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Getting sporty

Solway on civil war.

This is about as serious as it gets. Sarah Hoyt at PJ Media — along with a fair number of her readers — believes America can recover its spirit without a “revolution” — a term which muddies the waters somewhat. The revolution we are witnessing is a vendible of the Left; what is needed is a counter-revolution. “Let’s hope we can recover our liberty without [a revolution],” she writes in guarded optimism. “The other side will still win some battles, but we’re winning the war.” Were it only so. Hoyt uses the metaphor of the half-empty/half-full glass, opting for the latter. The trouble is, there is no glass. Since at least the time of Woodrow Wilson, the Left has been carving longer and deeper inroads into the culture and the political landscape, and is now occupying the citadel. It is not about to go away or shrivel into a benign archaism. Despite the election of a people’s candidate like Donald Trump, the Left’s power continues to grow and consolidate.

Realism must finally prevail. The battle for the nation’s survival as a constitutional republic cannot be won until the domestic Left is torn root and branch from the body politic. As David Horowitz writes, “It would be a healthy development for everyone, rich and poor alike, if future generations put Karl Marx’s manifesto on the same sinister shelf as Mein Kampf and other destructive products of the human soul.” One may justly view the Manifesto as a synecdoche for the Left in toto, itself, collectively speaking, a destructive product of the human soul.

Clearly, the Executive Branch is profoundly compromised. Trump cannot rely on praetorian agencies like the FBI, the DoJ, the DNI and the CIA, which have gone rogue and are part of the swamp he promised to drain. Public sentiment is fractured. The Washington elites, as Peter Schweizer reveals in Secret Empires, are hopelessly corrupt and are more preoccupied with preserving their clandestine profits than with preserving the Republic. A decadent media would flood the nation with headlines, editorials, and reports claiming an alt-right takeover of the nation. The so-called Deep State continues to pursue a policy of conspiratorial subversion, conducting what is nothing less than a planned emeut; the intrigue “to undo the results of an election,” writes Patricia McCarthy, “is the most serious, most villainous political scandal in American history.”

What, then, are the alternatives? America now has a president who, despite his personal flaws — and what president has been without blemishes of character? — his tempestuous administration and the wall-to-wall barrage of denunciation, slander, lies, unmitigated hatred and surreptitious attempts at delegitimation, represents the best hope since Reagan for righting the foundering ship of state. As Thomas O’Malley fears, a racially diverse and politically divided country like the U.S. is not likely to survive, but may in time undergo a violent break-up into several independent demographic units, as happened in Yugoslavia. It follows that a nation in the throes of an infrared insurgency must act without hesitation to ensure its existential integrity. But Trump may not be able to do it by conventional initiatives or normal institutional means alone and certainly not by intemperate tweeting. The canker has gone so deep, penetrating to the very marrow of the nation, that there are few doable ways to “take back the culture.”

None at all that I can see, but hey, I don’t know everything. Solway ponders the possibilities in Part 2:

In any event, it seems to me that only some form of determined action by the current administration can prevent the future dissolution of the country. Here it is important to be specific. For there is little point in merely describing or deploring a dire situation unless one furnishes proposals for empirical action. The sources of Leftist activism and recruitment are both multiple and ubiquitous and must be met head-on.

Ergo, the academy, from which the ideological contamination has emerged and spread, should be selectively defunded. A sectarian press and accessory internet sites, which are not “free” but propaganda arms of the Marxist axis — American Pravda, as James O’Keefe calls it — need to be prosecuted for flagrantly violating the SPJ Code of Ethics. Organizations that have proliferated for decades with the intent of sabotaging a constitutional republic — the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, among an innumerable host — must be disbanded.

Similarly, powerful corporations that use their wealth and influence to eviscerate the economic, social, cultural and political structures meant to sustain a strong and prosperous nation — such corporations as the Tides Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the infamous Clinton Foundation — have to be neutralized, and individuals whose billions go to fund the revolutionary enemies of the Republic and foment schism and turmoil must be arrested, deported or extradited.

In addition, guerilla outfits like Antifa need to be declared domestic terrorists and face the might of a loyal military. Groups that play the racist card to extort illegitimate advantages and sow discord should be put on notice. UN-supporting globalists need to go the way of desuetude along with an anti-American anachronism like the UN itself. The U.S. should deal diplomatically with nations on an individual basis rather than subsidize a Wilsonesque institution mired in corruption and Security Council obstructionism. The Democratic Party and their assorted Republican allies should be exposed for the oligarchic fifth column they are.

Let us not mince words. Desperate times call for desperate measures failing which the writing is lividly on the wall. There is no compromising with an enemy for whom compromise is not in its arsenal. The lure of reconciliation is a mirage in the cultural desert. Gradually healing what is irremediably broken is pure wish-fulfilment. In short, however the task is definitively undertaken, the Swamp must be drained and the Deep State deep-sixed if the licit State is to survive.

My boldface above is key: unlikely as it may seem and as tall an order as it is, Trump is the only guy I see out there who might conceivably do it. Should he fail, real Americans will be demoralized; the Deep State will seize upon that to reassert itself, grabbing power so tightly and weilding the machinery of the Superstate so ruthlessly it can never be dislodged or credibly threatened again except by outright violent rebellion.

But here’s the hopeful thing, if hopeful it is: the methods by which his enemies now seek to thwart and bring Trump down are so brutish and brazen they carry within them the seeds of their own destruction. No serious, honest person can look at what’s been going on and fail to see what’s really happening: an all-out, no-holds-barred fight to illegitimately undo an election. The only question left is whether we sit back and let it happen—not behind closed doors, but very much in our faces. I keep thinking about Ed Koch’s old line: “The people have spoken. Now they must be punished.” He meant something a bit different by it, but that is EXACTLY, LITERALLY what’s going on here.

It seems pretty clear to me that Trump is headed for a resounding win in 2020, unless the Left manages to murder him before then (and don’t think for one second they’d balk at such a thing). If you think the Left has gone bugfuck nuts now, just wait till that happens. Weeks of violent urban rioting will only be the start of it.

It’s a vain hope to think the Left will somehow come to their senses, moderate their position, and agree to leave us the hell alone. They intend to win, and to regain total control over us by any means they can contrive. We cannot allow that to happen. Things are rapidly coming to a head; something has to give. And it’s going to, probably sooner rather than later.

As Solway says, this is about as serious as it gets. If martial law and a forceful crackdown on inarguably seditious Lefty groups is what it will take to restore lawful order and allow Trump to get on with his mandate of righting the errant ship of state and getting it back on its proper course, best get on with it then. No, such a flexing of federal muscle ain’t something anybody on our side should be completely comfortable with. But the alternative is either slavery…or war. If the Left is to be stopped relatively non-violently, wringing our hands over Muh Principles!™ isn’t going to do the job. We’re going to have to use every tool in the drawer, including some that are hazardous if misused. We won’t get another chance.


16 thoughts on “Getting sporty

  1. The best way to fix the problem(s)?

    Prosecute Soros now under RICO laws for treason. Then execute him. Pour encourager les autres. One should be enough. And no, Soros is not the only. Nor are they all “Left”. The Koch brothers are the same. But one should be enough.

    1. You have not been paying attention.
      The rule of law is long dead in our
      long dead Constitutional Republic.
      It was slain long before the current

      1. You have it backwards! Rule of CONSTITUTIONAL law, is what has been destroyed (of, by, and for the people). What we have is the communist model- rule of law- (of, by, and for the lawyers, and politicians) measure/ example- USDOS, UN, Democrats, and world bank have declared that Afghanistan is a fully functional, up and running, rule of law government! Rule of law, is exactly the opposite of rule of constitutional law! We want to stay as far away as possible from a rule of law government, and stay as close as possible to a rule of constitutional law government! There is no -we the people in a rule of law gov’t.
        Attention to detail!

  2. None at all that I can see, but hey, I don’t know everything. Solway ponders the possibilities in Part 2:

    There are ways, Mike, and there are people doing them.

    Solway’s is one pathway, but it’s incomplete. We can’t rely on the Government to fight and win the culture wars for us, because the Gov is a large part of the problem. No real political solution for the problems created by politics: aside from the fact that politics is downstream from culture, as Breitbart so aptly put it, politicians on the Right have absconded from fighting the culture wars.

    It’s going to have to come from the creators and entrepreneurs, and the consumers. Ordinary Americans, in other words.

    Trump is a start, but he can’t do everything. And I suspect that he has his hands full fighting and destroying the Deep State and the GOPe Quislings…

    This may sound like a tautology – because, well, it is – but the Culture Wars have to be fought in the Culture.

    People like Vox Day are doing it, with Castalia House, Arkhaven Press, Alt-Hero, InfoGalactic, and even to a lesser extent with Gab before it became the domain of the alt-Retard (not all efforts will pan out). Diversity & Comics with Jawbreakers. Brian Niemeier. Nick Cole and Jason Anspach.

    As paradoxical as it might seem given that YouTubeRed is from the noted demonitizer of RW creators YouTube, Cobra Kai is one of the most Right-wing television format creative efforts out there right now – just chock full of anti-SJW message and that toxic masculinity stuff – and it’s taking the streaming video world by storm and crane kicking the big SJW studios in the face. Enormously freaking popular. (ABC wishes that Roseanne had had that kind of viewership before they killed it.)

    The PulpRevival. Old School Revival. Appendix-N… creators all over are discovering that there’s a hunger for good entertainment that’s not steeped in Prog doctrine.

    If the “Conservatives” and right-leaning money guys and investment people wanted to, they could be taking advantage right now of the auguring in and cratering traditional media and entertainment industries by making hostile takeovers of failing studios, media properties, and production companies in the wake of Weinstein, #meToo, KneelGate, and SJWars… but they haven’t, aren’t, and apparently won’t. Else where’s the right-wing billionaire’s version of Jeff Bezos’ ownership of the WaPo?

    It’s going to have to come from the ground up. As both Day and Niemeier keep stating and stressing: we have to build alternative platforms. Quit giving money to people who hate us and want to see us dead. Quit giving our kids to our enemies to “educate” and indoctrinate. Build an alt-Culture.

    The the landscape and climate are a changing, the Trad industries are dying, the asteroid is coming, and the old gatekeepers are doomed. There’s never going to be a better time.

  3. If martial law and a forceful crackdown on inarguably seditious Lefty groups is what it will take to restore lawful order and allow Trump to get on with his mandate of righting the errant ship of state and getting it back on its proper course, best get on with it then. No, such a flexing of federal muscle ain’t something anybody on our side should be completely comfortable with.

    Comfort is highly overrated.

    Short helicopter rides and a long drop for every Leftist in the US would warm the cold cockles of my black little heart. 🙂

    But the alternative is either slavery…or war.

    We are at war. We’ve been at war. The Left has been at war with us for a lot longer than most Right-wingers and any “conservatives” have been willing to recognize.

    The other side has been prosecuting it as a war for over a hundred years: that’s what the Long March Through the Institutions has been.

    Looking at it as some nebulous war that’s at some point in the future if we don’t… whatever… is why we’ve lost up to this point. The war has been ongoing. The war is now.

    1. I would think that may well be the problem. After 40-odd years of cold war the right thought the war was won and over. They didn’t realize they had only fought the external cold war and had completely ignored the internal one.

      Now it’s 20-odd years later and the internal cold war has come within an inch or two of actually turning hot, and the frog is still wondering whether the pot is all that comfortable.

      1. Even worse: they’ve acclimated to the point where if you suggest, “Isn’t it about time to jump out of that pot of water?”, they look at you with vague incomprehension and ask if you’re racist or something.

        1. Not enough pain yet to get people off their apathetic asses and do anything proactive for their Liberty…They still think Trump is going to solve all their problems instead of using the time he has given us to build Community…

          1. *nod*

            As I mentioned in my comment up above, there’s a few who are fighting back in the culture war to change the culture by creating and building alternate infrastructure and an alt-Culture (for lack of a better term), but they are few and scattered at this point.

            And often working at cross purposes against both heavy flak from the Left and blackpilling and discouragement from their supposed allies on the Right.

            Sometimes the crab bucket phenomenon is more vicious in the right than it is in the Left who perfected it.

            And you’re right: that tendency to want and even expect someone else (notably government) to do it for them is a major factor in the US.

            Whereas the reality is that we’re not going to vote our way out of the problems created via politics. Trump and his allies can’t do it all. At best, he can just do some and buy the rest of us time.

            But we have to use that time to do things. Trump’s the government – we’re the culture. In the end, destroying, bypassing, and rebuilding the intentional cultural damage of the Left is going to have to come from us… “We the People”, to coin a phrase.

  4. I keep getting the urge to read up on the End of the Roman Republic and Caesar’s last grasp at trying to save it.

    1. Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West.

      Currency collapse will be an important part of this. All those shiny .gov pensions, all the transfer payments and FSA bennies, gone in a flash.

  5. I keep getting the urge to read up on the End of the Roman Republic and Caesar’s last grasp at trying to save it.

    Better do it before the asteroid hits and destroys the publishing house. After all, there’s never been a better time. 🙂

    (Heya, Kenny. *waves* Small internet, ain’t it?)

  6. I don’t think normal Americans would be demoralized if Trump fails. As men do when they have to do a dirty job the might let out a sigh, prepare mentally etc for the dirty work, then get to the task and get it done. All this talk of Civil War does not bode well but if it must be done then so be it. This time I believe the Constitutionalists will win but only after winning internally and against foreign ‘assistance’ for the enemy.

  7. you neo-conz and cucks

    no more have a clue as to what’s coming

    than the Reds. Since I’m in a good mood today,

    I’ll give you a clue:

    Spain, 1936-…….. but longer and hotter,

    due to the racial chasm reinforcing rural Right vs. urban Left.

    it’ll begin by the mid-2020’s, unless the current $100,000,000,000 (((Central Bank))) debt-juiced Ponziconomy collapses first. Then…sooner. Trump?

    less than nothing. All he’s done is throw a wet blanket over the Right.

    1. Word. However, the POTUS is not less than nothing. He gave a hint about which way he could go, vis-à-vis his statements after the False Flag at the Florida high school “shooting”. He will turn on us in a nanosecond. There is really nothing more to do in the political arena. Let these Marxists bloviate. When they stop bloviating and start hiring out-of-work “operators” to train them to move, shoot, and communicate, the pot will indeed be boiling. Vigilance and training are the orders of the day. Bleib ubrig.

    2. As usual your claiming authorship of a widely disseminated and acknowledged scenario

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