA stay out of the Ukraine does not make Putin Mr. wonderful. The Russian military is what it always has been, conscripts led by brutal thugs. The only reason they do not kill more civilians is the world is watching.

        Ask yourself why they surround cities with no military target? Why?

        I know the answer. Do you?

        1. So Chad says something you find offensive over at Daily Pundit but somehow you poor puling pussies find me at fault.

          How you Gammas must suffer by being personae non gratae at the DP tavern.

              1. Chad’s your buddy, as Kenny pointed out. Or was. I guess now that he has attacked Bill, he’s persona non grata.

                All you’ve ever done is whine.

                Dance henryKaren, dance!

  9. Took a short nap after dinner this evening, woke up and their is a clown on TV, Mr Joetato head.

    A real joke.

    1. their, there, they’re

      Anyway, turned on “Gunsmoke” instead of the Mr. Joetato head show. Then “Wagon Train” came on. All better than anything coming out of DC.

    1. To “Build Back Better” first you must destroy what was there.

      They use these phrases and they mean exactly what we think they mean.
      Like “Fundamental Transformation of America”.

    2. Th “Back Drop”? I see lots of book for sale adds, but nothing labeled “Back Drop”. Perhaps you could provide the direct link?

  10. Any news concerning our esteemed host and/or BCE? Starting to get a bit concerned…

  11. One of the better articles you’ll ever read about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and why it matters:

    Somewhat long, but excellent.

    Before reading, ask yourself a few questions –

    1) Who is the enemy of the USA? Russia or Ukraine?
    2) Did Putin invade Ukraine because Ukraine is considered NATO material?
    3) Is china our enemy? Who is china in league with? Russia or Ukraine?
    4) Is Putin going to stop at Ukraine? Why?

    Nuclear considerations:
    Nine countries have 12,700 nukes. The UK and France together dwarf China at 515 warheads to 350.
    The USA and Russia have the vast majority, a fairly even split at 5,977 for the russians and 5,428 for the USA. What is not even is delivery capability and reliability. The USA has that part down cold. One submarine can destroy Russia as we know it. Putin knows this. I’ll post a link in the next comment as to not trip the censors and cause SteveF trouble 🙂

  12. Ballistic Missile Submarines:

    You can search that term to learn all you need to know. Consider – We know where the Russian subs are (forget china, see the next comment) because they cannot operate quietly enough to evade our hunters. The russians cannot track our “Boomers”.

    I’ve always been fond of the name Boomer for these subs. Quiet, hidden, and deadly. Laugh at us boomers all you want. We built the modern nuclear Navy.

  13. The chinese are woefully behind in nuclear weaponry. They now have 4 Jin class ballistic subs. Those submarines are tracked as easily as the russian subs and rarely operate far from home.

    In the end, any war among the major powers either goes nuclear or ends in a quick negotiated settlement. For now, and in the foreseeable future, the USA is the Big Dog. Putin knows it, Xi knows it. And Trump knew it, which is why the communists remained at bay during his presidency.

  14. There are some reports that the 40 mile long Russian military convoy that has been parked north of Kiev for about a week, may be stalled due to tire failures. Chinese tire failures.

    Please god, let it be true.

    1. From what I have read of the Ukraine at this time of year, sunk up to the axles in mud is also a good possibility.

      1. Yea, I know.
        But failure of Chinese tires would just be special…

      2. Who knows. Everything about this war has been suspect as to what is really going on.

  15. I got in a few fights in high school. 3 years of high school, four fights.

    Every one because I stopped somebody from bullying someone smaller or different.

    I’d kill every Russian and Belorussian in the damn world. They don’t deserve to live among civilized people.

    I’d use the nuclear weapons and turn Putin’s lair into a radioactive ash heap.

    While I remember the high school fights, it’s not the fights that have ever bothered me. It’s the ones I didn’t fight, the ones I let go by because it was too much trouble, those bother me still.

  16. In case y’all were wondering, North Carolina beat the hell out of dook this evening.

    Coach K’s last game at Cameron Hansbrough Indoor Stadium was a loss. A loss to the Tar Heels. I am happy to say that every dook fan is crying tonight.

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