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Fascist hysterics riot against free speech, conservatives cheer

The GOPe has gone from backing a “severe conservative” to a “severe Constitutionalist” here, looks like.

Two rallies on behalf of Republican front-runner Donald Trump were derailed on Friday evening, after violence broke out in St. Louis, Missouri, and protesters took over a would-be rally in Chicago, Illinois. Ted Cruz hit The Donald on such violence, saying his campaign bears some responsibility for encouraging it.

“A campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment when the candidate urges supporters to engage in physical violence,” Cruz declared on Fox News’s The Kelly File Friday night.

More from the greasy, opportunistic professional politician staunch, fearless defender of Constitutional principles:

Earlier today, over thirty people were arrested in one rally, and then tonight, as violence broke out, another rally was cancelled altogether. Now, the responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands, but in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top. Any candidate is responsible for the culture of the campaign….And when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence…you create an environment that encourages this kind of nasty discord.

With friends like Cruz and the Lefty swine he’s stumbling over himself to agree with for political advantage, free speech needs no enemies. And now a little plain common sense from Jazz Shaw, just to wash away the taste of all that Severe Constitutionalism:

There was one thing which all of the coverage on cable news and social media had in common immediately last night and it was still carrying on when I grabbed some coffee and flipped on CNN this morning. This must all be Trump’s fault. (The fact that he never even showed up at the rally seems to be irrelevant to our sage observers.) The basis for this conclusion was that it was his previous rhetoric that led to the massive violence in the campus hall and out on the streets.

The bottom line on this would be clear, particularly to people on the Right, if we were talking about an event involving anyone other than Trump. A political rally was scheduled and a large number of supporters showed up with tickets and mostly filled a hall. They were infiltrated by a significant number of opposition activists who were not there to participate in any sort of discussion or exchange of ideas, but to shut the event down. Things spiraled out of control and the event was cancelled. This led to a loud brouhaha out in the streets… the same streets which are regularly filled with demonstrators from BLM and other movements, shutting down traffic, damaging property and interrupting the normal flow of commerce. The actual violence on display was minor at best inside the hall with some pushing and shoving, and the only real injuries took place outside between the police and the mob clogging the streets.

As to the coverage, I’m sorry to say that it’s no surprise at all. I expect to see this sort of exercise in gamesmanship from the cable networks. We should blame everything on “the rhetoric” coming from Trump and his surrogates. But it’s not just the cable news spokesmodels. We once again have conservatives who are leaping out in front with the same message. I’m old enough to remember when one of the core tenets of conservatism was the idea of personal responsibility for one’s actions, including starting riots. Free thinking adults are free to ignore or condemn rhetoric they disagree with. When they decide to gather up tens of thousands of people to take to the streets and bust the joint up, that’s not something which was traditionally blamed on a speech given days or weeks before. But the truly dismaying part of last nights social media onslaught was the sight of #tcot conservative thought leaders gleefully joining ranks with the supporters of MoveOn, Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders’ operatives for the sake of blaming Donald Trump for a protest march and the cancellation of a what was undeniably an exercise in free speech.

I’ve said all along that I like Cruz, but frankly, the more I see of him the less I see to like. Particularly after seeing his interview with John Dickerson this past Sunday morning, I’ve come to see an oleaginous, slippery, unctuous quality to him that I just don’t trust. Although I think he’s probably more committed than most to certain principles I agree with, in the end what we have with Cruz is just another guy who’s spent his life in the Washington machine in one role or another, winding up just another professional politician. And if you think even one person who isn’t a devout evangelical Christian is gonna vote for him for president, you’re kidding yourself.

And what about this godawful, hate-filled rhetoric Trump is supposed to be guilty of, inciting the helpless masses to rise up in righteous horror and cleanse themselves of this monstrous blight on society, anyway? Well, let’s see, he’s advocated a pause in Muslim immigration and securing our borders–which, according to both the lying Left and various conservative defenders of the status quo and open borders, is exactly the same thing as calling for mass executions, gulags, and torture. Speaking of “torture,” he’s called for waterboarding captured terrorists, which conservative Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers were vigorously defending back when their hero George W Bush was doing it. He’s said that Islam is incompatible with Western civilizational values, which just happens to be, um, self-evidently true. He’s noted criminal behavior on the part of illegal immigrants such as the vicious murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal alien undocumented immigrant, which the open-borders conservatives would much prefer we just all shut the hell up about. And he’s indulged in a bit of tough talk about “punching back twice as hard” at avowed enemies–yes, enemies–who could use a belt in the mouth. Or failing that, a good, old-fashioned spanking.

Tell me, how is adopting the Left’s overblown, shrieking rhetoric about this “moral monster” supposed to advance conservatism again?

A bit more hatemongering from the most evil man in human history:

“I just don’t want to see people get hurt, any people on either side,” Donald Trump added. “We have such a divided country now. It’s been so divided under this president.”

“I’ve been witnessing it in so many different forms. It’s just something that has to be straightened out,” the real estate mogul told Van Susteren. “As an example, African American youth [have] 59 percent unemployment rate. There’s a lot of anger out there, there’s no question.”

Trump stated:

Well, I got to Chicago about two hours ago. We have 25,000 people that tried to come in, all supporters. At the same time, there were protesters. When I met with the various law enforcement agencies Greta, I decided it was looking to me – I don’t want to see people get hurt. I decided very strongly to make a decision not to do it and to postpone the rally. It was a big rally and a tremendous rally with tremendous people.

On CNN following his interview on Fox News, Trump was asked if his tone created this type of violence.

“I hope my tone is not that of causing violence,” Trump responded, echoing his goal of bringing jobs back to America. “I certainly don’t do that,” he said.

My God, but this evil simply must be stopped in its tracks! By any means necessary, right, “conservatives”? Over to Limbaugh for an explanation of the perfectly justified anger at the protestors, and the willingness to fling some of their own shit back at them for once:

Trump himself is gonna get blamed for it because the protesters are heroes and heroines and so forth because that’s the way the left looks at it. Well, at a Trump rally they’re not tolerated. You want to try to figure out why? They’re not tolerated. Trump supporters and Trump himself are not going to lay down and let these people take over their events. They’re not going to bend over and grab the ankles or whatever you used to do. They’re not going to part the way and let the protestors march around and express their grievance. The media is going to demand that happen because these are honorable protesters.

“They’re protesting a Republican, Donald Trump! They’re protesting a heathen. They’re protesting somebody that looks like Mussolini! They’re protesting somebody that the Drive-Bys are comparing to Hitler.” You know the drill. But the people at the Trump rallies, they’re not gonna tolerate a minute of it.  And you know why? ‘Cause they’re sick of it for years. They are sick of what they see protesters getting away with in public in various cities in this country. 

They’re sick and tired of what protesters did in Ferguson, for example. They are sick and tired of what they saw happen on the campus at Mizzou. They’re sick and tired of what they see happening in places like Baltimore. And they see everybody backing down! They see the protestors taking over and ruining private property, personally and physically attacking people. They see them attacking America as founded, and when they get together, all these people, this is pent-up frustration. This is pent-up resentment that nobody fights back against these people.

It’s pent-up frustration that everybody’s told, “Let them speak. Let them protest. This is America. This is dissent. This is how we founded ourselves, on dissent.” And they’re fed up with it because the protesters rule the roost and have for a long time. They get away with whatever destruction they want. They can set fires, they can blow up and destroy buildings, and nobody condemns it. They condemn the place where it’s happening and almost justify it.

I’m talking about the media. They almost justify protesters. They justify their actions. They justify what they do. And then they go ask the victims of protest marches, “What did you do to make these people so mad?” So when they get together at a Trump rally and these protesters infiltrate there, they’re not gonna put up with it. That’s what’s going on. It’s not complicated. You may not like it. You may think it’s boorish. You may think it’s uncalled for. But that’s the explanation for it, in part. There are obviously reasons for it additional, too, but that’s a big part of it. But if you don’t see that, you’re not gonna see much else of why people support Trump. 

Yep, that’s about the size of it, I’d say.

Update! Good, worthwhile discussion over at DP, wherein Ironbear lays down some solid truth:

TDS crowd Speckled Right-wing Barking Moonbat: “Trump’s not a conservative!”

As opposed to what?

As opposed to who?

What are you trying to conserve?

How are you going about conserving whatever it is?

Ironbear on Modern Conservatism:

First you have to want to conserve something.

Then you have to decide what you’re conserving.

Then you have to act as a conservationist.

To be a nationalist, you first have to have a country.

To be cultured, you first have to have a culture.

To be an economist, you first have to have an economy.

To be principled, you first have to have principles.

To be a leader, you first have to have somewhere to lead to.

To be a builder, you first have to build.

To be an opposition, you first have to oppose.

To be a defender, you first have to defend.

To be a warrior, you first have to fight.

To be a winner, you have to win.

We have “conservatives” who don’t conserve anything, don’t have principles, don’t lead, don’t build, don’t oppose, don’t defend, don’t fight, don’t win, and as a result, they no longer have a nation, an economy, nor a culture.

And yet they want us to support them as conservatives, because reasons.

Ironbear says: fuck that noise.

And so do I. Does it get even better, you ask? Why yes, yes it does:

You can’t even remotely begin to have a United States that is conservatively governed, libertarianly governed, minarchist governed, or even moderately well Republicanly governed until the Uniparty is shattered and broken up and the structure rebuilt into something responsive to “We the People”, insomuch as such a thing exists any more.

The establishmentarian figures at the top of the ruling uniparty have to have it driven into them deeply that they really do have to be afraid and concerned for what the proles are going to do if they continue to “govern” as autarchs.

It seems that shock and terror of the candidate that we choose to support over the impeccably groomed and carefully chosen and crafted ones they present us to choose from is the only way to achieve that.

So… that the GOPe is broken is the most important objective right now, or at least that it is shaken to its Brooksian core and left trembling.

I have repeatedly stated to people who are not Trump supporters that if they do not think that they can support Trump, then. do. not. vote. for. him.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

It really doesn’t. Read through the whole discussion, it’s quite damned good.


7 thoughts on “Fascist hysterics riot against free speech, conservatives cheer

  1. The Chinese hate Trump.
    The Mexicans hate Trump.
    Merkel hates Trump.
    Hollande hates Trump.
    Cameron hates Trump.
    Draghi hates Trump.
    Lyin’ Ryan hates Trump.
    Post Turtle hates Trump.
    Mittens hates Trump.
    The Pope hates Trump.
    The Shrubs hate Trump.

    Sounds like EXACTLY the kind of person I want as President.

  2. *blink* Damn, Mike. Woke up for a few to take the dogs out, decided to grab a snack and do a quick check of Insty and Bill’s, and I find you not only linked me, but quoted me too. I’m flattered. 🙂

    If I can dig up the email I had for you, I’ll drop you a line. I’d like to chat a bit if you’re up for it – out of blog comment fields etc.

    Been a long, long time since we touched base, anyway.

    Good to see you still alive and kicking, man.

  3. “the Uniparty…” Good line!!

    G K Chesterton referred to [it] as “Hudge and Gudge.” Even then, it was the case that if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let you vote.

    It is correct to state that it is NOT ‘all about Trump.’ The Left will protest whoever happens to be the (R) nominee, too. This is a fight over Right Order, as it has been for a long, long, time.

  4. I see that His Imperial Majesty has been on a roll too lately, over at

  5. I used to read dozens of right wing blogs every day, but thanks to the insane Trump Derangement Syndrome that’s taken over the dextrosphere, I’m down to a handful – and you’re in the Blogs I Still Read list. The TDS-Free are fortunate to have you!
    I also used to think Cruz was OK, but the more I see him the less I like him. I used to think Rubot was not terrible as well, till he started flinging poo at Donald. Now I can barely stand a few seconds of those guys on my tv before I get indigestion. Donald talks like I do and he’s the only one now not sucking up to the commies, foreign invaders, and jihadis – what’s not to like? I have you linked in a new post at my place BTW.

  6. I like Cruz because everyone I hate dislikes him. Only problem is he’s a politician, and at least somewhat malleable as a result. I won’t be crying in my beer if he’s President, as malleable or not he seems to honestly want to roll back some of the stupid.

    I like Trump because he makes everyone I hate become completely, totally unhinged. And unlike Cruz, he seems to want to make every politician in DC his prison bitch, wearing a million dollar smirk while doing it. And that, that I really like. Particularly flavorful is the screaching coming out of the GOPe and their “I’m a libertarian, damnit!” boot-licking sycophants. Their twitter tears are delicious. Delicious!

    Either way, one of them is very likely to be President, and that has me saying the first round is on me.

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