The Big Die Off Has Begun

This is very important.

Find the settings on the player and bump the speed up to 1.5Times.

You will still be able to clearly follow along but it will cut down on the amount of your very important time that you have to spend watching it.

I very strongly urge you to watch it however.

World War IV is well under way but nobody is going to tell you that.

This is what’s going on, the genesis of what is happening, the timeline you can expect to see what is coming and what to look for.

The Big Die Off has already started.

It will be hard to discern but it will eventually be hard to not see.

This video explains a great deal of current and possible future events including economic events which you will not want to miss.

There is a HUGE amount of information being passed on very quickly here so pay very close attention.

We need a hell of a lot more people to wake the hell up in a big ass hurry.


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  1. Ping from maga99203:
    Prepare to dig in folks. This shit won’t end until every American has physical skin in the game and they rise up as one to defeat the evil that has us in it’s grip. They fear US awake. They fear US united. The daily ration of absurdity is designed to wake the brainwashed masses from their induced slumber. We will be taken right to the precipice of hell before this is over. Revelations regarding what our government, entertainment, big business, bankers, main stream media, and health care systems have done to us are coming. Nothing about it will be pretty. You want your Freedom and Liberty? You best be prepared to fight for it because (((they))) are not going to go away quietly. This ride is only just beginning. Be prepared to help each other…family, friends, neighbors even if you disagree with them politically. In the end there will be no left/right……only a worldwide population that has been abused for 6000 years. We are going to NEED each other. The good news is that once we get through this and the trash has been taken out, the world is going to be fucking amazing. Humanity unchained!

  2. Ping from Wayne Wilson:
    Clif is the man .

    • Ping from BusTed-Phil:

      As busy as he is, he makes me look like a slacker.

      If people can’t get past the fact that he is doing these videos whenever he gets a chance in his workshop and editing them as quickly as possible because he has a hundred other things going on then it is their loss.

      The fact that he does them at all surprises me no end but he is doing them as a service to humanity.

      Yes the sound is crappy, yes he stumbles and gets off track sometimes but when he starts laying it out I am absolutely paying attention.

      There is bad shit coming and he has known about some of it for fifteen years. Reality is just now catching up to his data.

      I am betting Cliff knows a ton of shit that he hasn’t told anybody about yet and I would dearly like to know what it is.

      On the bright side, he says we are going to win eventually and all these fuckers pulling this shit are going to be subject to the tender mercies of a shit load of people pissed off to the point of homicide.

      In person.

      Something I am very much looking forward to.

  3. Ping from maga99203:

    9 minute vid

  4. Ping from Greg:
    I lasted three minutes into the podcast.  GIMMEE a F***** transcript!  I don’t have time to listen to some disorganized hemming and hawing ramble, no matter how crucial the argument is.  I have a fair idea where he’s going, and I think I can get most of it from other sources.

    The message is important, and if this gets it out to a few more people to overcome their normalcy bias, great stuff!  And thanks for posting, even if it’s not my cup o’ tea.

    • Ping from CederqX:

      Greg, that was my thought, I would rather watch Tik Toc dance video then what we had to endure. I lasted five minutes and my thought process couldn’t take it. I am like you, I want to READ it! A abridged transcript too! Take out all the hee hawing and uhhs and fricken long pauses…

    • Ping from Aesop:
      ^This, x10,000.

      1) YouTube is for video. The most important thing about video is audioat a ratio of 99:1.

      {ProTip: People sat through the entirety of Blair Witch Project shaky cam for an entire 81-minute movie, which earned a profit of between 50,000% and 100,000% of its production budget. But they’ll hang up on a crappy-audio phone call from anyone in about 2 seconds. QED}

      2) Edit is your friend.

      3) Have a script. [This assumes that you can both write one, and read it, and not sound like a retard in the 4th grade learning phonics.]

      4) If all you’re going to do is talk, you want a blog post, not a YouTube video.

      That @$$clown needs to GTFO of YouTube until he learns those crucial lessons.

      Any point(s) he had to make could have been covered in a single page of PowerPoint, in about 30 seconds.

      If YouTube had the option of rating a video with a middle finger option instead of just thumbs up/down, I’d have hired all of China to spambot down-vote that interminable craptastic effort.

      Anyone who would post such a thing on youTube where anyone can access it should be staked out face-down and naked at the equator all day long, and then be beaten across the back with dry swim fins all night, until the following sunrise.

      Just saying.

  5. Ping from Kid:
    He makes a good case, and ther ain’t nothing wrong with keeping your eyes open.

    I can believe China will do anything including massive genoocide.  They’ve done it to their own population.  They did do a biological attack just to get Trump out of the way and F the rest of the world that gets affected too.

    Couple arguments I would make:

    – people who took the vax are more likely to go along with whatever ‘Simon says’ game the government wants to play so why take those people out?  Wouldn’t you want to take out the non-vaxers?

    – Blackrock and other deep pockets are buying lot of real estate, Gates buying up farmland is another example. The problem here is why would you buy a lot of real estate then have no one to sell it to?  That which is in great supply always sells for less.  (Except oil and diamonds but the supply there is artifically pinched)

    Still what they are doing with this vax is Way Out of Bounds.  No one disputes that the survival rate for this is 99 point something. Why the big push.  Influenza doesn’t have survival rates this good.  Something is very F up.


    • Ping from Scurvy:
      If you know that the value of the currency will creator, you move your money into tangible assets, gold-silver-land.

      Gates buys $300,000,000 in land her is a farmer.  The same in gold and alarms go off.

  6. Ping from joe tentpeg:

    They are DICTATES.

    Used by ‘Dictators’…like the ‘DIC’…’Dictator-In-Chief’…jobama.

    One of the ways forward… is taking back the language…and naming things as they are.




  7. Ping from trees fourty:
    Can I Get a link to the video?

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