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New day dawning

Wherein I will attempt to explain a few things to the whining, crying, sorely butthurt Trump-haters out there, many of whom are currently rioting, looting, and viciously assaulting passersby because for the first time in the last eight years, they didn’t get their way.

Here’s the deal: for a long, long time, but really getting cranked into high gear eight years ago, you people have been picking the pockets of the people who do the actual work in this country—as George Bailey had it, “the people who do most of the working and the paying and the living and the dying in this community”—to pay for liberal-fascist social-engineering projects they were neither asked their opinion about nor approved of. You did this as though you assumed it was your God-given right, a fundamental assertion of your supposedly superior intellect, morality, and sensitivity. They were neither consulted about nor agreed with that assertion either, and you brooked absolutely no examination of it.

You fleeced them for a huge percentage of their income, itself steadily dwindling because of those self-same socialist policies you advocated for and implemented—policies that any fool can see have never worked, that have failed every time and everywhere they’ve been tried. You made it impossible for them to eke out a living with your meddlesome, intrusive government and its regulatory overreach, which stifled the creation of new small business, the lifeblood of the American economy.

They were supposed to sit back quietly and watch without complaint as you stole freedom after freedom from them, until they were surrounded by no-smoking zones, no-free-speech zones, gun-free zones, no-liberty zones. You surveilled them with cameras on every street corner and bugs in their personal computers at home; you tracked their whereabouts via their cell phones and the GPS units in their cars, all of which was ostensibly put there to defend against an Islamist terrorism you won’t even call by its name, much less fight, because of an “Islamophobia” that is not only undefined, but which doesn’t even demonstrably exist.

Everything that was not mandatory was forbidden, according exclusively to you, in consultation with absolutely no one else, with no other input either sought or accepted.

You inhabit cities that are festering cesspools of crime, lawlessness, and disease, then start sniping our police as a direct result of the riots you ginned up in response to a handful of violent thugs being justly taken down in the process of assaults against the cops committed with deadly intent. You sit idly in a squalor, muck, and rot with which the rest of us have no desire to surround ourselves, busily trying to export it to people who don’t want it, acting as if it conferred some sort of regal, high-minded, man-bunned eminence instead of just making you look foolish for willingly sitting in a pile of shit you claim doesn’t stink.

A mere handful of years ago, you yourselves were opposed to the idea of gay marriage; both Hillary and Obama explicitly stated their opposition to it, and Bill Clinton signed into law the Defense Of Marriage Act, which you now present as an evil anathema to everything right and good about America since its founding. The idea of upending an entire civilization to accommodate a minuscule, statistically insignificant class of mentally-disturbed individuals tragically confused about their actual gender wasn’t even on anybody’s radar at all. Suddenly, with a quickness that seems absolutely incredible in hindsight, those things were a cause celebre with you, and they were quickly rammed down American throats because who we (including most of you) once were is now deemed—by you, and you alone—to be “not who we are.”

Because as you have always demonstrated so forcefully to us: “you will be made to care.” And not just care, either; no, you (meaning “we,” of course) will be made not just to tolerate (which we’re just fine with, actually) but to celebrate and exalt these aberrations and perversions, no matter how direly that may conflict with whatever traditional morality Americans may hold dear and live by ourselves.

You took what was once the most exemplary, innovative, and advanced health care system in the entire world and turned it into just another plodding, inflexible, unworkable, dysfunctional big-government bureaucracy—again, as every time, against the clearly-expressed will of the people you run roughshod over…and again, the people you expect to be forced to pay for it.

When called on any of this, you scream hysterically about a “racism, bigotry, and xenophobia” that exists only in the empty space between your ears. You sneer about trailer parks and a lack of college credentials on the part of those you so clearly hold in contempt—i.e., anybody possessing the outrageous temerity to disagree with you—who also just happen to be the ones footing the bill and taking the responsibility for every bit of your stupidity, your arrogance, your wrong-headedness, your inability to be objective or realistic. You harshly enforce absolute limits on their speech, their actions, and their very thoughts, while accepting none whatsoever on your own.

You have been arrogant, obnoxious, over-entitled, smug, supercilious, dismissive, insulting, and ultimately, insufferable. And you have been proven to be dead wrong about every last bit of nonsense you so hatefully spew at us, every ass-backwards idea you promulgate. In the end, what you really are is inadequate, incompetent, intolerable, unnecessary, and entirely dispensable.

You’ve done all these things, and more, dragging us by force of government edict in directions we strongly desired not to go, while denouncing us in the strongest, most hateful, and most offensive and contemptuous imaginable of terms. Did you really think we were so stupidly bovine as to go on taking this abuse forever? That your cause was truly so righteous and morally correct that we would never, ever rise up in opposition to it? That we would just go on forever and ever humbly accepting the unsupported and unjustified assertion of your own natural authority over the very people who set up and carefully, laboriously maintain the system that pays for every least aspect of your inane folly—a system without which your childish self-indulgence would immediately cease to exist, like smoke in a high wind?

Well, sorry, snowflakes. Reality just came a-knocking on your door. And your sobbing, petulant, spoiled-brat reaction to it just demonstrates again that we were right to put a stop to it. As with a child throwing a kicking and screaming tantrum on Christmas morning because he didn’t find a pony under the tree, the indulgence of your foolishness—which was itself foolish on our part—has proved to be a terrible mistake, and was all along. And now the grownups are going to have to stop your squalling and thrashing around before you knock the tree over and do any more damage to the rest of the house.

Deal with it, ya punks. Or else we’ll deal even more harshly with you than we’re already going to have to. You’ve made a deplorable mess of the place, for the simple reason that you were allowed to. Now it’s time to clean it up. And cry all you want, we intend to.


13 thoughts on “New day dawning

  1. Only one quibble. The problem isn’t that Islamophobia is “poorly defined” or doesn’t “demonstrably exist”. The problem is that it DOES exist because it SHOULD exist, but because of that they stupidly and foolishly insist that it “must not” exist simply because it does.

    Yet those who aren’t at least concerned about Islam are so incredibly stupid I wonder how they even remember to breathe.

  2. The problem isn’t that Islamophobia is “poorly defined” or doesn’t “demonstrably exist”. The problem is that it DOES exist because it SHOULD exist…

    It’s not a “phobia” when it’s a justifiable and quantifiable fear based upon observable reality and observable danger. Therefore “Islamophobia” doesn’t exist, Friar Bob.

    Islamo Caution exists, because Islamicism is a real danger.

    And the fact that it does exist isn’t a problem.


    Well, damn, Mike. Now I’ve forgotten what I was originally going to comment. Oops!

    Ah. Now I recall…

    Cries for “unity” and “reconciliation” and “compromise” in the aftermath of a Leftist defeat translate to “I was only playing! Don’t hit me back, please!”

    No. No unity, no reconciliation.

    Sixteen years of this crap, is enough. They’ve had their free shots.

  3. Heh OK even when I really *should* know better I used their term for what it really *should* mean instead of what it truly does mean to lefttards.


    Yeah Islamo-simple-common-sense does exist. Islamophobia not so much.

  4. Heh OK even when I really *should* know better

    *grin* Not a problem. We all do it at times.

    We really do need a new word for that, though, so we won’t have to use theirs -as right now, there’s not really a single, pithy one word term for “Islamo-simple-common-sense”, and the long version is kludgy.

    I’m doing a “The New Lexicon” set of memes for over at the Daily Pundit… so I’ll add that one to the list and start thinking on it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Oh, WELL SAID. I have waited for years for this kind of thing to happen and it is DELICIOUS!
    To see the smugness fall off the faces of the mainstreams on election night was priceless!
    Hopefully it’s not too late to get this society back on track

  6. no such thing as islamophobia, homophobia or countless other, -phobias, -ists, isms.

    I am sure there are people with irrational fears but knowing the evils of mohammadanism is awareness.

  7. I would like to request permission to repost a portion of your piece over to a site called Deviantart. It is an art site but sees a lot of politics. When I am not working on my fantasy writing I am posting material from the Skeptic side of the climate change argument, and some on the SJW idiocy (before all of that, I posted on the problems with islam).

  8. Well done! Trump should make no attempt to appease the liberal population. They have not earned the respect to warrant the attention. They spent the last 8 years demonstrating that they have no clue about the principles that made America the greatest nation ever. In addition, they made no effort to work with us at all. Not once. We should move forward knowing that no matter what we do they will protest, therefore we should not give them a passing thought. We will demonstrate success by our results and they can STFU and enjoy the benefits of us righting the course.

  9. Bloody well said! Hear, hear!

    About time the snowflakes had a meltdown, so put another log on the fire!

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