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Extinction Rebellion had itself a bad, horrible, no-good week. Which is good news indeed for sane people.

Extinction Rebellion capped off a rough week in the United Kingdom with a tough weekend on the West Coast, as people, inconvenienced by the group’s ongoing, intentionally disruptive climate protests, fought back.

On Saturday, perhaps inspired by London commuters, Americans shut down two Extinction Rebellion protests meant to shame Californians in San Francisco and Long Beach into submitting to the group’s aims.

In San Francisco — a city which is certainly sympathetic to Extinction Rebellion’s aims — at least the ones that XR typically makes public — an angry commuter wearing scrubs came upon a line of Extinction Rebellion protesters blocking traffic with a huge sign and quickly took matters into his own hands, ripping down their banner and chucking it away, clearing the path for cars to continue on their way.

Later reports from Extinction Rebellion San Francisco’s Facebook page indicate that the protesters tried to get police involved and  that the group filed an official complaint against the unnamed man who stole their banner. But, the activists said sadly, police officials told demonstrators that they probably wouldn’t investigate the incident.

Further down the California coast, in Long Beach, Extinction Rebellion ran into another set of “intolerant” Americans after the tried to invade an In ‘N Out burger and were summarily ejected by several non-plussed restaurant workers.

Good news indeed, and I hope the nascent Fed Up-rising against these weedy fascists continues to grow and do them much bruising injury. But don’t make the common mistake of thinking these Watermelons are primarily concerned about the environment, please. They’ve let the mask slip to reveal that they have much bigger fish to fry:

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion says it plans to continue its climate change protests until its demands are met — a goal that probably won’t be reached any time soon. According to reporter Ian Miles Cheong, the group is now coming clean about its environmental goals and several key ER personnel have admitted that climate change is simply a “symptom” of the “problem” they really want to tackle: Western civilization.

“XR isn’t about the climate,” one XR higher up admitted recently, according to Cheong. “You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 years of colonialism, although the roots of the infections go much further back.”

I see, I see. So, you cretins will be giving up your iPhones, your air conditioning, your TVs, your cars, your internet access, refrigerators, books, microwave ovens, indoor plumbing, any clothing you didn’t make yourself, and the myriad other toxic cruelties inflicted on you by genocidal Western “civilization” immediately then, right?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Until you ingrate brats put your money where your fat mouths are, I will continue to take you every bit as seriously as you deserve: ie, not at all.


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