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SHOCKER: “Liberals” fueled mostly by hatred, bigotry, ignorance, contempt for their opposition!

Uncle Peter, my smelling salts.

So, why is what I assume is a progressive taking MSNBC into the woodshed?

Why does anyone on the right take anyone on the right to the woodshed?

Because MSNBC is embarrassing progressives, particularly progressive journalists, who still wish to pretend that they are offering unbiased reportage and non-partisan analysis on current affairs.

MSNBC will not permit them to cling to that vanity. MSNBC will not allow them that pretense.

MSNBC is basically your drunk, crude, arrested-deveolopment man-child friend who still acts like he’s 18 even though you, and he, have all turned 35. You invite him to a dinner party, hoping, for once, that he will behave as an adult. You wish to behave as an adult yourself. You’d like a nice dinner party, where people sort of slightly put on airs a bit (what we used to call “behaving properly”) and attempt to be a little more refined, and witty, and cosmopolitan than they really are in their daily lives.

But your friend won’t have that. He insists on insists on puncturing everyone’s vanities and bringing them down to his level by putting on a show of crudeness, boorishness, and general jackassery.

That’s MSNBC. Many progressive reporters would like to think of themselves as somewhat elevated. MSNBC will not allow them that. MSNBC will give them no place to hide. MSNBC will allow them no cover, not even an inch of it.

In a way, MSNBC is conservatives’ best friend: We attempt to puncture the smug illusions that progressive media types have about themselves, but only MSNBC is really doing so.

And so MSNBC tells progressive reporters: This is what you really are. This is not what you wish to be, or what you pretend to be; this is what you really are, down deep, past the veneer of pretense and posturing. In your gut, you’re just low, crude, unthinking partisan animals.




I must say, with this latest, MSNBC has raised the bar on the typical “liberal” non-apology apology: whereas previously “liberals” had elevated it almost to an art form, now MSNBC has turned it into just another smug expression of contempt. The very idea that this sort of thing is “not representative of who we are,” that they “deeply and sincerely regret” anything at all, is so patently risible that to even say such a thing out loud–as if they hoped to be or even cared the smallest whit about being “forgiven”–amounts to a thumb in the eye to the people they so dishonestly slander. It’s slapdash, careless; they can’t possibly think anyone buys any of that slop, can they?

Can they?

But here’s a little newsflash for the juvenile delinquents at America’s Least Watched Network: we hate you too. You frothing knuckledraggers are the enablers, the useful idiots, used like a cheap hand tool by the class of nefarious political vermin who wish to steal our freedom and bend us to their will, subjugating us by skullduggery and subterfuge while wet-brained halfwits like you drool on your shoes and cheer ’em on. So take your phony, self-serving “apologies” and jam ’em as far up your flue as you can get ’em. We don’t much care what you say; we don’t believe you, we don’t trust you, we don’t like you, and you may therefore keep your transparently insincere apologies to yourselves, thanks. Truth to tell, they’re of little or no use to anybody, being a form of masturbatory self-congratulation serving only to confirm (for no one but yourselves) how you’re really The Good People.

Clue: all the phony apologies in the world ain’t gonna keep your kind out of the crosshairs if the shit ever goes noisy. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Dan has put together a very partial listing of the sort of thing these cretins keep “apologizing” for, but for my money, I hope they keep right on with it. GOPers and conservatives can boycott ’em or not, I don’t care in the least; personally, I decided a long time ago not to waste any more of my time on Those People (as Robert E Lee always referred to his Yankee opposition), but if they think there’s something to be gained by bearding the jackal in his den, hey, have at it.

What I do sincerely hope is that Those People don’t make any effort to restrain themselves; best to know who the enemy is, what he looks like, and what his real intentions are, right up front. The less hiding behind the weasel-words necessarily involved in “civility” and “rational debate” the better, as far as I’m concerned.

No more whining about “liberals” being “liberals”, as if there was any way in the world they could help themselves, or somehow pull back from the precipice of stark totalitarian madness they long ago leapt from. From here on out, just take notes…and remember. Ace winds up:

If MSNBC wants to let its Freak Flag fly — and, by doing so, reveal the only-slightly hidden Freak Flags of the rest of the leftwing media– should we not encourage them?

If they are embarrassing the rest of the leftwing media — and I have no doubt that they are — should we not be firm in our calls to Let MSNBC Be MSNBC?

We surely should. And not just because they’re embarrassing the rest of Jurassic Media, but because they’re revealing themselves. No reason to allow them to continue wearing the mask of a fraudulent civility they use only as a weapon against their enemies–a civility that at this late stage isn’t worth aspiring to anyway. Let ’em show everyone who they are, and let the rest of the country who might somehow still remain in the dark about them decide if these are really the kind of people upon whom they wish to confer absolute power over them.


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