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Yet another Muslim terror attack that, we will be told over and over, had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

A gunman who may have pledged allegiance to ISIS opened fire early Sunday morning in a packed Orlando nightclub, killing 50 people and wounding at least 53 more in a bloody scene that ended hours later when police stormed the building and killed the shooter.

President Obama was set to speak from the White House about the shooting at 1:30 p.m.

And will say nothing of any interest whatsoever to anyone with a functioning brain cell in his head.

Candlelight vigils, weeping, tearful pleas for mercy, and plaintive versions of John Lennon’s Imagine will begin directly. “Resolute” vows to “bring the terrorists to justice” from pRetend pResident Oshitstain to follow, including a condescending lecture about the paramount importance of not even thinking the word “Islam” to oneself. Then will come the self-righteous demands that Americans disarm themselves and submit to further government intrusion on their freedom in the name of security theater.

And can there be any doubt among staunch “conservatives” that Trump’s racist, xenophobic, white-supremacist hate speech outrageously calling for being a bit more selective about who we allow to cross our borders and live among us are the real cause? Why, the guy was practically defenseless against the onslaught of such naked, fascist bigotry; who can really blame him if it drove him over the edge into the same kind of violence that Trump is constantly demanding from his hateful, slackjawed, trailer-dwelling followers?

In other words, it’s all just more of the same old shit, folks. If you haven’t gotten used to it by now, don’t worry, you will. This is, after all, the New Normal in helpless, gutless, wide-open, politically-correct Liberal Amerika. Just remember: if we fight them at all, in any way, it means the terrorists have already won. Because That’s Not Who We Are™.

The really sad thing is, they’re right: it isn’t.

Nauseating update! As expected, pResident Pissypants didn’t fail to seize the opportunity to debase us all by attacking the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding gun owners. Nor did he reject the opportunity to deflect any criticism of the true cause of the attack, which is Islam. He used nebulous weasel-words like “hate” over and over, and did not use the word “Islam” or “Muslim” even once, saying the motive for the attack had yet to be “definitively determined.”

The “statement” was pure pablum, nothing more than Mark-1 Mod-0 liberal babytalk, signifying nothing: meaningless drivel that, far worse than doing nothing to address the real problem, goes well out of its way to dishonestly obfuscate and obscure it. He even went so far as to denounce “hatred” of “lesbians, gays, and transgenders” without once taking note of the fact that Islamic scripture and sharia law demands exactly the sort of thing that just happened to them, and that a fate of violent death is regularly visited upon them as a matter not of terrorism but of law and jurisprudence at the hands of the state in Muslim countries all over the world—including our cherished Mideast “allies” such as Saudi Arabia.

What a disgusting piece of shit he is, and will remain. As I’ve said all along: he is beyond despicable, he is not my president, and his lying, shitweasel mouth will never speak for me. Not for a single moment. Fuck him, and everyone who supports him. May they all rot in Hell for a thousand thousand years, the whole vomitous lot of them.


6 thoughts on “Yawn

  1. It is also worth noting, that Boingo was 30 minutes late for his own goddamned meeting, AND still looked somewhat stoned. What a revolting little pustule, this pathetic excuse for a ‘man’ is. So very, very TINY

  2. I have to wonder how the average gay person is going to react to Zero blaming the tools this time. Perhaps: “No, fuckhead, it’s the Islam” is too much to ask, but, one can hope.

  3. No, the anti-Conservative hate speech is already in full swing. The shit eating dogs that plan, promote and fund this will simply emerge as potential victims of future hate crimes. The “gay” community will learn nothing other than how to double down on their frothing, foaming at the mouth hatred of Americans.

  4. And, once again, the FBI comes out right away and names it for what it is. And once again, the politicians jump in and immediately change the narrative, same as San Bernardino.

  5. Islam says, “The only way Homosexuals can be saved is if they die.” This is blood atonement that the Mormons used to practice early in their history. Mormons have discarded this doctrine as they matured and assimilated into America.


  6. Dude, you’re WAY too subtle in your description of Pres. Hussein, tell us what you REALLY think. Yeah, I’m there with ya’, brother, it will take DECADES to undo the damage that a$$hole has done to America.

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