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The Trigglypuff vote

They deserve each other, and real Americans deserve better.

Commenting on the irrational female rage unleashed by the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, Stephen Green remarks: “The Democrats have worked hard to lock down the Trigglypuff vote, but at what cost of even slightly more moderate voters?” But do such voters really exist?

We are more than 25 years into a cycle of increasing polarization that arguably began with Bill Clinton’s election as president. Clinton’s radicalism — remember the so-called “assault weapons” ban? — sparked a backlash that cost Democrats the control of the House that they’d held for 40 years. Everything thereafter increased the partisan divide: The budget standoff that led to the government shutdown, the Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment crisis, the Florida recount in 2000, the Iraq War, the recapture of Congress by Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, Obama’s election in 2008, the Tea Party movement, on and on.

It is not the case that America’s politics have become more divisive because the Republican Party has moved further right. Liberal pundits, commenting from within their ideological cocoons, habitually apply labels — “far right,” “extremist,” “white nationalist,” etc. — to depict the GOP as beholden to a dangerous fringe, but this is just paranoid propaganda. The typical Republican voter in 2018 is actually no more “extreme” than his father was in 1988. Nor is the policy agenda of the GOP now any more “far right” than it was in the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The cause of the increased partisan divide is not that the Republicans have moved right, but that Democrats have moved left.

What happened, when did it happen and why did it happen?

Just this: enough Americans woke up to what the Democrat-Socialists really were—as opposed to what they misleadingly claimed themselves to be—to reject them firmly and fully by putting Trump in the Oval Office, which drove them batshit insane. Room for lots more detaIled analysis, natch, but that’s the nut of it.

Having worked so hard to lock down the TrigglyPuff vote, as Stephen Green says, Democrats are now held hostage by the mob mentality of the identity-politics “social justice” coalition they’ve built.

This is what the Kavanaugh confirmation circus confirmed: Democrats are now the party of TrigglyPuff, of angry college girls driven to fits of insanity — a deranged mob clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court — by the irrationality of their “progressive” belief system.

What about those “slightly more moderate voters” who might be alienated by the Democrats’ surrender to extremism? They don’t seem to exist. Polls indicate that the Democrats’ advantage in the generic congressional ballot is holding firm around 7 or 8 points. Why?

I’ll just answer that question with a quote from Huck Finn: “H’ain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain’t that a big enough majority in any town?” In towns like NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Detroit, etc, yes. Yes, it surely is.

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4 thoughts on “The Trigglypuff vote

  1. 1) Polls are horsecrap, as our would-be Democrat overlords found out a couple of Novembers ago:
    a) because their flawed mathematical models are skewed to lie to us on purpose
    b) because everyone lies to pollsters on general principle in response to “a”.

    2) I haven’t moved an inch from where I was politically in 1980. But what was center-right then is now mutant alien extreme Right in 2018. And, naturally, those to the right of me then are the “even more radical fringe” Right. This isn’t because of the rise of the KKK, much as the would be klansmen would like to imagine.
    It’s because the Left has been running like a bat out of hell to their own left, to out-Mao Mao, and make Che and Stalin into boring conservative leftists by comparison.

    They think if they pile enough Trigglypuffs on the political teeter-totter, we’ll all have to slide to their end.

    Well, they’re correct.

    What they don’t realize is that when we do come over, it’ll be to clean house with machetes and flamethrowers, and not to move in.

  2. When I saw the womyn trying to get into the Supreme Court building I thought it was just like The Walking Dead without the makeup. Maybe I’m just a starry-eyed optimist, but this election just might keep the House for the Pubbies and also give ’em a couple of more seats in the Senate. Of equal importance, at least to me, are the governor’s races in FL and GA. I’ve been voting since ’68 and never have I seen contrasts like we have this year. We absolutely have to take the Communists for their words. Gillum in FL has said he will raise taxes by at least 1 BILLION FRNs and he will outlaw “assault weapons. We have to believe him. He will turn FL into New Jersey south! That means higher corporate taxes at a minimum. It could also mean a state income tax and personal property taxes on vehicles, boats and airplanes. I tell folks this and many think I’m the one that’s batshit crazy. EVERYONE needs to get off their lazy asses and vote in November.

  3. While it doesn’t discredit the bulk of his article, he’s wrong on this part:

    We are more than 25 years into a cycle of increasing polarization that arguably began with Bill Clinton’s election as president.

    The polarization began with the Nixon administration and the Left’s and Democrat’s – yes, there was some slight divergence between the two back then – reaction to Nixon. Arguably, with LBJ and the Vietnam War – DNC of ’68, anyone? – but definitely with Nixon.

    So we’re going on more than 50 years into a cycle of increasing polarization between the Left and everyone else, due to the Radical Left increasingly becoming synonymous with the Democrat Party.

    Clinton just increased the polarization, he didn’t begin it. Hardcore gun owners and gun rights people were already pretty radicalized against the Left and Democrats long before the Clinton AWB. GCA ’68 and Ruby Ridge ring any bells? And Ruby Ridge happened under Bush Sr.’s watch.

    What we’re seeing now is just the current culmination of a process that began in the Days of Rage and continued on through the decades after. And it’s just the current one: I seriously doubt that we’re finished seeing the Left become radical.

  4. I hope your midterm elections go well.
    One thing from overseas I can say for sure and that is that the insane left, and the deep State scum, and the FBI, have been well exposed for who they are.
    As Stephen Bannon says on his circuit, the Trump Presidency has been transformational.
    Many are still upset about the dealings in the Middle East, but I would take a bet that there is only so much Trump can do and hope to stay alive.
    In New Zealand we are early in the process of totalitarian control of speech and thought, and believe me, the white natives are very sluggish and dull. Australia has very few enough politicians who care about Australia and their troubles are coming along now

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