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The sleeping frog

Socialism: the zombie ideology that, apparently, cannot be killed.

Here’s the thing, and I’ve said it before, but I’m not worried about socialism because I’ll never live in a socialist America. It either will not happen, or it will happen after I and millions of others are dead fighting for the Constitution. So, this is really not my problem, but a problem for the millennials who would have to live with it. Sadly, a lot of millennials are – how do I put this delicately? – really stupid and eager to create a system that empowers aspiring lil’ kommisars to bully the Normals.

Wait, first we need to define “socialism,” because there seems to be a lot of confusion about what socialism is among the young people supporting it. “Socialism” is defined as “socialism.” You have probably seen on social media where smug dorks in knit caps post memes about how, “If you support having roads and armies, you support socialism!” Okay, if every kind of government has roads and armies, then roads and armies are not an attribute of a socialist government in particular but of government in general. This kind of soft thinking is the sad result of too many years spent watching The Daily Show, which offers its audience such pseudo-smart insights designed to blow the minds of credulous sophomores.

Along with certain other shows hosted by asshole blowhards and watched by hooting, gibbering, brain-dead baboons.

Socialism here in America? No thanks. Not interested. And by “not interested,” I literally mean that I’d fight to the death to prevent you psychos from trashing the Constitution to impose a socialist regime here in America. And I’m not alone. I bet a bunch of you are down for the flag too. So millennial socialist twerps, keep running your vape holes about change and progress and all that stuff, but if you really want a revolution, you better put down your iPhones and learn how to shoot.

Ahh, but that’s why they’ve done it incrementally, see—not with the abrupt, loud clash of violent Marxist revolution, but quietly, subtly, one baby step at a time. They’ve been patiently, steadily drawing the lines of soft collectivist tyranny closer and closer around us since FDR at least, inch by careful inch. We say we’d fight them, literally fight them, rather than submit to socialism, but would we really? At best, nobody seems to know where to draw the all-important “this far, no farther” line beyond which there will be blood. At worst, we’re big talkers who much prefer the comfort and stability of the crumbs Lefty tosses us to the inconvenience and terrifying risk of taking a stand. Which, of course, is certainly sensible enough. Meanwhile, the frog in his pot takes no notice as the temperature of the water increases.

Might it be federal meddling with the health care system? Hate to tell ya, but that’s been the case since 1965 if not before, when Medicare was first established. Obamacare was just barely shy of an actual outright takeover, and still we slept. The Tea Party movement was a worthy effort in response to O-care among other things. It was destroyed by a joint Deep State Uniparty effort, in part via the IRS’s shady, clandestine campaign against them—a campaign we all know about now, mind. So did we bring out the tar, feathers, torches, and pitchforks even after that clearly criminal, un-American outrage came to light? Ask Lois Lerner about that, as he enjoys the benefits of her full pension secure in the knowledge that she’ll never face any consequences for her Obama-endorsed skullduggery and malfeasance.

Would it be the violation of our 2A rights, then? Umm, sorry and all, but there are tens of thousands of restrictions on the supposedly “unalienable” right to keep and bear arms, both state and federal. Like I always say, any “right” whose exercise requires a permission slip from the Goobermint—and a background check, and fingerprinting, and a waiting period, and limits on what type and how many weapons and magazines and/or accessories you’ll be allowed to purchase, and etc, etc, etc—is not a right at all, and be damned to what the Founders had to say on the matter. It’s a privilege. And privileges can always be revoked at the whim of the officials in charge of granting them.

I could go on and on (and have) about the hollow blah-de-blah to which the 4th, the 5th, the 9th, and the 10th Amendments have all been reduced, but you get the idea. More and perhaps worse, we’re currently witnessing the slow collapse of a very real, years-long conspiracy to attempt, first, the rigging of an election, then the dishonest and illegal removal of the duly-elected President when the first effort failed—all of it supported by the very flimsiest of pretexts. So it would seem that, if what we’re supposed to be fighting for here is the Constitution and legitimate government, we’re WAAAAY late to the party. Too late, I strongly suspect. The water in the pot is beginning to come to a boil. But still the frog slumbers.

On the evidence so far, we lack the resolve and ruthlessness to fight back. We seem to be unaware or in denial that there’s a war already being waged against us. The Left is hindered by no such lack. They will work tirelessly, to the very last breath of the very last man, in defiance of all odds, to any extreme they’re allowed to get away with, to realize their eternal ambition of bringing us fully to heel—of the “fundamental transformation” of America into, yes, a socialist nation.

Far better if the frog had awakened a very long time ago, way back when the Left’s sinister ambitions first became apparent. It would have averted much strife, suffering, and destruction. Sadly, though, he didn’t; he allowed himself to be placed in the pot instead.

And still—even yet, after all this—he slumbers.

Now, I could be wrong in my assessment of just how much shit your average American Olaf will eat, I admit. Could be I ain’t giving him enough credit. I’m an old fart in the closing stretch of fading away, after all, creaky and nothing like as physically robust as I’d prefer. I’m not getting better, I’m getting older. Optimism isn’t my natural state; as the old joke says, I’m getting to the point where I don’t even buy green bananas anymore. Aesop, bless his coal-black heart, has a slightly different idea:

There is intended to be a Civil War. The Leftards openly fantasize this, as they see themselves as swooping in to repeat another victory.

Except this time the South is every white person, everywhere.

(They think they’ll get over because they “identify” as gay black women. It won’t work any better for them than for the frog giving the scorpion a ride.)

But “we” (D. apparently has a mouse in his pocket) won’t be stopping it, because “we” didn’t start it, don’t control the narrative, and have neither the will nor inclination to prevent gravity from working.

The chimp-out under plan is being ginned up per protocol, exactly as thousands of smaller versions have, with a monotonous cadence of hoax crimes, all beating the drum inexorably to fan the flames and direct the muster of exactly the CW intended.

The surprise will be when (and if) it comes calling.

On Day One, predictably to a mathematical certainty, they run out of cops, after two or perhaps three volleys. The cops already know this to a man, hence the distinct lack of vigor to go about it in the first place.

If no learning occurs prior, on Day Two, The Culling begins in earnest.

Instructive, at this point, is the Flight 93 Effect: i.e. in this day and age, you’ve got about half an hour’s free reign to hatch your Clever Plan, and after that, the so-called Sheeple, having been red-pilled to the New Reality,  will come at you, if necessary with bread knives and rolled up magazines. And then you and your Clever Plan are over. 

The problem for the Leftards is that Joe Average can do much better, on thirty minutes’ notice, than bread knives and rolled up magazines, unless he’s trapped in an aluminum tube at 40k’.

It will be ARs and Glocks and such, until all obvious targets have either changed shape, caught fire, or bled out.

Then, the survivors (and pure odds overwhelmingly favors one side, and that side is not The Diversity) will look to who started it, and The Hunt will begin in earnest.

By Friday, people will be rounded up in batches, and shot against the handiest wall, and it likely won’t end until Rush Limbaugh is considered the most Liberal Man in America.

While I do lament the initiaton of the process that brings it about, hey, I’m a-okay with that outcome.


13 thoughts on “The sleeping frog

  1. I don’t know if those of us on the right will self-organize when SHTF. Civic-minded groups where we might naturally congregate are basically dead. Rotarians and the like are thin on the ground these days. I’m hoping to move to a smaller town where it’s more natural that people band together when times go bad. In a state where schools still get time off for deer hunting season, so I know they’ll be armed and capable of being self-sufficient. If I’m stuck in a metro area like I currently am, surrounded by soyboys and groups hostile to Whites (including other Whites), my gun barrels will be getting too hot to handle.

    1. Just wait until the water stops and their toilets won’t flush. Then think about what’s going to like 5 days later. It’ll be like having the streets of San Franfeces right in your very own apartment.

      1. Actually, it’s more than just water when the power goes out. You’re right that few of the major Socialist centers have their water supplies within their city limits but the same can be said for power generation.

        Without power, there is no HVAC in the dead of Winter or heat of Summer. No lights. No phones or Internet. No banks cannot run their computers without power & network connections. There would be no ATM machines & nothing to buy if one did have cash. Deprived of their nationwide networks, grocery stores would be as empty as Venezuela’s within a week. Oakland County Michigan got a taste of this a few years ago when a Winter ice storm dropped power lines across the county; 10 days without power. The only thing that made it bearable was that it was limited in area.

        The Socialists may think they can fight a Civil War. They have no idea the battle has already been lost.

  2. No such animal as socialism. It is all just communism with a smiley face. It’s kinda like when the homosexuals and lesbians decided to reinvent themselves and called themselves “Gay”. See, as nice smiley face that would not destroy the heterosexual community and aren’t we the better for it. (Sarcasm)..

    But you are correct about stupid people in this country believing the same line the communists always had used and the result will also be the same.

    So we need to identify the “socialists” and prepare for the bullet to their heads, ass-kicking….

    Praise the Lord and screw on the suppressors…….

  3. Having a 6 year old daughter, I now better understand “In my lifetime, not my child’s”. Heh, recently upped my life insurance for the coming festivities.

  4. At this point, I don’t believe that the United States will survive as a Constitutional Republic (and by pragmatic definition, a Constitution cannot exist OUTSIDE the rubric of limited government republicanism) without the introduction of kinetic action at some point by unaffiliated patriots. The socialists know this, and their Main Job One is to PREVENT the chance that that action can be triggered. Unfortunately, your essay is entirely correct. The point of having a limited government is thoroughly destroyed if we aren’t individually moral and courageous enough to maintain the Constitution, even through justified kinetic action.

  5. Communism keeps rearing its ugly head because the problems it purports to solve aren’t be solved by the existing system.

    If you doubt me, the US unlike Europe has ample land and has had a fertility rate well below replacement for nearly 50 years. That is a dying society and has been since 1973 . It hit replacement only before Roe V Wade and below that before ubiquitous easy divorce .

    Its mostly a money/jobs issue driven by automation and the ease of outsourcing and global shipping exacerbated by mass immigration and mass entry of women into he workforce.

    Feminism didn’t help but it didn’t cause the problem and these days even church going Conservative people can’t make ends meet

    People simply aren’t being paid enough to start families at a reasonable age and have no job stability since the jobs we create are low value/low wage

    Culture contributes and abortion contributed to population decline but before anyone goes down the abortion rabbit hole , if all abortion stopped tomorrow and every baby was brought to term and no birth control effort was made, the US would barely make replacement. White fertility would be roughly 1.8 per couple if this matters to you, we’d match Sweden now.

    If young people see a system that benefits global corporations and big banks and aren’t getting enough benefit from the existing one, they’ll find another

    Our national inability of our leaders to act outside the binary Communism/Capitalism model means we can’t solve the problem and so the zombie keeps getting up again and again

    In the end in addition to cultural changes re: marriage and single parenthood and the like, we will have to address the economic issues, probably through mass repatriation and deportation restricting imports and work sharing, i.e a shorter work week. If this fails ?

    You will get more Socialism and while the Right is pretty well armed, they also have no organizational acumen and very well might lose to the Reds or lose most of the good land.

    Maybe its better dead the Red but most people will take a bowl of grey soup and a state run apartment over unlimited uncertainty. Doubt me?

    Fertility under the USSR , At or above replacement. Russian today? Same as ours .

    if we can’t create jobs that can support a family on one income with our tech than best case our society dies off.

    If we keep insisting on replacing starter jobs with kiosks to save a few bucks and worse antisocially sneering about it?

    Be social or be socialized by force.

    If you want to solve it? Make good jobs. This means BTW doubling wages as wages as measured as percentage GDP are half what the were since 1973, a bit less actually and than fox marriage

    Otherwise best case, you’ll be watching as the Reds gobble up your country with incremental victories as the cheap labor Right aids and abets them with mass immigration.

  6. “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”
    They’ve been falling one by one.

  7. Being fanatics, the Progressives will NEVER stop their single-minded goal of destroying our Republic.
    Sadly, I sense that the continual, daily anti-Trump drumbeat by MSM is working. What is worse: the social media outlets which were so skillfully used by Trump to win the electoral vote in 2016 are being purged of conservative voices; conservative messages fact-checked into oblivion; and, web searches generally return not even a single pro-Trump story.

    How effective have the above actions been by unified, anti-American Progressive elitists? Almost total, except for the Herculean campaign efforts by Trump that saved the Senate races in FL & TX (and flipped seat held by McCaskill). Aided by bottomless hoards of cash & constant political ads, the Dems crushed us in the House and came within a kitten’s whisker of 50 Senate seats. Not to mention how close a soulless Stacy Abrams came to be governor of GA.

    Don, Trump’s reelection in 2020 is in serious trouble, if not doomed!
    We can’t fight the MSM propaganda with the Progressives tightening chokehold over social media. We can’t match the $$$ tsunami that the LEFT flood the 2020 elections. we will not match their grassroots army. of zombie millennials. We can’t stop the millions of illegal votes to be cast or stop their vote harvesting. How can we prevail against the insanity of the Progressive desire to crush our economy to prevent human extinction from ‘Climate (Warming) Change.” Hell, we can’t even prevent biological males showering with our daughters in school bc these “males” identify as females.

    Only Fire & Fury can preserve our wonderful, unique constitutional society. But, who & how to bring the fire and deliver it with ice-cold fury?

    1. I can think of several things:
      – use local resources (VFW halls, K of C, libraries, churches, etc.) to start meeting. Each ‘pod’ needs to affiliate with a ‘hub’ that is – at this time – focused on two things:
      – Education – in Foundational concepts, SHTF technology and prep, and resources for yourself, family, and children. I wouldn’t use the internet for most of this, just use offline computers and shareable media like flashdrives. I’m not paranoid, just cautious.
      – Training – physical (everyone – man, woman, child – needs to get into the best shape possible), necessary technology (the Raspberry Pi would be a good primary computer, as it is portable, and the process of making it and learning to run it serves an educational purpose – good for those who wouldn’t be able to handle physical challenges), communications (encrypted, amateur radio, digital and – yes – even Morse code (CW)), and how to handle public contact with media.

      This needs to be similar to the original Committees of Correspondence. We’re probably a few years away from flashpoint, but we need to prepare for that day.

      1. These groups also need to be structured to make sure they stay on point – we don’t need to devolve into endless fussing about someone’s personal quest – just lay out the ideas that these members can begin to spread. They need to be short, punchy (memes work), and designed to get OTHER people to do most of the talking. The aim is not to indoctrinate, but to find out what others are thinking, what are their hot buttons, and bring that information back to the pod, for dissemination to the hub.

        The pod structure should be small, and only ONE person reports to the next level up. That person should be personally vetted, as should the people he/she brings in.

        The public meetings should be focused on a local issue/concern. From that group, will come the invitations to the pods (after some checking on that person).

  8. I always think about this when its pushed to far and it seems to be closer each month. Do the ones pushing this anti-Constitution anti-God philosophy think the ones they want to control are stupid? Do they not know that these dumb idiots they wish to control know where they all live. It will be a sad day for these anti-American leaders pushing it to the end. S asking for a friend there will be no rules of engagement, would be an awesome movie.

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