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No sale

Jerry Jones “stands up” for…what again, now?

The NFL is in deep trouble. The latest Monday Night Football ratings were an all time low. I know that the Yankees were also playing but this is more than competition in the other channel. I think that a lot of fans like me are not watching.

So here comes Jerry Jones, as Jarrett Bell wrote:    

“Too many of the fans of the Dallas Cowboys perceive this as disrespect for the flag. And so I don’t want our team doing it.”

This was a day after the Cowboys owner made his strongest statement yet about the protests in the NFL, declaring that if any Dallas player doesn’t stand for the national anthem they won’t play for his team.

Since his comments went viral, Jones maintained that he’s received “a lot of calls, and not necessarily the kind of calls that were supportive” of his position.

Well, he’s got my support.

Not mine. Before he gets that, somebody is going to need to adequately explain this to me:

Jerry Jones surprised many Monday night by kneeling with Cowboys players and coaches before the playing of the national anthem at the team’s game in Arizona.

After the game, a 28-17 Cowboys victory, Jones told reporters his reasoning for kneeling prior to the anthem.

“We all agreed that our players wanted to make a statement about unity and equality. They were very much aware that that statement when made or when attempted to be made in and a part of in recognition of our flag cannot only lead to criticism but also controversy,” Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News.

Ah, I see. So in sum, Jones is just another NFL shitweasel trying to have his cake and eat it too, by poking out his forked tongue and speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Just to scramble a few metaphors there.

Sorry Jerry, not buying any over here.

Far as I’m concerned, he deserves every bit as much credit for his “bravery” and “integrity” as do all the Hollywood starlets who held their tongues about Weinstein for two or three decades, then “courageously” came out into the open after the dam finally burst (and their career prospects were secured, naturally): none whatsoever.

The NFL badly needs to be taught that if they choose to take a knee in support of a dishonest cause, allowing their entertainment business to be infiltrated and overcome by hard Left politics, they’re gonna find it mighty hard to climb back to their feet again. To repeat: I abandoned ’em a long time ago; I haven’t missed them at all, and I am never coming back.


7 thoughts on “No sale

  1. Damn straight, skippy. The two-faced SOB can eat shit and die for all I care, and he can take the whole National Felons League with him.

  2. In year two of no NFL. Never going back. And now Goddell changes his tune. Their wallets are in duress. True colors already shown and they ain’t red, white, and blue. And Sharpton attacking Jerry Jones; grab some popcorn and enjoy the show as the left eat their own.

  3. From the same article. –
    “He then stood for the playing of the anthem with locked arms.”

  4. What’s hilarious is what the high time preference kneegroes are doing to the future prospects of the high school and younger players who might want to try for the No Fans League. The money is going away, and players in the future won’t have offers nearly as dazzling as the current golden age of jockstrap worship. 70% of the employees telling 75% of the cash customers to go fuck themselves if they don’t like it. Yeah, y’all go on ahead with that.

    In the future, when 1950’s amounts of cash are on offer to the players, to play in decrepit crumbling stadiums named after civil rights figures and Black Panthers killed in police shootouts, the explanation for this will, of course, be ‘Dey Rayciss’.

  5. I quit watching the NFL, and NCAA football about 5 years ago. Was never into NBA too much, gave that up completely about 10 years ago. A boycott is just a temporary situation. Just quit, permanently. Hopefully Trump can get taxpayer subsidies to the NFL ended. Maybe that is up to individual states or cities, not sure.

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