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Oh, irony!

They’ll remain oblivious, of course.

As Roy Moore’s troubles were just getting underway, leftist CNN commentator Van Jones made what has to be one of the least self-aware and yet most revealing comments of the Trumpian Age. Targeting Breitbart firebrand Steve Bannon, who had promoted Moore, Van Jones said, “Bannon is trying to create this sense of an aggrieved identity, frankly, of a white aggrieved identity group that’s under siege by everybody. And this is that in its worse form. So, you’re not supposed to vote as a father, you’re not supposed to vote as a woman. You’re supposed to vote as a member of this identity group against the world. And if that works, that is very, very bad for the Republican Party and it’s very, very bad for our country.”

This comes from the man — from the political party — from the philosophy — that has sold absolutely nothing but aggrieved identities for the last sixty years, ever since it became clear that actual leftist policies don’t work. Blacks, women, people who think they’re women, people who pretend to be black — whatever category you find yourself in, the left has preached that you should ignore the disaster of leftism and focus only on your sweet victimhood, voting your grievances even when it’s against your best interests.

In other words, Van Jones’ only real complaint against Bannon is that Bannon has sunk to the level of Van Jones!

It is no surprise that leftists are empty vessels with “Virtue” printed on the side. What is new here is that all CNN’s horses and all the New York Times’ men can’t quite put the Dems’ self-image together again. What’s new is a rebel media and a pugilistic president who call them out for the despicable liars they are. The days when a press monopolized by the left could crown a sick punk like Ted Kennedy the “Lion of the Senate,” and get away with it? Them days are done.

So if leftists really want conservatives to behave like conservatives, they should make sure the networks and the Times and CNN begin to hold everyone to the same standards all the time no matter what’s at stake.

Don’t even dream of holding your breath waiting for that, bub. As Vox says:

Klavan and other conservative commentators have got to get over their irrepressible desire to fix the Left and understand that they don’t get a vote. The point is not to prove to the Left that they are wrong and that they should stop what they are doing and behave more like we do. The point is to defeat them utterly, then eradicate their ideas from Western civilization before they manage to destroy it once and for all.



3 thoughts on “Oh, irony!

  1. I’m a member of an oppressed identity group – people who want tyrants and busybodies to leave us the f@(k alone.

    But they won’t. So it’s necessary to fight them, and the fight has reached the point where no quarter can be given to them because they give none to the people they want to rule. The left views any attempt to find common ground as an opportunity to get some of what they want now and wait to get the rest until later. It doesn’t mean real compromise, in which we roll back the oppression.

    They believe we deserve to be oppressed, and that they deserve to do it because they are smarter and better than we are. They cannot be talked out of that position. They believe it in their heart and soul; it’s the core of their being. Therefore, we are fighting the essence of who they are. Merely explaining to them why they’re wrong is useless, because they don’t grant that we have the standing or the intelligence to make any such judgment.

    They won’t be stopped until they are crushed. Not just defeated; they’ll just start trying to delegitimize their defeat and start getting ready to try again (as they did after the last election). And once they get their way on something, as far as they are concerned it’s a permanent change. So they will never, ever participate in a gradual process to roll back even their biggest failures. The only way forward is to crush them, and then ignore them.

  2. If Vox thinks Klavan wants to “fix’ the Left, he’s clueless in a lookout-on-the-Titanic-one-foggy-night sort of way.

    Klavan is a rhetorical genius, as any twenty of his videos on YouTube will demonstrate beyond dispute.

    The unspoken point of Klavan’s admonitions to the Left, is that after showing them how they miss the standard of success, and telling him what they’d need to do to reverse course, lies the salient and silent “But you’ll NEVER do that, because you’re a bunch of retarded, evil people who could no more think intelligently than a dog could perform Shakespeare.”

    Klavan has made a hobby of skewering the Left on their own petards, and showing it to be every bit as difficult as shooting fish in a barrel – with a howitzer.

    To imagine he’s seriously expecting that the Left will suddenly break suction, pull their heads out, and start acting like rational human beings is to ignore the body of Klavan’s work to date.

    His work is masterful black comedy, for its own sake, and his remonstrations to the Left are in the same vein as lecturing a puppy before applying the rolled up newspaper: one doesn’t do it because they expect the pooch will suddenly stand upright on its hind legs, hang it’s head, and profess sorrow, remorse, and an earnest aspiration top behave better, delivered in the Queen’s English.

    They do it to observe the proprieties before the Sword (or in this example, the Rolled-Up Newspaper) of Justice falls, and delivers the Smackdown of Justified Wrath on the guilty party.

    In short, you don’t do it for Fido, you do it for you.
    This is why you’re not just a brutal thug beating a dumb animal, and it’s also why you don’t shoot the dog.
    (Or the Left.)

    At least until they graduate from being asses, to being outright terrorists, at which point lopping heads off is all well and good, as Klavan would assent to in a heartbeat.

    I wouldn’t shoot a dog for peeing on a fire hydrant, and I wouldn’t shoot a Leftist for being an ignorant braying jackass. In both cases, it’s what they do.

    But when either one graduates from transgressing polite behavior, to threatening life and limb, they need to be put down.

    Like you do with any rabid dogs you encounter.
    Soiling your carpets is trainable with a rolled up newspaper.
    Rabies is only corrected with a bullet to the brain.

  3. “Crush the Left” is an energetic cry to battle, but what can it possibly mean in practice?

    The Left is a group of emergent leaders selling a philosophy, false statistics, and the feelz that only they are “on your side”. The only way to have great policies is to convince the independents (20%) that free markets and government constraint is the way to go, to join the 40% who already believe this.

    I suggest this point of attack: Uncouple employability from college.

    College has become the indoctrination center for people of average ability, and it extracts huge sums to support the leftist cause of marxist professors. But, it remains a cultural and practical necessity.

    The supreme court decision of 1971 Griggs v. Duke Power Co. prevents companies from testing applicants for general ability, as a practical matter. Businesses rely on college degrees to screen applicants. Colleges screen by admitting according to general aptitude tests.

    The Griggs decision puts a ridiculous limit on how businesses can learn about the abilities of potential workers. An irony is that this probably hurts blacks most, along with any other badly educated segment of the population.

    Businesses must lead a revolution which will overturn Griggs, by shaming the illogic of that past supreme court. But, say the right cannot make this happen, even among the people and institutions who are most limited by that decision. Then, forget about “crushing the left”, because the Left will continue to hold the bridge that people must cross to get jobs.

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