I’m Sure You See What I See Here

Besides a bunch of assholes that need to be tried and hung for treason and crimes against humanity.

What I’m NOT seeing are any fucking masks and no six foot safety zones, not up front and not among the audience either.

Someone remind me why I should be listening to anything these fucking cretins have to say again?



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  1. Ping from bob:
    Not one American flag in sight!

  2. Ping from E M Johnson:

    rules for thee, not for me

  3. Ping from Kid:
    If having them let anyone across the border without vaxing or even testing them didn’t wise up the stupid Mofos this will have zero effect.

  4. Ping from riverrider:
    and lots of women but only one black man. so much for “diversity and inclusion”, lol.

  5. Ping from Bear Claw Chris Lapp:
    The road goes on forever but this party will end badly

  6. Ping from JG:
    I say vote all in the UNIPARTY out that has not yet put forward Biden and his Cabinets impeachment in Congress.

  7. Ping from Charlie Hargrave:
    They are just rubbing it in our faces at this point.

  8. Ping from me:
    Where’s as drone when you need one?

  9. Ping from WDS:
    LMFAO, I thought that was LBJ on the right……

  10. Ping from Igor:
    I fear for my Country when (not *IF*) the Fourth Box is opened.

    Once opened, it’s difficult to close it again.

    You can vote your way into any of the three “isms”, but you have to *shoot* your way out of it!

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